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Leonora Cemetery
Western Australia

There are 2 cemeteries in Leonora , the small old Pioneer Cemetery out on the Airport Road and the current cemetery on the southern outskirts of the town on the Kalgoorlie Road – this cemetery is still in use

Mt Marg = Mt Margaret Registration District

ABDULLAH          Joseph Bryce      Meth     age 63   born Yearling WA             bur 14/02/2003

ABUD John Henry, d 20 May 1913, Leonora Hospital, Infant 3 ½ yrs, Cause:- Enteric fever, toxaemia, Father:- Alfred Ernest ABUD (Grocer) Mother Annie BRANBURGER, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery RC - Mt Marg death cert 19/13

ADAMINI Daniel P age 3 bur 26 Aug 1943 RC - Mt Marg death cert 14/43

ADAMS Charlena Rae      ANG      age 27   born Kalgoorlie WA         bur 29/04/2017

ADAMS Katherine Mildred           ANG      age 68   born Mount Margaret WA            bur 8/06/2007

ADAMS P-1.JPG (35768 bytes)

ADAMS Philip Uphill, d 22 May 1911, Sons of  Gwalia GM, Occ:- Surveyor, 34yrs, Cause:- Killed by the skip in the Sons of Gwalia GM getting out of control and running violently to the bottom of the shaft, Verdict of the Coroner. Father:- John Emos ADAMS (Accountant) Mother:- Annie DALRYMPLE, born SA, In SA 18yrs in WA 16yrs, Married to Nellie Maud NURSE at age 29yrs in PERTH WA, buried Leonora Cemetery mine death www.wavmm.com - Mt Marg death cert 18/11

ADAMS Troy       ANG      age 3wks             born Mandurah WA        bur 4/12/2010

ADAMS unnamed male bur 10 Sept 1966

ADAMS William Thomas George bur 5 Jun 1972 Anglican

AGAR Grace Elsbeth Paris, d 8 Feb 1906, Leonora, Infant 4 months, Cause:- Inflammation of bowels, Father:- Francis Henry AGAR (Blacksmith) Mother:- Sarah Annie BRADSHAW, born Gwalia, buried Leonora Cemetery. - Mt Marg death cert 19/06

AITKEN Magnus age 82 bur 22 Nov 1937 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 27/37

AITKEN Douglas age 5 mths bur 6 May 1953 Preby -Mt Marg death cert 5/53

ALBERTANI P-1.JPG (14148 bytes)ALBERTANI Pierina

ALBERTANI Pierina, d 1 Jul 1919, Temporary Hospital, Gawlia, Housewife, 37yrs, Cause:- Influenza, Broncho Pneumonia, Father:- Jianco? BASELLI (Farmer) Mother:- Maria POPE, Born Lombro Italy, in WA 10yrs, Married to Gotardo ALBERTANI in Cortino, Italy at age 18yrs, Children:- Maria 17yrs, Martin Bortolo 10yrs, Francis C 7yrs, Jacome Armidio 6yrs, Jack 5yrs, Luigi Pietro 9 days, buried Leonora Cemetery.  Mt Marg death cert 23/19

ALDRICH Albert H age 73 bur 25 Jan 1942 Anglican - Mt Marg death cert 2/42

ALEXANDERSON Johan Loren (Known as John SANDERSON), 28 Dec 1918, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Marine Dealer (bottle collector), 71yrs, Cause:- Senile Decay, bronchitis, buried Leonora Cemetery.

ALFORD Henry age 27 bur 29 Jan 1906 RC Section -Mt Marg death cert 11/06

ALLEN William James, d 19 May 1926, Laverton Hospital, Occ:-Prospector, 69yrs, Cause:- General dibility, Father:- William ALLEN (Railway Gate Keeper) Mother:- Mary SOMMERVILLE, Born Bruza NSW, In WA 25yrs, Married to Louisa Rebecca ROBERTS in Perth WA at age 36yrs, Children:- Thelma Louise 15yrs, Basil George 13yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery. 

ANDERSON         Brendan               Meth     age 10   born Kalgoorlie WA         bur 15/12/2012

ANDERSON J-1.JPG (17737 bytes)Anderson James

ANDERSON James, d 3 Jan 1929, Leonora Hospital, Occ:-Sampler 64yrs, Cause:- Dysentry and heart failure, Father:- William ANDERSON (Dec) Miner, Death certified by nieces Husband, William BAETTY, born Berwick-Main, Durham, Engalnd, In NSW 21yrs, In QA 28yrs, Single, buried Leonora Cemetery -Mt Margaret 1/29

ANDERSON J age 79-Presby Section

ANDERSON Frederick, d 12 Oct 1929, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Plant Hand 51yrs, Cause:- Pneumonia, Father:- William ANDERSON (Labourer) Mother:- Mary Alice SWALLOW, born Sheppardson VIC, In VIC 25yrs, In WA 26yrs, Single, buried Leonora Cemetery. Mt Marg death cert 16/29

ANDERSON Jannie Ruth age 5 mths bur 10 Jun 1965- from Leinster Downs (A)

ANDRESEN Jens Ferdinand, 4 Sept 1929, Leonora Hospital, Occ:-Teamster 64yrs, Cause:- Heart degeneration, Father:- Andreas ANDRESEN (Carpenter) Mother:- Margaretha, Born Broaker North Schleswig, In NSW 4yrs, In WA 35yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery.-Mt Marg death cert 14/29

ANDRESS Frederick James, d 4 Jul 1902, Age 52, Occ:- Saddler, Cause:- Phthisis, Asthma, buried Leonora Cemetery, Anglican Section.

ANDREW Unnamed male, d 8 Aug 1909, Sons of Gwalia Lease, Gwalia, Cause:- Stillborn Father:- Bennet ANDREW (Miner) Mother:- Annie HURLEY, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

ANDREWS Edward Rupert Berga, d 22 Jun 1907, near Battery Leonora, Occ:- Accountant for Cobb and Co, 38yrs, Cause:- Self inflicted revolver wound, Coroners order for burial. Father:- Henry James ANDREWS (Under Secretary) Mother:- Calrissa Jane JEREMIAH, In SA 28yrs, In WA 10yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery.

ANGELO Marinoni, d 8 Aug 1904, Lenora General Hospital, Occ:- Miner,25yrs, Cause:- Pneumonia, Father:- Gerneome ANGELO (Mason), Mother Mavlalena SAVOHOLELLI  born Italy, 3 ½ yrs in WA Buried Leonora Cemetery. Roman Catholic Section.

ANSLEY Richard W age 61 bur 17 Jul 1938 RC - Mt Marg death cert 20/38

ANTHONY Joseph B age 73 b. Ireland bur 2 Dec 1946 RC Section - Mt Marg death cert 23/46

ANTY William Sands d 24 Jun 1902, General Hospital, Leonora. Age 42, Cause:- Cerebral Haemorrhage, born VICTORIA, 11 months in WA, Married to Mary BROWN in Victoria, Child:- Fred 12 yrs. Buried Leonora Cemetery,  Wesleyan Section

APPLEBY John Henry, d 29 Jun 1928, Leonora Hospital, Occ:-Stockman 53yrs, Cause:- Epilepticus, Fathers name unknown, Mothers Maiden Name:- FERRIER, Born Breeza NSW, In WA 25yrs, Married to Louisa Rebecca ROBERTS in Perth WA at age 36yrs, Children:- Thelma Louise 15yrs, Basil George 13yrs, buried Leonora Cemetery.-Mt Marg death cert 9/28

APRO T-1.JPG (12891 bytes)

APRO Tibor Theodore age 6mths bur 30 Aug 1959 RC - Mt Marg 20/59

ARCHER Francis D age 69 bur 5 Feb 1941 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 5/41

ARDEN Arthur M age 54 b. Finland bur 5 Jun 1934 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 17/34

ARKLAY William Wharmond Reston  age 83 b. Scotland bur Presby Section Mt Marg 7/63

ARMSTRONG David Henry d 11 Mar 1905, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Miner, 28yrs, Cause:- Pleuro Pneumonia, Father:- John ARMSTRONG (Miner) Mother:- Sarah BAINES born Parkes NSW, in NSW 18yrs in WA 10yrs. Buried Leonora Cemetery.

ARMSTRONG Bill, d 27 Sep 1914, Leonora Hospital, Infant few minutes, Cause:- Injuries received during birth, Father:- Phillip Thomas ARMSTRONG (Miner) Mother:- Hilda Madge COLLIE, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.

ARMSTRONG John, d 11 Jul 1914, Leonora Hospital, Occ:-Miner 63yrs, Cause:- Acute Nephritis, Penumonia, Father:- William ARMSTRONG (Brickmaker) Mother:- Prudence, Born Sydney NSW, In NSW 50yrs, In WA 13yrs, Married to Sarah Harriet BARNES in Gulgong NSW at age 21yrs, Children:- William Phillip 41, John James, 40, Elizabeth Alice 36, Benjamin Robert 34, Margaret Jane 32, Mary Ethel Winifred 30, Phillip Thomas 28, Charles Ernest 24, Arthur George 22, deceased 2 males, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.


ARRIGONI D-1.JPG (23031 bytes)

ARRIGONI Daniele age 38 b. Italy bur 5 Jan 1932 RC -Mt Marg death cert 4/32 -more www.wavmm.com

ASH Margaret W, d 18 Oct 1919, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Laundress, 61yrs, Cause:- Syphilis, Father:- John Harold (Sailor) born England, married twice, 1st to W TRUSCOTT in Bendigo VIC and 2nd to Nicholas ASH in Ballarat VIC, no children. buried Leonora Cemetery  Mt Marg death cert 32/19

ASHWIN Jeff age 9 mths bur 4 Oct 1971 (A)

ASHWIN               John James         ANG      age 67   born Leonora WA             bur 29/07/2017

ASHWIN L-1.JPG (36180 bytes)

ASHWIN Larissa Marie d. 1 Aug 1999age 13   born Meekatharra WA   bu r 21/09/1999

ASHWIN               Len         Meth     age 66                   bur 10/03/2006

ASHWIN               Raymond William             ANG                                      bur 31/03/2012

ASHWIN Sarah age 77 bur 16 Nov 1990 Anglican

ASHWIN William age 69 bur 17 Feb 1979 Anglican

ATKIN Louis Henry, d 12 Jan 1914, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Miner, 36yrs, Cause:- Ruptured cyst on liver, acute toxaemia, Father:- Samuel ATKIN (Miner) Mother:- Elizabeth WEBB, Born VIC in VIC 21yrs, in WA 15yrs, Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.  Mt Marg death cert 6/14

BACANALLI Louis, d 24 May 1911, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Miner, 24yrs, Cause:- Through the North skip at the Sons of Gwalia GM getting out of control and running violently to the bottom of the shaft on the 22nd May 1911, Verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Santo BACANALLI (School Teacher) Mother:- Giovani GIBELLINI, born Italy, In WA 4 yrs. Buried in the Leonora Cemetery. www.wavmm.com

BADGER Bert age 22, died 1961 Presby Mt Marg 32/61

BADGER Norman age 60 bur 14 Oct 1974 from Laverton born Warburton 

BAKER Francis John d 9 Jun 1902, Age 4 weeks, Leonora General Hospital, Cause:- Gastroenteritis and Asthma, Father:- Henry Baker (Miner), Mother:- Arabella FRIEL, Born:- Sons of Gwalia, Leonora Buried Leonora Cemetery

BAKER George Gwalia, d 24 Sep 1902, Gwalia, Leonora, Infant, 4 months, Bronchitis, Father:- Henry BAKER (Miner) Mother:- Arabella FRIEL, Born Gwalia, buried Leonora Cemetery.

BARNES Snowy (Aboriginal), d 21 Jul 1911, Leonora Hospital, Occ:- Station Hand, 25yrs, Cause:- Pneumonia, abscess on liver, Father was a Police Tracker, name unknown. Born Esperance WA. Buried in the Leonora Cemetery.

BASLEY James age 74 bur 11 Apr 1909 Mt Marg 15/09

BAKOVICH Isobel- age 65 bur 23 May 1944 Anglican -Mt Marg death cert 8/44-65

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