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Electoral Roll > Mt Margaret Electoral Roll 1904 - GHI

Mt Margaret
Western Australia
Legislative Assembly Electoral Roll

GORDON Adam M Kookynie Miner
GORDON Arthur C. M Laverton Carpenter
GORDON Charles M Burtville Miner
GORDON Christina F Yundamindera Married
GORDON Duncan M Yundamindera Miner
GORDON Hungerford M Euro Bank Manager
GORDON John M Webster's Find, Cardinia Trucker
GORDON John M Yundamindera Carter
GORDON Joseph M Kookynie Miner
GORDON Margaret F Queen street, Mt. Morgans Widow
GORUGHTY John M Mt. Harris Well Wood Carter
GOULTER Annie F Mt. Morgans Laundress
GOURLEY Gilbert M Kookynie Miner
GRACE James M Mt. Morgans Miner
GRAHAM Archibald M Kookynie Baker
GRAHAM Arthur M Cumberland street, Kookynie Greengrocer
GRAHAM Edward H. M Mt. Morgans Miner
GRAHAM Emily F Kookynie Housewife
GRAHAM George M Kookynie Miner
GRAHAM Joseph M British King G.M. Miner
GRAHAM Walter M Mt. Morgans Miner
GRAHAM William M Kookynie Labourer
GRAHM James M Mt. Morgans Miner
GRAIGAN James M Kookynie Miner
GRAINE William M Morgans Miner
GRAINGER Bessie F Craiggiemore Married
GRAINGER Charles M Craiggiemore Horse Driver
GRAINGER Chas. Hy M Laverton Pastoralist
GRANGE Alfred M Golden Spinifex Miner
GRANT Andrew M Mt. Morgans Miner
GRANT Annie F Phoenix street, Mt. Morgans Waitress
GRANT Emily F Euro Laundress
GRANT Ettie F Kookynie Laundress
GRANT Ettie F Kookynie Married
GRANT Jno. Patk. M Kookynie Miner
GRANT John McIntosh M Murrin street, Mt. Morgans Mining Engineer
GRANT Thomas M Augusta Labourer
GRANT William M Morgans Miner
GRANT William M Mt. Morgans Miner
GRAY George James M Yundamindera Miner
GRAY Henry M Mt. Morgans Miner
GRAY James M Kingfisher G.M. Miner
GRAY May F Phoenix street, Mt. Morgans Housekeeper
GRAY Robert M Red Flag Miner
GRAY Rosetta F Mt. Morgans Married
GRAY Thos. Alexr. M Burtville Miner
GRAY William M Mt. Morgans Miner
GREAGAN James M Kookynie Miner
GREALISH Terry M Kathleen Miner
GREANEY John M Lancefield Miner
GREAVES Edgar George M Kookynie Bookseller's Manager
GREAVES Margarette F Kookynie Housewife
GREED William M Kookynie Miner
GREEN Alfred E. M Mt. Morgans Miner
GREEN Elizabeth F Kookynie Cook
GREEN Geo. Fredk. M Euro Miner
GREEN James S. M British King G.M. Miner
GREEN John M Kookynie Miner
GREEN John Hardman M Burtville Prospector
GREEN Richard M Nevertire lease, Cardinia Miner
GREEN Thomas Harvey M Kathleen Miner
GREEN W. M Cork tree well Miner
GREEN Wm. Joseph M Mt. Morgans Miner
GREENAWAY Isaac M 16 mile well Horse Driver
GREENHALG John M Kookynie Mine Manager
GREENHALG Rebecca F Kookynie Housewife
GREENLAW Harry M Mt. Morgans Miner
GREENNELE J. M Childe Harold, Euro Engineer
GREENSHIELDS Margaret F Kookynie Married
GREENSHIELDS William M Kookynie Miner
GREENWAY William M Kookynie Miner
GREENWOOD Frank M Mt. Morgans Miner
GREENWOOD William M Mt. Morgans Trucker
GRENFELL William Arthur Ward M Mt. Morgans Mine owner
GRENMAN Mary F Kookynie Waitress
GREY Annie F Mt. Morgans Home Duties
GREY William M Mt. Morgans Miner
GRIFFIN Michael M Cremorne G.M. Miner
GRIFFIN Thomas M McKenzie's well Miner
GRIFFITHS James M Yundamindera Miner
GRIFFITHS John M Euro Timberman
GRIFFITHS John M Water right,44G(?),Kookynie Labourer
GRIFFITHS Margaretta F Euro Married
GRIFFITHS Thomas M British King G.M. Blacksmith
GRIFFITHS William M Kookynie Miner
GRIGG William M Burtville Woodcutter
GRIMLEY John S. M Kookynie Produce Agent
GRIMSHAW Frances F Kookynie Married
GRIMSHAW Joseph M Kookynie Miner
GROSE John M Ogilvie Miner
GUDE Frederick M Kookynie Miner
GUERIN Alfred Gordon M Bates street Barman
GUEST Williams M Monowai Miner
GUILDFOYLE Anthony M Mt. Morgans Miner
GUILFOYLE Anthony M Kookynie Miner
GUILFOYLE Wm. M Ogilvie Labourer
GUINEY George M Murrin street, Mt. Morgans Miner
GUMBELLY Charles M Ida H. Miner
GUNDRY Samuel M Ida H. G.M. Miner
GUNDRY Samuel M Ida H. G.M. Miner
HABBERLEY Frederick M Mount Morgans Butcher
HABERLEY Geo. Hy. M Euro Plumber
HABERLEY Henry Christopher M Mount Morgans Miner
HABERLY George Henry M Mount Morgans Plumber
HACK Charles C. M Mt. Weld South Miner
HACK Charlotte F Sunrise G.M. Home Duties
HACK Meora Stephen M Sunrise G.M. Mine Manager
HACK Wilton M Sunrise G.M. Miner
HACKET William M Craiggiemore G.M. Miner
HACKETT Annie F Craiggiemore Married
HACKETT Robert M Laverton Miner
HADAWAY Walter M Brick Kilns Brickmaker
HADDRICK Agatha F Mount Morgans Home Duties
HADDY Bertram M Laverton Brewery Labourer
HADLEY Ernest M Mt. Morgans Miner
HAGAN Walter M Ida H. G.M Miner
HAINDORF William M Kookynie Bricklayer
HAINES Ellen F Hotel, Laver st, Laverton Cook
HALBERT Jane F Euro Married
HALBERT John Potts M Euro Engine Driver
HALBROOK Charles M Kookynie Miner
HALES John M Yundamindera Miner
HALL Albert G. M Mt. Morgans Prospector
HALL Arthur Albert M Mt. Morgans Cyanider
HALL David M Mount Morgans Miner
HALL Edward H. M Mt. Morgans Miner
HALL Ernest M Mt. Morgans Miner
HALL Frederick M Kookynie Miner
HALL George C. M Yellow Aster Hotel, Kathleen Managing Director
HALL George Richard M Laver street, Laverton Civil Servant
HALL Henry M Kookynie Miner
HALL Henry M Mt. Morgans Miner
HALL Hugh M Alicia G.M., Korong Miner
HALL James M Laverton Painter
HALL John M Lancefield G.M. Labourer
HALL Joseph M Kookynie Miner
HALL Patrick M Erlistoun Proprietary Miner
HALL Phylis F Mount Morgans Waitress
HALL R. M Laverton Miner
HALL Walter M Mt. Morgans Miner
HALL William Taprell M Kookynie Miner
HALLAM John M Away from Home G.M. Miner
HALLIDAY Alice F Kookynie Cook
HALLIDAY Thomas M Kookynie Labourer
HALY William O'Grady M British King G.M. Horse Driver
HALY James M Mt. Morgans Miner
HAM Lawrence H. M Burtville Miner
HAM Lawrence Harward M Burtville Miner
HAM Lawrence Harwood M Burtville Miner
HAMBLETON George M Burtville Miner
HAMBLY Jean Alexander M Cumberland street, Kookynie Housekeeper
HAMILTON Alexander M Yundamindera Miner
HAMILTON Alexander M G.M.L. 517.Yundermindera Hotel Miner
HAMILTON Catherine F Laver street, Laverton Spinster
HAMILTON David M Euro Miner
HAMILTON Mary Florence F Kookynie Home Duties
HAMILTON Percival Fredk. M Kookynie Constable
HAMILTON Peter M Kookynie Miner
HAMILTON Robert M Australia United, Mt. Morgans Miner
HAMILTON Robert M Kookynie Miner
HAMPSON William M Laverton Mine Manager
HAMS James M Mount Morgans Brickmaker
HAMS Louisa F Mount Morgans Home Duties
HAMSON Charles M Laverton Miner
HANAFIN Dan M Kookynie Miner
HANAFIN Daniel M Kookynie Miner
HANCOCK Charles M Kookynie Labourer
HANCOCK Charles M Kookynie Labourer
HANCOCK Emma F Kookynie Domestic
HANCOCK George M Anaconda Engineer
HANCOCK Mary F Mount Morgans Home Duties
HANDFIELD Frederick M Kookynie Carpenter
HANDLEY William Thomas M Mt. Morgans Miner
HANKS John George M King Street, Mt. Morgans Labourer
HANLON Maria Madeline F Kookynie Laundress
HANN Frank Hugh M Lancefield G.M. Prospector
HANNAH Thomas Howard M Mt. Morgans Civil Servant
HANNING Charles M Brick Kilns Greengrocer
HANNINGTON Thomas G. M Kathleen Contractor
HANNON Michael M Kookynie Miner
HANNY Henry M Lancefield G.M. Labourer
HANSEN Henry Wm. M Burtville Miner
HANSEN Miland M Kookynie Cook
HANSEN Otto M Mount Morgans Brewer
HANSEN Robert M Kookynie Miner
HANSEN Walter John M Mount Morgans Miner
HARCOURT Emily F Mount Morgans Home Duties
HARCOURT John Nathaniel M Mt. Morgans Civil Servant
HARDIGAN Larry M Mt. Morgans Fireman
HARDING W. M Phoenix street, Mt. Morgans Miner
HARDWICKE Chas. B. M Mt. Morgans Journalist
HARDY Alexander M Childe Harold, Euro Miner
HARDY Elliot M Burtville Prospector
HARDY Phylis F Mount Morgans Fruiterer
HARITAGE Mary F Kookynie Boardinghouse Keeper
HARKEN Roger M Kookynie Miner
HARMAN John M Childe Harold, Euro Woodcutter
HARMER Arthur G. M Webster's Find, Cardinia Wheelwright
HARNEDY Denis M Away from Home G.M. Miner
HARNEY Frederick M Kookynie Miner
HARPER Samuel Percy M Anaconda Miner
HARRINGTON Joseph M Laverton Miner
HARRINGTON May F Kookynie Waitress
HARRINGTON William M Lancefield Labourer
HARRIS Ada F Mount Morgans Home Duties
HARRIS Arthur G. M Kookynie Braceman
HARRIS Arthur Thos. M Kookynie Blacksmith
HARRIS Charles M Mt. Morgans Labourer
HARRIS Daniel M Mt. Morgans Miner
HARRIS Daniel George M Yundamindera Miner
HARRIS Davis M Mt. Morgans Miner
HARRIS George M Mt. Morgans Miner
HARRIS H. M Deerah Woodcutter
HARRIS James Geo. M Mt. Morgans Boilermaker
HARRIS John Charles M Kookynie Miner
HARRIS Louisa F Kookynie Home Duties
HARRIS Richard M Burtville Miner
HARRIS Sarah F Mount Morgans Home Duties
HARRIS William S. M Euro Miner
HARRISON Alfred M Mt. Morgans Cook
HARRISON Francis Wm. M Kookynie Miner
HARRISON Frank M Mount Morgans Labourer
HARRISON George M Mount Morgans Miner
HARRISON Robert M Kookynie Miner
HARRISON Wm. Geo. M Mt. Morgans Miner
HART Edward M Mt. Morgans Miner
HART P.J. M Webster's Find, Cardinia Engine Driver
HART Percy M Lancefield G.M. Miner
HART Thomas M King Street, Mt. Morgans Miner
HARTE Edward M Mount Morgans Miner
HARTIGAN John M Mt. Morgans Miner
HARTIGAN John M Kookynie Miner
HARTLEY Robert M Kookynie Blacksmith
HARTMANN Henry M Kookynie Contractor
HARTNELL John M Kookynie Hotel, Kookynie Yardman
HARVEY Alfred M Four-mile Labourer
HARVEY Frederick M Kookynie Cordial Maker
HARVEY Frederick M Mount Morgans Contractor
HARVEY John M Anaconda Smelter
HARVEY Matthew M Mount Morgans Carpenter
HARVEY Victor M Four-mile Miner
HARVEY Walter John M Kookynie Cordial Maker
HARVEY Walter John M Kookynie Cordial Maker
HASKETH Robert M Brick Kilns Greengrocer
HASSETT John M Burtville Miner
HASTNELL John M Mt. Morgans Journalist
HAUGHTON Edward Brandon M Lancefield G.M. Joiner
HAWARD Catherine Grant F Burtville Home Duties
HAWKEN Thomas M Kookynie Engine Driver
HAWKER James M Ida H. G.M Miner
HAWKER John Vincent M Murrin street, Mt. Morgans Miner
HAWKES Thomas M Kookynie Miner
HAWKINS Ella F Kookynie Home Duties
HAWKINS Thomas M Kookynie Engine Driver
HAY Archie M Craiggiemore Braceman
HAY Joseph M Mt. Weld Station Miner
HAYBALL Robert M Hotel, Poison Creek Groom
HAYCOX Frederick M Laver street, Laverton Labourer
HAYES Daniel M Mt. Morgans Night Watchman
HAYES Edward M Webster's Find, Cardinia Miner
HAYES James A. M Yundamindera Miner
HAYES Michael M Lake Way G.M., Wiluna Miner
HAYHALL George M Yundamindera Miner
HAYNES Charles Findley M Morialta G.M. Miner
HAYNES Ellen F Augusta G.M. Domestic Service
HAYNES Emily F Kookynie Waitress
HAYS Charles M Golden Spinifex Miner
HAYS James M Pikes Hollow Miner
HAZELL George Frederick M Kookynie Miner
HAZLETT Samuel Alexander M Mt. Morgans Grazier
HEAD Bertie M Diorite Mine Manager
HEAD Bertie M Blue Jacket Lease,Mt. Stirling Mine Manager
HEAD Bridget F Kookynie Home Duties
HEAD Robert M Kookynie Miner
HEADS John M Government Well Dryblower
HEALEY Andrew M Kookynie Miner
HEALEY James M Laver street, Laverton Labourer
HEANY James M Kookynie Engine Driver
HEAPHY R. M Laver street, Laverton Miner
HEAPHY Richard M Laverton Prospector
HEARN Lonie F Murrin street, Mt. Morgans Married
HEARNE Walter M. M Duketon Bank Manager
HEARTLEY Robert M Kookynie Miner
HEATBY John James M Kookynie Shop Assistant
HEATON David Haddon M Kookynie Contractor
HEAVEY Peter M Kathleen Miner
HECTOR Charles M Mt. Morgans Miner
HEDEMAN Edward Herbert M Mt. Morgans Storekeeper
HEDLEY James M Mt. Morgans Miner
HEELIS William M Webster's Find, Cardinia  
HEEREY Leslie Thomas M Kookynie  
HEFFERNAN Wm. C. M Laverton Miner
HEGARTY William M Kookynie  
HEGWORTH Allen M Craiggiemore G.M. Labourer
HEIGHWAY James M Augusta G.M. Miner
HEITMANN Herman A. M Kookynie  
HELBY Charles M Maynalty  
HEMINGIVEY Joseph M No Name Lease  
HEMMANT Tom M Mt. Morgans Sampler
HENCHMAN Thomas M Kookynie Miner
HENCHMAN Thomas Crosbrough M Kookynie Miner
HENDERSON Elizabeth F Mt. Morgans Home Duties
HENDERSON George M Kookynie Miner
HENDERSON John M Mt. Morgans Miner
HENDERSON William Arthur M Laverton  
HENDRA Tom M Anaconda  
HENLEY Robert M Laverton Miner
HENMANT Gertrude F Mt. Morgans Home Duties
HENNESSY John Pope M Laverton Accountant
HENNESSY John Pope M Mt. Morgans Miner
HENNESSY Patrick M Kookynie  
HENRICHS Hubert Christian M Queen street, Mt. Morgans  
HENRY Frederick M Lancefield G.M. Miner
HENRY Fredk. Geo. M Mt. Morgans Labourer
HENRY Thomas M Yerilla  
HENRY William Harrison M Lancefield G.M. Miner
HENSON Herbert M Kookynie Miner
HENWOOD James M Augusta G.M. Labourer
HEPWORTH Henry M Augusta  
HERITAGE Charles M Kookynie Boardinghouse Keeper
HERMANER Grace F Kookynie Domestic
HERON Thomas John M Kookynie  
HERON Wilhemina F Kookynie Home Duties
HETHERINGTON George M Kookynie  
HETHERINGTON Isabella F Kookynie  
HEWITT Henry Vigors M Mt. Morgans  
HEYHOO John M Kookynie Butcher
HICKEY Holda F Cumberland street, Kookynie  
HICKEY Thomas M Cumberland street, Kookynie  
HICKMAN John M Phoenix street, Mt. Morgans  
HICKMOTT Alfred M Kookynie  
HICKMOTT James Henry M Kookynie  
HICKMOTT William M Queen street, Mt. Morgans  
HICKS Joseph M Mt. Morgans  
HIGGINS Ellen F Mt. Morgans  
HIGGINS Francis Hugh M Metropole cafÈ, Mt. Morgans  
HIGGINS Frank M King of the Hills  
HIGGINS John M Kookynie Miner
HIGGINS Joseph M Kookynie Miner
HIGGINS Michael M Mt. Margaret Miner
HIGGINS Thomas M Mt. Morgans Labourer
HIGHMAN Samuel M Goose Flat  
HILL Nicholas M Craiggiemore G.M. Miner
HILL William M Kathleen  
HILL Rowland M Kookynie Labourer
HILL William M Pikes Hollow Miner
HILL William S. M Linden Miner
HILLBERG Hy. M Laverton Carpenter
HILLIER Charles M King of the Hills G.M. Co.  
HILLIER Henry Charles M Golden Cliff, Mt. Margaret  
HILLMER Bertha F Mt. Morgans Publican
HINCHCLIFFE Henry M Kookynie Blacksmith
HINCKLEY Frederick M Laverton  
HINDMARSH James M Mt. Morgans  
HINES August M Kookynie Miner
HINES Francis A. F Kookynie Dressmaker
HINGSTON Francis M Ida H.  
HIRT Annie Maria F Burtville Dressmaker
HIRTH Charles M Golden Orbit G.M.,Mt. Weld S. Miner
HIRTH Paul M Skull Creek, Laverton  
HISLOP George M Golden Spinifex Miner
HODDER Charles M Kookynie Bricklayer
HODGINS George M Kookynie  
HODGSON Angus M Mt. Morgans Salvation Army Officer
HODGSON Job M Kookynie Miner
HOGA*** Fletcher William M Yundamindera Mill Hand
HOGAN Daniel M Laver street, Laverton  
HOGAN John M Hotel, 50 Mile  
HOGAN John Thomas M Kookynie  
HOGAN Michael James M Kookynie  
HOGAN Robt. Patk. M Burtville Miner
HOGG Jessie F Mt. Morgans Restaurant Keeper
HOGG Kookynie M Kookynie Clerk
HOGG William M Mt. Margaret  
HOGG Wm. M. M Redcastle Miner
HOLBOURN Henry Thomas M Yerilla  
HOLDER James M Augusta  
HOLDING Ralph M Ida H.  
HOLFORD Catherine F Kookynie  
HOLLAND John Henry M Kookynie  
HOLLAND Richard M Kathleen  
HOLLINGWORTH Hamlet M Mt. Morgans Miner
HOLLINS Josia M Kookynie  
HOLMES E.C. M Golden Crown Lease  
HOLMES Harry M Mt. Morgans Miner
HOLMES Henry Ross M Mt. Morgans Prospector
HOLMES Richard M Maori Chief Extended Miner
HOLT T. M Childe Harold, Euro  
HONE Brainard Josiah M North Erlistoun Leaseholder
HONEY James M Kookynie  
HONEYSETT Wm. M Lancefield  
HOOKES Robert M Kookynie Miner
HOOKS Mary F Kookynie Married
HOOKS Mary F Kookynie Home Duties
HOOPER John M Anaconda  
HOOPER William Isaac M Kookynie  
HOOTON Edward M Mt. Morgans Miner
HOPKINS William M Mt. Morgans Miner
HORGAN Henry G. M Mt. Morgans Journalist
HORNBY Henry M Kookynie Journalist
HORNBY Henry M Kookynie Printer
HORRIGAN John M Burrimbar station.170? miles S.E. of Nullag***  
HORROCKS Alexander M Kookynie  
HOSBACH Adam William M Euro Storekeeper
HOSBACH Margaret F Euro Domestic Service
HOSKING Frederick M Euro  
HOUGHTON Samuel George M Anaconda  
HOULAHAN Martin M Mt. Morgans Engine Driver
HOURIGAN John M Murrin street, Mt. Morgans  
HOUSE Fred. E. M Cumberland street, Kookynie  
HOWARD Joseph M Kookynie  
HOWARD Margaret F Kookynie Home Duties
HOWE Alfred M Allumpa lease  
HOWE Cornelius M Mt. Morgans Miner
HOWE George M Kookynie Miner
HOWE Patrick M Mt. Morgans Miner
HOWIE Hugh M Augusta  
HOWIE Jno. Edgar M Mt. Morgans Miner
HUBBARD Alfred M Allumpa lease  
HUGHES Arthur J. M Kookynie  
HUGHES Charles M Kookynie Gentleman
HUGHES Charles R. M Laver street, Laverton  
HUGHES Hannah F Laver street, Laverton Home Duties
HUGHES Norman M Laver street, Laverton Labourer
HUGHES Owen M Turn of the Tide G.M. Miner
HUGHES Richard M Kookynie Draper
HUGHES Samuel M Mt. Morgans Miner
HUGHES Sarah Ann F Laver street, Laverton Home Duties
HUGHES Thomas M Kookynie Miner
HUMIND Christopher M British King G.M.  
HUMPHREY Fanny F Kookynie Tailoress
HUMPHREY John M Kookynie Miner
HUNGERFORD Guy M Webster's Find, Cardinia  
HUNT Henry Anderson M Mt. Morgans Miner
HUNTER Jane F Kookynie Home Duties
HUNTER Michael M Kookynie Miner
HUNTER William M Kathleen  
HUNTLEY Erle Stafford M Anaconda  
HUNTLEY John M Kookynie Joiner
HUNTLEY John Samuel M Kookynie Carpenter
HURKET John M Mt. Morgans Miner
HURKETT Frederick H. M Sons of Australia  
HURLEY Michael M Old Town  
HURST W. M Morning Light G.M.  
HUSSEY Charles Edward M Mt. Morgans  
HUSSEY Henry M Mt. Stirling Miner
HUSSEY Patrick M Yundamindera Contractor
HUTCHERSON Thomas J. M Kookynie Miner
HUTCHEY John Thomas M Laver street, Laverton Postmaster
HUTCHINSON Joseph M Mt. Morgans Labourer
HUTCHINSON William M No.9 Well Miner
HUYSMANS Eileen F Kookynie Domestic
HYDE John M Government Well Prospector
ILES Francis M Euro Miner
INGLE Mary F Euro Married
INGLIS Helen G Laverton Laundress
INGRAM George M Euro Miner
INGRAM George M Childe Harold, Euro Blacksmith's Labourer
INNES Patrick Michael M Kookynie Miner
IREDALE Thomas M Euro Labourer
IRELAND Charles M Yundamindera Miner
IRVINE Alex. M Webster's Find, Cardinia Miner
IRVINE Alex. George M Webster's Find, Cardinia Horse Driver
IRVINE W.T. M Mt. Morgans Miner
IRVINE Wm. Edward M Burtville Bank Clerk
IRWIN John M Four Mile Bullock Driver
IRWIN Samuel M Old Tom Prospector
IRWIN William James M Two-mile Alluvial Miner
ISARD George M Government Battery Prospector


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