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Electoral Roll > Menzies Electoral Roll 1904 E - H

Menzies Electoral Roll

Western Australia

E - H

Surname Other Names Sex Residence Occupation
EASTMAN Alfred M Bulgarri Woodcutter
EDMANDS Elizabeth Ann F Shenton Extended Married
EDMANDS Herbert Richard M Shenton Extended Manager
EDWARDS Alfred M Mt. Ida Miner
EDWARDS Charles M Menzies Coach driver
EDWARDS Clare F Mulline Married
EDWARDS Elizabeth F Batavia G.M., Niagara Married
EDWARDS J. M Mulline Miner
EDWARDS James Duncan M Mulline Miner
EDWARDS Samuel Thomas M Batavia G.M., Niagara Contractor
EDWARDS Thomas M Menzies Miner
EDWARDS Thomas M Mulline Miner
EDWARDS Thomas M Tampa Miner
EDWARDS Thomas Earl M Mulline Engine driver
EDWARDS Thomas Henry M Menzies Blacksmith
EDWARDS William Graham M Mulwarrie Miner
EGAN Christina F Goongarrie Housewife
EGAN John M Mulline Miner
EGAN John M Goongarrie Labourer
EGAN Mary F Menzies Waitress
EGAN Sophia F Goongarrie Home duties
EGGELING Annie Margaret F Ularring street, Mulline Married
EGGELING H.C.T. M Ularring street, Mulline Miner
EGGLESTONE John Thomas M Menzies Miner
EGGLESTONE Joseph M Menzies Miner
EGGLESTONE Morley M Menzies Miner
EICKE George B. M Flying Fish lease Miner
EICKE Margaret M. F Flying Fish lease Domestic
ELDER John M Yunndaga Miner
ELDER Thomas M Walton street Miner
ELLIOTT Agnes F Kookynie West Married
ELLIOTT Annie F Menzies Domestic
ELLIOTT Edward M Mulline Miner
ELLIOTT Elizabeth F Shenton street Domestic
ELLIOTT Frank M Davyhurst Miner
ELLIOTT Richard M Shenton street Labourer
ELLIOTT Thomas M Kookynie West Brewer
ELLIOTT Victoria F Davyhurst Home duties
ELLIS Edward M Menzies Miner
ELLIS James M Niagara Miner
ELLIS John M Niagara Miner
EMERY Alice F Davyhurst Seamstress
EMMERTON William Henry M Niagara Miner
ENWRIGHT Mick M Picton West Woodcutter
ERIKSON Charles M Mulline Miner
ERRINGTON John M Mt. Ida Miner
ERWIN George M Goongarrie Miner
EVANS Andrew John M Mulwarrie Miner
EVANS Charles Henry M Gregory street Reporter
EVANS Edward J. M Davyhurst Miner
EVANS Francis M Edjudina Miner
EVANS John M Yunndaga Miner
EVANS Sarah Emma F Mulwarrie Married
EVANS Theresa Florence F Gregory street Married
EVANS William M Edjudina Miner
EVERS Frank Rudolph M Edjudina Miner
EWART Bessie F Davyhurst Waitress
EY William M Government battery, Mulline Civil servant
FAGAN Bernard M Wilson street Priest
FAIRBAIRN Robinson M Yunndaga Engine driver
FAIRCHILD Alfred M Menzies Cordial maker
FAIRLESS Martin M Woolgar Miner
FALCONER Robert M Menzies Mine manager
FARLEY John M Goongarrie Miner
FARRELLY Matthew Joseph M Goongarrie Railway repairer
FARRELLY Owen M Canegrass Labourer
FARREN Mary Elizabeth F Niagara hotel, Niagara Hotelkeeper
FELTON James Francis M Shenton street Miner
FENNELL Maggie F Webb street Married
FENNESSY Thomas David M Woolgar Miner
FENTON Archibald M Queensland Menzies lease Miner
FENTON Mary F Woolgar Domestic
FENTON Mary F Queensland Menzies lease Married
FENTON Michael M Woolgar Miner
FENTON Patrick M Yerilla Miner
FENWICK Alfred John M Jowett street Miner
FENWICK Charles M Jowett street Compositor
FENWICK May Veronica F Jowett street Housewife
FENWICK Nancy F Jowett street Married
FENWICK Thomas M Jowett street Blacksmith
FERGUSON Elizabeth F Queensland Menzies lease Spinster
FERGUSON James M Mt. Ida road Caretaker
FERGUSON Jane F Queensland Menzies lease Married
FERGUSON John M Champion G.M. Co. Miner
FERGUSON John Simpson M Menzies Assayer
FERGUSON Matthew M Queensland Menzies lease Mine manager
FERRINI Benjamin M Champion G.M. Miner
FIEGERT Charles Adolph M Davyhurst Teamster
FIELD Charles M Riverina Horse driver
FIELD Florence Louisa F Woolgar Married
FIELD Henry Wm. M Woolgar Labourer
FIELD Jeff M Menzies Horse driver
FIELD Patrick M Woolgar Labourer
FIELD Walter James M Waverley, Siberia Miner
FINATEUR John M Edjudina Miner
FINKELSTEIN Bungeman M Mulline Miner
FINKELSTEIN Clara F Mulline Housewife
FINKELSTEIN Henry M Mulline Greengrocer
FINN Violet F Edjudina Home duties
FINN William James M Edjudina Contractor
FIRMAN Herbert M Shenton street Grocer
FIRMINGER Jessie F Yarrie Home duties
FIRMINGER William M Yarrie Miner
FISHER Arthur Money M Shenton street Clerk
FISHER Edward J. M Menzies Telegraphist
FISHER John M Menzies Miner
FITZGERALD Maurice M Beaumont street Carpenter
FITZGERALD Maurice M Bulgari Sawyer
FITZGERALD Michael M Bulgari Sawmill hand
FITZPATRICK Bridget Teresa F Mulwarrie Home duties
FITZPATRICK John M Mulwarrie Hotel keeper
FITZPATRICK Patrick Michael M Davyhurst Plumber
FITZPATRICK Peter M Yarrie Storekeeper
FITZWILLIAM John M Government well, Mulwarrie Well sinker
FLANAGAN Roderick M Goongarrie Miner
FLATT William M Riverina Miner
FLEMING Alfred M Niagara Miner
FLEMING Alfred M Niagara Miner
FLETCHER Frederick M Bulgari Miner
FOGARTY John Patrick M Jessop's well Miner
FOGARTY Matthew M Niagara Miner
FOGARTY Rosan Fogarty F Niagara Housewife
FOLEY Thomas M Railway. Menzies Labourer
FOOTE Albert M Mulline Battery feeder
FOOTE Norman M Mulwarrie Engine driver
FORBER Alice F Jowett street Housekeeper
FORBES Arthur Stanley M Jowett street Engine driver
FORBES Charles Edward M Jowett street Draughtsman
FORBES George M Woolgar Miner
FORBES George Edward M Mulwarrie Miner
FORBES William M Victoria hotel, Marring st, Mulline Miner
FORD Frederick Francis M Champion mine, Kookynie West Miner
FORK Albert M Mulline Miner
FORK Henry Hubert M Mulline Miner
FORREST James M Menzies Miner
FORREST James M Niagara Miner
FORREST Roland M Yarrie Miner
FORRESTER Wm. Lindsay M Broken Hill G.M. Co. Miner
FORT Charles M Menzies United lease Miner
FORT Douglas M Menzies Miner
FORT Douglas, Mrs. F Menzies Married
FORT George M Menzies United lease Miner
FORT Henry M Gladys mine, Mulline Miner
FORT James M Menzies Miner
FORT Wm. George M Menzies Miner
FORTE William James M Mulline Miner
FOSTER Frederick M Menzies Miner
FOSTER John M Mulwarrie Groom
FOSTER Wm. Lindsay M Edjudina Miner
FOSTER Zeith F Menzies Housewife
FOTTE Ada Mary F Mulwarrie Married
FOWLER John Wm. M Goongarrie Miner
FRAGEL George M Niagara Miner
FRAGEL Lily F Niagara Domestic
FRAME James M Britannia G.M. Co. Miner
FRAME James M Menzies Miner
FRAME Mary F Menzies Housewife
FRANCA Venanca M Federal Flag G.M. Co. Miner
FRANCIS Charles M Higgins street, Mulline Engine driver
FRANCIS Clara Kate F Waihi Home duties
FRANCIS Frank M Waihi, Davyhurst Miner
FRANCIS Thomas King M Fall strret, Niagara Miner
FRANZEN Hans M Menzies Miner
FRANZEN Princella F Menzies Housewife
FRASER Alice Louisa F Shenton street Housewife
FRASER Allan Garland M Shenton street Grocer
FRASER George M Niagara Labourer
FRASER George M Picton Miner
FRASER Hans Andrew M Shenton Extended Chemist
FRASER James M Goongarrie Miner
FRASER James M Menzies Fruiterer
FRAWLEY Jeremiah James M Mulwarrie Teamster
FRAWLEY John M Mulline Miner
FRECKLETON John M Mulwarrie Miner
FREEMAN E. Stephen M Waverley, Siberia Carpenter
FREEMAN Edith F Mulline Spinster
FREEMAN Evelyn Mary F Riverina Home duties
FREEMAN George M Menzies Hairdresser & Tobacconist
FREEMAN George John M Woolgar Miner
FREEMAN John Sheeles M Riverina Publican
FREEMAN Mary Ann F Woolgar Domestic
FREEMAN Thomas James M Mulwarrie Blacksmith
FRENCH T.J. M Siberia Miner
FRENCH Thomas Joseph M Waverley, Siberia Miner
FREW Catherine F Champion G.M., Niagara Domestic
FREW Charles M Champion G.M., Niagara Teamster
FREW Ethol Elizabeth F Champion mine, Kookynie West Housewife
FREW John Edward M Champion mine, Kookynie West Miner
FREWIN James M Niagara Miner
FRIBERG Gus M Menzies Miner
FRIEDMAN Nathaniel M Waverley, Siberia Mine manager
FRISKER Georgina F Yunndaga Housekeeper
FRYER Gertrude F Menzies United lease Married
FRYER Gus M Menzies Miner
FRYER Henry M Menzies United Miner
FUHRMANN Alice Mary F Davyhurst Home duties
FUHRMANN George M Davyhurst Miner
FULLER Arnold Harry M Menzies Labourer
FULLERTON Robert M Edjudina Miner
FULTON William M Menzies Miner
FYFE Francis M Davyhurst Wheelwright
FYFFE Thomas M Davyhurst Blacksmith
GABBEDY John Ernest M Menzies Engine driver
GAFFNEY James M Menzies Miner
GALLAGHER John William M Menzies Miner
GALLOWAY Thomas M Yunndaga Contractor
GAMBLE William M Edjudina Miner
GARD Albert M Mulline Miner
GARD Edward M Mulline Miner
GARD Thomas H. M Mulline Miner
GARDINER George M Niagara Miner
GARDINER James M Menzies Miner
GARDINER Joseph M Niagara Miner
GARDINER Owen John M Edjudina Miner
GARDINER William M Goongarrie Miner
GARDNER George Frederick M Kookynie West Miner
GARDNER Marion F Kookynie West Married
GARRAUS William M Champion G.M., Niagara Stoker
GARRY Albert E. M Railway line Labourer
GARRY John M Niagara Miner
GARVEY Patrick M Menzies Miner
GATES Thomas M Mulwarrie Miner
GAUNT John M Goongarrie Carrier
GAVITT Hollie M Menzies Miner
GELDART Austin M Menzies Miner
GELLARD Emma F Niagara Housewife
GELLARD George M Niagara Miner
GENDALL Charles M Niagara Miner
GENDALL Edwin M Niagara Miner
GEOGHEGAN Nicholas M Waverley, Siberia Miner
GEORGE Archibald M Glengarry Miner
GEORGE Ruby Florence F Menzies Spinster
GERASSI Joseph M Shenton street Labourer
GERASSI Winifred Florence F Shenton street Cook
GERMAIN John M Mulwarrie Miner
GERVASI Joseph James M Menzies Yardman
GIBB James M Menzies Labourer
GIBB John M Niagara Miner
GIBSON Alice F Woolgar Housewife
GIBSON Joe M Woolgar Labourer
GIBSON John M Price street, Callion Butcher
GIBSON John M Edjudina Miner
GIBSON Peter M Edjudina Miner
GIBSON Robert M Edjudina Miner
GIDNEY Mary Elizabeth F Jowett street Married
GIDNEY Samuel Frederick M Jowett street Blacksmith
GILBERT Frederick M Woolgar Miner
GILBERT Henry M Gregory street Professor of Music
GILES Maud F Mulline Waitress
GILES Maud F Reid street Domestic
GILES Richard M Menzies Miner
GILLEN John M Tampa Miner
GILLESPIE Daniel M Tampa Fettler
GILLIES James Andrew M Niagara Miner
GILMOUR Charles Davidson M Excelsior G.M. Miner
GILSEMAN Matthew M Yunndaga Miner
GINBERT Joseph M Edjudina Miner
GLACKEN P.W. M Shenton street Commercial agent
GLASS John M Camping reserve Poultry farmer
GLASSON John Stewart M Woolgar Miner
GLEESON Daniel Joseph M Bulgarri Saw sharpener
GLEESON Thomas M Mahon street Carter
GLOVER Harry M Glengarry Miner
GLOVER Henry Robert M Edjudina Miner
GLOVER William Hyde M Edjudina Engine driver
GODDARD William M Yarri Miner
GODFREY Fred. M Yunndaga Miner
GOLDSWORTHY Richd. M Menzies Baker
GOLDSWORTHY Wm. M Mulwarrie Miner
GONINON Egbert M Woolgar Miner
GONINON Evelyn F Woolgar Married
GONINON Richard M Woolgar Mine manager
GOODRIDGE Jessie F Wilson street Spinster
GOODWIN Alice F Shenton street Domestic
GORAN Matthew M Menzies Joiner
GORDON Dorothy Jane F Friday Flat Married
GORDON James M Carnage Miner
GORDON Robert M Mulline road Miner
GORDON William M Edjudina Miner
GOULD George M Friday flat Miner
GOULD James M Yarri Miner
GOULDER May. F Shenton street Barmaid
GOURLEY Bessie F Shenton Extended Married
GOURLEY Gilbert M Shenton Extended Miner
GOURLEY H.A. M Shenton Extended Miner
GRACE Catherine F Niagara Domestic
GRACE Michael M Challange street, Niagara Hotelkeeper
GRACEY Robert James M Menzies Railway employee
GRAHAM Ellison M. M Mulline Miner
GRAHAM George M Menzies Miner
GRAHAM James M Comet Vale Miner
GRAHAM James M Riverina Assayer
GRAHAM John M Picton Carter
GRAHAM Robert T. M Marring street, Mulline Groom
GRAHAM William M Trilby G.M., Tampa Miner
GRAINGER William M Menzies Miner
GRANGER Jonas M near Shenton lease Miner
GRANT Alexander M Edjudina Miner
GRANT Wm. David M Yunndaga Miner
GRAVES William Robert M Waverley, Siberia Miner
GRAY Thomas M Niagara Miner
GRAY William M Tampa Fitter
GRAY William M Niagara Miner
GRAY Wm. Francis M Goongarrie Blacksmith
GRAYSON John M Yerilla Miner
GREAG Alexander M Trilby G.M., Tampa Miner
GREAGAN James M Kensington road Miner
GREED John M Waverley, Siberia Miner
GREEN Agnes F Menzies Housekeeper
GREEN Arthur O. M Menzies Fruiterer
GREEN John M Menzies Miner
GREEN Patrick I. M Menzies Hotelkeeper
GREEN Richard M Niagara Miner
GREEN William M Gladstone G.M., Niagara Miner
GREENARD Roskey Frumery F Menzies Married
GREENARD William Frederick M Menzies Civil servant
GREENHALGH John M McTavish G.M.,Niagara Mine manager
GREENHALGH Rebecca F McTavish G.M.,Niagara Married
GREENHILL Samuel M Camping reserve Lumper
GREENWAY William M Niagara Miner
GREENWELL John M Edjudina Engine driver
GREENWELL Sophia F Edjudina Home duties
GREIG Andrew M Edjudina Miner
GREIGER Frank M Goongarrie Carpenter
GRIEVE Ellen F Niagara Domestic
GRIEVES Chas. C. M Mulline Batery assistant
GRIEVES Madeline Valborg F Mulline Home duties
GRIFFITHS Arthur Edward M Riverina Miner
GRIFFITHS Eleanor Annie F Mulline Married
GRIFFITHS Joseph Robert M Riverina Miner
GRIFFITHS Lemmie M Niagara Miner
GRIFFITHS Lennel M Niagara Miner
GRIFFITHS Robert M Mulline Miner
GRIFFITHS Rowland James M Mulline Miner
GRIFFITHS Selina Annie F Mulline Married
GRIFFITHS Selina Annie F Mulline Home duties
GRIFFITHS Thomas M Mulline Miner
GRIFFITHS William M Mahon street Labourer
GRIFFITHS William M Menzies Railway guard
GRIFFITHS William M Niagara Miner
GRIFFITHS William A. M Riverina Miner
GRIFFITHS William Thomas M Mulline Mine manager
GRIFFITHS Wm. James M Mulline Miner
GRIMES Mary Anne F Mulwarrie Domestic duties
GROVE William M 454 Mile camp Railway employee
GUARD Hannah F Menzies Housewife
GUARD Richard James M Menzies Telegraphist
GUHMAN Alfred M Champion G.M., Niagara Miner
GUINANE Michael M Waverley, Siberia Fettler
GULL Arthur Courthope M Tampa Miner
GULL Harold Ernest M Tampa Miner
GULL Herbert E.B. M Tampa Miner
GULL Wm. Eckford M Tampa Miner
GULLAN Robert M Tampa Miner
GUMMOW William M Riverina Miner
GUNNING Joseph Philip M Mulline Blacksmith
GUNTER Thomas M Sandy creek Grazier
GUNTERHOUSE Marie F Woolgar Widow
GUTHRIE Henry Wabiond M Waverley, Siberia Miner
GWYNNE Robert M Speaksman Miner
GWYNNE Robert M Callion Miner
HAACH Elizabeth F Edjudina Married
HAACH Frederick M Glengarry Engine driver
HACKFATH William M Batavia G.M., Niagara Miner
HADAWAY Jane F Niagara road Married
HADDON Archibald M Davyhurst Miner
HADDY Bertram Edward M Niagara road Salesman
HAGEN Chas. Richard M Glengarry Miner
HAHN John M Menzies Miner
HAILSTONE Edward M Menzies Miner
HALBERT Joseph Dalley M Menzies Miner
HALDANE Andrew M Mulwarrie Miner
HALDANE Andrew M Mulwarrie Miner
HALDANE Elizabeth F Mulwarrie Home duties
HALDANE Isabella F Mulwarrie Married
HALES Louis N. M Menzies Teacher
HALES William M Menzies Miner
HALL Arthur M Callion Miner
HALL Charles M Menzies Miner
HALL Chas. Blackford M Shenton street Miner
HALL Thomas Martin M Menzies Baker
HALL William M Mahon street Labourer
HALL Wm. Thomas M Onslow street Carpenter
HALLEGAN James M Davyhurst Labourer
HALLIGAN James M Yunndaga Miner
HALLINAN James M Menzies Engine driver
HALLINAN Margaret F Brown street Domestic
HALLINAN Michael Joseph M Menzies Miner
HALLO Benjamin M Mulline Hairdresser
HALLS Benjamin M Riverina Miner
HALMAN Sarah Ann F Higgins street, Mulwarrie Married
HALSE John M Menzies Miner
HALSE Thos. Henry M Woolgar Blacksmith
HALTON John M Niagara Miner
HAMILTON Frances F Gregory street Married
HAMILTON James M Yarrie Publican
HAMILTON John M Gregory street Storeman
HAMILTON Joseph M Menzies Carrier
HAMILTON Margaret W.P. F Menzies Married
HAMILTON Peter M Edjudina Miner
HAMILTON Peter M Yilgangie Publican
HANCOCK Ellen F Shenton lease Domestic
HANCOCK John M Shenton lease Miner
HANCOCK Maud F Yarri Housekeeper
HANCOCK Robt. James M Mulline Horse driver
HANDFIELD Frederick M Kookynie West Carpenter
HANDLEY Wm. Terence M Yerilla Labourer
HANKS Alfred Herbert M Menzies Carpenter
HANNA William M Tampa Labourer
HANNAN Gerald M Carnage, Zealander lease Miner
HANNAN Thomas M Zealander lease,nr Carnage Miner
HANSEN N.C. M Springfield Miner
HARBOX Morgan M Menzies Miner
HARDING F. M Gregory street Tailor
HARDING Gilbert M Davyhurst Miner
HARDING William M Waverley, Siberia Miner
HARDS Richard M Yarrie Shepherd
HARGRAVES Geo. Edward M Edjudina Miner
HARPER Alexander Lyons M Speaksman Miner
HARPER Sarah F Speakman's find Housewife
HARRINGTON John M Waverley street Miner
HARRINGTON John Patrick M Mulwarrie Miner
HARRIS Abraham R. M Woolgar Miner
HARRIS Casper M Webb street Livery stable keeper
HARRIS Ernest M Shenton Extended lease Labourer
HARRIS Hector Thomas M Menzies Labourer
HARRIS Henry M Edjudina Miner
HARRIS James John M Mulline S. Miner
HARRIS John M Niagara Miner
HARRIS Joseph M Menzies Blacksmith
HARRIS Mary Jane F Menzies Married
HARRIS Sadie F Webb street Married
HARRISON Harriet F Menzies Housewife
HARRISON Thomas M Menzies Miner
HARROLD Catherine F Webb street Spinster
HARROLD Joseph F. M Webb street Store manager
HARROP Francis Andrew M Mulwarrie Engine driver
HART Edward M Davyhurst Miner
HART Norah M Menzies Cook
HART Patrick M Bulgarrie Woodcutter
HARTIGAN Thomas M Niagara Miner
HARTLEY Ann F Niagara Married
HARTLEY Frances F Niagara Married
HARTLEY Fred M Niagara Miner
HARTLEY George M Niagara Miner
HARTLEY James M Niagara Miner
HARTLEY Kathleen F Niagara Married
HARTLEY William M Niagara Miner
HARTWOOL Betsy F Mulline Home duties
HARVEY David Henry M Menzies Labourer
HARVEY Ella F Davyhurst Boardinghouse keeper
HARVEY Henry C. M Fall street, Niagara Miner
HARVEY James M Menzies Police constable
HARVEY Josephine F Fall street, Niagara Married
HARVEY Peter M Tampa Blacksmith
HARVEY Richard M Mulline Miner
HARVEY Wm. Henry M Champion G.M., Niagara Miner
HARWOOD J. M Mulline Miner
HASKINS George M Niagara Caretaker
HASSAN J. M 1 Mile,Menzies road,Niagara Camel driver
HASWELL Arthur M Shenton street Draper
HATTON George M Niagara Horse driver
HATTON Minnie F Niagara Married
HATTON Thomas M Goongarrie Prospector
HAWKINS Alfred M Menzies Miner
HAWKINS Arthur M Menzies Miner
HAWKINS Daisy May F Menzies Married
HAWKINS Denis M Mt. Ida Miner
HAWKINS Mrs A. F Menzies Married
HAY Joseph M Glengarry Miner
HAY Robert M Goongarrie Miner
HAY William M Edjudina Miner
HAYDEN James M Waverley, SIberia Miner
HAYES Daniel M Comet Vale Fettler
HAYES Dennis M Comet Vale Miner
HAYES George Ralph M Niagara Publican
HAYES Henry M Goongarrie Miner
HAYES James M Tampa Miner
HAYES Patrick M Goongarrie Miner
HAYES Thos. Gilbert M Menzies Miner
HAYES W. James M Niagara Miner
HAYES Wm. John M Niagara Miner
HAYMAN Chas. Wm. M Davyhurst Miner
HAYMAN Jessie Victoria F Davyhurst Housekeeper
HAYNES Bessie Alice F Menzies Housewife
HAYNES James M Menzies Clergyman
HAYON Oliver M Menzies Miner
HEAD John M Carnage Miner
HEALY Rose F Webb street Spinster
HEARY John M Menzies Engine driver
HECKMONT James Henry M Tampa Miner
HECKMONT Richard M Tampa Miner
HEIMBECK George M Mt. Ida Fitter
HEMBURY Emma F Florence West Married
HEMBURY William M Florence West Miner
HENDER Emily F Davyhurst Home duties
HENDERSON David M Menzies gold estate Miner
HENDERSON Eliza F Central Menzies lease Married
HENDERSON Henderson M Edjudina Miner
HENDERSON Malcolm M Mt. Ida Miner
HENDERSON Mary F Menzies gold estate Married
HENDERSON Patrick George M Central Menzies lease Carter
HENDERSON Peter M Menzies gold estate Miner
HENDERSON Robert M Menzies Fruit and vegetable hawker
HENDERSON William M Menzies Clerk
HENDERSON William M Shenton street Miner
HENDEY Thomas M Mount Remarkable Miner
HENEKEL Hans M Menzies Watchmaker
HENKEL Dora F Gregory street Housewife
HENNESSY Thomas M Niagara Butcher
HENRY Arthur M Glengarry Miner
HENRY Benjamin M Picton Miner
HENRY Florrie F Reid street Domestic
HENRY Harry M Picton Miner
HERLEY Michael James M Menzies Leaseholder
HERLEY William George M Menzies Leaseholder
HERMON Albertha Eva F Mulline Home duties
HERMON Frederick M Mulline Mine manager
HERON Amelia F Woolgar Domestic
HERON Robert M Woolgar Fettler
HERRIOT George M Mt. Ida Amalgamator
HEWITT Henry Vigors M Davyhurst Miner
HEWITT James Bailey M Waverley, Siberia Miner
HEWITT John M Niagara Miner
HEWITT William Vigors M Davyhurst Miner
HICKEY Mary F Menzies Cook
HICKEY William M Davyhurst Miner
HICKON F.G. M Menzies Miner
HICKS Mary Alice F Menzies Domestic
HIGGINS George Keer M Menzies United Contractor
HIGGINS James M Menzies Miner
HIGGINS John M Niagara Miner
HIGGINS Joseph Fredk. M Niagara Miner
HIGGINS Mary Keer F Menzies United Married
HIGGS Edwin M Mulline S. Miner
HIGGS William M Revenna Labourer
HILL Agnes Mona F Menzies Spinster
HILL Albert Jas. M Davyhurst Labourer
HILL Alfred M Comet Vale Miner
HILL Catherine F Menzies Domestic duties
HILL Charles Bernard M Menzies Hotelkeeper
HILL Clarey F Reid street Dressmaker
HILL David G. M Mulline Miner
HILL Henry M Menzies Engine driver
HILL Isabella F Kookynie West Married
HILL James E. M Menzies Clerk
HILL Roland D. M Davyhurst Hotelkeeper
HILL Rowland M Kookynie West Accountant
HILL William Campbell Jos. M Menzies Hotelkeeper
HILLARY Charles M Menzies Labourer
HILLIER Charles Henry M Menzies Prospector
HILLMAN Sydney M Jessop's Well Labourer
HINDE George M Menzies Plumber
HINES Denis M Menzies Miner
HINES Edward M Menzies Miner
HINTAGE Mary F Niagara Domestic
HIRD Thomas M Davyhurst Miner
HITCHINS Alfred M Goongarrie Miner
HOARE Bert M Carnage Miner
HOBUN Daniel M Reid street Labourer
HOCK Theodore Barton M Menzies Miner
HOCKING Albert Geo. M Menzies Miner
HOCKING Ernest M Shenton street Miner
HOCKING Harriet F Menzies Married
HOCKING Isabel Jennie F Menzies Married
HOCKING John Henry M Mulline road Blacksmith
HODBY Frederick M Goongarrie Miner
HODGES Elizabeth Ann F Woolgar Home duties
HODGES Thos. James M Woolgar Woodcutter
HODGINS Henry M Mt. Ida Miner
HODGSON Elizabeth Agnes F Beaumont street Housewife
HODGSON Job Watson M Woolgar Miner
HODGSON John M Beaumont street Miner
HOFFMAN Charles Clinton M Menzies Miner
HOGAN Catherine F Menzies Married
HOGAN James J. M Woolgar Teacher
HOGAN James Joseph M Woolgar School teacher
HOGAN Patrick George M Reid street Blacksmith
HOGAN Thomas M Victoria hotel, Mulline Photographer
HOGAN Thomas M Waverley, Siberia Miner
HOLBURN Henry M Yerilla Miner
HOLBURN Henry Thos. M Niagara Assayer
HOLDER George Hooper M Kensington road Labourer
HOLDER Thomas M Speaksman Miner
HOLDING Elizabeth Campbell F Champion G.M., Niagara Housekeeper
HOLE Walter M Shenton street Butcher
HOLLOWAY Alfred M Shenton street Railway clerk
HOLLOWAY Mark M Webb street Veterinary surgeon
HOLLWAY Thomas M Menzies Groom
HOLMAN James M Higgins street, Mulwarrie Mining manager
HOLMES Ellen Louisa F Yunndaga Married
HOLMES George M Mt. Ida Miner
HOLMES George Edward M Waverley, Siberia Miner
HOLMES John Joseph M Woolgar Married
HOLT John D. M Mulline Miner
HONEY James M Niagara Miner
HONNIBALL Hubert M Menzies Married
HONNIBALL Joseph M Menzies Married
HONNIBALL Leonard M Menzies Tool sharpener
HONNOR Albert M Yerilla Miner
HOOD Matilda F Riverina Married
HOOD Samuel M Carnage Miner
HOOD Thomas M Riverina Miner
HOOEY George M Menzies Draper
HOPE Philip Stilton M Gladstone G.M., Niagara Miner
HOPKINS Hubert M Gladstone G.M., Niagara Miner
HOPKINS Lolo G. F Government hospital Widow
HOPKINS Peter Joseph M Menzies Miner
HORAN James M Kensington Miner
HORN Anthony M Victoria hotel, Mulline Butcher
HORNBY Henry M Waverley, Siberia Miner
HORNICK John Edward M Carnage Baker
HORNSEY John William M Champion mine,Kookynie West Miner
HORT Albert M Davyhurst Miner
HOSKIN Thomas M Champion G.M., Niagara Miner
HOSKING Bertha Rosalie F Shenton street Married
HOSKING John Henry M Shenton street Baker
HOSKING John Henry, jun. M Menzies Baker
HOSSETT Morris M Bulgarri Miner
HOUGHTON Annie Tilly F Oriental G.M., Niagara Home duties
HOUGHTON Arthur Benjamin M Oriental G.M., Niagara Engine driver
HOUGHTON Ernest M Gladstone G.M., Niagara Miner
HOUGHTON George M Bulgarri Sawmill manager
HOUGHTON Samuel M Niagara Miner
HOWARD Florence F Picton Housewife
HOWE Robert M Waverley, Siberia Hotelkeeper
HOWE William M Britannia G.M., Niagara  
HOWLETT Clara Elliner Mabel F Gippsland hotel,Mulline road Married
HOWLETT George Bennet Percy M Gippsland hotel,Mulline road Hotelkeeper
HOWLEY Cornelius M Beaumont street Labourer
HOWLEY Edward M Mulline Miner
HOWLEY Michael M Menzies Miner
HOWLEY Patrick M Beaumont street Miner
HOYLE Thomas M Mulline Mine manager
HUDSON James M Woolgar Miner
HUDSON Mary F Webb street Married
HUENART Augusta F Mulline Married
HUENART William M Mulline Carpenter
HUGHES Arthur M Menzies Labourer
HUGHES Francis M Niagara Miner
HUGHES George M Woolgar Miner
HUGHES George M Mulline Miner
HUGHES James Joseph M Menzies Labourer
HUGHES Thos. Alfred M Yerilla Miner
HUGHES Walter George M Bulgarri Carpenter
HULCHY Thomas M Goongarrie Miner
HULCY Maggie F Gregory street Housewife
HUMPHRIES Frederick M Kookynie West Miner
HUNT George M Tampa Miner
HUNT Henry M Niagara Miner
HUNT Reuben M Menzies Miner
HUNTER John M Woolgar Miner
HUNTER John W. M Menzies Blacksmith
HURLEY Frank M Edjudina Miner
HUSSEY Wm. Joseph M Menzies Railway porter
HUTHER Albert Wm. M Menzies Miner
HUTMAN Thos. George M Menzies Miner
HUTMANN Annie F Menzies Housewife
HUTTON Chas. Cameron M Davyhurst Bank manager
HUXHAM Edward George M Mt. Ida Miner
HYDE Robert M Mulline Mine manager
HYETT John M Davyhurst Miner
HYNES Michael M Whale G.M., Tampa Miner
HYNES Terence M Mulline Miner


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