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Leonora Cemetery Continued

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MAYERS Bridget Mary, d 30 Oct 1913, Leonora Hospital, Married woman, 64yrs, Cause:- Senility and debility, Father:- John MAHONEY (Station Owner) Mother:- Johanna AHEARN, Born Ireland, In NSW 42yrs, In WA 15yrs, Married to John Daniel MAYERS in NSW at age 28yrs, Children:- Johanna Mary Agnes age 29, John William age 27, 3 males deceased, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.Mt Margaret 34/1913-64-Leonora-Ireland-RC,

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MAYS Allan, d 12 May 1916, District Hospital, Leonora, Occ:- Miner,53yrs,  Cause:- Compression of brain. buried Leonora Cemetery.

MAZZA-Bernardo 14/07/1932-Mt Margaret 9/1932-46-Leonora-Italy-RC,

MAZZUCHELLI-Battista-09/02/1934-Mt Margaret 6/1934-59-Leonora-Italy-RC

MEETING Vera Annie (Illigitimate), d 15 Sep 1914, Leonora, Infant 7 wks, Cause:- Pertussis, Father:- John DONOGHUE (Baker) Mother:- Emily MEETING, Born Perth WA, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.Mt Margaret 36/1914-7 weeks-Leonora-Perth-RC

MEGINESS Henry Patrick, d 30 Nov 1921, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Police Constable, 63yrs, Cause:- Cerebral Haemorrhage, born ‘At Sea’ in WA for 63yrs, Married twice, 1st to name unknown in Geraldton WA, 2nd to Alice HYDE in Meekatharra WA at age 56yrs, Children:- 1st Marr Patrick Henry 36yrs, Henry, Celia, Maragret, no children to 2nd marr. buried Leonora Cemetery. (Place placed on grave by the WA Police Historical Soc). RC

MELONCELLI Unnamed female child, d 21 Mar 1919, Leonora Hospital, Cause:- Stillborn, Father:- Andrea MELONCELLI (Miner), Mother: Elizabeth SEGHEZZI, buried Leonora Cemetery.

MENAGLIO-James-02/09/1944-Mt Margaret 14/1944-74-Leonora-Unknown-RC

MENATO-Attilio-26/02/1947-Mt Margaret 3/1947-46-Leonora-Italy-RC

MERCER Thomas, d 5 Apr 1903, Leonora General Hospital, 29yrs, Cause:- Phthisis, buried Leonora Cemetery.Ang

MEREDITH           Olive      Meth     age 58   born Leonora WA             bur 22/01/2005

METCALF Joseph Andrew, d 1 Feb 1919, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Miner, 59yrs, Cause:- Valvular disease of heart, Father:- Christopher METCALF, Mother:- Isabella HAMILTON, born Daylesford, VICTORIA, In VIC 43yrs, In WA 16yrs, Married to Florence LAING in Talbot VIC at age 21yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery. Ang

METCALF-Florine-22/06/1953-Mt Margaret 11/1953-93-Gwalia-Lexton-Meth

MILLAR J-1.JPG (30394 bytes)

MILLAR-James Haig Roy-16/09/1903--27yrs---Pres Father William Roy Miller, Photographer.

MILLAR-Reginald Blythe-28/10/1938-Mt Margaret 32/1938

MILLER-A K-18/11/1957--6mths-Leonora-Leonora-Ang

MILLER C-1.JPG (18679 bytes)

MILLER Christopher Kenneth     Meth     age 35   born Leonora WA             bur 10/08/2001

MILLER-John-21/02/1934-Mt Margaret 7/1934-16hrs-Leonora-Leonora-Ang


MITCHELL-A-02/11/1961--19-Bandya Station-Unknown-Meth

MITCHELL-Archibald-30/07/1933-Mt Margaret 11/1933-60-Leonora-Unknown-Pres

MITCHELL-Russet---54-Cosmo Newberry-Laverton-Pres

MOFFETT Bessie, d 1 Aug 1917, Leonora Hospital, Infant Stillborn female, Father:- Andrew MOFFETT (Miner) Mother:-  Florence DOWELL, buried Leonora Cemetery.

MOFFIT-Sarah Emmeline-14/09/1938-Mt Margaret 26/1938

MOFFIT W-1.JPG (38135 bytes)

MOFFITT-William-31/01/1933-Mt Margaret 2/1933-25-Leonora-Kalgoorlie-RC,

MOHAMED John, d 1 Nov 1921, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Camel Driver, 45yrs, Cause:- Fractured ribs, shock, Father:- Mofthio SAID Mother:- Maie HALEEMA, born Karachi India, In WA for 25yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery.

MOLLOY Patrick, d 12 Oct 1922, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Miner, 50yrs, Cause:- Cerebral haemorrhage, Father:- Patrick MOLLOY (Labourer) Mother:- Mary KELLY, born Londonderry, Ireland, In WA 10yrs, Married to Jenny MCGRATH in Londonderry at age 22yrs, Child:- Patrick age 22yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery. RC

MONAGHAN-John-17/12/1944-Mt Margaret 21/1944-71-Eucalyptus-Bendigo-RC

MONCRIFFE Mabel, d 18 Jun 1905, Central Hotel Yard, Leonora, Age Unknown, Verdict of Coroner Congestion of Brain, Buried Leonora CemeteryAng

MONDINI-Antonio-24/08/1934-Mt Margaret 27/1934-46-Leonora-Italy-RC

MOORE Clara Elizabeth, d 31 Oct 1909, Nurse Kelliher and Allen’s Private Hospital, Leonora, Widow aged 58yrs, Cause:- Carcinoma of the uterus, Father:- (Civil Engineer) born Croyden ENGLAND, In VIC 2 yrs, SA 13yrs, WA 10yrs, Married twice, 1st to ….. ELLIS in England 2nd to Richard MOORE in England, Children:- 3 children to first husband names unknown, 2nd mar Richard Bolston 26yrs, Mat Lea 24yrs, Robert Odell 22yrs, Buried Leonora Cemetery.-Ang

MOORE Clarice Lesley, 15 Jul 1924, Leonora Hospital, Child 5yrs 10mths, Cause:- Acute pneumonia, Father:- Thomas William Levi MOORE (Hotel Keeper) Mother:- Myrtle Lavinia ASHLEY, born Leonora WA, buried Leonora Cemetery.

MOORE-Hilda Patricia-18/10/1934--18

MOORE J-1.JPG (17212 bytes)

MOORE-James Fairbairn-22/04/1934-Mt Margaret 11/1934-71-Leonora-Vic-Pres,

MORAN John Patrick, d 12 Jun 1920, Tower Street, Leonora, Occ:-Clerk, 57yrs, Cause:- Chronic emphysema and heart failure, buried Leonora Cemetery. RC

MORAN Matthew, d 26 Mar 1920, Near State Hotel Gwalia, Occ:-Sandalwooder, 70yrs, Cause:- broken neck from a fall from a horse, Verdict of the Coroner, born Ireland, In WA for 20yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery. RC

MORCK Alice Ida, d 16 May 1919, Leonora Hospital, Housewife, 58yrs, Cause:- Carcinoma of breast, Father:- William Edward BALL, Mother:- Elizabeth Ann LAWSON, Married to Ludwig Fredrick MORCK in Leonora WA at 48yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery.RC

MORCK Ludvig Fredrich, d 19 Jul 1917, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Stockman, 60yrs, Cause:- Enlarged prostate, Carcenoma, Father:- Adolph Anger MORCK (Miner) Mother:- Mary FALVEY, born Sebastopol VIC,  twice, 1st to Martha Agnes BALL in Kew VIC at the age of 43yrs, 2nd to Alice Ida BALL in Leonora WA at age 52yrs, Children:- from 1st marriage – Frederick William 15yrs, Mary Agnes 12 yrs. buried Leonora Cemetery. RC

MORDEE-Billy-22/03/1978--84-Mt Margaret-Warburton-Native

MORELLI Luigi, d 31 May 1919, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Miner, 28yrs, Cause:- Influenza, Pneumonia, Father:- Pietro MORELLI (Carpenter) Mother:- Margarett M??? born Pratto, Argentina, In WA 5yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery. RC


MORESCHI-Giovanni M-09/04/1938-Mt Margaret 12/1938-47-Gwalia-Italy-RC

MORETTI-Domenico-16/10/1945-Mt Margaret 19/1945-59-Leonora-Italy-RC

MORGAN-Frederick-06/04/1946-Mt Margaret 5/1946-69-Leonora-SA-Ang

MORGAN-Susan-06/11/1953-Mt Margaret 20/1953-78---H/S

MORGAN W-1.JPG (31951 bytes)

MORGAN-William-19/10/1935-Mt Margaret 25/1935-66-Leonora-SA-Ang,

MORRIS Alfred Henry, d 26 Oct 1910, Pig Well, Near Leonora, Occ:- Battery Hand, 45yrs, Cause:- Shock from Concussion of brain, Went riding and was thrown by his horse, Father:- James Samuel MORRIS (Gentleman) Mother Sarah DENHAM, born Camperdown VIC, Married to Lily Annie DEAN at age 36yrs in Fremantle WA, Children:- Marjory May 7yrs, Natalie Muriel 4yrs, Buried Leonora Cemetery.-Pres

MORRIS George, d 16 Mar 1906, King of the Hills GM, Diorite, Occ:- Miner 44 yrs, Cause:- Injuries self inflicted while temporarily insane, Father:- James MORRIS (Contractor) Mother:- Bridget Mary DOOLY, born Marybrough, VIC, 30yrs in VIC, 13 yrs in WA, Single, buried Leonora Cemetery.

MORRIS Isaac, d 8 June 1904, Near Trump Mine, Leonora, Occ:- Miner, 42 yrs, Coroners Verdict:- A wheel accidentally passing over him near the Trump GM, Leonora Father:- James MORRIS (Miner) Mother:- Mary BUTLER, born Maryborough, VIC, 29yrs in Vic, 13 yrs in WA

MORRIS-George I-11/06/1904--42-Leonora-Vic-Ang,

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