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Leonora Cemetery Continued

ROBINSON A-1.JPG (43674 bytes)

ROBINSON Albert Edward, 27 Oct 1915, Railway Station Platform, Gwalia, Occ:- Council Carrier, 46yrs, Cerebral Haemorrhage, buried Leonora Cemetery.Ang,

ROBINSON-John William-16/06/1973--66-Leonora-Boulder-Ang

ROBINSON-Lynne-18/02/1952-Mt Margaret 5/1952-4days-Leonora-Leonora-Ang


ROBINSON Robert, d 2 Feb 1919, Auckland Gold Mine, Occ:- Mine Manager, 49yrs, Cause:- Fractured skull from a fall from sulky, Verdict of Coroner, Father:- Robert ROBINSON (Merchant) Mother:- Annie RAWLINGS, born England, In WA 25yrs, Married to Annie McKENZIE in Perth WA at age 27yrs, Children:- Gladys Irene 21yrs, Evelyn Lenora 19yrs, Cecil Ray 18yrs, Mavis Alice 12yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery. (Exhumed and re buried in the Karakatta Cemetery Perth in 1919)

ROCKETT H-1.JPG (24527 bytes)

ROCKETT Hildreth Loftus, d 15 Aug 1915, Queen Victoria Street, Leonora, Infant, male 11months,  Father:- Hildreth Peyton ROCKETT (Inspector of Mines), Mother:- Sarah Cooper PHILLIPS, born Boulder WA, buried Leonora Cemetery. –Mt Marg death cert 23/15

RODGERS-Clarke-28/08/1964--70-Leonora-Central Native Reserve-Native

ROE N-1.JPG (24331 bytes)

ROE-Noel-18/01/1935-Mt Margaret 3/1935-2-Leonora-Perth-Ang,

ROONEY-Phillip P-08/05/1911-Mt Margaret13/1911-2.5days-Gwalia-Gwalia-RC

ROONEY Francis George, d 22 May 1911, Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, 26yrs, Killed by the skip in the Sons of Gwalia GM getting out of control and running violently to the bottom of the shaft, Verdict of the Coroner. Father:- Isaac ROONEY (Clergyman) Mother:- Annie Josephine SWAN, born in the Solomon Islands PNG, in WA for 3 years, Married to Stella Clarice JARRETT at age 25yrs in Perth WA, no children. Buried Leonora Cemetery. -Meth

ROONEY Phillip Patrick, d 7 May 1911, near State School Gwalia, Infant 2 ½ days, Cause:- Cerebral Haemorrhage, Father:- William Joseph ROONEY (Miner) Mother:- Mary KELLY, born Gwalia, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

ROSS-Eileen-11/01/1976--28-Kalgoorlie-Mt Margaret-Ang

ROSSI Thelma, d 29 Mar 1906, Gwalia, 33yrs, Cause:- Morbis Cordis, Father:- Giovanni ROSSI (Labourer) Mother:- Carolina ROSSI, born Mazzo di Vattllina, Italy, in WA 4 yrs, Married to Luigi POZZI at age 19yrs in Mazzo Italy, Children:- Ricardo 11yrs, 1 male and 1 female deceased. buried Leonora Cemetery.

ROTH Margretta Myrtle May, d 5 Sep 1920, Leonora Hospital, Occ:-Laundress, 32yrs, Cause:- Haemorrhage, Father:- MCGINNESS, born South Aust, buried Leonora Cemetery.RC

ROUTLEDGE-Margaret-26/02/1979--38-Pinjarra-Mt Margaret-Native

ROWE Beatrice Edna, d 11 Dec 1914, Gwalia, Infant 8mths, Cause:- Enteritis, Father:- Joseph ROWE (Miner) Mother Ethel HIDE, Born Northam WA, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.Mt Margaret 45/1914-8mths-Leonora-Northam-Ang

ROWE Charity, d 16 Apr 1904, Infant 4 days,  Cause:-  Premature birth, Father:- Claremont Addison ROWE (Fitter) Mother:- Charity BOWDEN, born Sons of Gwalia, Leonora, buried Leonora Cemetery. Twin to Elsie May. Meth

ROWE Elsie May, d 18 Apr 1904, Infant 7 days, Cause:- Premature Birth, Father:- Claremont Addison ROWE (Fitter) Mother:- Charity BOWDEN, born Sons of Gwalia, Leonora, buried Leonora Cemetery. Twin to CharityMeth


ROWLANDS William Oliver, d 23 Jul 1918, District Hospital, Leonora, Infant 2 days, Premature birth (5mths) Father:- Richard Henry ROWLANDS (Miner) Mary ARNAND, born Leonora, buried Leonora Cemetery.

RUBERY Albert Lionel, d 3 Mar 1906, Gwalia Street, Leonora, Infant 10mths, Cause:- Enteritis Father:- Peter RUBERY (Railway Guard) Mother:- Margaret DAVISON, born Kalgoorlie, buried Leonora Cemetery.

RULE Jonothan, d 7 Jul 1904 Gwalia, Leonora, Occ:- Miner 49yrs, Cause:- Accidentally falling down a shaft at Gwalia, Verdict of the Coroner, buried Leonora Cemetery, Anglican Sec.  On the www.wavmm.com   -Ang

RUCKS Carl, d 15 Jun 1922, Residence of C F Rucks Gwalia, Infant 16hrs, Cause:- Atelectosis, Father:- Charles Frederick Raymond RUCKS (Miner) Mother:- Margaret Beatrice WALKER, born Gwalia WA, buried Leonora Cemetery.


RUSSELL John, d 7 Oct 1917 at Leonora, Occ:- Prospector, 75yrs, Cause:- Carcinoma, Father:- John RUSSELL (Labourer), Mother:- Janet WALKER, born Cumbernauld Scotland, Married to Margaret STEWART in Cumbernauld Scotland at age 30yrs, In QLD for 20yrs, In WA 10yrs, no children, buried Leonora Cemetery.-Pres

RUSSELL M-1.JPG (17002 bytes)

RUSSELL-Mary A-29/05/1940-Mt Margaret 16/1940-80-Leonora-England-Ang


RYAN J-1.JPG (35790 bytes)

RYAN Johanna, d 29 Apr 1906, Gwalia, 33yrs, Cause:- Pelvic Cellulitis, Father:- Patrick CONNOLLY (Farmer) Mother:- Ellen McGRATH, born Ballenty, Limerick Ireland, In VIC 4 yrs, In NSW, 5 yrs, In WA 3yrs, Married John RYAN at age 30yrs in Kalgoorlie WA. Children:- John James 2yrs, Patrick Joseph 3 weeks. buried Leonora Cemetery HS Mt Marg death cert 31/06

RYAN John B, died between 21 Dec 1905 and 10 Jun 1906 at Diorite King near Leonora, Occ:- Prospector, 60yrs, Cause:- Perished for want of water, Coroners Verdict. Buried Leonora Cemetery.RC

SABINA-Jackie-25/04/1969--81-Laverton-Blackstone Ranges-Native

SADLER M-1.JPG (36084 bytes)

SADLER May age 29 d. 1922

SAGGERS Geoffrey Allan, d 30 Oct 1902, at Sons of Gwalia Mine, Leonora, Infant, 5 ½ Mths, Cause:- Marasmus, Father:- William Richard SAGGERS (Contractor) Mother May Francis RYAN, born Gwalia, Leonora, WA buried Leonora Cemetery, Wesleyan Section-Meth

SALA DANNA Pietro, d 28 Oct 1920, Gwalia, Occ:-Miner 37yrs, Cause:- Pulmonary Phthsis, Father:- Pietro SALA DANNA (Miner) born Italy, In WA 8yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery.  RC Section –Mt Marg death cert 34/20

SALAGARI Sarah Rose Ann, d 20 Jun 1919, Temporary Hospital Gwalia, Housewife, 27yrs, Cause:- Influenza, Broncho Pneumonia, Father:- Michael Joseph OBRIEN (Teamster) Mother:- Sarah Rose Ann GALLOWAY (also Dies 20/09/1919), born Little Henley NSW, In NSW 13yrs, In WA 14yrs, Married to Joseph SALIGARI in Fremantle WA at age 27yrs, No children, buried Leonora Cemetery.RC, See O'BRYAN

SANDERS William, d 14 Feb 1929, White House Hotel, Leonora, Occ:- Prospector 65yrs, Cause:- Chrinic Myocarditis, buried Leonora Cemetery.Ang

SANDERSON John age 71 bur 29 Dec 1918 -Mt Marg death cert 2/19 also Johan ALEXANDERSEN


SANDY-Skipper-03/02/1967--85-Leonora-Mulga Queen-Native

SARBORYA-King Billy-31/01/1966--95-Leonora Hospital-Rawlinson Ranges-Native

SARTORI John, d 15 Jul 1929, Leonora Hospital, Infant 4yrs, Cause:- Tubercular Meningitis, Father:- Robert SARTORI (Dec) Miner, Mother:- Marianna BACCETTI, Born Leonora, buried Leonora Cemetery

SARTORI Robert, d 30 Jun 1925 Leonora Hospital, Occ:-Miner, 46yrs, Cause:- Tubercolosis, Father:- Giovanni SARTORI (Farmer), Born:- Corteno Italy, In WA 20yrs, Married to Marian BACCETTI in Boulder WA at 35yrs, Children:- Kitty 10yrs, Adelaide 8yrs, Eugenia 6yrs, Luci 5yrs, Giovanni 1yr, deceased 1 male and 4 females, buried Leonora Cemetery.-RC

SAUNDERS-Stillborn-24/05/1969--0-Korong Station-Korong Station-Native. Child of Beryl

SAUNDERS-John A H-21/05/1947-Mt Margaret 11/1947-77-Leonora-SA-Ang

SAUNDERS-John Raymond-05/11/1973--66-Leonora-Cottesloe-Ang


SAVOLDELLI G-1.JPG (24471 bytes)

SAVOLDELLI-Guiseppe-27/11/1934-Mt Margaret 32/1934-44-Leonora-Italy-RC

SCALES unnamed male child, d 6 Mar 1907, Leonora, Illegitimate, Stillborn, Father:- James SCALES (Fireman) Mother:- Mary LANIGAN, born Leonora, buried Leonora Cemetery-Pres

SCANLAN James, d 2 Jun 1926, Leonora Hospital, Occ:-Miner, 50yrs, Cause:- Pulmonary Phthisis, Father:- John SCANLAN (Farmer) Mother:- Kate SCANLAN, born Melbourne VIC, in WA 36yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery.  www.wavmm.com  RC

SCEGHI Keith     Meth     age 38   born Kalgoorlie WA         bur 19/09/2008

SCHEER-Albert Ernest Douglas-24/04/1973--63-Leonora-Tasmania-RC


SCHIMLACK Catherine J age 72 bur 21 Jul 1942 Anglican Section -Mt Marg death cert 17/42

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