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Electoral Roll > Ora Banda Electoral Roll 1958

Ora Banda Electoral Roll for 1958

People of Ora Banda Area Western Australia

ARGUS Eliza Anne –Ora Banda –home duties

ARGUS John Hector – Ora Banda –driver

ARGUS Richard Frederick –Ora Banda –pastoralist

ARGUS Richard Patrick –Mount Carnage Station – station hand

BOURKE Margaret Sadie –Ora Banda –home duties

BOURKE Michael John –Ora Banda –prospector

BROWN James Edward –Ora Banda –prospector

CAPON Thomas –Yerilla Station

CRAWFORD Grace Lorraine –Carbine –home duties

CRAWFORD Robert James –Carbine - assistant

DONATTI Norma Anne –Mount Carnae Station –home duties

GILCHRIST John Gordon –Cashmans –prospector

HALFORD Iris Elvie –Credo Station –home duties

HALFORD Maurice Holman – Credo Station –pastoralist

HUGHES Albert James –Riverina –miner

JOYCE George Richard –Ora Banda –prospector

JOYCE Thomas Stanley – Ora Banda -prospector

KRUGER Bernard Leo – Carbine –station hand

McKENZIE James Angus – Ora Banda –prospector

SCOTT Helen Enid –Ora Banda Hotel –home duties

SCOTT John – Ora Banda Hotel – publican

SEATON Henry Lewis Stuart –Ora Banda –prospector

SLATER Douglas John – Ora Banda – prospector

TAIT Teresa Ellen – Ora Banda –home duties

VITETTA Cesira – Ora Banda –miner

WARE Amy Ann – Ora Banda –home duties

WARE Charles James Jordan – Ora Banda – carrying contractor

WARE Harry George Jordan – Ora Banda – labourer

WILSON Robert James – Ora Banda – prospector

WILSON William Edward – Ora Banda – miner

WILSON William Henry – Ora Banda – prospector

YOUNG James Percival – Carbine –station hand

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