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Electoral Roll > Menzies Electoral Roll 1904 A - C

Menzies Electoral Roll

Western Australia

A - C

Surname Other Names Sex Residence Occupation
ABBOTT Agnes F Niagara Domestic
ABBOTT Anne F Gladstone G.M., Niagara Married
ABBOTT Annie F Niagara Married
ABBOTT John Charles M Niagara Miner
ABDY William M Mulwarrie Miner
ADAMS Arthur M Menzies Miner
ADAMS Charles M Bulgarri Woodcutter
ADAMS George Henry M Mount Remarkable Miner
ADDICOTT James Henry M Friday lease Engineer
ADKINS John William M Edjudina Miner
AHEARN Mary F Nada Lease Married
AHERN Patrick M Carnage Miner
AHERN Thomas Michael M Yunndaga Miner
AINLEY Jane F Yunndaga Married
AINLEY William M Woolgar Miner
AIRD Andrew M Batavia G.M., Niagara Engine Driver
AIRD Jennie F Batavia G.M., Niagara Married
AIRD Thomas M Kookynie West Engine driver
AITCHISON John M Edjudina Farrier
AITKEN Catherine F Waihi G.M. Married
AITKEN Janet F Speakman's Married
AITKEN John M Davyhurst Miner
AITKEN Robert M Speakman's Miner
ALBERT Charles James M Riverina Miner
ALBERT George Gardiner M Woolgar Fireman
ALDERSON Robert M Edjudina Miner
ALEXANDER Frank M Goongarrie Miner
ALEXANDER George M Mt. Ida Labourer
ALEXANDER James George M Yunndaga Labourer
ALEXANDER P. M Siberia Miner
ALEXANDER Peter M Waverley, Siberia Miner
ALEY George M Copperfield Miner
ALLAN Augusta Caroline F Baker street Married
ALLAN Charles, sen. M Baker street Miner
ALLAN Frederick M Tampa Miner
ALLAN Helena F Kookynie West Nurse
ALLAN John M Kensington road Blacksmith
ALLAN Robert M Baker street Miner
ALLAN William M Menzies Miner
ALLDIS Walter Charles M Jowett street Carrier
ALLEN Catherine F Florence lease Married
ALLEN Ernest M Walsh street Cycle agent
ALLEN Herbert M Mahon street Railway engine driver
ALLEN James M Menzies Miner
ALLEN John M Jowett street Blacksmith
ALLEN John Thomas M Florence lease Miner
ALLEN Lizzie F Shenton Extended Domestic
ALLEN Mirian F Jowett street Married
ALLEN Robert M Mt. Ida Miner
ALLEN Susan Ann F Shenton Extended Domestic
ALLEN Thomas M Menzies Miner
ALLEN William A. M Mt. Ida Miner
ALLFORD William M Menzies Carpenter
ALLISON William M Mulline Miner
ALLOM Henry Ogilvie M Menzies Miner
ALSOP John M Edjudinaa Miner
ANDERSON Agness F Menzies Married
ANDERSON Alfred M Kookynie West Miner
ANDERSON Alfred J.C. M Beaumont street Carrier
ANDERSON Alice Ester F Mulwarrie Married
ANDERSON Andrew M Menzies Miner
ANDERSON Charles M Mulline Miner
ANDERSON Daniel M Beaumont street Carter
ANDERSON Eliza F Menzies Married
ANDERSON Ellen F PO Menzies Housemaid
ANDERSON Ethel F Beaumont street Married
ANDERSON Fred Reginald M Mulline Engine driver
ANDERSON Frederick M Shenton street Draper
ANDERSON George N. M Mount Ida Miner
ANDERSON Georgina F Treasure G.M., Niagara Married
ANDERSON Harry Westrop M Mulline Blacksmith
ANDERSON Mary F Menzies Married
ANDERSON Matilda F Mulwarrie Home duties
ANDERSON Nellie F Shenton street Spinster
ANDERSON Olive Louisa Maud F Mulline Married
ANDERSON Patrick George M Menzies Miner
ANDERSON Rasmus C. M Menzies United Miner
ANDERSON William M Beaumont street Miner
ANDERSON William M Treasure G.M., Niagara Miner
ANDERSON William Martin Egelmbert M Mulwarrie Civil servant
ANDREW James M Menzies Miner
ANDREW Thomas Clifton M Mt. Ida Miner
ANGWIN Benjamin M Waverley, Siberia Miner
ANNETT Anna F Cooladdie G.M., Mulline Married
ANNETT Emanuel James M Mulline Miner
ARKELL Frances F Shenton street Tailoress
ARKLEY James M Champion G.M., Niagara Miner
ARKLEY James Alexander M Champion G.M., Niagara Miner
ARKLEY Jane F Champion G.M., Niagara Married
ARMSTRONG Alfred M Kensington Miner
ARMSTRONG Benjamin M Jowett street Blacksmith
ARMSTRONG David Symon M Melrose G.M., Davyhurst Married
ARMSTRONG E. F Jowett street Married
ARMSTRONG Edward M Webb street Battery assistant
ARMSTRONG George M Woolgar Miner
ARMSTRONG James M Waverley, Siberia Miner
ARMSTRONG John M Menzies ? Battery Inspector
ARMSTRONG Joseph M Waverley, Siberia Miner
ARMSTRONG Robert George M Niagara Married
ARNOTT Alfred N. M Comet Vale Married
ARNOTT Charles Wm M Menzies Contractor
ARTHUR James M Woolgar Miner
ARTHUR John Andrea M Beaumont street Engine driver
ARTHUR William D. M Woolgar Miner
ASCOTT James M Goongarrie Miner
ASH Nicholas M Glengarry Miner
ASHCROFT Henry M Tampa Blacksmith
ASHCROFT Thomas M McTavish G.M., Niagara Miner
ASHE Stanley Eustace M Menzies Clerk
ASHTON Charles M Ularring street, Milline Miner
ASHTON Ida F Kookynie West Married
ASHTON Richard M Tampa Miner
ATHY Simon M Riverina Miner
ATKIN Joseph M Tampa Miner
ATKINSON John M Tampa Miner
ATKINSON Walter M Goongarrie Miner
ATTRILL Mark M Picton Miner
ATWOOD Edward M Glengarry Miner
AUBREY Evan M Springfield Miner
AULD John M Edjudina Miner
BACCHUS Marion F Kookynie Laundress
BACKHOUSE August . M Waverley Miner
BADCOCK A.E. M Davyhurst Caterer
BAILEY James M Niagara Miner
BAILEY James Alfred M Niagara Miner
BAILEY Walter Frederick M Waverley, Siberia Miner
BAILLIE James M Niagara Miner
BAILLIE John Whittingham M Mt. Ida Miner
BAINES Charles M Niagara Teamster
BAINES Rose F Niagara Domestic
BAIRD James Daniel M Reid street Clerk
BAKER Daniel M Comet Vale Miner
BAKER Florence F Comet Vale Married
BAKER Herbert M Africander lease Miner
BALMER Thomas M Yukon Condenser
BALSHAW Richard Gera M Menzies Labourer
BANKIER Alexander Dunn M Shenton street Clerk
BANKIN Frank M. M Menzies Prospector
BANNAN Richard M Bulgarri Groom
BANONS George M Edjudina Miner
BARCLAY Chas. Jno. Thos M Riverina Miner
BARCLAY Chas. John Thomas M Riverina Miner
BARCLAY Miller M Niagara Engine driver
BARKER Roland Richmond M Menzies Store manager
BARLOW James M Yarri Miner
BARNES Arthur Joseph M Edjudina Miner
BARNES Frederick M Niagara Miner
BARNICOAT Francis M Edjudina Miner
BARR James Henry M Menzies Tailor
BARR John M Niagara Miner
BARRETT James M Edjudina Miner
BARRETT James M Mulline Miner
BARRETT James M Kookynie West Carpenter
BARRETT Mary F Kookynie West Married
BARRETT Thomas M Fall street, Niagara Horse driver
BARRON Wallace M Shenton-street Hairdresser
BARROT Charles Wesley M Baker-street Miner
BARROT Ella Mary Jemima F Menzies Married
BARROT John C. M Shenton lease Engine driver
BARROT Louisa Jane F Baker-street Laundress
BARROT Wesley John M Shenton Extended Miner
BARRY A.E. M Mulwarrie Hotel, Mulwarrie Housekeeper
BARRY Rose Lozetti F Mulwarrie Home duties
BARRY William M Batavia G.M., Niagara Miner
BARTELL Henry M Niagara Miner
BARTLE James Henry M Davyhurst Engine driver
BARTLE Lydia Ann F Davyhurst Married
BASSETT James Guest M Wilson's hotel. Mulline Miner
BASSETT James Walter M Mulline Journalist
BASSETT William M Picton West Woodcutter
BATCHEDOR Charles M Shenton-street Miner
BATEMAN Thomas Alfred M Menzies Cook
BATES John Joseph M Davyhurst Miner
BATES John Thomas M Goongarrie Railway telephone linesman
BATH Elizabeth Jane F Menzies Restauranteur
BATH Robert Charles M Niagara Miner
BATH William M Menzies Miner
BATHERN Frederick Owen M Beaumont street Carrier
BATTERSLY George M Goongarrie Miner
BAYLEY Arthur M Waihi Mine Miner
BAYNE Archibald M Niagara Miner
BEALON William M Alpha lease Miner
BEAN Alice Emily F Menzies Married
BEAN Charles M Menzies Labourer
BEARD A.D. M Menzies Clerk
BEATON Charles M Menzies Battery hand
BEATON James Norman M Menzies Engine driver
BEATON Margaret F Menzies Widow
BEECROF James M Speakman's Labourer
BEER Albert Edward M Riverina Bootmaker
BEER Alfred M Mulline Miner
BEGG Harry M Edjudina Miner
BEGG W.H. M Edjudina Miner
BELL Alice F Menzies Married
BELL Daniel M Britannia G.M. Niagara Labourer
BELL James M Menzies Miner
BELL John Thomas M Menzies Miner
BELL Robert M Jowett-street Miner
BELL Sidney Charles M Menzies Miner
BELL Thomas M Hospital Rocks Stockman
BELL Thomas Barnfather M Menzies Carpenter
BELL Thomas S. M Castle Blayney lease Mine manager
BELL William M Menzies Miner
BENNETT Ellen F Davyhurst  
BENNETT George M Mulline Miner
BENNETT George Harry M Beaumont street Miner
BENNETT James M Woolgar Miner
BENNETT Marian Eva F Webb street Spinster
BENNETT Mary Ellen F Beaumont-street Tailoress
BENNETT Mary Jane F Beaumont street Married
BENNETT Robert M Menzies Miner
BENNETT Thomas M Davyhurst Miner
BENNETT William James M Mulline road Miner
BENNETTS Edward James M Menzies Miner
BENSON Ellen F Jessop's well Married
BENSON Frederick Richard M Jessop's well Foreman
BENSON John Thomas M Edjudina Miner
BENSON Sven M Waverley, Siberia Miner
BENSTEAD William M Mulline Foreman pressman
BENTLEY Samuel Slater M Menzies Miner
BERGIN Robert M Onslow-street Amalgamter
BERRICK Homer M Kookynie West Gentleman
BERRY Alice Maude F Friday Flat Spinster
BERRY John William M Friday Flat Labourer
BERRYMAN Adelaide F Friday Flat Married
BERRYMAN Arthur William M Friday Flat Miner
BERRYMAN James M Menzies Miner
BERRYMAN Joseph William M Menzies Miner
BERRYMAN Josiah Henry M Menzies Miner
BERTAUX R. M Callion Miner
BEVERIGE William M Yilgangie Miner
BEWERS William Charles M Goongarrie Labourer
BEWLEY Ada F Menzies Housewife
BEWLEY Harry Edward M Menzies Baker
BEYERS Hugo Lewis M Yarrie Miner
BEYERS Oswald M Yarrie Miner
BEYERS Theodore M Yarrie Miner
BIDGLY George M Kookynie West Labourer
BIDGOOD Arthur M Yerilla Groom
BIDGOOD Richard Arthur M Yerilla Groom
BIRD Albert George M Jowett street Draper
BIRD Margaret Olive F Menzies Married
BIRNLEY Henry M Tampa Miner
BIRSS Frank M Copperfield, Mt. Ida Miner
BISHOP Sidney Arthur M Mulline Grocer
BISSET Lawrence Percival M Menzies Assayer
BLACK Gerald M Yarrie Miner
BLACK James M Mulwarrie Miner
BLACKER James Ricks M Mulwarrie Miner
BLAIKIE Robert Francis M Yunndaga Metallurgist
BLAIR George M Goongarrie Miner
BLAIR Harold M Carnage Miner
BLAIR John M Edjudina Miner
BLAIR Thomas Donald M Mount Remarkable Miner
BLAMPEY Henry M Niagara Cordial manufacturer
BLANEK George William M Bulgarri Woodcutter
BLIGHT John M Mulwarrie Teamster
BLIGHT Martha Jaane F Woolgar Domestic
BLIGHT Robert M Woolgar Carter
BLOXHAM Arthur M Edjudina Miner
BLOXHAM Arthur M Goongarrie Storekeeper
BOAD Mimred F Mulline Housekeeper
BOADS Albert Ernest M Menzies Miner
BOAG Linton Rodger M Niagara Miner
BOARDMAN James M Menzies Painter
BOASE Ellen F Jessop's well Married
BOASE Phillip M Jessop's well Labourer
BOERIO A.W. M Davyhurst Condenser
BOERIO F.H. M Davyhurst Caterer
BOERIO Henrietta Agusta F Mace street, Davyhurst Storekeeper
BOERIO John Baptiste M Mace street, Davyhurst Storekeeper
BOGNUDA Thomas M Mt. Ida road Carter
BOLLE Nicholas M. M Central Menzies lease Engine Driver
BOLLE Mary E F Central Menzies lease Married
BOM Ernest M Kookynie West Labourer
BOM Petreni F Kookynie West Married
BOMM Frank M Davyhurst Miner
BOMM John M Mulline Miner
BONA Albert M Menzies Miner
BOND Arthur James M Mulline Miner
BOND Mary Beatrice F Mulline Married
BONE Frank M Golden Gate G.M. Miner
BONE Thomas M Woolgar Miner
BONG-TON Nils M Waverley Miner
BONN Samuel Pitterson M Menzies Miner
BOOTH George R. M Menzies Goods porter
BORSERIO Louis M Menzies Contractor
BOTT Levi M Shenton street Miner
BOTTOMLEY William Albert M Kensington road Printer
BOULT Jane F Mulline Home duties
BOULT Reuben M Mulline Miner
BOUNDY Arthur John Malcolm M Mulline Horse driver
BOUNDY Ethel Louisa F Wilson's hotel, Mulline Waitress
BOUNDY John M Siberia soak Labourer
BOURKE Wm. Thos M Niagara Miner
BOWEN Patrick Francis M Tampa Miner
BOWMAN Samuel M Picton Miner
BOWMAN William M near Lady Shenton Mine Miner
BOWNS William M Nyamin Line repairer
BOX Nellie Sadie F Menzies Waitress
BOYD Eliza F Menzies Housewife
BOYD James Houston M Menzies Miner
BOYER Richard M Menzies Butcher
BOYNE John M Menzies Miner
BRADLEY John M Comet Vale Fettler
BRADSHAW Robert M Menzies Miner
BRADY Thomas M Mulline, Ularring Engine driver
BRANCH Samuel John M Menzies Miner
BRANIAN Jean F Niagara Barmaid
BRANKSTONE Francis M Menzies Miner
BRANKSTONE Henry M Shenton West lease Miner
BRANT Peter M Mulwarrie Teamster
BRASH Alfred M Mulline Carter
BRASH Seyne Mabel F Mulline Married
BRAWN William James M Mount Ida Leaseholder
BRAY William M Niagara Miner
BREADY James M Menzies Miner
BREADY Letitia F Menzies Widow
BREADY Mary F Shenton street Spinster
BREMMEL Patrick M Picton West Woodcutter
BREMNER Annie F Menzies Housewife
BREMNER Euphemia F Menzies Domestic
BREMNER Henry Gibson M Jowett street Grocer
BREMNER James M Mt. Ida Miner
BREMNER Jno. Thos. M Mt. Ida Miner
BREMNER William Henry M Copperfield, Mt. Ida Miner
BRENNAN John M Tampa Miner
BRENNAN John M Menzies Govt. foreman
BRETAG Elsie F Jowett street Married
BRETAG John Bernard M Jowett street Policeman
BRETON Fred. Willoughby M Goongarrie Accountant
BRETON William G M Goongarrie Housekepper
BRETT Mary F Webb street Married
BREWER David M Edjudina Miner
BREWER Henry M Picton Miner
BREWER Mary F Edjudina House duties
BREWER Samuel M Picton Miner
BREWER Samuel M Pickton Miner
BRICE Wm. Clifford M Mulline Miner
BRIDGE Annie F Menzies Nurse
BRIDGE Annie Jane F Menzies Married
BRIDGE Elizabeth F Menzies Domestic
BRIDGE James M Menzies Brickmaker
BRIDGE Laura F Menzies Domestic
BRIDGE Sarah F Menzies Married
BRIERLEY Thomas M Walsh street Newsagent
BRIERLY Edmund M Yunndaga Miner
BRIGHT William M Niagara Mine manager
BRILE James M Menzies Miner
BRIMBLECOMBE Richard P. M Friday Flat Miner
BRIMBLECOMBE William Henry M Menzies Miner
BROADBRIDGE Albert E.W. M Davyhurst Miner
BROADFOOR James M Menzies Engine driver
BROADFOOT John Hunter M Menzies Engine driver
BROADFOOT Mary F Menzies Married
BROADSTOCK Henry Hurley M Goongarrie Miner
BROMLEY Ellen F Gregory street Married
BROMLEY Harry M Gregory street Jeweller
BROOKS George M Bulgarri Woodcutter
BROOKS John Thomas M Mulline Miner
BROOKS William James M Shenton street Labourer
BROPHY James M Menzies Miner
BROPHY John James M Menzies Hotelkeeper
BROPHY Mary Davis F Reid street Domestic
BROWDER Catherine F Mt. Ida Home duties
BROWDER Daniel M Mt. Ida Teamster
BROWN Amy F Menzies Married
BROWN Andrew George M Edjudina Metallurgist
BROWN Charles Henry M Edjudina Miner
BROWN Charlotte Mary F Walsh street Housewife
BROWN E* F Mulwarrie Domestic duties
BROWN Edward M Edjudina Miner
BROWN Emily Hannah F Gregory street Married
BROWN Ernest Foster M Gregory street Fireman
BROWN Esther Emily F Menzies Housewife
BROWN Florence F Menzies Domestic
BROWN George Alexander M Menzies Miner
BROWN Grace F Menzies Housewife
BROWN Harriett F Menzies Widow
BROWN Herbert Andrew M Kensington Miner
BROWN J.V. M Waverley, Siberia Traveller
BROWN Ja* Andrew M Champion Mine, Kookynie West Blacksmith
BROWN James M Champion G.M., Niagara Miner
BROWN James M Menzies Carter
BROWN John M Tampa Miner
BROWN John Alexander M Glengarry Miner
BROWN John Joseph M Menzies Blacksmith
BROWN John Thomas M Mulline Miner
BROWN Lionel Edward M Mulline Carter
BROWN Maud F Shenton street Domestic
BROWN Michael M Woolgar Miner
BROWN Michael M Higgins street, Mulwarrie Miner
BROWN Richard M McTavish G.M. Niagara Miner
BROWN Stephen M Bulgarri Woodcutter
BROWN Tom M Menzies Inspector per. way
BROWN W.W. M Menzies Miner
BROWN William M Mulwarrie Miner
BROWN William M Tampa Miner
BROWN William Frederick M Friday Flat Mail clerk
BROWN William John M Champion Mine, Kookynie West Miner
BROWN William John M Menzies Miner
BROWN William. I. M Mt. Ida Miner
BROWNFIELD Annie F Waverley, Siberia Married
BROWNFIELD William Edward M Waverley, Siberia Miner
BRUCE Sam M Waverley, Siberia Miner
BRUCE Thomas Langlois M Mulline Battery feeder
BRUMPTON William M Copperfield, Mt. Ida Labourer
BRUNT Richard M. M Menzies Miner
BRYANT Charles M Comet Vale Labourer
BRYANT M. M Davyhurst Miner
BUCHAN Annie F Webb street Housewife
BUCHAN Wm. Forbes S.E. M Menzies Town clerk
BUCHANAN Allan M Copperfield, Mt. Ida Miner
BUCHANAN Caroline Evelyn F Copperfield, Mt. Ida Home duties
BUCHANAN Douglas M Mt. Ida Miner
BUCHANAN Douglas M Copperfield, Mt. Ida Miner
BUCK Henry M Camping reserve Labourer
BUCKLEY Sada* F Menzies Housekeeper
BULKELEY Raywood Dearman M Caslte Blayney lease Accountant
BULL George M Menzies Carrier
BULL George M Menzies Carrier
BUNNING William M Niagara Miner
BURCH Henry M Mulline Groom
BURDGE Frederick M Reid street Miner
BURGESS Herbert Thomas M Florence lease Drill-sharpener
BURGESS Sarah Ann F Florence lease Domestic
BURKE Helen F Speakman's Home duties
BURKE John M Niagara Miner
BURKE Michael M Mulwarrie Miner
BURKE Robert James M Florence lease Miner
BURKE Robert James M Dingo Creek Miner
BURKE Rose Violet F Grand Hotel Barmaid
BURKE William George Edwd. M Speakman's Battery manager
BURLEIGH Stephen M Menzies Prospector
BURMNESTER Hans Henry M Glengarry Carpenter
BURMNESTER Mary F Glengarry Home duties
BURMOND John Wilson M Edjudina Miner
BURNS Edward M Menzies Miner
BURNS John M Niagara Miner, prospector
BURNSIDE Gordon M Bulgarri Sawmill hand
BURROWES Margaret Mary F Mulline Home duties
BURROWES Samuel George M Mulline Clerk
BURROWS A.W. M Kensington- road Labourer
BURSCH Henry M Mulline Groom
BURSCH Henry M Shenton-street Tailor
BURTON Albert William M Yunndaga Miner
BURTON Lena Malvina F Woolgar Home duties
BURTON Wm. Henry M Woolgar Miner
BUTLER Arthur M Davyhurst Miner
BUTLER Edward Yoland M Shenton street Civil servant
BUTLER Leonard John M Menzies School teacher
BUTLER Lucy Beatrice F Yunndaga Domestic
BUTLER Margaret Eliza F Mulline road Married
BUTLER Richard Thomas M Woolgar Engine driver
BUTLER Robert M Florence lease Cordial fac. hand
BUTLER William M Menzies Miner
BUTLER William John M Mulline-road Engine driver
BUTTERS Ellen F Niagara Laundress
BUXTON Alfred M Shenton- street Chemist
BUXTON Joseph M Mulline Miner
BUZACOTT Richard M Menzies United lease Miner
BUZZA Ernest M Edjudina Miner
BUZZA Joseph Memsom M Edjudina Battery owner
BUZZA Rose F Edjudina Home duties
BYE Alfred E. M Beaumont-street Blacksmith
BYFIELD John M Kookynie Miner
BYNON Ellen F Jowett street Housewife
BYNON John M Menzies Labourer
BYNON William Edward M Jewett- street Storeman
BYRNE James M Woolgar Labourer
BYRNE Mary F Woolgar Married
BYRON James M Mulwarrie Miner
CADBY Arthur Edward M Higgins street, Mulwarrie Storekeeper
CADBY Frank John M Higgins street, Mulwarrie Storekeeper
CADBY H.G. M Mulwarrie Storekeeper
CADBY Harry George M Higgins street, Mulwarrie Baker
CADDY Ernest Richard M Menzies Miner
CADDY Joseph M Tampa Publican
CADDY Lucretia F Menzies Married
CADDY Rebecca Eleanor F Tampa Married
CADDY William M Menzies Bootmaker
CADE Wm. Henry M Davyhurst Plumber
CAIN Robert M Menzies Labourer
CAIRE Honora F Mulline Housekeeper
CAIRNS John M Britannia G.M., Niagara Engine driver
CALAFATES George M Edjudina Miner
CALANCHINI Michael John M Shenton street Acting warden
CALDER Bridget F Menzies Housekeeper
CALDER Neil M Goongarrie Miner
CALDER Thomas M Menzies Miner
CALDWELL Charles M Mulline Miner
CALDWELL James Alexander M Maori Chief Miner
CALDWELL John M Mulline Miner
CALDWELL William M Riverina Miner
CALDWELL William M Tampa Engine driver
CALDWELL William George M Niagara Engineer
CALLAGHAN David M Champion G.M., Niagara Miner
CALLAGHER Charles S. M Menzies Carter
CALLAGHER Dora Mary F Jowett street Married
CALLERY Thomas M Shenton street Clerk
CALOWELL William George M Riverina Miner
CAMERON Donald W. M Tampa Miner
CAMERON Hugh M Niagara Miner
CAMERON Walter M Tampa Miner
CAMPBEL Albert Ernest M Mulline Miner
CAMPBELL Colin M Menzies Miner
CAMPBELL David M Mt Morgans road carrier
CAMPBELL James M Davyhurst Labourer
CANALI Lily F Menzies Housewife
CANNY James M Menzies Miner
CANNY John James M Menzies Miner
CANNY John Thomas M Woolgar Miner
CANSH Doris F Menzies Housewife
CANTI John Thomas M Menzies Miner
CAPLES Patrick M Mulwarrie Miner
CAREY James M Menzies Prospector
CARLSSON Kate F Ularring Married
CARLTON John M Menzies Tailor
CARLTON Kate F Menzies Married
CARMAN Wm. Lawrence M Mulline Miner
CARNE Charlotte F Mulline road Widow
CARNE Elizabeth F Menzies Housewife
CARNE Ernest M Menzies Engine driver
CARNE Herbert Arthur M Mulline road Workman
CARR Eliza F Menzies Married
CARR Francis M Menzies Miner
CARR Frank, jun. M Menzies Miner
CARR Mary Ann F Menzies Married
CARR Mary Ann F Menzies Housewife
CARRICK Charles Henry M Gregory street Mngr. cycle agency
CARRICK Edith F Gregory street Married
CARRIGG Thomas M Menzies Assayer
CARROLL Edward M Davyhurst Miner
CARROLL Edward C. M Yarri Miner
CARROLL James David M Mulwarrie Miner
CARROLL John M Picton Miner
CARROLL John Patrick M Mulwarrie Miner
CARROLL William M Mount Remarkable Teamster
CARROTS M. M Cashman's Miner
CARRUTHERS Thomas M Shenton lease Carpenter
CARSON Edith F Glengarry Home duties
CARSON George Anderson M Glengarry Miner
CARSON George Andrew M Mulwarrie Miner
CARTER Frederick M Kookynie West Labourer
CARTER Frederick William M Menzies Miner
CARTLEDGE James John M Comet Vale Per. way repairer
CARTWRIGHT William M Menzies Miner
CARVAL Edward M Davyhurst Miner
CARVAL James M Mulwarrie Miner
CASEY John M Government battery Miner
CASH Mary F Waverley, Siberia Housekeeper
CASLEY Wm. Henry M Mt. Ida Miner
CASSIDY Henry George M Davyhurst Hotel-keeper
CASSON Eliza F Woolgar Domestic
CASTLE William John M Niagara Miner
CAUDWELL Frank M Kookynie West Engine driver
CAUDWELL Rose F Kookynie West Married
CAVANAGH William M Tampa Miner
CAVILL F.J. M Jessop's well Miner
CAVILL Frank M Niagara Miner
CAWTHORNE Alfred M Niagara Miner
CHACKEFIELD Charles M Edjudina Labourer
CHALMERS Wm. Robert M Goongarrie Miner
CHAMBERS Charles M Mulline, Ularring Carter
CHAMBERS Charles M Edjudina Miner
CHAMBERS Ernest C. M Comet Vale Miner
CHAMBERS Frederick M Mulline Carter
CHAMBERS Wm. Lambert M Edjudina Miner
CHAPMAN John M Menzies Miner
CHARLTON Jessie Blane F Menzies Married
CHARLTON Walter John M Menzies Draper
CHEDZEY Thomas M Davyhurst Engine driver
CHESSELL Charles Hy. M Davyhurst Blacksmith
CHESTERFIELD Gertrude F Menzies Married
CHESTERFIELD Harold M Menzies Hotel keeper
CHICK Margaret Ann F Menzies Cook
CHRISTENSEN Henry Paul M Niagara Miner
CHRISTENSON Wm. John M Edjudina Miner
CHRISTIAN William M Tampa Miner
CHRISTIE James M Waverley, Siberia Mine manager
CHRISTIE John Matheson M Waverley, Siberia Miner
CHRISTISSEN Ernest M Niagara Miner
CHURCH Amelia F Waverley, Siberia Married
CHURCH Ernest Arthur M Mulwarrie Miner
CHURCH Fredk. James M Mulwarrie Miner
CHURCH Minnie F Mulwarrie Home duties
CLARENCE Charles M Goongarrie Miner
CLARK Ada F Walton street Widow
CLARK Julia F Beaumont street Housewife
CLARK Phyllis F Jowett street Laundress
CLARK Reuben M Fall street, Niagara Miner
CLARK Searwood M Mulline Labourer
CLARK Thomas M Beaumont street Miner
CLARK Thomas, Mrs. M Menzies Married
CLARKE Catherine F Beaumont street Married
CLARKE Joseph M Menzies Miner
CLARKE Joseph M Woolgar Fettler
CLARKE Thomas M   Blacksmith
CLARKE William A. M Shenton street Baker
CLAYTON Edward M Tampa Miner
CLAYTON Elizabeth Mary F Central Menzies lease Married
CLAYTON Henry M Menzies Miner
CLAYTON Thomas M Menzies Yardman
CLAYTON Thomas G. M Kensington road Blacksmith
CLAYTON Thomas Henry M Central Menzies lease Labourer
CLEMENTS John M Yunndaga Miner
CLIFFORD Daniel M Edjudina Storekeeper
CLIFFORD Fred W. M Bulgarri Mine manager
CLIFFORD John M Edjudina Storekeeper
CLIFFORD Joseph Adolph M Goongarrie Miner
CLIFT James Joseph M Shenton street Butcher
CLIFT Martha F Menzies Married
CLINCH Mary F Ularring Widow
CLINK William M Niagara Miner
CLINTON William Millar M Shenton street Accountant
CLIPSON Thomas Henry M Kensington road Blacksmith
CLOSE James M Menzies Miner
COAK Michael M Glengarry Miner
COAK Patrick M Glengarry Miner
COCHRANE William Henry M Menzies Miner
COCK Edith F Shenton lease Domestic
COCK Joseph Reynolds M Shenton lease Miner
COCKER Eliza F Mercer street Married
COCKER William John M Shenton street Butcher
COCKS Kate F Menzies Married
CODNER Frederick M Tampa Miner
CODY James M Tampa Miner
COEN James M William street, Mt. Ida Grocer
COEN Mary Ann F William street, Mt. Ida Married
COFFEY Francis M Edjudina Miner
COGAN Charles Thomas M Shenton street Draper
COGAN Elizabeth F Menzies Married
COGAN Maria F Webb street Married
COGAN Michael Patrick M Webb street Stationer
COGDON Charles Frederick M Waverley Civil servant
COGHLAN Theobald Joseph M Davyhurst Clerk
COGLAN Daniel M Jessop's well Miner
COGLAN John M Menzies Engine driver
COGLAN R. Lindsay M Edjudina Engine driver
COHEN Maurice M Mulwarrie Publican
COHEN Rebecca F Menzies Housewife
COHEN Selina F Shenton street Spinster
COHEN William M Menzies Tailor
COHN Joseph P. M Yunndaga Miner
COHN Woolf M Shenton street Tailor
COLDFOOTS George M Edjudina Miner
COLE Henry M Tampa Miner
COLE Henry, jun. M Tampa Miner
COLENUTT Frederick Moreton M Shenton street Chemist
COLENUTT Jane F Shenton street Married
COLETT Adelaide F Woolgar Domestic
COLETT Gifford M Woolgar Watchman
COLETT William Henry M Woolgar Stoker
COLETT William Rayner M Mulline Bank clerk
COLLEY Arthur M. M Jowett street Butcher
COLLEY Elizabeth F Jowett street Housewife
COLLIER Florence May F Gold estate Married
COLLIER Richard M Mulline Miner
COLLIER William M Gold estate Miner
COLLINGHAM Ernest M Niagara Miner
COLLINGS Wm. M Mulline Miner
COLLINS Andrew M Menzies Tool sharpener
COLLINS Hugh M Menzies Horse driver
COLLINS John M Crown lease Battery feeder
COLLINS Minnie F Davyhurst Home duties
COLLINS Thomas M Yilgangie Miner
COLLINS Thomas M Davyhurst Miner
COLLINS William Henry M Mulline Blacksmith
COLLINS Wm. Henry M Davyhurst Mine manager
COLYP**T Winnifred F Camping reserve Married
COMMINS Alice Maud F Menzies Housewife
COMMONS Wm. Thomas M Menzies Miner
COMPSTON Charles M Fall street, Niagara Labourer
COMPSTON Ellen S. F Fall street, Niagara Married
COMPSTON William M Fall street, Niagara Butcher
CONGDON Annie F Menzies Domestic
CONGDON Annie F Menzies Married
CONGDON Elwin M Menzies Miner
CONN Joseph M Yunndaga Miner
CONN Margt. F Yunndaga Home duties
CONNAUGHTON Denis Thos. M Mulline Miner
CONNELL James M Malion street Miner
CONNELL Mrs. A. A. F Mulwarrie Married
CONNELLY Blanche F Yunndaga Housewife
CONNELLY James Joseph M Yunndaga Miner
CONNELLY Wm. M Goongarrie  
CONNIHAN John M Waverley, Siberia Miner
CONNOLLY Michael M Mt. Ida Miner
CONNOR Ellen F Menzies Waitress
CONNOR Thomas M Mulwarrie Miner
CONWAY John Joseph M Mulwarrie Miner
CONWAY Martin M Menzies Constable
CONWAY Owen M Yunndaga Labourer
COOK Elizabeth F Menzies Dressmaker
COOK Elizabeth Josephine F Menzies Home duties
COOK Ernest Richard M Q.M. lease Condensor
COOK Joseph Henry M Q.M. lease Miner
COOK Walter M Woolgar Miner
COOK William C. M Government well, Mulwarrie Well sinker
COOKE Elizabeth F Woolgar Married
COOKE George Henry M Woolgar Miner
COOMBE Jane Lottie F Niagara Hotel keeper
COOPER Arthur Carisford M Reid street Sec. roads board
COOPER Caroline Carisford F Reid street Married
COOPER E. F Kensington road Spinster
COOPER John Henry M Mt. Ida Miner
COOPER William M Menzies Miner
COOPER Wm. Kyle M Davyhurst Miner
COPELY John M Menzies Miner
COPELY Mary F Menzies Housewife
COPLEY James M Shenton stree Blacksmith
CORBETT John M Edjudina Miner
CORBETT Kate F Edjudina Married
CORDINGLY Augustus M Woolgar Miner
CORNELIUS Hubert M Menzies Miner
CORNELIUS James H. M   Miner
CORNELIUS Myra M. F Shenton street Spinster
CORNELIUS Nellie F Webb street Housewife
CORNELIUS William John M Walsh street Baker
CORNEY Walter Thos. M Menzies Clerk
CORRELL James M Waverley, Siberia Miner
CORRELL Mary Ann F Waverley, Siberia Domestic
CORRIGAN John M Balgarrie Miner
CORY Richard John M Menzies Miner
COSGROVE James M Davyhurst Miner
COSMA John M Niagara Miner
COSTAY Charles M Waverley, Siberia Miner
COTTINGHAM Charles M Niagara Miner
COULBURN John M Goongarrie Miner
COULSON George M Edjudina Miner
COUNDEN Wm. M Calion Miner
COUNSEL Robert M Davyhurst Postmaster
COUNTON Francis Wilson M Mahon street Carrier
COUPAR Joseph M Champion G.M., Niagara Miner
COURAGE Alexander M Waverley, Siberia Miner
COVENEY J. M Menzies Engine driver
COVENY John Joseph M Mulwarrie Mine manager
COWAN Ernest M Niagara Miner
COWAN P.F. M Niagara Miner
COWE John M Mulwarrie Mine manager
COWPER Fredk. Thos M Menzies Operator
COWPER Josephine F Jowett street Housewife
COX Mary F Menzies Widow
COYLE Joseph Thos. M Goongarrie Miner
COYNE John M Florence lease Miner
COYNE Tom M Mulline Miner
CRAB George M Gregory street Miner
CRAIG Charles M Beaumont street Blacksmith
CRAIG Dora F Beaumont street Married
CRAIG Margaret F Menzies Dressmaker
CRAIG Thomas M Mulline Miner
CRAMOND Ernest W.D. M Rowles lagoon, Carnage Miner
CRAVEN John M Edjudina Bricklayer
CRAVEN Paul M Edjudina Miner
CRAWFORD Hugh Patrick M Goongarrie Miner
CRAWFORD J.M. M Carbine Miner
CRAWFORD R. M Carnage Miner
CRAWFORD R. M Kintore Spirit merchant
CRAWLEY Daniel M Edjudina Miner
CREEDON Denis M Menzies Miner
CREGAN William M Waverley, Siberia Miner
CREIGHTON Edward M Leonora railway Ganger
CRESSWELL Francis Henry M Batavia G.M., Niagara Miner
CRESSWELL Frank M Trilby Miner
CRESWELL John A. M Menzies Cycle agent
CRISP Edward M Menzies Assayer
CRISP Edwd. Thomas M Menzies Miner
CRISP Geo. Wm. M Davyhurst Miner
CRISP Thomas M Menzies Carpenter
CRITCHFIELD Joseph M Government battery, Mulline Metallurgist
CRITCHFIELD Mary Jane F Menzies Married
CROAKER David M Champion G.M., Niagara Miner
CROCKETT Jean F Goongarrie Domestic duties
CROCKETT Peter M Goongarrie Station Master
CROFT Henry M Yerilla Miner
CROKER David Charles M Champion mine Labourer
CROOK Benjamin M Carnage Miner
CROSBIE Herbert M Davyhurst Miner
CROSBIE Robert M Menzies Blacksmith
CROSSING George Robert M Webb street Clerk
CROSSLAND Richard M Goongarrie Blacksmith
CROSSLAND Selina F Goongarrie Married
CROTAY Charles M Riverina Miner
CROTAZ Charles James M Mulline Labourer
CROUSTON William M Davyhurst Miner
CROWE Martin M Niagara Miner
CROWE William M Menzies Miner
CROWLEY Daniel M Edjudina Miner
CULLEN Annie F Waverley, Siberia Married
CULLEN Bryan M Menzies Miner
CULLEN Francis William M Champion G.M., Niagara Miner
CULLEN M. Francis M Waverley, Siberia Miner
CULLEN M.F. M Waverley Miner
CULLINAN James M Kookynie West Blacksmith
CUMMINGS John Hastings M Edjudina Engine fitter
CUMMINS Christopher M Railway line, Menzies Labourer
CUMNOCK John M Mulline Miner
CUNNEEN John D. M Edjudina Miner
CUNNINGHAM J. M Ularring Miner
CUNNINGHAM John Robert M Shenton street Plumber
CUNNINGHAM Nellie F Shenton street Housewife
CUNNINGHAM Thomas M Mulline Miner
CUNY John M Britannia G.M., Niagara Miner
CURNOW William M Woolgar Miner
CURRIE John M Mulline Miner
CURTAIN Andrew M Glengarry Miner


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