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Murrin Murrin
Western Australia

Railway Employees
Murrin Murrin

Murrin Murrin is an abandoned goldfields townsite located about 50 km east of Leonora. Allotments at an existing mining settlement (corrugated iron hotel and store) known by this Aboriginal name were laid out in 1896, and the area containing these allotments was reserved for the future townsite of Murrin Murrin in November 1897. Town lots were offered for sale in 1900, but this place was by-passed when the railway to Laverton opened in 1905, Murrin Murrin railway station being situated 2 kilometres north of the original settlement. To remedy this, the boundaries were amended in 1906 to include the development by the railway (two hotels), and additional lots were also surveyed here. All of the town's development then occurred at the railway site. Murrin is an Aboriginal word for a species of Acacia Tree - Murrin Murrin refers to the abundance of these trees in the area.
The old Murrin Murrin townsite is located on the old Laverton - Leonora Road. Originally within the boundaries of the Mt Margaret District but now, due to boundary changes, located on the northern boundary of the Shire of Leonora.



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