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Electoral Roll > Davyhurst 1904 Electoral Roll

Davyhurst 1904 Electoral Roll
Western Australia

AITKEN Catherine- Waihi G.M.-Married
AITKEN John- Davyhurst-Miner
ARMSTRONG David Symon- Melrose G.M., Davyhurst-Married
BADCOCK A.E.  -Davyhurst-Caterer
BARTLE James Henry- Davyhurst-Engine driver
BARTLE Lydia Ann- Davyhurst-Married
BATES John Joseph- Davyhurst-Miner
BAYLEY Arthur- Waihi Mine-Miner
BENNETT Ellen- Davyhurst
BENNETT Thomas- Davyhurst-Miner
BOERIO A.W. -Davyhurst-Condenser
BOERIO F.H.- Davyhurst-Caterer
BOERIO Henrietta Augusta- Mace street, Davyhurst-Storekeeper
BOERIO John Baptiste- Mace street, Davyhurst-Storekeeper
BOMM Frank- Davyhurst-Miner
BROADBRIDGE Albert E.W. -Davyhurst-Miner
BRYANT M.- Davyhurst-Miner
BUTLER Arthur- Davyhurst-Miner
CADE William Henry- Davyhurst-Plumber
CAMPBELL James- Davyhurst-Labourer
CARROLL Edward- Davyhurst-Miner
CARVAL Edward- Davyhurst-Miner
CASSIDY Henry George- Davyhurst-Hotel-keeper
CHEDZEY Thomas- Davyhurst-Engine driver
CHESSELL Charles Henry - Davyhurst-Blacksmith
COGHLAN Theobald Joseph- Davyhurst-Clerk
COLLINS Minnie- Davyhurst-Home duties
COLLINS Thomas- Davyhurst-Miner
COLLINS William Henry- Davyhurst-Mine manager
COOPER William Kyle- Davyhurst-Miner
COSGROVE James- Davyhurst-Miner
COUNSEL Robert- Davyhurst-Postmaster
CRISP George William  -Davyhurst-Miner
CROSBIE Herbert- Davyhurst-Miner
CROUSTON William- Davyhurst-Miner
DAVEY Walter-Golden Pole, Davyhurst-Miner
DAVIS Alfred- Davyhurst-Miner
DAWSON William- Waihi, Davyhurst-Clerk
DEMPSEY Charles John- Davyhurst-Miner
DENCHAR David Carnegie- Davyhurst-Miner
DILLON Jeremiah- Davyhurst-Miner
DILLON Louisa- Davyhurst-Married
DILWORTH Beatrice-Davyhurst hotel, Davyhurst-Cook
DONNELLY Nicholas-Davyhurst-Butcher
DOWNING Kathleen -Davyhurst-Domestic service
DOYLE John- Davyhurst-Blacksmith
DUFF Walter- Golden Pole, Davyhurst-Labourer
DUNSTAN David C.-Davyhurst-Miner
DYKE Robert- Davyhurst-Brickmaker
ELLIOTT Frank- Davyhurst-Miner
ELLIOTT Victoria- Davyhurst-Home duties
EMERY Alice- Davyhurst-Seamstress
EVANS Edward J. -Davyhurst-Miner
EWART Bessie- Davyhurst-Waitress
FIEGERT Charles Adolph- Davyhurst-Teamster
FITZPATRICK Patrick Michael- Davyhurst-Plumber
FRANCIS Clara Kate- Waihi-Home duties
FRANCIS Frank- Waihi, Davyhurst-Miner
FUHRMANN Alice Mary- Davyhurst-Home duties
FUHRMANN George- Davyhurst-Miner
FYFE Francis- Davyhurst-Wheelwright
FYFFE Thomas- Davyhurst-Blacksmith
HADDON Archibald- Davyhurst-Miner
HALLEGAN James- Davyhurst-Labourer
HARDING Gilbert- Davyhurst-Miner
HART Edward- Davyhurst-Miner
HARVEY Ella- Davyhurst-Boardinghouse keeper
HAYMAN Charles William -Davyhurst-Miner
HAYMAN Jessie Victoria- Davyhurst-Housekeeper
HENDER Emily- Davyhurst-Home duties
HEWITT Henry Vigors- Davyhurst-Miner
HEWITT William Vigors- Davyhurst-Miner
HICKEY William-Davyhurst-Miner
HILL Albert James - Davyhurst-Labourer
HILL Roland D.- Davyhurst-Hotelkeeper
HIRD Thomas- Davyhurst-Miner
HORT Albert- Davyhurst-Miner
HUTTON Charles Cameron- Davyhurst-Bank manager
HYETT John- Davyhurst-Miner
JAMES Richard- Davyhurst-Miner
KEAR Catherine- Davyhurst-Married
KEAR William- Davyhurst-Miner
KEARNS Alice Gertrude- Davyhurst-Home duties
KEARNS Harry- Davyhurst-Miner
KEARNS Nicholas- Davyhurst-Miner
KEARNS Nicholas W.- Davyhurst-Miner
KEMP Harry- Davyhurst-
KENNEY May-Davyhurst-Housekeeper
KERNICK Edwin James- Davyhurst-Mine Manager
KERNICK Herbert- Davyhurst-Butcher
KERNICK Susan-Davyhurst-Home duties
KERR Edward Henry- Davyhurst-Barber
KILMARTIN Patrick-Davyhurst-Miner
KING Ellen- Davyhurst-Domestic
KING John- Davyhurst-Engine driver
KIRKBY John- Davyhurst-Baker
KIRKBY Lily Mahala- Davyhurst-Married
KNIGHT George- Davyhurst-Miner
KRAEMAR Frederick- Davyhurst-Miner
KURTH Emma- Davyhurst-Married
KURTH Ernest-Davyhurst-Storekeeper
LAMB Mary Ann- Davyhurst-Married
LAMB William- Davyhurst-Miner
LAMBERT Frederick-Davyhurst-Bricklayer
LARDI John Charles- Davyhurst-Storekeeper
LAWRENCE Henry- Davyhurst-Miner
LEE William Valentine- Davyhurst-Agent
LILIS Martin- Davyhurst-Miner
LILLIS Thomas- Davyhurst-Miner
LOWE George- Davyhurst-Miner
MACA**ER Archibald- Waihi-Feller
MACE Alexander Miller- Davyhurst-Miner
MAGEE James- Davyhurst-Miner
MANDELSTAM James- Davyhurst-Miner
MANDELSTAM Joseph- Davyhurst-Leaseholder
MANGELS John  -Davyhurst-Miner
MANNING William- Waihi, Davyhurst-Miner
MANSFIELD Alfred- Waihi, Davyhurst-Engine Driver
MANSFIELD Alice- Waihi, Davyhurst-Home duties
MARTIN A.J.- Davyhurst-Miner
MARTIN Edgar Higgs- Mace street, Davyhurst-Plumber
MARTIN John Higgs- Davyhurst-Plumber
MATCHETT David- Davyhurst-Builder
MATCHETT Lydia- Davyhurst-Married
MEILKIE Herman- Davyhurst-Carter
MERTON Henry Francis- Davyhurst-Billiard Maker
MESSINGHAM David- Davyhurst-Surveyor
MILLER Harry - Davyhurst-Miner
MILLER William Ellis- Davyhurst-Miner
MILLER George- Golden Pole, Davyhurst-Bricklayer
MORGAN George Lawrence-Davyhurst-Miner
MUSGROVE William  -Golden Pole, Davyhurst-Miner
McDONALD John- Waihi-Labourer
McDONALD Michael- Davyhurst-Butcher
McDOWELL John- Davyhurst-Labourer
McINTYRE Edward- Davyhurst-Miner
McKAY J.C.- Davyhurst-Miner
McKITTRICK Hugh- Davyhurst-Miner
McLEOD Roderick- Davyhurst-Miner
NEWMAN Margaret Agnes- Davyhurst-Waitress
NORRIS Alfred James -Davyhurst-Miner
OBUTHUR Thomas- Davyhurst-Plumber
O'DONOHOE Lucy Ann- Davyhurst-Home duties
O'DONOHOE Michael- Davyhurst-Miner
O'DONOHOE Patrick F.O.- Davyhurst-Salesman
O'DONOHOE Patrick McMahon- Davyhurst-Publican
O'DONOHOE Peter Francis- Davyhurst-Miner
O'FLAHERTY M.J.- Davyhurst-Police Constable
OLDHAM Frances Maud- Davyhurst-Married
OLDHAM Thomas Charles Hamilton- Mace street-Agent
O'LOUGHLIN Alfred Cyril- Davyhurst-Miner
O'NEILL Mary Agnes- Davyhurst-Cook
ONLEY Alice- Davyhurst-Home duties
ONLEY Frederick Joseph- Davyhurst-Baker
ORR David- Davyhurst-Miner
O'SHEA William- Davyhurst-Miner
PADY Emma- Davyhurst-Married
PADY Henry- Davyhurst-Baker
PETERSON James- Golden Pole, Davyhurst-Miner
PHELAN James- Davyhurst-Gentleman
PREST Charles Edward- Davyhurst-Labourer
QUINN James- Davyhurst-Miner
RATCLIFFE Joseph Josiah- Waihi, Davyhurst-Miner
RAFTICE Mary Anne- Davyhurst-Home Duties
RAFTICE William -Davyhurst-Miner
REAR Clithermo- Davyhurst-Home Duties
REAR William - Davyhurst-Miner
REILLY Daniel- Davyhurst-Miner
RENWICK Thomas -Davyhurst-Miner
RICKARBY Arthur Hartley- -Davyhurst-Carpenter
RICKARBY Margaret S.- Davyhurst
ROBERTS Richard John- Davyhurst-Miner
ROGERS James- Davyhurst-Miner
RUTLAND Charles- Davyhurst-Miner
SABELBERG Agnes Sarah- Davyhurst-Married
SAVILLE Benjamin- Davyhurst-Miner
SMITH James Tabb- Davyhurst-Miner
SMITH James Albert- Davyhurst-Miner
SOPER Thomas- Davyhurst-Miner
STACKPOLE Robert- Davyhurst-Miner
STEVENSON John- Davyhurst-Miner
STEWART James- Davyhurst-Carpenter
STREMPLE Theo. A.- Davyhurst-Miner
STUBBS Richard Thomas- Davyhurst-School Teacher
SWINTON William Thompson- Davyhurst-Miner
TAYLOR James  Frederick- Davyhurst-Carter
TAYLOR John Holt- Davyhurst-Miner
TAYLOR Walter- Davyhurst-Miner
TELFORD William Henry- Davyhurst-Labourer
THOMPSON Ernest- Davyhurst-Miner
VANCE Harrison- Davyhurst-Miner
VIVIAN William Henry- Davyhurst-Miner
WALKER Barnett- Davyhurst-Miner
WALLACE Abraham James -Davyhurst-Miner
WALLACE Bessy Mary- Davyhurst
WALLACE Isaac- Davyhurst-Carter

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