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Latitude 30° 51' S Longitude 121° 39' E

Golden Ridge is an abandoned goldfields townsite located about 20km south east of Kalgoorlie. It was originally a Business Area under the Mining Act known as "Waterfall", and when more residential land was requested by the Waterfall Progress Committee in early 1910 the government decided to declare a townsite. The townsite of Waterfall was gazetted in December 1910, but the Commonwealth Government soon objected to the name because it was duplicated in New South Wales. The Waterfall Progress Committee suggested the name "Golden Ridge" as an alternative, this being the name of the local mine at the time, and the town often being referred to as "The Ridge". The name was changed to Golden Ridge by Gazettal in March 1911. About 1913-14 the Commonwealth Railways established a railway station at Golden Ridge on the Trans Australian Railway.

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