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Leonora Cemetery Continued

NARRIER              Angelina              ANG      age 76   born Leonora WA             bur 18/10/2008

NAIRN-1.JPG (18991 bytes)

NAIRN-Elizabeth-08/11/1947-Mt Margaret 2/1948-68-Leonora-Fremantle-Ang,

NATION-Lavington R-20/07/1927-Mt Margaret 9/1927-8 days-Leonora-Leonora-RC

NEILL K-1.JPG (22341 bytes)

NEILL-Kenneth Murray-12/04/1956--24

NELLIGAN William John, d 9 Nov 1902, Gwalia, Leonora, 5 ½ weeks, Cause: Debility and Diarrhoea, Father:- Daniel John NELLIGAN (Miner), Mother:- Mary Elizabeth DONOHUE, born Gwalia, buried Leonora Cemetery, Catholic Section.RC

NELSON-Doris-28/09/1972--51-Leonora-White Clifs-Ang



NELSON E-1.JPG (16035 bytes)

NELSON-Eric Joseph B-11/07/1939-Mt Margaret 17/1939-43-Leonora-Fremantle-Ang,




NELSON-Peter-20/01/1982--15-Cosmo Newbury-Cosmo Newbury-Meth

NELSON-Yimundura Noomiddie-10/03/1978--73-Cosmo Newberry-Warburton-Native


NESTER-Patrick-31/10/1912-Mt Margaret 37/1912-51-Leonora-Vic-RC


NEVILLE Kathleen, d 29 Aug 1904, Leonora, Infant 1 day, Cause:- Premature Birth, Father:- James William NEVILLE (Draper) Mother:- Mary HARDY, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

NEVILLE-Mary-01/02/1914-Mt Margaret 3/1914-39-Leonora-Vic-RC

NEWMAN           Badanu (David) Meth     age 22   born Papua New Guinea               bur 23/08/2013

NEWMAN-Clifford Charles Alexander P-18/10/1971--73-Leonora-Hawthorn-Ang

NEWMAN           Gloria    Meth     age 65   born Wiluna WA               bur 8/09/2017




NIKELLYS-Annie-19/08/1934-Mt Margaret 30/1934-39-Leonora-Scotland-RC

NIXON  Johnny Bernard Meth                                     bur 15/12/2006

NIXON  Nobby  Meth     age 77   born Leonora WA             bur 31/07/1993

NIXON  Tomothy              Meth     age 40                   bur 14/03/2003


NOOMBIE-Samuel-03/02/1969--49-Laverton Res-Warburton-Native

NORMAN-Linda---49-Leonora-Mulga Queen-Pres

NORMINGTON-Charles H-13/05/1931-Mt Margaret 6/1931-1-Leonora-Kalgoorlie-RC

NOTLEY Francis, d 28 Jan 1908, at Leonora Hospital, Cause:- Injured when a sulky overturned and the wheel passed over him. He had a brother in Albany, H Notley, in the Water Police. He was a native of Arrarat in VIC, - buried Leonora Cemetery.Ang

NUNGI-Nina-22/09/1988--90-Leonora-Warburton Ranges-Meth

NYE-Hiram-15/04/1949-Mt Margaret 9/1949-79-Leonora-Queensland-Ang

OBRIEN Joshua G              Bapt       age 1mth             born Kalgoorlie WA         bur 17/10/1996

OBRIEN K-1.JPG (38397 bytes)

OBRIEN Kathleen Mary, d 1 Nov 1908, Gold Block, Leonora, Infant 7 ½ mths, Cause:- Acute Colitis, Father:- George Celestine OBRIEN (Miner) Mother:- Katherine KEARNS, buried Leonora Cemetery.-RC,

O'BRIEN-Mary A-02/01/1917-Mt Margaret 27/1916-79-Leonora-Unknown-RC

OBRYAN-Sarah R A-20/09/1919-Mt Margaret 27/1919-45-Leonora-NSW-RC, See SALAGARI

OCONNOR Annie, d 17 Jan 1909, Sons of Gwalia Lease, Gwalia, Infant 3hrs, Cause:- White Asphyxia, Father:- John OCONNOR (Miner) Mother:- Annie MCMAHON, born Gawlia, buried Leonora Cemetery.-RC

OCONNOR-Mary A-26/05/1926-Mt Margaret 7/1926-66-Leonora-Unknown-RC

OCONNOR-Michael P-30/12/1929-Mt Margaret 3/1930-52-Leonora-Bendigo-RC

ODONNELL Patrick . 3 Feb 1900 -Mt Margaret death cert 1295/1900 transferred from King of the Hills Cemetery 1999

ODONOGHUE Mary Ann, d 19 Jan 1906, Stautons Hotel, Leonora, Infant 1yr, Cause:- Enteritis, Father:- John O’DONOGHUE (Prospector) Mother:- Annie Mary WILSON, born Sunset Lease, Malcolm, WA, buried Leonora Cemetery.RC

OFARRELL-Francis C-06/12/1935-Mt Margaret 1/1936-71-Leonora-Ireland-RC

OFARRELL-Patrick J-01/02/1935-Mt Margaret 8/1935-60-Leonora-Ireland-RC



OMODEI M-1.JPG (15043 bytes)

OMODEI Michele age 43 b. Italy bur 2 Jul 1942 RC Section -Mt Marg death cert 15/42

O'NEIL-Henry-10/03/1953-Mt Margaret 1/1953-68-Leonora-Ireland-RC

O'NEIL-Margaret-31/03/1937-Mt Margaret 10/1937-51-Leonora-Vic-RC

ONEILL M-1.JPG (26544 bytes)

O'NEIL-Michael Henry-04/01/1930-Mt Margaret 4/1930-11-Leonora-Leonora-RC,

O'NEIL-Michael-15/07/1917-Mt Margaret 21/1917-75-Leonora-Ireland-RC

ONEILL P-1.JPG (44963 bytes)

ONEILL Patrick, d 2 Dec 1906, Public Hospital Leonora, Occ:- Miner, 26yrs, Ruptured Gut, Peritonitis, born Ireland, Buried Leonora Cemetery. Mine death:- www.wavmm.com-RC,

ORR-William-19/09/1911-Mt Margaret46/1911-28-Leonora-Melbourne-Ang,

OSBORNE C-1.JPG (26054 bytes)

OSBORNE William age 28 bur 19 Sep 1911 Anglican - Mt Marg death cert 46/11

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