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Leonora Cemetery Continued

BEATTY B-1.JPG (19267 bytes)

BEATTY Bessie age 52 bur 21 Jun 1933 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 9/33

BEATTY Frederick Charles William  age 56 bur 4 Aug 1935 Anglican- Mt Marg death cert 16/35 Died from Pulmonary TB and Heart Failure

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BEESON Sidney (Sid), d 28 Dec 1923, Leonora Hospital, Occ:-WAGR Fitter, 55yrs, Cause:- Injuries received by being thrown from a motor trolly on rail line, Verdict of Coroner, Father:- John Henry BEESON, born Geraldton, In WA 55yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery. Mt Marg death cert 2/24

BELL Mary lived 1hr 27 Nov 1936 -Mt Marg 28/36

BENDOTTI Francesco age 42 b.Italy bur 25 Oct 1941 RC -Mt Marg death cert 27/41

BENDOTTI P-1.JPG (45660 bytes)

BENDOTTI Pietro age 29 bur 26 Jun 1934 - Mt Marg death cert 19/34 more:- www.wavmm.com

BENN Arthur age 60 bur 21 Apr 1943 Presby -Mt Marg death cert 3/43

BENNETT John Joseph, d 11 Oct 1916, Leonora District Hospital, Infant 2 ½ yrs, Cause:- Burns and epeliptic fit, Father:- Alfred Augustine BENNETT (Grocer) Mother:- Bridget OCONNOR, born Leonora WA, buried Leonora Cemetery.Mt Marg death cert 26/16

BENNETT M-1.JPG (40758 bytes)

BENNETT Mary Ann age 65 bur 27 Jul 1937 RC -Mt Marg death cert 18/37

BENNETT Thomas Rudy, d 25 Oct 1920, Gwalia, Infant 6mths, Cause:- Gastro, Father:- Alfred Augustine BENNETT (Baker) Bridget OCONNER, born Gwalia, buried Leonora Cemetery.   Mt Marg death cert 33/20

BERRIGAN John James, d 13 May 1910, Leonora Hospital, Infant 4yrs 19days, Appendicitis, Peritonitis, Father:- Thomas BERRIGAN (Miner) Mother Johanna Catherine KEYS

BERTA F age 29 b. Italy bur 8 Dec 1953 RC

BETTI Abondio age 42 b. Italy bur 20 Nov 1936 RC - Mt Marg death cert 26/36

BETTINI Augusto Camillo, d 16 Oct 1915, Tower Street, Leonora, Infant 7mths, Cause:-? , Father:- Giovani BETTINI (Miner), Mother:- Louisa BASSANELLI, born Gwalia WA, , buried Leonora Cemetery.   Mt Marg death cert 36/15

BETTINI Antonio age 32 b. Italy bur 12 Dec 1940 RC -Mt Marg death cert 39/40

BENYON A-1.JPG (21217 bytes)

BEYNON Ann age 63 bur 21 Apr 1951 -Mt Marg death cert 14/51 from Doyles Well

BICKETT John M age 77 bur 31 Oct 1949 Anglican - Mt Marg death cert 18/49

BIGBY George, d 31 Dec 1906, Public Hospital Leonora, Occ:- Prospector, 36yrs, Cause Morbis Cordis, Buried Leonora Cemetery.Mt Marg death cert 15/07

BIGNELL May, d 14 Mar 1923, Leonora Hospital, Infant 3hrs, Cause:- Premature Birth, Father:- Albert Edward BIGNELL (Fitter) Mother:- Florence Margery CASTLEDINE, , buried Leonora Cemetery.

BILLY aboriginal native, d 30 Dec 1919, Leonora, 60yrs, Cause:- Haemophysis, born Western Australia, buried Leonora Cemetery.



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