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Post Office Directories > Kallaroo Postal Directory 1921

Kallaroo Postal Directory 1921
Western Australia

BARRASS William R – Lease 649 – miner

BARRATT James – Mt Charlotte Lease


BOYD Alexander

BOYD Mrs M – Ironside Lease

BROOKS William – No 1 Boulder Lease

BROWN William – Ironside Lease

BULLEN George – North Kalgoorlie Lease

BYFIELD – Ironside Lease

BYRNE Mrs E – South Kalgoorlie Lease

CARRITI J – Adeline Lease

CARTER John – Ironside Lease

CLANCY Mrs M – True Blue Lease

CLOSE Edward – Ironside Lease

CLUNES Thomas – Adeline Lease


CORMACK William E – Eclipse Lease

COURTNEY William – Adeline Lease

DALEY John – Kalgoorlie Consolidated

DALEY Thomas – Golden Pole Lease

DEANS John – Adeline Lease

EATON George –miner

EVANS Gorman – Golden Pike Lease

FRANCIS John – Eclipse Lease

GREENHILL Thomas W – Eclipse Lease

HALL Mrs E – Hannans Croesus Lease

HALL Robert

HEINE Mrs A – Block 45 Lease

HILL Richard – Paringa Lease

HORNIBROOK William – Golden Pike Lease

HOSKING William – engine driver

HUNT W H – Eclipse Lease

IMRAY Mrs M – Hidden Secret Lease

LAWSON Charles – Adeline Lease

LAY John – Ironside Lease

LOWE John G – Golden Pike Lease

LUTEY W H – Lake View & Boulder Junction

LYONS Mrs M – Golden Pike Lease

McCLURE Thomas – Queen Lease

McDERMOTT D – Ivanhoe Lease

McGAFFIN James – Ivanhoe Lease

McMILLAN Arthur – Ivanhoe Lease

MARSHALL John –Ironside Lease

MEDLIN William – Ironside Lease

MENIHAN Patrick – Croesus South Lease

MILLANE John – Croesus Lease

MILLWARD James – True Blue Lease

MILNER Thomas – Block 45 Lease

MOYLE William – Lake View

MURPHY Edward E – Croesus South Lease


NOONAN John – Hannan’s

O’CONNOR Joseph –Boulder 280 Lease

O’KEEFE Daniel – Lake View

PAISLEY William – Maritana Hill

PERRY Charles – Adeline Lease

PETTIT Robert – Golden Pike Lease

QUINN John –Lake View & Star

PRITCHARD Henry – True Blue Lease

REGAN Mrs A – boarding house keeper Block 45 Lease

RUTTER John – Block 45

SMART William – Golden Pike Lease

STACEY H – Brookmans Boulder Lease

SULLIVAN James – Adeline Lease

TOY Francis – Eclipse Lease

TURNER Edgar F – Eclipse Lease

WILLIAMS Edward – Croesus Lease

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