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WW1 Soldiers
Enlisted or Born in Kookynie

Further information can be obtained from National Achives of Australia

Doherty Michael Martin : Researched by Dave Spain

PTE Michael Martin Doherty was born at Kookynie, Western Australia, on the 14th December 1900.   His Father was Michael Joseph Doherty and his Mother was Rebecca Rupricht and they resided at 29 Kershaw St, Subiaco, Western Australia.  He was 5ft 4 and a half inch (161 cm) tall and weighed 120 lbs (54.5 kg).  He had a fresh complexion with brown eyes and brown hair.  He was single, and his religion was Roman Catholic.  He was a despatch hand.  A postal worker at the local Post Office.

He enlisted in Perth on the 19th April 1917.  The Enlistment Officer decided to hold over his application due to his slight build and an age concern but allowed PTE Doherty to continue with being trained as a soldier.  On the 18th April 1917, his parents appeared to have given their permission for Michael Doherty to join the 1st Australian Imperial Force but not to serve overseas until he attained the age of 19.  From the 23rd April to the 8th May 1917, he attended his basic training course and then on the 9th May1917 was allocated to the No 5 District Guard for duties at Blackboy Hill.   On the 2nd July 1917 he was transferred to Guard Duty at Claremont.  On the 27th November 1917 he was transferred to Rockingham for duties with No 5 District Guard.  He remained at this location until 2nd January 1918 when he was transferred to Karrakatta Barracks on the 7th February 1918.  From the 19th April 1917 until this time, he was under investigation for his age.  His parents had no idea where he was.  He had forged their permission to join the 1st AIF.

Pte Doherty was 16 years of age when he joined the 1st AIF in 1917. After several incidents whilst on the Guard Detachments, that involved disciplinary action, Pte M Doherty may have been a little disappointed he did not serve overseas with the 1st AIF.  Although he faced several investigations, it wasn’t until his parents gave specimen signatures to the Army that he was caught.  After seven days detention, he was released to his parents, and was discharged as a person who had irregularities with his Attestation papers signed in April 1917.

PTE Michael Martin Doherty had served with the 1st Australian Imperial Force from the 19th April 1917 until the 14th October 1918.  He did not see War Service. 


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