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Leonora Cemetery Continued

VALENTINE-Charles Calder-28/08/1938-Mt Margaret 23/1938-66-Leonora-Scotland-Pres,

VALKENBURG William Peter, d 6 Sep 1910 Rear of Leonora District Hospital Office, Leonora, Occ:- Secretary of the Leonora Hospital, 55yrs, Cause:- Revolver shot self-inflicted whilst temporarily insane. Verdict of the Coroner, Born Ireland, married but details unknown. Buried Leonora Cemetery-Ang

Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954), Wednesday 14 September 1910, page 10

VANEK-Jaromir d 15/ /1952  Reg Mt Margaret 3/1952-25-Gwalia-Checoslovakia-RC

VARISCHETTI Unnamed Female child, d 2 Dec 1919, Leonora Hospital, Cause:- Stillborm, Father:- Joseph VARISCHETTI (Miner) Modesta ECHINI, buried Leonora Cemetery.

VARISCHETTI Giuseppe age 53 b. Italy bur 26 Jul 1941 RC Section -Mt Marg death cert 24/41



VARISCHETTI Joe d. 1940  

VARISCHETTI Luigi, d 7 Dec 1920, Leonora Hospital, Child 10yrs, Cause:- Tubercolosis, Father:- Giuseppe VARISCHETTI (Miner) Mother:- Modesta PELLINI, born Gwalia WA, buried Leonora Cemetery.

VARISCHETTI Marino, d 25 Apr 1930, Leonora Hospital, Infant 1 yr, Cause:- Gastro Enteritis, Father:- Guiseppe VARISCHETTI (miner) Mother:- Modesta TELINI, Born Leonora WA, buried Leonora Cemetery.

VARISCHETTI M-1.JPG (23664 bytes)

VARISCHETTI Modesta d. 1960

VARISCHETTI Rosie d. 1945 - Mt Marg death cert 3/45


VENOSTA Guiseppe, d 10 Jan 1906, Sons of Gwalia, Leonora, Occ:- Miner, 22yrs, Cause:- Accidental death through explosion of gelignite, Coroners verdict, Mother:- Josephine, Buried Leonora Cemetery, Roman Catholic Section Mine Accident – www.wavmm.com-RC

VIGANO A-1.JPG (26521 bytes)

VIGANO-Aldo G-age 63 b. Italy bur. 23/12/1950-Mt Margaret 19/1950-Leonora-RC-death cert 19/50

VINCENT              Stanley Edward Meth     age 61   born Geraldton WA         bur 17/12/2016



VUKMANOVICH-Milo-07/07/1947-Mt Margaret 23/1947-50-Leonora-Yugoslavia-Ang

WAIGHT               Susan    RC           age 38   born Esperance WA        bur 9/01/2003

WALKER-Anne Elizabeth---69-Leonora-Meekatharra-Pres

WALKER               Claudie Meth     age 71   born Western Australia bur 28/10/1995

WALKER               Dolly P  Meth     age 74   born Laverton WA           bur 17/07/2010

WALKER               Patrick  Meth     age 9mths           born Perth WA  bur 11/12/1992

WALKER V-1.JPG (27183 bytes)


WALLAT Frederick, d about 15 Feb 1919, Websters Find, Near Leonora, Occ:- Miner, Fatty degeneration of heart, born Germany, buried Leonora Cemetery.

WALSHAW-Mildred Mary-29/03/1979--85-Leonora-Southern Cross-Ang

WALTON-C H-28/11/1954--50-Leonora-Albany-Ang

WANDAGEE-E-11/10/1963--34-Mertondale Stn-Mogumba-Native

WANNERBERG-H G-21/11/1942--70-Leonora-SA-Ang


WARD W-1.JPG (34853 bytes)

WARD-Wendy D-11/07/1944-Mt Margaret 9/1944-3.5yrs-Leonora-Leonora-RC

WARD Elizabeth Dickson, d 26 Aug 1916, Leonora District Hospital, married woman, 33yrs, Cause:- Adhered placenta, Peritonitis, Father:- George STENHOUSE (Contractor) Mother Elizabeth DICKSON, born Pumpherston, Scotland, In SA 3yrs, In WA 18yrs, Married to Francis S WARD in East Fremantle WA at age 31yrs, Children:- Ronald Francis 2 months.  buried Leonora Cemetery.

WARMAN Wallis Charles, d 3 Nov 1904, Gwalia Leonora, Infant 7 mths, Cause:- Gastro Enteritis, Father:- William Henry WARMAN (Miner) Mother Charlotte MILLEN, born Claremont WA, buried Leonora Cemetery.-Meth

WARREN James Corlyen, d 22 May 1917, Leonora District Hospital, Occ:- Engine Driver, 54yrs, Cause:- Arterio Sclerosis, Father:- James G WARREN, Mother:- Eliza BOYD, born York WA, IN SA and NSW 40yrs, In WA 14yrs, Married to Bridget OSHEA in Gwaler SA at age 21yrs, Children 1 female deceased, buried Leonora Cemetery.

WAREN Margorie, d 24 Aug 1915, District Hospital, Leonora, Child 10yrs, Cause:- Meningitis, Father:- Joseph WAREN (Grazier) Mother:-  Egliteen CAMPBELL, born Kalgoorlie WA, buried Leonora Cemetery

WARREN-Mick Wyanoo-01/02/1979--71-Leonora-Carnegie Station-Native

WATSON Charles James, d 19 Mar 1908, Gwalia Road, Leonora, Child 2 mths, Cause:- Gastro Enteritis, Father:- George WATSON (Miner) Mother:- Ethel Maud RAWSON, born Leonora WA, buried Leonora Cemetery.-Ang

WATSON George William, d 12 Jul 1929, Leonora Hospital, Invalid Pensioner 67yrs, Cause:- Pulmonary Fibrosis, Born England, buried Leonora Cemetery.

WATSON-Jeanie Yangilla-21/07/1976--61-Mt Margaret-Warburton-Native

WATSON James, d 12 Feb 1920, Gwalia Mine, Occ:- Miner, 59yrs, Cause:- Heart Failure, born Finland, buried Leonora Cemetery.


WATTERSTON James, d 16 Nov 1903, Laver Street, Leonora, Occ:- Baker, 45 yrs, Cause:- Failure of the heart, Verdict of the Coroner. buried Leonora Cemetery.

WEALE Bernard Joseph, d 6 Aug 1927, Leonora Hospital, Occ:-Hospital Wardsman, 68yrs, Cause:- Pulmonary aneurysm, Father:- William Henry James WEALE (dec) Occ:- Antiquary, Mother:- Amelia WEALE (dec) born London, in WA 30yrs, buried in the Leonora Cemetery.

WEBB Annie, d 28 Jul 1929, White House Hotel, Leonora, Occ:- Hotel Keeper 79yrs, Cause:- Mycoarditis, Father:- William Lewis WARD (Farmer) Mother:- Jarriett WYATT, born Gwaler Plains SA (or possibly Devon Engalnd)  In SA 38yrs, In NSW 7yrs, In WA 34yrs, Married twice:- 1st to H J DEAN in Adelaide SA aged 28yrs, 2nd to Thomas WEBB in Adelaide SA aged 45yrs, Children:- 1st Marriage Herbert George DEAN 48yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery.

WEBB-H G-08/03/1959--77-Leonora-Adelaide-Ang

WEBB T-1.JPG (27579 bytes)

WEBB Thomas, d 7 Aug 1912, Tower Street, Leonora, Occ:- Hotelkeeper, 49yrs, Cause:- By a revolver shot accidentally fired by his own hand. Verdict of Coroner, Father:- Alfred WEBB, Mother:- Jane WATKINS, Born England, In WA 17yrs, Married in South Australia to Annie DEAN (formerly WARD) no children, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery. Mt Margaret 30/1912-51-Leonora-England-Ang,

WEBBER Ernest, d 29 Apr 1907, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Labourer, 25yrs, Cause:- Enteric Fever, buried Leonora Cemetery.-RC

WEETIE-Trilby Manooka-07/08/1976--12?-Tarmoola Station-Windidda Station-Native

WESTGRATH-Robert-14/08/1945-Mt Margaret 14/1945-67-Leonora-Vic-Ang

WESTLAKE-Darren---3-Aboriginal-Warburton Ranges-

WESTLAKE-Harvey-31/08/1970--3 weeks-Leonora-Leonora-Native

WESTLAKE-Joshua-21/08/1986--5 weeks-Leonora-Warburton Ranges-Meth


WESTLAKE-Snowy-29/11/1975--0-Mt Margaret-Warburton-Native

WESTLY-Albert Edward-11/10/1986--85-Leonora--Meth

WHITE-Ernest W-16/11/1944-Mt Margaret 19/1944-78-Leonora-Liverpool-RC

WIDDICK Henry, d 10 Jul 1906, Leonora District Hospital, Occ:- Miner, 42 yrs, Cause:- Phthisis, Exhaustion, Buried Leonora Cemetery.-Ang

WILCOX                Robert  Meth     age 54   born Barwidgee WA        bur 31/07/2009

WILCOX-J N-09/09/1963--70-Lake Darlot-Unknown-Native

WILDE Alfred, d 23 May 1917, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Prospector, 80yrs, Cause:- Senile Decay, buried Leonora Cemetery.

WILKINSON A-1.JPG (20385 bytes)

WILKINSON        Alexander (Ted)  L    d. 17 Aug 2000  Ang       age 67   born Shepperton VIC     bur 21/08/2000

WILLEY-1.JPG (22730 bytes)

WILLEY - Hazel L aged 3 d. 3 Jan 1946 Anglican - Mt Marg death cert 1/46

WILLIAMS           Geoffrey Thomas             RC           age 79   born Kalgoorlie WA         bur 16/10/2008

WILLIAMS           M            Bapt       age 59                   bur 2/08/1996

WILLIAMS           Michael John     RC           age 70   born Leonora WA             bur 18/04/2009

WILLIAMS Thomas Andrew, d 1 Jul 1928, Leonora Hospital, Occ:-Miner 59yrs, Cause:- Cerebral Haemorrhage and coma, Father:- Thomas WILLIAMS (Bootmaker) Mother:- Emily YOUNG, born Norwood SA, In SA 27yrs, In WA 32yrs, Married to Ellen Beatrice BASSETT in Kalgoorlie WA at age 29yrs, Children:- Norman Andrew 26yrs, Robert Edgar 24yrs deceased 1 male, buried Leonora Cemetery.


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