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Leonora Cemetery Continued

GRIFFITHS N-1.JPG (21559 bytes)

GRIFFITH Norman J J age 33 bur 3 Dec 1943 RC -Mt Marg death cert 24/43

GRIFFITHS Elizabeth J age 68 bur 8 Oct 1912 Methodist -Mt Marg death cert 35/12

GRIFFITHS Mary E age 72 bur 13 Sept 1945 RC -Mt Marg death cert 16/45

GRIFFITHS William age 76 bur 21 Jan 1948 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 4/48

GRUBELICH Peter, d 23 Mar 1931, Hawks Nest, Occ:- Miner 27yrs, Cause:- Accidentally fell down mine shaft at the Burtville GM, Hawks Nest, Leonora, born Dalmatia Yugoslavia, In Wa about 5yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery. RC -Mt Marg death cert 3/31

GUIDI G age 71 b.Italy bur 6 Jan 1954 RC –from Murrin Murrin

GUIDICE Simone age 83 bur 4 Apr 1984 RC Section

GUIZZARDIE Giovanni age 65 b.Italy bur 10 Aug 1965 RC Section

GURR-1.JPG (23422 bytes)

GURR Richard Butler, d 30 Aug 1924, Leonora Hospital, Occ:-Baker, 59yrs, Cause:- Broncho pneumonia, Father:- Geoerge Robert GURR (Carpenter) Mother:- Hester BUTLER, born Creswick VIC, In VIC 29yrs, In WA 30yrs, Married to Martha Alice WARD in Creswick VIC at age 34yrs, Children:- Martha Alice 22yrs, Hester 20yrs, Richard Butler Ward 19yrs, Linda Millicent 17yrs, Robert Ward 11yrs, Ivy Phyllis 9yrs, deceased 1 male and 2 females, buried Leonora Cemetery.  Presby -Mt Marg death cert 20/24

GVOZDENOVICH stillborn female 2 Jul 1936 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 18/36

HADDEN Johanna lived 2hrs 16 Jan 1934 Anglican -Mt Marg 3/34

HADDEN-1.JPG (16167 bytes)

HADDEN G V bur 19 Dec 1970 Presby Section

HADDOW Archibald D, d 12 Oct 1907, Sons of Gwalia GM, Gwalia, Occ:- Miner, Cause: Fall of ground in GM, buried Leonora Cemetery. Presby -Mt Marg death cert 59/07

HADFIELD  Annie Louisa (Lou)      ANG     d. 9 Oct 1997 age 89   born London England     bur 9/10/1997

HADFIELD H-1.JPG (16947 bytes)

HADFIELD            Herbert Joseph ANG      age 82   born Fremantle WA        bur 8/05/2001

HADFIELD N-1.JPG (17926 bytes)

HADFIELD Neil bur 1 Dec 1987 RC Section

HADFIELD P-1.JPG (14737 bytes)

HADFIELD Peter Winton age 18 bur 8 Aug 1985 RC Section

HADFIELD R-1.JPG (11687 bytes)

HADFIELD Rowland Winton, d 16 Nov 1921, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Dairymans Assistant, 26yrs, Cause:- Through injuries received from a fall from the horse ‘Mongul Borke’ which he was riding in the second class plate at a meeting of the Leonora Jockey Club held at Leonora on the 12th Day of November 1921, Verdict of the Coroner, Father:- William HADFIELD (Farmer) Mother: Alice Mary BEGBIE, born Walla Walla VICTORIA, In VIC 22yrs, In WA 4yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery.  Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 19/21

HADWIGER Robert age 42 b.Austria bur 12 Jul 1912 RC -Mt Marg death cert 27/1

HAFKER Frederick, d 29 May 1903, General Hospital Leonora, Occ:- Miner, 39 yrs, Cause:- Asphyxia after regurgitation, buried Leonora Cemetery. Anglican

HAFNER H age 2mths bur 4 Aug 1956 RC Section

HAMILTON James, d 24 Jun 1930, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Prospector 67yrs, Cause:- Myocardial Degeneration, buried Leonora Cemetery. RC -Mt Marg death cert 12/30

HAMILTON Thomas Dunwoodie age 90 b.Scotland bur Presby Section

HAMILTON S-1.JPG (17340 bytes)

HAMILTON Samuel George, d 9 Mar 1924, Leonora Hospital, Occ:-Labourer, 23yrs, Cause:- Rheumatic Heart, Father:- Felix HAMILTON (Contractor) Mother:- Ethel Ellen SENIOR, born Mt Sir Samuel WA, buried Leonora Cemetery.Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 6/24

HAMILTON Unnamed male child, d 29 Mat 1915, Tower Street, Leonora, Cause:- Stillbirth, Father:- Felix HAMILTON (Miner), Mother:- Ethel Ellen SENIOR, buried Leonora Cemetery.

HARDING William, d 11 August 1908, in bush near Leonora township, c40yrs Occ:- unknown, Cause:- Resulting in a wound on the throat self inflicted whilst in a state of unsound mind, Verdict of the Coroner, buried Leonora Cemetery.

HARRY – know as Jidje Jidje – Aboriginal, At the Aboriginal Camp – Killed in a tribal conflict. buried Leonora Cemetery.

HARMS Constance lived 18 days bur 27 Apr 1907 Presby -Mt Marg death cert 30/07

HARMSTORF John Johann, d 22 Aug 1905, Gwalia, Occ:- Carpenter, 71yrs, Cause:- Exhaustion, Father John HARMSTORF, (Carpenter) born Hamburg, Germany, SA for 15 yrs, WA for 10yrs, Married to Caroline DALISE at age 26yrs in Hamburg Germany, Children:- John 43yrs, Theadore Christian, 41 yrs, Ernest Peter George 38yrs, Mitchim Henry 36 yrs, Martha Marie 33 yrs, Sophia Hilda 31yrs, Charles Carl 29yrs, Dorothy Hannah 27yrs, 3 deceased males. Buried Leonora Cemetery Methodist

HARPWOOD W H age 69 bur 5 Oct 1960 Anglican

HARRIS Arnold  Meth     age 65   born Mt Morgans WA    bur 28/02/2000

HARRIS Cecily    Meth     age 63   born Agnew WA               bur 8/02/2008

HARRIS Constance, d 26 Apr 1907, Leonora, Infant 18days, Cause:- Premature labour, Father:- Harvey Arthur HARRIS (Miner) Kathleen Mary GRIFFIN, born Leonora, buried Leonora Cemetery

HARRIS James age 39 Aboriginal b. Lawlers bur 22 Apr 1978 –from Barwidgee Station

HARRIS Jason     Meth     age 33   born Leonora WA             bur 30/06/2006

HARRIS Jumbo age 79 Aboriginal b. Wiluna bur 10 Jun 1968

HARRIS Les         Meth     age 53   born Weebo      bur 21/06/1997

HARRIS Martha age 60 b. Warburton bur 15 Nov 1974 –from Laverton

HARRIS Matilda Mailett, d 3 Jun 1904, Mertondale, Infant 39 days, buried without an Inquest Order, Cause:- Suffocation, Father:- Lewis John HARRIS (Hotel Keeper) Mother:- Harriet Eliza HICKMOTT, born Kookynie WA buried Leonora Cemetery. Anglican section

HARRIS Terry     Meth     age 38   born Leonora WA             bur 2/08/1991

HART George age 46 b. Scotland bur 6 Nov 1952 Presby -Mt Marg death cert 18/52

HARVEY Isabella, d 20 Dec 1924, Leonora Hospital, Housewife 62yrs, Cause:- Carcinoma of stomach, born Young NSW, In NSW 35yrs, In WA 27yrs, Father:- SMITH, Married to Thomas HARVEY in Sydney NSW at age 22yrs, Children:- Elizabeth Jane 35yrs, James Edward 21yrs, Deceased 3 males 2 females, buried Leonora Cemetery.   Anglican -Mt Marg section 28/24

HARVEY Joseph Henry, d 23 Jan 1919, Gwalia, Infant 3mths, Cause:- Marasmus, Father:- Arthur John HARVEY (Mechanic) Mother:- Harriet JONES, buried Leonora Cemetery.  Methodist -Mt Marg death cert 3/19

HARVEY Eileen, d 31 Mar 1906, Gwalia Infant 3hrs, Cause:- Premature Birth, Father:- William HARVEY (Moulder) Mother:- Louisa BRODER, born Gwalia, buried Leonora Cemetery. Twin to Thelma

HARVEY Elizabeth, d 12 Jan 1904,  Sons of Gwalia, Leonora, Infant 12 hours, Premature birth, Father William Smith HARVEY (Moulder) Mother:-  Louisa Buchanan BRODIE born Leonora, buried Leonora Cemetery. Twin to John Tom

HARVEY John Tom, d 12 Jan 1904, Sons of Gwalia, Leonora, Infant 12 hours, Premature birth, Father William Smith HARVEY (Moulder) Mother:- Louisa Buchanan BRODIE, born Leonora, buried Leonora Cemetery. Twin to Elizabeth.

HARVEY Thelma, d 31 Mar 1906, Gwalia Infant 4hrs, Cause:- Premature Birth, Father:- William HARVEY (Moulder) Mother:- Louisa BRODER, born Gwalia, buried Leonora Cemetery. Twin to Eileen

HARVEY Katherine, d 11 Nov 1922, Leonora Hospital, Infant 3mths, Cause:- Enteritis, Father:- John HARVEY (Miner) Mother:- Harriet JONES, born Leonora, buried Leonora Cemetery.  Methodist -Mt Marg death cert 16/22

HARVEY Leonard age 63 bur 25 Feb 1936 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 4/36

HASTED Robert age 78 bur 19 Jul 1952 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 11/52

HAWKINS            Unnamed Infant               Meth     age 3dys              born In Bush Mulga Queen          bur 4/05/1995

HAWTHORNE Nellie, d about 9 Feb 1922, At the residence of Mr M Punch, Gwalia Street, Leonora, Occ:- Domestic Servant, 57yrs, Cause:- Fatty degeneration of heart, Verdict of Coroner after post mortem. Born England, buried Leonora Cemetery.  Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 2/22

HAY        James Q B            Pres       age 59   born Largs Scotland         bur 26/03/2009

HAYBALL William H age 1 bur 31 Oct 1912 Presby -Mt Marg death cert 33/13

HEADLEY George A age 54 bur 17 Jun 1943 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 8/43

HEATLEY J-1.JPG (29779 bytes)

HEATLEY Annie Isabel Allen Somersetshire, d 22 Sep 1928, Gwalia, Widow 49yrs, Cause:- Pulmonary Tubercolosis, Father:- Arthur CLEGG (Carpenter) Mother:- Henrietta DICKSON, Born At Sea, In Vic 22yrs, In WA 27yrs, Married to Joseph Thomas HEATLEY in Leonora WA at age 24yrs, Children:- Ivy 24yrs, Norman Thomas 22yrs, Myrtle 19yrs, Rose 9yrs, Deceased 3 males, buried Leonora Cemetery.   Mt Marg death cert 18/28

HEATLEY Donald Cameron, d 24 Oct 1918, Gwalia, Infant 3yrs, Cause:- Intestinal Toxaemia, Father:- Joseph Thomas HEATLEY (Miner) Mother:- Annie Isabel Allan Somersetshire CLEGG, born Gwalia WA, buried Leonora Cemetery.

HEATLEY Eddie age 1 bur 30 Apr 1912 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 9/12

HEATLEY Joseph Thomas, d 21 Apr 1927, Gwalia, Occ:- Miner, 73yrs, Cause:- Phthisis, Father:- Joseph HEATLEY, Mother:- Mary Jane COMPTON, born Melbourne VIC, Married to Annie CLEGG in Leonora WA at age 47yrs, Children:- Ivy 23yrs, Norman Thomas 21yrs, Myrtle 18yrs, Rose 8yrs, Deceased 3 males. buried Leonora Cemetery. Ref:- www.wavmm.com - Mt Marg death cert 5/27 ##

HEEREY Stella, d 22 Mar 1910, Hoover Street, Leonora, Infant 9 days, Cause:- Umbilical haemorrhage, Father:- Leslie Thomas HEEREY (Miner) Mother:- Eva Sarah Pauline KEIGHAM, born Leonora, Buried Leonora Cemetery.  -Mt Marg death cert 16/10

HEFFERNAN William C age 67 bur 28 Jun 1933 RC -Mt Marg death cert 10/33

HEMMINGS Charles Francis, d 13 Nov 1922, In bush near Leonora, Occ:- Labourer, 60yrs, Cause:- Carcinoma of pancreas, buried Leonora Cemetery.RC -Mt Marg death cert 15/22

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