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Leonora Cemetery Continued

EVA – Aboriginal Woman, d 4 Dec 1907 at the Leonora Hospital, Spear Wound - buried Leonora Cemetery.

EVANS Annie, d 17 Mar 1910, Gwalia, Married woman, 49yrs, Cause:- Cerebral Haemorrhage, Father:- Thomas BARRY (Miner) Mother:- Mary ?, born Swan River Fremantle, In VIC 39yrs, In WA 10yrs, Married to William EVANS in Wallsend NSW at age 19yrs, Children:- Evan 29yrs, Ethel May 23yrs, Deceased 3 males 2 females. Buried Leonora Cemetery.

EVANS  Craig Shane        Meth     age 54   born Kalgoorlie WA         bur 29/06/2017

EVANS Damien age 3mths Aboriginal b. Laverton bur 10 Jun 1976

EVANS D-1.JPG (20952 bytes)

EVANS Daniel T A age 51 bur 27 Apr 1942 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 8/42

EVANS  Edward Meth     age 88                   bur 9/01/1993

EVANS Evelyna age 32 Presby Section

EVANS  Francis Clyde      ANG      age 81   born Leonora WA             bur 8/08/2003

EVANS Isobel age 66 bur 18 Oct 1989 Methodist Section

EVANS I-1.JPG (25071 bytes)

EVANS Ivy L age 47 bur 10 Aug 1946 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 12/46

EVANS  Ivy          Meth     age 78   born Carnarvon WA        bur 15/10/1990

EVANS Ivy (nee Archer) age 78 bur 15 Oct 1990 Methodist

EVANS  Janice    Meth     age 56   born Mount Margaret WA            bur 24/10/2013

EVANS John Albert age 68 bur 23 Apr 1954 Anglican 9/54

EVANS K-1.JPG (20268 bytes)

EVANS Kathleen V age 55 bur 5 Sept 1948 RC -Mt Marg death cert 17/48

EVANS  Lyall David           ANG      age 65   born Southern Cross WA               bur 13/07/1996

EVANS S age 43 Aboriginal b. Laverton bur 11 Aug 1980

EVANS  Shirley Anne      Meth     age 58   born Leonora WA             bur 24/04/2009

EVANS  Stefan   Pres       age 40                   bur 21/04/2012

EVANS  Stewart Meth     age 55   born Kalgoorlie WA         bur 30/01/2016

EVANS  Ted        Meth     age 69   born Darlot WA bur 12/06/1999

FACCINI Lorenzo, d 26 Jul 1927, Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, Occ:-Miner, 27yrs Cause:- Killed accidentally by coming in contact with a motor shed on the Sons of Gwalia GM which had become charged with electric current (550volts) which had been transmitted by heavy rain to the said motor shed. No blame is attached to any person, Verdict of Coroner,  Fathers name Unknown, Mothers Mainden name BROCOHI, Born Nembro, Italy, In WA 2yrs, Married to Chiara Margarita PELLICOLI, Children:- 1 daughter, name and age unknow. (wife and daughter in Italy) buried in the Leonora Cemetery. www.wavmm.com  RC -Mt Marg death cert 11/27

FANETTA S-1.JPG (28656 bytes)

FANETTI Stefano age 71 b. Italy bur 25 Oct 1961 RC Section

FANOTTI Joseph lived 12 hrs bur 18 Feb 1935 RC -Mt Marg death cert 7/35

FARLIE J-1.JPG (30098 bytes)

FARLIE James William Glass, d 10 Jul 1912, Tower Street, Leonora, Occ:-Hotelkeeper, 48yrs, Cause:- Broncho Pneumonia, Father:- James Charles FARLIE (Gentleman) Mother Isabella GLASS, Born England, In WA 9yrs, Married to Francis EDWARDS in Mt Malcolm WA at age 40yrs, No children, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery. Presby -Mt Marg death cert 25/12

FASAINI David John bur 7 Jun 1963 RC Section 21/63

FASNINI Andrea age 29 b. Italy bur 1 Jan 1934 RC -Mt Marg death cert 20/34

FELD David L age 8mths bur 22 Nov 1937 RC -Mt Marg death cert 26/37

FELSTEAD Alfred Ambrose:-  FELSTEAD Alfred Ambrose, d 8 Dec 1912, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Miner, 35yrs, Cause:- Fracture of spine, Father:- Alfred Ambrose FELSTEAD (Miner) Mother:- Not known, Born VIC, In VIC 32yrs, In WA 3yrs, Married to Mary EDGELL in VIC at age 21yrs, Children:- Rena Victoria 18, James Alfred 11, James Graham 8, Alma Emma 5, Thomas George 4, Elva May 2, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery. Mt Marg death cert 40/12

FENNELL-1.JPG (23168 bytes)

FENNELL John d. 9 Oct 1899 age 56 - Mt Margaret death cert 1297/1899 Transferred in 1999 from King of The Hills Cemetery.

FENNELL              J              RC           age 56   born Scotland    bur 10/12/1994

FERGUSON Charles H age 77 bur 21 Apr 1944 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 5/44

FERRY George John, d 1 Jan 1910, Mt Clifford, Leonora, Occ:- Miner, 29yrs, Cause:- Gunshot wound, self inflicted not known if accident or suicide, Verdict of Coroner, Father:- James FERRY (Farmer) Mother:- Mary BARBER, born NSW, In NSW 19yrs in WA 10yrs, Buried Leonora Cemetery. -Mt Marg death cert 4/10

FISHER Andy age 71 Aboriginal b. Leonora bur 4 Jun 1969

FISHER Charles age 84 bur 21 Aug 1941 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 26/41

FISHER Dulcig age 67 bur 27 Aug 1988 Methodist

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