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Leonora Cemetery Continued

OXLEY-H R-15/09/1960--85-Leonora-England-Ang

OZICH-Maria-25/01/1935-Mt Margaret 5/1935-Still Born-Leonora-Leonora-RC

PAGE-Leigh-07/11/1953-Mt Margaret 19/1953-30-Mt Ida-Unknown-RC

PAINDELLI I-1.JPG (16441 bytes)

PAINDELLI-Ida-18/01/1934-Mt Margaret 4/1934-34-Leonora-Boulder-Ang

PALMER M-1.JPG (33504 bytes)

PALMER Margaret, d 17 April 1911, Leonora Hospital, Married woman 59yrs, Cause:- Chronic nephritis, Father:- Thomas DAVISON (Glassblower) Mother:- Mary, born Durham, England, IN NSW and VIC 30yrs, in WA 13yrs, Married twice, 1st to Joseph LOWES in Durham at 18yrs of age, 2nd to James PALMER in North Lambton NSW aged 42yrs, Children all to 1st Marriage:- Sarah 40yrs, Jane 36yrs, Lizzie 35yrs, Thomas 32yrs, Maggie 28yrs, Richard 23yrs, Joseph William 19yrs, , Buried Leonora Cemetery.Pres,

PARKE George Arthur, d 12 May 1912, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Engine Driver, 36yrs, Cause:- Phthisis, Tubercular Plurisy, Father:- George Arthur PARKE (Miner) Mother:- Anne Jane COLLINS, Born VIC, In VIC 32yrs, In WA 4yrs, Married to Maud Julia CLARKE in Ballarat VIC at age 21yrs, Children:- Gertrude Lillian 12yrs, Hersey May 9yrs, Melva Revis 1yr, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery


PARKINSON-Robert-24/01/1940-Mt Margaret 4/1940-61-Leonora-England-Ang

PAROLA Antonio, d 9 Jul 1931, at Gwalia, Occ:- Miner 49yrs, Cause:- Arterio Sclerosis, buried Leonora Cemetery. RC

PAROLA Robert (Remigio), d 13 Jun 1914, Leonora Hospital, Occ:-Miner, 34yrs, Cause:- Pneumonia, cardiac failure,  Born Italy, In WA 20yrs, Married in Perth to Virginia COSTA at age 24yrs. Children:- Josephine 9, Adeline 7, William 3, Alfred 2, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.Mt Margaret 24/1914-34-Leonora-Italy-RC

PASCOE Richard William, d 18 Jan 1922, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Old Age Pensioner, 70yrs, Cause:- Senility, buried Leonora Cemetery. Ang

PASSERI-1.JPG (13989 bytes)



PATRONI-Bonaventura-30/09/1948-Mt Margaret 19/1948-68-Leonora-Italy-RC

PATRONI-Jessie-19/01/1914-Mt Margaret 35/1913-39-Leonora-Vic-Ang

PATRONI Jessie, d 9 Nov 1913, Leonora Hospital, Married woman, 39yrs Cause:- Accidentally killed in a sulky accident in Gwalia Sunday 9 November which was driven by the deceased and that her death was caused by injuries received in such accident, Verdict of the Coroner, Father:- John McLeod (Railway Ganger) Mother Margaret SILVESTER, Married to Barnardo PATRONI in VIC at age 17yrs, Children:- Margaret 22, Joseph 20, Irene 16, Edeline 12, Stella 3, 1 male deceased. Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.Mt Margaret 13/1935-23-Leonora-Bullfinch-RC

PAULL Charles, d 13 Aug 1907, District Hospital Leonora, 23 yrs, Cause:- Pneumonia, buried Leonora Cemetery.-Meth


PEARCE Frank, d  29 Jun 1914, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Miner, 35yrs, Cause:- Acute Lobar pneumonia, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.Mt Margaret 27/1914-35-Leonora-Unknown-Ang


PEARCE J-1.JPG (42130 bytes)

PEARCE John Thomas, d 28 Apr 1907, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Carpenter, Cause:- Fracture Skull, Father:- Isaac PEARCE (Agent) Mother:- Mary Ann ALDERSON, born England, In WA 5 yrs, Married to Hannah CHARLTON at Haughton Le Spring, England at age 20yrs. Children Jane Hannah 17yrs, Margaret 14yrs, deceased 2 females. (His family had only just joined him from England)-Pres

PECKOTICK Yerks, d 9 Jun 1902, General Hospital, Leonora, Age 25, Cause, Rupture of Cerebral Arteries, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

PEDROCCHI-Giacinto-24/11/1931-Mt Margaret 14/1931-40-Leonora-Italy-RC

PEJKOVICH Thomas, d 5 Nov 1926, Leonora Hospital, Infant age 10mins, Cause:- Pressure from prolonged labour, Father:- Marion J  (Miner) Mother:- Nede SUMICH. , buried Leonora Cemetery.RC

PELLEGRINELLI-Giacomo-02/01/1932-Mt Margaret 3/1932-40-Leonora-Italy-RC

PENALUNA-Florence M-22/10/1943-Mt Margaret 20/1943-27-Leonora-Denmark-Meth

PENTON Walter Warwick, d 20 Mar 1919, Malcolm Dam, near Leonora, Occ:- Barman, 50yrs, Cause:- Drowning in Malcolm Dam, Verdict of Coroner, born Ireland, buried Leonora Cemetery. RC

PERKS-Samuel E-07/05/1933-Mt Margaret 6/1933-60-Leonora-Vic-Ang

PERRY Robert, d 25 Jun 1903, Laver Street, Leonora, Occ:- Miner, 40 yrs, suicide by taking potassium syanide while temporarily insane,  Coroners Verdict, buried Leonora Cemetery.

PETERSON           Colin Richard      Meth     age 44   born Meekatharra WA   bur 11/03/2011

PETERSON           William Eric Henry           Meth     age 27   born Leonora WA             bur 10/02/2017

PETTIT Dorothy, d 24 Nov 1910, Gwalia, Infant 5 mths, Cause:- Acute Colitis, Father:- Cyril Herbert PETTIT (Fireman) Mother:- Kathleen Grace ODONOHUE, Buried Leonora Cemetery.-RC

PHELAN John, d 12 Nov 1907, Leonora Hospital, 30yrs,  Occ:- Labourer, Cause:- Appendicitis, Septicaemia, - buried Leonora Cemetery.-RC

PHILLIPS               Adele Thelma    Meth     age 25                   bur 27/11/2015

PHILLIPS Eliza, d 11 May 1909, Mrs Nordbergs residence, Otterburn Street, Leonora, 37 yrs, married woman, Cause:- Pneumonia Father:- William BLIGHT (Storekeeper) Jane BONE, born Wallaroo SA, In SA 29yrs In WA 8 yrs, Married to William Henry PHILLIPS at age 25yrs in Fremantle WA, Children:- William Lyle 11 yrs, Clifton Blight 6 yrs, Muriel Clare 4 yrs, Bertram Harry 2 yrs, deceased 2 males. Buried Leonora Cemetery.-Meth

PHILLIPS               John      Meth     age 78   born Wanarn WA             bur 15/11/2007

PIAZZANI Bortolo age 55 b. Italy bur 24 Jul 1942 RC Section – Mt Marg death cert 18/42

PIZZAMIGLIO Pietro, d 11 Mar 1918, Gwalia, Occ:- Miner, 28yrs, Cause:- From being knocked down by a motor car, Verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Ippolito PIZZAMIGLIO (Miner), Mother:- Carolina EPIS, born Oneta Italy, In WA 9yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery.

PICCINI-Bortolo-15/08/1934-Mt Margaret 24/1934-33-Leonora-Italy-RC

PILE-E M-14/05/1959--66-Leonora-Vic-Ang

PINNUCK-George-21/10/1933-Mt Margaret 15/1933-58-Leonora-Vic-Ang

POLAK  Alan Johnathon Pres       age 53   born Leonora WA             bur 21/01/2012

POLAK  Brenda Pres       age 34   born Leonora WA             bur 31/01/2015

POLAK DENZIL-1.JPG (36349 bytes)

POLAK  Denzil    Meth     age 33   born Leonora WA             bur 4/03/2000

POLAK  Edith Margaret  Pres       age 72   born Mount Margaret WA            bur 21/01/2012



POLAK-Paddy-04/10/1975--40-Leonora-Cosmo Newberry-Native

POLAK  Rosie     Meth     age 67   born Warburton WA       bur 17/01/2003


POLETTI-A F-21/10/1956--9hrs-Leonora-Leonora-RC

POLETTI  F-1.JPG (22812 bytes)


POLETTI G-1.JPG (32867 bytes)

POLETTI-Gino I-11/01/1939-Mt Margaret 2/1939-24-Leonora-Boulder-RC


POLLARD Ivy Sophia, d 6 Nov 1908, Sons of Gwalia Lease, Infant 8mths, Cause:- Marasmus, Father:- Thomas James POLLARD (Miner) Mother:- Ellen TURNER, born Gwalia, , buried Leonora Cemetery.

POLLARD Mary Gwendoline, d 16 Nov 1907, Gwalia GM Lease, Gwalia, Child 19mths, Cause:- Broncho Pneumonia, Father:- Thomas James POLLARD (Miner) Mother:- Ellen TURNER, born Gwalia, buried Leonora Cemetery.-Meth

POLLITT-Doris L-15/04/1947-Mt Margaret 8/1947-39-Leonora-London-Ang

POLLITT-John A L-31/01/1937-Mt Margaret 4/1937-4 days-Leonora-Leonora-Ang

POWELL Philomina Clarice, d 22 Apr 1912, Hoover Street, Leonora, Infant 5mths, Cause:- Gastro Enteritis and Marasmus, Father:- Michael POWELL (Miner) Mother: Mary Julia POSTICH, Born Leonora WA, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.Mt Margaret 10/1912-5mths-Leonora-Leonora-RC

POWER J-1.JPG (16247 bytes)


POZZI-Eliza E-25/06/1913-Mt Margaret 23/1913-1 day-Gwalia-Gwalia-RC

POZZI Felice, d 23 Jul 1905, Gwalia Leonora, Infant Female 6 days, Premature Birth, Father:- Louis POZZI, (Labourer) Mother:- Philomena ROSSI, born Gwalia, buried Leonora Cemetery.-RC

POZZI-Filomena R-30/03/1906-Mt Margaret 28/1906-33-Leonora-Italy-RC

POZZI Bernardo, d 12 Oct 1918, Gwalia, Infant 24hrs, Cause:- Premature Birth, Father:- Giovanni POZZI (Carrier) Mother:- Anna CRATTI, buried Leonora Cemetery. (Twin to Lucia)

POZZI Eliza Elizabeth, d 24 Jun 1913, Gwalia, Infant 1 day, Cause:- Atcelerosis, Father:- Giovanni POZZI (Gardner) Mother:- Anna CROTTI, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.

POZZI Lucia, d 2 Nov 1918, Gwalia, Infant 23days, Cause:-Prematurity of birth, Father:- Giovanni POZZI (Carrier) Mother:- Anna CRATTI, buried Leonora Cemetery. (Twin to Bernardo)  RC

POZZI Marianna, d 8 Jul 1912, 6 Mile Garden, Leonora, Infant 2 days, Cause:- Premature birth, Father:- Granne POZZI (Gardener) Mother:- Anna CROTTI, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.


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