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Murrin Murrin Pictures

Murhair.jpg (96790 bytes)
T.Roberts Hairdressing Saloon
Murrin Murrin

Hair Cut Painlessly!

Hill Proprietory Mine-1.JPG (357507 bytes)

W C Hill - Proprietory GM Murrin Murrin -  W C Hill's nickname was Barbwire Billy
he went on to buy Bandya Station approx 100kms north of Laverton.
W C Hill and his son are buried in Laverton Cemetery and there are 4 generation
of the Hill family resident in Laverton at 2003
Murin Hotel-1.jpg (43649 bytes) Old Murin hotel-1.jpg (23195 bytes)

Murrin Murrin Hotel Old Murrin Murrin Hotel

Murrin Main St-4.jpg (32263 bytes)  railway hotel-1.jpg (24974 bytes)

Railway Hotel. Main Street Murrin Murrin

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