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Leonora Cemetery Continued

CARPENTER M E age 8 bur 5 May 1925 Anglican

CARPENTER W-1.JPG (31062 bytes)

CARPENTER William Edmund age 48 bur 29 Nov 1924 Anglican - Mt Marg death cert 27/24

CARSS Thomas H age 67 bur 2 Aug 1942 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 19/42

CARTER James R age 8mths bur 1 Apr 1908 RC -Mt Marg death cert 28/08

CARTHEW Stephen age 76 bur 16 Apr 1945 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 9/45

CASEY John, d 2 Jul 1911, Great Western Hotel, Wilson Patch, Occ:- Miner, 38yrs, Cause:- Pleurisy and Pneumonia, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.  RC -Mt Marg death cert 28/11 from Wilsons Patch

CASIMIR Arthur, d 10 Aug 1925, Tower Hill, Leonora, Occ:-Engineer, 48yrs, Cause:- Accidentally falling down well, Verdict of Coroner, buried Leonora Cemetery. Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 9/25

CASTELLANELLI Pietro, d 28 Aug 1919, Leonora Hospital, Occ:-Miner, 56yrs, Cause:- Fractured skull froma drill dropped down the mine shaft by one Martin Epis, Verdict of Coroner. Father:- Pietro CASTELLANELLI (Farmer) Mother:- Maria PIANTA, born Lomboroli Italy, in WA 30yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery. www.wavmm.com   RC -Mt Marg death cert 24/19

CASTLEDINE Harry lived 1 hour 10 Oct 1940 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 29/40

CAULDWELL       Walter Edward  Meth     age 58   born Perth WA  bur 17/07/1993

CAVILL Frank J age 79 bur 1 Jun 1943 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 7/43

CECCHINI G-1.JPG (29794 bytes)

CEECHINI Guiseppe age 45 b. Italy bur 5 Apr 1934 RC -Mt Marg death cert 12/34

CHADMAN          Loomie, C O Chrst       age 66                   bur 10/12/1994

CHALMERS P-1.JPG (26134 bytes)

CHALMERS Peter age 58 b. Glasgow Scotland bur 24 Oct 1953 Presby -Mt Marg death cert 17/53

CHANDLER Unnamed male, d 24 Feb 1915, Gawlia, Cause:- Stillborn, Father:- John Browell CHANDLER (Blacksmith Striker) Mother:- Clara Agnes STUCHLIK, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.  Meth -Mt Marg death cert 8/15

CHAPMAN          Coral      Meth     age 61   born Mulga Queen WA  bur 13/12/2008

CHAPMAN          Doris      Meth     age 59   born Wannan WA            bur 13/01/2001

CHAPMAN Dolous Michel –Presby Section

CHAPMAN          Mindy   Meth     age 64                   bur 6/03/2008

CHARTRIS James age 41 b. Scotland bur 3 May 1933 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 5/33

CHEEKO Cheeko age 71 b. Wiluna bur 16 Oct 1975 from Yakabindie

CHELLEW Mary S age 52 bur 12 Aug 1943 Meth -Mt Marg death cert 13/43

CHELLEW Ernest age 58 bur 3 Mar 1945 Meth -Mt Marg death cert 5/45

CHISHOLM Freda age 23 days bur 26 Feb 1936 Presby -Mt Marg death cert 6/36

CHRISTIAN Richard, d 9 APR 1903, Sons of Gwalia, Infant, 6 months, Cause:- Gastro Enteritis, Father:- Edward Ernest CHRISTIAN (Battery Manager) Mother:- Evelyn BERRY, born Kalgoorlie W Australia, buried Leonora Cemetery.Methodist Section

CHRISTIANSON-K - Methodist Section

CHRISTIE George A age 55 b. Ireland bur 27 Oct 1943 RC -Mt Marg death cert 22/43

CHRISTMAS Jack, d 23 Apr 1910, Hoover Street, Leonora, Infant 2mths 3 days, Cause:- Diarrhoea, Father:- Huson CHRISTMAN (Commission Agent) Mother:- Louisa Henrietta Charlotte STAHL Buried Leonora Cemetery. -Mt Marg death cert 20/10

CHURCHILL age 50 bur 13 Sept 1976 (A)

CLAPTON John lived 2 days bur 1 Jun 1937 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 15/37

CLAPTON May stillborn 27 Dec 1940 Anglican -Mt Marg 2/41

CLARK Alexander Hector, d 22 Apr 1927, Leonora Hospital, Occ:-Baker, 68yrs, Cause:- Intestinal obstruction, Believed born Scotland, In WA 30yrs,  buried Leonora Cemetery.  Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 6/27

CLARKE Elsie age 73 bur 12 Apr 1984 Methodist Section

CLARKE George M age 75 b. NZ bur 27 Dec 1940 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 3/41

CLARKE Hector, 15 Mar 1923, male infant stillborn, Father:- Fred CLARKE (Mechanic) Mother:- Eileen BARRETT, , buried Leonora Cemetery.

CLARKE Jane age 85 bur 17 Feb 1949 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 3/49

CLARKE Leslie Vernon d 31 Mar 1922, Leonora Hospital, Infant 10mths, Cause:- Gastro Enteritis, Father:- Fred Cecil Vernon CLARKE (Fitter) Mother:- Eileen BARRETT, born Perth WA, buried Leonora Cemetery.  RC -Mt Marg death cert 7/22

CLARK Jessie May, d 18 May 1910, Leonora, Infant 11mths, Cause:- Gastro Enteritis, Father:- Thomas James CLARK, Mother:- Emily MONCRIEFF, born Leonora, Buried Leonora Cemetery. -Mt Marg death cert 24/10

CLARK Percy James, d 25 Mar 1914, Leonora Hospital, Infant 3yrs 8 mths, Cause:- Gastro Enteritis, Father:- Alfred John CLARK (Labourer) Mother:- Grace Adelaide KNOWLES, Born Leonora WA, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery. Methodist -Mt Marg death cert 12/14

CLIMIE M-1.JPG (27068 bytes)

CLIMIE Murray Felix Austin, d 13 Jul 1910, Private Hospital, Leonora, Occ:- Labourer, 27yrs, Cause:- Rupture of intestine, Father:- Campbell Austin CLIMIE (Surveyor) Mother Louise Isabel CLARKSON, born Wellington New Zealand, In NZ for 13 yrs, in WA 13yrs, Married to Eliza Martha NEWMAN at age 22 in Tea Tree Gully SA, Child:- Austin Newman 3 yrs. Buried Leonora Cemetery.-Mt Marg death cert 37/10

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