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Yerilla > Yerilla 1904 Electoral Roll

Yerilla 1904 Electoral Roll
Western Australia

ADAMS George Henry -Mount Remarkable -Miner
BEVERIGE William -Yilgangie-Miner
BIDGOOD Arthur -Yerilla-Groom
BIDGOOD Richard Arthur -Yerilla-Groom
BLAIR Thomas Donald -Mount Remarkable-Miner
CARROLL William - Mount Remarkable-Teamster
COLLINS Thomas -Yilgangie-Miner
CROFT Henry-Yerilla-Miner
DONOVAN Denis-Yerilla-Miner
DUNCAN Alexander-Yerilla-Miner
DUNCAN Robert-Yerilla-Engine driver
DUNCAN William-Yerilla-Miner
FENTON Patrick-Yerilla-Miner
GRAYSON John-Yerilla-Miner
HAMILTON Peter-Yilgangie-Publican
HANDLEY William Terence- Yerilla-Labourer
HENDEY Thomas-Mount Remarkable-Miner
HOLBURN Henry-Yerilla-Miner
HONNOR Albert -Yerilla-Miner
HUGHES Thomas Alfred- Yerilla-Miner
KENNEHAN James-Yilgangie-Groom
KIRK John Allen-Yerilla-Miner
LUESTUER Frederick Wilhelm Reinhold -Mt. Remarkable-Miner
MILLS Frank William -Mr. Remarkable-Builder
MURDOCK Alexander-Yerilla-Labourer
MURRAY Ellen -Yilgangie-Domestic Service
McDONALD John Ronald- Yerilla-Carter
McGREGOR John James -Yerilla-Miner
McGREGOR William -Yerilla-Miner
McGREGOR John -Yilgangie-Miner
McINNES James Ewing- Yerilla-Miner
NELSON Andrew- Yerilla-Labourer
NEWLANDS Joseph Denis- Yerilla-Miner
OATES Thomas- Yerilla-Miner
OATES Uri- Yerilla-Miner
O'CALLAGHAN Charles -Mt. Remarkable-Miner
PEAKE John- Yilgangie-Miner
POTTS Thomas- Yerilla-Miner
PROCTOR John- Yilgangie-Miner
ROBERTSON Andrew Balfour- Yerilla-Miner
RODIN Josh. Henry- Yerilla-Miner
ROLLINSON Alexander- Yerilla-Miner
ROONEY William- Mt. Remarkable-Stoker
SALMON Michael- Mt Remarkable-Labourer
SMITH William- Yerilla-Publican
SMITH John- Mt. Remarkable-Labourer
STEPHENS James- Mt. Remarkable-Miner
STEPHENS John- Mt. Remarkable-Miner
TURNER Henry Edward- Yerilla-Miner
WERTHEIMER Arthur H -Yerilla-Miner
WORLAND Rueben Amos- Yerilla-Miner

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