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Post Office Directories > Kamballie Postal Directory 1921

Kamballie Postal Directory 1921
Western Australia

ADAMS John – Deep Levis Lease

AUGUST George V – Station Master

BAKER R H – Lake View Boulder Junction Lease

BARNES Edward –Lake View Star Lease

BAILEY Robert – Edward Street Lake Side

BARTRAM Lewis – Lake View Lease

BELDON A – foreman fitter Ivanhoe GM

BENSON Richard – Lake Side

BENSON William J – Edward St Lake Side

BUCHANAN John – Great Boulder Lease

CAMPBELL Albert –Paisley St Lake Side

CAMPBELL Angus –Edward Street Lake Side

CASEY Henry C – Lake View & Boulder Junction Lease

CASSIDY J – Lake View & Boulder Junction Lease

CLARKE Henry J – Lake Side

CLARKE William –assayer Ivanhoe

CLIFFORD Patrick –Boulder No 1 Lease

CLUNES Thomas – Adeline Lease

CLEMENTS Thomas - Lake View & Star Lease

COADY John - Lake View Lease

COLLINS Robert - Paisley St Lake Side

COLMAR George – Junction Lease Boulder

COLMER R - Edward Street Lake Side

CONDIE George - Boulder No 1 Lease

CORREY John R – electrician

CORRIGAN - Lake View & Star Lease

COSGRAVE James - Lake View & Star Lease

CRIBB Arthur L – Lake View Consols

DARGE John –engineer Ivanhoe GM

DAWS Charles – Boulder Junction Lease

DEANY Daniel - Lake View & Star Lease

DUNLOP John - Lake View & Star Lease

EDDY Mrs E - Lake View & Star Lease

EDE J E –accountant Golden Horseshoe GM

ELMS I - Lake View & Star Lease

ERRICK Charles - Lake View & Boulder Junction Lease

FERGUSSON D M – in charge stores & Post Office Lake Side

FORD John –Junction Lease

GALLAGHER Hugh - Lake View Lease

GATENHOF Percy – Lake Side

GILBERT Mrs M – Lake View & Consols Lease

GLEW Arthur - Edward Street Lake Side

GREAVES Charles – mechanic

HALL Reginald - Edward Street Lake Side

HARDING Arthur - Edward Street Lake Side

HARDING Edward A – Lake Side

HARPER Mrs R - Lake View & Boulder Junction Lease

HARVEY Conrad – Boulder Junction

HENVILLE Walter S – station master Lake Side

HILL Percy –clerk Lake Side

HILL William – Boulder No1 Lease

HOLLIDAY Jonathan W – Lake View Lease

HOLMES George A – engineer Lake Side

HUTCHINGS Harry - Lake View & Consols Lease

HUTCHINSON James – Lake View

JOHN J - Lake View & Star Lease

JONES Carradog O – Boulder No 1 Lease

JUDD A J - Lake View & Boulder Junction Lease

KARNEY G – Central Boulder Lease

KEARTON Christopher – Hannans Lease

KNIGHT William – Boulder Lease

LEE George - Lake View & Star Lease

LEEVER J C – surveyor Perseverance GM

LEGGETT William – underground foreman Hannans Star Lease

LEHMAN Mrs A - Lake View & Star Lease

LEVI Walter – bookseller Boulder Block

LESLIE Mrs H – Great Boulder Lease

LIVINGSTONE A - Lake View & Boulder Junction Lease

LONG George - Lake View & Boulder Junction Lease

LOWE Mrs E – boarding house keeper –Great Boulder Lease

LOWE James –Golden Pike Lease

LOXTON Alfred – Deep Levels Lease

LYNCH John W – Boulder Lease

McDONALD D - Lake View & Boulder Junction Lease

McDONALD Donald - Lake View & Boulder Junction Lease

McGLOY William J – Great Boulder Lease

McGREGOR Alfred - Edward Street Lake Side

McMAHON Patrick –Idaho Lease

McMILLAN Alexander - Great Boulder Lease

MADDREN Daniel – Lake View South

MARTIN George – Dwyers Lease

MILLER Charles

MOLAN John - Lake View Lease

MONTAGUE Patrick - Great Boulder Lease

MOODY Charles –assayer – Lake View

MOORE John McL – Westralia Hotel

MORIARTY Jeremiah – Lake View Consols

MOSLEY Thomas - Lake View & Star Lease

MURRAY Daniel – timekeeper Lake View & Star Lease

NELSON A C - Lake View & Boulder Junction Lease

O’HALLORAN Patrick - Lake View & Star Lease

PAULL Joseph – Deep Levels Lease

PEARCE William - Idaho Lease

PEARSON John C – station master

PHELAN James –Adeline Lease

PHILLIPS Walter J – Main Reef Lease

PLUMMER Mrs A – Lake Side

POLMEAR Mrs H - Lake View & Star Lease

QUINN John - Lake View & Star Lease

QUOID A E – Edward street Lake Side

ROSEWARN A E – Dong Street Lake Side

ROWE John – Dwyers Lease

RICHARDS Sydney – Great Boulder Lease

RUDDICK Walter - Hannans Star Lease

SHAW Robrt T – engineer Lake View Lease

SHEARER William - Lake View Lease

SKINNER Richard – Idaho Lease

SLATTERY A - Lake View Lease

Stacy /HENRY – Edward Street Lake Side

STANTON Henry D – electrician Golden Horseshoe Lease

STEVEN Frederick - Lake View & Star Lease

STEVENS Thomas P - Lake View & Star Lease

SULLY William - Lake View & Boulder Junction Lease

SUTHERLAND J W – manager Golden Horseshoe

TAYLOR Mrs Alice –Lake Side Hotel

TERRY William – Paisley Street Lake Side

TOY Frederick – Eclipse Lease

TREACEY William W – Boulder Lease

TURNBULL Benjamin – Great Boulder Lease

TURNER Ernest A - Lake View & Star Lease

TURPIN A E - Lake View & Star Lease

TWIST – Great Boulder Lease

VALMADRE Attlia – Golden Horseshoe Hotel

WALKER G L - Golden Horseshoe Lease

WALTERS A G – Treasure Lease

WARBURTON C – Boulder No 1 Lease

WILLIAMS David – Lake Side


WILLIAMS Mrs M - Lake View Lease

WOODHAM H E – Edward St Lake Side

ZINNUKER Alfred – Paisley Street Lake Side

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