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This website is dedicated to the memory of my two dear friends Sandy Duncan and Shyama Peebles who both passed away in 2012.


Cemeteries > Coolgardie Cemetery MOY - RYD


Photo Danelle Warnock

Coolgardie Cemetery MOY - RYD

MOYLE Amelia Hester Mary[Annie] 10/06/1904 8 yrs WES B95 East Montana
MOYLE Walter Alfred 15/09/1896 12 mths WES A75 Male child
MUDGADEEN   24/02/1916 35 yrs AFG A 25 Body brought in from Malcolm for burial.
MUDGEDEEN Goolam Mahomed 20/03/1906 8 mths Afgahn ??  
MUDIE Colin 20/03/1903 16 yrs ANG F52 Accidently shot by brother
MUIR Morris 13/10/1910 42 yrs PRES B77 Occ miner
MULLER Harvey 23/12/1895 3 days ANG A99 Male child
MULLINS Gertrude M 18/03/1903 6 mths R/C D38  
MUNDIN George 12/08/1910 27 yrs ANG D3.10 Occ Groom
MUNRO James Ward 27/12/1898 33 yrs PRES A117 Married MAN, died of blood poisoning
MUNRO John 02/08/1911 50 yrs PRES B90 Occ Carter
MUNRO William McGregor 02/08/1913 57 yrs PRES A117 Occ engine driver
MUNSIE Henry 13/10/1914 53 yrs METH C135 Occ prospecor
MURPHY Charles 6/10/1907 24 yrs GEN A65 Inquest held. Died of gun shot wound self inflicted whilst under the influence of liquor
MURPHY Isacc 07/05/1897 54 yrs PRES A141 Died of dysentry
MURPHY Peter 09/04/1895 35 yrs R/C A14  
MURPHY Jane(sister of Mercy) 16/04/1959 74 yrs R/C SECT  
MURPHY Patrick 20/10/1900 45 yrs R/C D5 Killed by a blasting Accident at Calooli
MURPHY Edward 24/01/1896 58 yrs R/C A24  
MURPHY Patrick 21/12/1899 34 yrs R/C A99  
MURRAY Robert Graham Scotland 9/06/1898 5 weeks ANG D83  
MURRAY Albert E  24/11/1900 9 mths GEN A 4  
MURRAY Joseph Kenneth 19/05/1965 55 yrs R/C I  116  
MURRAY James Francis 9/04/1953 83 yrs R/C H54  
MURRAY Austin 01/11/1897 29 yrs R/C A66  
MURRAY Ellen Annie 10/03/1898 35 yrs WES A135  
MUSGROVE Hubert Musgrove 22/01/1898 39 yrs ANG D23  
MYER Gwendolyn Elizabeth 25/11/1986 79 yrs ANG A3  81 Buried with husband. Reg No 3156. Late of the Coolgardie Nursing Home. From Calgary Canada.
MYER Harold 30/08/1984 74 yrs ANG A3.81 Was a retired mining engineer. From Calgary Canada
MYER Francis William 16/10/1912 46 yrs WES C99 Occ railway employee
MYILISS Phoebe 23/01/1898 3    days JEW B 34  
MYLIS MANsargh 22/03/1911 72 yrs R/C E56 Occ labourer
NANCARROW Olive Muriel 13/05/1903 ANG F29 From Burbanks, 4 months, Father: James Mother Ellen IVES
NANKERVIS William 15/11/1909 WES C83 Occ miner
NASH Ethel 24/01/1898 WES A127 Nee HAMILTON
NASH Sydney Robert Stirling 12/2/1911 ANG E2.18 Occ marine engineer
NAUMANN Adolf Andra 16/05/1896 ANG B23  
NEALE John Bernard 18/12/1906 WES C39 Occ mining engineer
NEILSEN John 18/04/1905 WES C15  
NEILSON Alexander 5/05/1896 ANG B45  
NELSON Ole Wm 15/04/1903 ANG F54 Occ engine driver
NELSON Lenna Catherine 25/06/1896 ANG B 78  
NELSON P 29/10/1895 GEN A1.33  
NELSON Unnamed Male child 20/10 1905 GEN A2.68  
NELSON John 14/10/1898 ANG D90  
NETTLE Minnie 4/12/1947 METH D30  
NETTLE Albert Nicholas 18/02/1950 METH D 30 Buried with wife
NETTLE Gertrude 12/12/1903 WES C9 Died of Meningitis
NEVILLE Richard 18/07/1895 GEN A1.27  
NEVILLE Jessie 16/04/1900 PRES A96 Married woman
NEVIN Patrick 5/08/1955 R/C H2  
NEWBURY John 30/06/1896 ANG B87  
NEWMAN Dorothy J 09/10/1942 ANG D4.75 Home duties. Died from haemorrhage and shock.
NEWMAN William 13/01/1896 ANG A106  
NEWMAN George Edward 13/03/1934 ANG F4.35  
NEWMAN Alfred 31/07/1896 R/C A36  
NEWPORT Emily Maud 08/04/1914 ANG E3.2 Married woman
NEWTON George        
NEWSTEAD Charles 21/08/1910 ANG E2.4 Occ miner
NICHOLAN William 21/07/1909 WES C62 Occ miner
NICHOLAN Alfred W 13/06/1896 PRES A10  
NICHOLLS Harry Coates 18/03/1906 ANG B2.42 From Mt Eva Coolgardie
NICHOLLS Percy 27/04/1895 WES A28 Male child
NICHOLLS Edward Hugh 12/11/1920 ANG F3.63  
NICHOLS George Alfred 24/11/1962 ANG B3.49  
NICHOLS Sarah 12/09/1947 ANG D4.86 Buried with Husband
NICHOLS Robert [Albert?] 13/06/1912 ANG F2.14 Occ miner
NICHOLS James Alfred 15/01/1942 ANG D4.86  
NICHOLSON Angus 27/06/1910 PRES B84 Occ miner
NICOLL George Reid 21/05/1901 PRES A92  
NOAKES Charles Goldsmith 24/05/1937 ANG F5.89A  
NOBBS Unnamed 05/08/1899 GEN A2.41  
NOBLE Samuel 06/05/1895 GEN A1.26  
NOBLE James 28/08/1913 PRES C32 Occ prospector
NOBLE John 11/05/1908 WES C71  
NOBLE William Robert 11/05/1908 WES C71  
NOLAN Matthew 12/12/1894 R/C A7  
NOONAN Unnamed 2/07/1908 GEN A69  
NOONAN Unnamed 4/11/1904 GEN A2.59 Father's name Michael.Occhotel keeper. Female child. Walker U/T
NOONAN Bridget 2/02/1912 R/C E51 Married woman, buried with husband Cornelius
NOONAN Cornelius 30/03/1910 R/C E51 Occ miner
NOONAN Unnamed 4/04/1907 GEN A26  
NOONGAR Simon 13/02/1981 METH D7 Aboriginal man. Late of Forrest st Coolgardie.
NORAH (aboriginal) 29/12/1909 GEN A1.4  
NORMAN John 12/06/1895 WES A45  
NORRIE George Troop 15/09/1906 ANG B2.22 Accountant
NORTHALLSON George L F 07/07/1899 WES B26 From Burbanks
NOVAK John William 3/08/1991 R/c H  45 Occ boiler maker. Late of 46 Woodward St Coolgardie.
NUCKEY William 7/07/1913 METH C138 Occ miner
NUTTALL Thomas 17/06/1901 ANG F3 Lived at Calooli
OAKLEY Charles Mathew J 20/07/1939 ANG F5.78  
OATEN Mary  09/05/1898 R/C A94 Married woman. Died of inflamation of the bowel
OATENS John 17/03/1897 R/C A56  
OATS Elizabeth Ann 24/01/1898 WES A129  
OBRIEN Agnes 17/02/1934 R/C F42 Buried with husband
OBRIEN Elizabeth 10/03/1906 R/C D77 Married woman
OBRIEN Edward 5/08/1919 R/C E42 Occ stonemason
OBRIEN Unamed male 19/03/1906 R/C D84  
OCONNELL Michael 18/02/1910 R/C E72 Occ wheel wright
OCONNELL Patrick 29/04/1896 R/C C30  
OCONNOR John Patrick 13/08/1899 R/C B20 Died of pneumonia
OCONNOR John 22/02/1912 R/C E46 Occ publican
OCONNOR Elizabeth 1/09/1932 R/C E46 Widow. Died of heart failure. Buried with husband.
OCONNOR George 08/02/1898 R/C C80  
OCONNOR Charles John 28/02/1897 R/C A51  
OCONNOR Thomas H 16/01/1900 R/C B13  
OCONNOR Sarah 19/12/1900 R/C B37  
ODONAGHUE Richard Harold 3/02/1911 R/C E62  
ODONNELL John 1/12/1950 R/C H66  
ODONNELL Madline 13/01/1942 R/C F3 Burnt to death in camp at Bullabulling
ODONNELL Patricia Joan 13/01/1942 R/C F3 Burnt to death in camp at Bullabulling
ODONNELL Joseph 22/02/1942 R/C F2 Burnt to death in camp at Bullabulling. Children buried in F.3 No 2815/2806
OHARA P 18/11/1895 R/C C18  
OKADO Harry 05/04/1895 GEN A1.20 Japanese
OKEEFE Sarah 7/12/1908 R/C E88 Occ laundress
OKEEFE Thomas 13/02/1896 R/C A27  
OLEARY Laurence 09/02/1897 R/C A48 Died of pneumonia
OLEARY Bridget Mary 13/08/1913 R/C E5 Married woman
OLIVER Doreen Alice 11/09/2007   Tree 4 also Francis OLIVER
OLIVER Richard 11/02/1897 WES A80 Died of enteric fever.
OLIVER Francis Thomas 08/07/1993 Not Noted Tree 4 Late of 8 Taylor St Coolgardie
OLIVER Elsie 22/02/1896 ANG A104  
OLSEN Gustave Henrick 09/01/1950 ANG C3.32 Accident in a motor truck
OMEARA Muriel 27/09/1904 R/C D1 Married woman
OMOTU (Female) 30/06/1896 GEN A2.23 Japanese
ONEILL Edward 21/08/1899 R/C A108  
ORD William Carlyle 14/04/1907 WES C53  
OREGAN John 11/07/1897 R/C A75 Died of bronchitis, cardiac syncope
OREILLY Richard 24/05/1901 R/C D21  
ORME Robert Knox 8/07/1897 ANG C66 Died of enteric fever
ORR James Edward 31/01/1901 ANG E79 32 yrs
OSATA Batiste 29/04/1902 R/C A 120 Typhoid fever
OSBISTON Francis Frederick 24/04/1902 ANG F 40 Mine manager, age 59
OSBORNE Thomas Edgar 05/04/1905 WES C11 Occ miner
OSBORNE Thomas Henry 15/04/1913 ANG E 3.55 Occ truck examiner
OSHANNASY Joseph 26/08/1919 R/C F43 Occ fitter
OSHANNESSY Michael F 27/11/1916 R/C F83 Occ prospector
OSHEA Alma Iris Stella 13/04/1902 R/C D20  
OSMAN Gani 4/03/1915 AFG A23 Died at Malcolm
OSTUMA Female 12/10/1900 GEN A4 Female Japanese
OSULLIVAN Matthew 15/12/1896 R/C C73 Died as a result of railway accident
OSWALD James Hudson 15/05/1943 ANG D4  36 Occ brick layer. Died of chronic myocarditis
OTKEN Matemoto 28/11/1896 GEN A1 Female Japanese
OTOOLE Patrick 01/09/1897 R/C A76 Died on the Railway line near Coolgardie, Injury to Spine and Kidney;s.
OTOOLE Thomas Adrian 18/12/1897 R/C C51  
OULIVEY Valitine 11/05/1899 R/C A102  
OWEN Clara Ann 15/01/1910 WES C85 Widow
OWLD James 17/10/1896 WES A70  
PACKARD Frederick Robinson 29/08/1898 GEN A 7  
PADDY Unknown 08/11/1902 GEN A2.48 Aboriginal
PADRATT Joseph 27/03/1909 ANG D23 Occ miner
PAGES Nellie 15/03/1897 R/C C60 Married woman
PAISLEY James 03/10/1904 PRES B34 From Bonnievale. Died through an explosion self caused there is not sufficient evidence to show the state of the deceased state of mind.
PALMER Frederick 17/03/1896 ANG B40  
PALTRIDGE George 06/11/1903 WES C30 Occ amalgamator
PARERAS Alegandro 22/08/1905 R/C D75 Born in  South America .OccRestuant Keeper
PARK William 29/04/1901 PRES A90 Died of typhoid fever. Was from Burbanks
PARK Frederick 23/05/1913 ANG E3.3 Occ storekeeper
PARKER Charles T 28/04/1903 WES B93 Buried with sister
PARKER Sarah 01/05/1909 WES C80 Widow
PARKER Ernest William 11/01/1908 ANG C2.32  
PARKER Lilian 27/01/1902 WES B93  
PARKINSON John 20/05/1903 WES B105 From Bonnievale
PARKINSON Elizabeth 30/03/1908 WES B105 Widow
PARKS William James 30/03/1960 METH D20  
PARKS John Jack 23/01/1948 PRES A90 Buried with brother
PARLOR Benjamin henry 14/03/1911 ANG E2.30 Storeman
PAROW Julius Louis 22/11/1916 ANG F3.18 not in death register
PARRY William 04/02/1900 GEN A1.72  
PARSONS Richard 28/06/1899 WES B68  
PASSFIELD Henry 08/04/1897 WES A81 Married man
PATERSON Unnamed 11/05/1899 GEN A2.42  
PATIENCE Michael John 30/03/1953 R/C H57  
PATSTONE Female child 28/06/1897 ANG C24 Died of syncope, in Sylvester St, Coolgardie WA.  Female child
PATTERSON John 28/03/1895 ANG A12  
PATTERSON John  04/11/1943 ANG D4.31 Died from asthma and pneumonia
PATTRICK Albert L 22/06/1897 WES A97  
PAUL Rebecca 8/08/1907 R/C E116 Married woman
PAUL William 13/01/1908 PRES B63 Occ miner
PAULINELLI Joseph 11/02/1902 R/C D22  
PAULL Stephan 02/01/1902 WES B87  
PAULSON George J 19/04/1905 WES C19  
PAVICH Herbert 19/03/1896 R/C A26  
PAXTON Joshua 03/09/1900 WES B56  
PAYNE Cecil Percy Wyndham 12/08/1895 ANG A62 Male child
PEACH Walter 24/02/1897 WES A72 Single male. Died from enteric fever
PEARCE Mary Jane 30/10/1914 METH C128 Married woman
PEARCE Koreani Vyane 14/04/1969 GEN Unknown Snake bite. Buried in General Section
PEARCE Joseph 22/06/1897 WES A104  
PEARCE John 02/09/1898 WES B18  
PEARSE Joseph  17/11/1908 R/C E89 Occ miner
PEARSON George Barwick 23/11/1898 WES B4 Committed suicide by shooting himself.OccBarber.
PEARSON Frank 07/03/1896 WES A6  
PEARSON Jonas 31/08/1908 ANG D2.4  
PEARSONS Alma 26/08/1902 PRES A98  
PEAT Allan 08/10/1935 ANG D18 Buried with father Isaac and Henrietta
PEAT Henrietta 02/04/1937 ANG D18  
PEATE Isaac 14/11/1897 ANG D18 Accidently killed Burbanks Mine
PEDRETTI Lynal Telford 14/08/1990 R/C H   46 Retired miner. Late of 67 Shaw st Coolgardie
PEIN Adolf 29/06/1896 ANG B22  
PEINE John 12/08/1898 ANG D24  
PEIS John 27/02/1897 ANG C45 Died of dysentry and enteric fever. Single male
        A2.3 Italian. Married man
PELLEW Sarah Ann 20/07/1900 WES B50 Interred with daughter Sarah
PELLEW Sarah 18/07/1900 WES B50  
PENBERTHY James Henry 10/07/1896 WES A67 Died from pneumonia.Occauctioneer
PENDER L C 6/03/1895 ANG A35  
PENGLASE John 20/12/1954 METH D26  
PENGLASE Nellie May 27/02/1961 ANG C3.36  
PENGLASE Cyril 8/05/1953 ANG B3.84  
PENGLASE Joseph Teague 31/08/1909 WES C92  
PENNA Eva 22/03/1916 PRES C20 Married woman
PENNY Isabel 29/07/1904 C/C A9  
PERKINS Ernest Henry 03/05/1906 ANG B2.28  
PERKINS Unnamed 30/08/1899 GEN A2.42  
PERLSTEIN Leah 13/11/1903 JEW A 16 1 week, Father: Casper Mother: Laura MOYLE
PERRY Kay Lynette 18/03/1947 ANG D4.96 Also buried with Robert John
PERRY Unnamed 25/05/1962 ANG D4.96  
PERRY Robert John 26/09/1958 ANG D4.96 Was brought from Kalgoorlie for internment, with Kay Lynette
PETERSEN Frances Johanna 24/02/1909 R/C E136 Occ domestic duties
PETERSEN John 24/08/1977 ANG B3.58 Occ retired miner. Lived in Masonic Caretakers house Lindsay St Coolgardie
PETERSON Martin 13/12/1938 ANG F5.79 Died of thirst.
PETRO George 13/12/1896 ANG C42  
PHELPS Horace Samuel 03/01/1987 ANG B3  60 Buried with wife No 3123. Late of the Metropole Hotel Boulder. A Service Pensioner
PHELPS Nellie Eleanor 25/09/1978 ANG B3.60 From 41 Sylvester St Coolgardie
PHELPS William 15/11/1905 WES C28  
PHILLIPS John 04/09/1914 Gen A.23 Bell ringer
PHILLIPS Unnamed 01/02/1901 WES B52 Interred with brother
PHILLIPS Mary 17/07/1898 R/C A77 Married woman
PHILLIPS Thomas Lhysick 17/07/1942 ANG D4.82 Occ prospector. Died of coronory thrombosis
PHILLIPS Alice Irene 10/08/1897 ANG C65  
PHILLIPS William Roy 11/03/1897 PRES A57  
PHILLIPS John 21/12/1900 WES B52  
PHILLIPS Johana Louisa 23/01/1898 R/C A70  
PHILP John 14/01/1898 ANG D8 Committed suicide self inflicted head wound
PHILPOT John S 27/03/1896 ANG B34  
PHOEBE John 07/01/1896 WES A37  
PICKERING John 3/09/1918 ANG B91 Miner
PICKERING John 3/06/1898 ANG D91  
PICKUP Abraham 17/06/1917 ANG F3.11 Occ miner
PIDCOCK Fredrich Standish 07/05/1911 ANG E2.20  
PINDER James 17/04/1915 ANG E3.66 Occ dairyman
PIPPIN James 02/06/1922 WES B9  
PIPPIN Rebecca Jane 14/05/1927 WES B9 Buried with husband
PIPPIN Dorothy Ann 01/02/1899 WES B9 Interred with brother
PIPPIN John Thomas 01/01/1899 WES B9  
PITCHFORD Frederick 07/05/1897 WES A100 Died of General Paralysis
PITT James 04/03/1898 PRES A121  
PLANT Ann 20/12/1897 WES A119 Married woman
PLANT Samuel 27/11/1905 WES A119 Occ miner
PLATELL Ellen 11/04/1914 ANG E3.44 widow
PLEWS Nicholas John 15/02/1935 ANG F5.84A Single man. Accidental death
PLUMFIELD Edward 24/09/1896 PRES A21  
PLUMMER Edna Payne 13/05/1906 ANG B2.27  
PLUSH Unnamed Female child 24/02/1905 GEN A2.63  
POLLERD Mark 03/01/1901 WES B74  
POLLOCK Oswald 15/02/1897 ANG C29 Died of enteric fever
POMFREY William 09/11/1914 ANG E3.108 Occ labourer
POOLE Frederick James 11/05/1895 ANG A19  
POPE Mary 4/05/1902 R/C D35 Married woman
PORTER William Jas 7/02/1913 METH C103 Occ miner
PORTER Charles 6/04/1900 ANG E47 Prospector
POTTER William Henry 21/05/1895 ANG A25  
POWELL Herbert 4/02/1895 ANG A72  
POWELL Elizabeth Ann 17/11/1897 ANG C20  
POWELL Arthur Francis 15/11/1898 ANG D65  
POWER Alfred 22/08/1941 R/C F  5 Occ labourer
POWER John Francis 26/02/1942 R/C F24  
POWYS Henry 3/04/1895 ANG A31 Doctor
PRADA Emelia D 03/11/1899 PRES A74  
PRATT Jonathan Edwin 24/09/1936 ANG F5.88A From Higginsville. Occ miner. Died as a result of a mining accident.
PRESTON Irene 8/03/1906 R/C A116  
PRESTON Coral 8/03/1903 R/C A116  
PRICE William Walter 15/08/1912 WES C102 Occ engine driver
PRICE William John 5/10/1905 ANG B2.11 Occ miner
PRICE William 26/06/1900 PRES A85  
PRICE Harry Edwin 19/07/1899 GEN A2.40  
PRIDMORE Winnifred Mary 12/12/1909 R/C E36 Inquest held. Finding, she died of natural Causes.
PRINZLOFF Max 13/10/1896 ANG B63  
PRIOR Benjamin Austin 21/10/1989 not noted Tree 1 Ashes Place under Tree 1 on the 29/10/1989. prospector And Store Keeper from Bayley st Coolgardie.
PROPERJOHN Ellen 10/08/1909 ANG D3.16 Married woman
PROTHERO William Phelps 01/12/1905 WES C26  
PRUDENCE Alice Katie 29/09/1954 ANG B3.79 Also Charles PRUDENCE
PRUDENCE Charles 07/10/1960 ANG B3.79 Came from Southern Cross. Interred in wifes grave No Ref 2973
PRUEN Edward Junner 3/01/1898 ANG D10 Pneumonia and exhaustion
PRYOR Wiliam P 17/06/1896 WES A9  
PUGH Thomas John 19/03/1953 ANG C3.19  
PUGH Fredrick J 02/01/1897 PRES A22 Abcess on the Liver
PULHAM Noah 10/05/1896 ANG B30  
PURCHASE Florence Elizabeth 22/12/1995 ANG B3.44 Buried with daughter and husband Reg No 2973 & 3032
PURCHASE Elizabeth Ann 03/01/1961 ANG B3.44 Came from Kunnunopping also Father  Charles
PURCHASE Ivy Elizabeth 10/04/1972 ANG B3.70 From Regional Hospital Coolgardie
PURCHASE Charles Edward 15/06/1965 ANG B3.44 Interred with Daughter Elizabeth
PURDY Joseph 10/02/1925 ANG F3.49  
PURDY Albert James 14/11/1955 ANG B3.76 Also Hilda PURDY
PURDY Samel Shortcliffe 15/01/1954 ANG B3.83  
PURDY Joseph 18/06/1951 ANG C3.27  
PURDY Elizabeth Gertrude 10/02/1952 ANG F3.49 Buried with sister and niece
PURDY Rupert Vernon 23/06/1971 R/C I112 From 3 King street Coolgardie
PURDY Catherine 01/10/1918 ANG F3.49 From Burbanks. Widow
PURDY Thomas Francis 25/05/1962 ANG B3.83 Interred in brothers Grave No 2968
PURDY Hilda May 12/05/1959 ANG B3.76 Interred with husband Albert
PURDY Maggie 28/03/1921 ANG F3.55  
PURKISS Albert Henry 25/03/1895 ANG A48 Prospector
PURSGLOVE Bridget Mary 9/08/1907 R/C E118  
QUARTERMAINE Henrietta 03/05/1897 R/C A59 Died of enteric fever. Single female
QUEEN Mary 03/11/1905 ANG B2.3  
QUICK Eva. 19/04/1899 GEN A 10 Salvation army. Single woman. Died of typhoid fever
QUIGLEY John 11/06/1896 R/C A  34  
QUIN Unnamed 12/04/1898 PRES A115  
QUINE Unnamed 30/08/1897 WES A87 Male child
QUINE Christina Jane 23/07/1909 ANG C2.3 Married woman from Bonnievale, also mary and Allan QUINE
QUINE Mary Watson 04/04/1907 ANG C2.3  
QUINE Allen Mcllan 05/12/1908 ANG C2.13  
QUINLAN (Unknown 25/07/1900 R/C A74 Buried with sister
QUINLAN William 10/02/1898 R/C A74 Gastro enteritis & exhaustion.
QUINLAN Agnes 28/06/1901 R/C D23 Nurse from Mungarrie
QUINLIVAN Robert Edward 23/04/2004 R/C H   42  
QUINN Edmond 03/01/1897 R/C C68 Died of dysentry
QUINN Kate 12/05/1912 R/C E19 Occ laundress
QUIRK Sarah Mena 12/01/1960 ANG B3.46  
RAESTICK James 19/06/1896 ANG B89  
RAFTA Lindsay 24/04/1901 GEN A2.49  
RAHIM Abdul 27/06/1918 AFG   Died and registered in Kalgoorlie body brought to Coolgardie for Burial.
RAMSAY James 01/03/1895 GEN A1.19  
RAMSAY Thomas 27/04/1898 PRES A112 Died of fever
RAMSDEN Phillip 10/11/1953 ANG B3.80  
RAMSEY Robert Matthew 13/11/1897 ANG C57  
RANDELL Charles Edward 19/07/1908 WES C73  
RANDOLPH Herbert 2/02/1895 ANG A87  
RANKIN Angus Vincent 9/11/1909 R/C E68 Occ hotel keeper
RASCHKY Thomas 07/10/1900 PRES A108 Accidently killed by a fall in the Grand bar? Hotel
RASMUSSEN  Carl Rudolph Humbolt 12/07/1914 GEN A 24 Occ miner
RAY Herbert 11/08/1896 ANG B59  
RAYMOND Frank 02/09/1909 WES C94  
READ Lydia 24/09/1913 METH C134 Married woman
READ James Orchard 2/11/1916 METH C134 Not in death register
READ Robert Taylor 20/05/1898 WES B3  
REARE William George 13/01/1940 ANG F5.77  
REDDEN Eagenton 2/04/1896 ANG B39  
REDFEARN James 10/10/1896 ANG B33  
REDFERN William 17/12/1904 ANG A2.23  
REDPATH Ethel Alice Twiner 09/01/1904 ANG A2.4 From Hamstead Plains Homestead
REED Emma 23/05/1922 ANG E3.62 also William
REED William 20/06/1939 ANG F3.62 heart failure
REED Unnamed male 22/06/1907 GEN A26  
REED Searle Rupert 23/05/1900 ANG E45 Photograph supplied by Gregory REED
REES Morgan 11/06/1898 WES B13 Died of dysentry & pneumonia
REES Henry 15/12/1932 ANG F4.30  
REGAN Mary 12/04/1901 R/C D15 From Burbanks
REID Alice Frances 16/07/1953 PRES C44 Buried with husband
REID William Arculus 05/06/1900 PRES A100 Died of heart failure
REID John 27/01/1938 PRES C44 Died of heart failure.Occprospector
REID James Francis 8/10/1920 R/C F47 Occ miner
REID Thomas 13/10/1913 R/C E4  
REID Fredrick John 19/06/1914 R/C E4  
REID un named Female 25/04/1912 PRES B117  
REID William George 31/07/1900 WES B60  
REIDEL Melita 30/09/1895 GEN A.130 Female child 
REILLY Patrick 25/08/1952 R/C H56  
REILLY John 2/10/1908 R/C E95 Occ railway ganger
REINEHR Naomi 14/12/1903 WES C2 Died of pneumonia
RENFREY Wiliam Nash 28/04/1897 WES A83 Died of enteric fever
RENNICK Unnamed male 11/02/1897 GEN A2.37 Buried with McCormacks child Father William George
RENNICK John Ramsey 29/01/1942 PRES C49  
RESSINGER Martha 16/04/1933 PRES C8 Married woman ,Died of pneumonia, Buried with husband.
RESSINGER Martin 26/12/1930 PRES C8 Occ engine driver. Died from heart failure
REYER Ernest Carl 1/01/1901 R/C A109  
REYNOLDS Albert James 10/11/1995 ANG D4  34 Born 12/01/1918 in Morgan st Coolgardie. Ashes interred with Father. Reg No 2828. Late of the East Victoria Park nursing Home Victoria Park.
REYNOLDS Imilia 10/11/1900 R/C A114 From Bonnievale, also Sarah Jane REYNOLDS
REYNOLDS Sarah Jane 24/04/1916 R/C A114 Married woman
REYNOLDS Arthur 30/12/1942 ANG D4.34 Occ lineman. Died of broncho pneumonmia
REYNOLDS Thomas Henry 30/11/1910 ANG D3.23 Railway Clerk
REYNOLDS Ernest Reynolds 17.07.1910 R/C A114  
REYNOLDS Kathleen 13/06/1911 R/C A114  
REYNOLDS Unnamed male 27/11/1905 R/C A114  
RICHARDS Florence May 09/07/1914 C/C A5 Married woman
RICHARDS Margaret 27/11/1900 ANG E  68 Single woman. Died of typhoid fever
RICHARDS Evelyn Berna 18/06/1913 C/C A5  
RICHARDS John Thomas 26/08/1905 WES C20  
RICHARDSON Ellen. 03/12/1896 GEN A2 12 Married woman
RICHARDSON Grace 9/07/1940 R/C F8  
RICHARDSON Clarance Victor 07/10/1898 R/C C69  
RICHARDSON Charles Edward 06/12/1898 ANG D 47  
RICHMOND Dorris 20/09/1911 R/C D63  
RICHMOND Jean Elizabeth 14/02/1906 R/C D D46/ 64 as shown in register  
RICHMOND William Charles 17/08/1906 R/C D  64  
RIDDELL William 17/10/1911 PRES B92  Occ miner
RIDDLE Percy 30/4/1897 ANG C  21 Enteric fever
RIDGWAY William Leslie 24/01/1898 ANG D  29  
RILEY Charles Graham 24/01/1805 ANG B2  14 Occ hotel manager
RING Arthur Ernest 29/09/1906 ANG E20 From Bonnievale
RING Hurtle 28/10/1901 ANG E  20 Interred with brother
RING Thomas J 03/08/1900 ANG  E   20  
ROACHOCK Patrick 18/18.1896 R/C C  81  
ROBBINS Mary Elizabeth 26/09/1936 R/C F63 School girl from the Coolgardie convent. Died of Heart Failure.
ROBERTS Amy 16/10/1898 ANG D68 Died of dysentry
ROBERTS William 8/01/1899 ANG D68 Interred with sister
ROBERTS Robert  William 29/12/1907 ANG C2.33 Occ barman
ROBERTS George 16/11/1913 R/C E16 Occ dry blower
ROBERTS John Henry 29/01/1911 WES C105 Occ labourer
ROBERTS Hugh 24/07/1906 R/C D81 Occ miner
ROBERTS James Alfred 6/05/1896 ANG B19  
ROBERTS Arthur 22/04/1908 R/C E133  
ROBERTS Francis William 25/01/1908 ANG D68  
ROBERTSON John Robert Edmonds  4/05/1895 ANG A20 Age 27yrs
ROBERTSON Norman Gladston 3/11/1909 ANG D3.28 Inquest Held. Accidently fell from a balcony at the Club Building.Occsteward.
ROBERTSON John 30/01/1902 PRES A114 Interred with brother
ROBERTSON George 28/02/1899 PRES A114 Killed by Explosion at a mine ? Gothwoody?
ROBERTSON Vera Jean 17/10/1898 PRES A44  
ROBIN Arthur Charles 6/05/1950 ANG C3.30 Occ Worked for the Water Supply Department.
ROBINS George 10/11/1917 ANG F3.45 Occ prospector
ROBINS Jaberz Albert 2/12/1942 METH C109 Occ Prospector. Died of hyperpesia hemiplegia.
ROBINS Mary 24/09/1936 R/C F63 14yrs
ROBINS Unnamed 14/05/1905 WES C25  
ROBINSON Hugh 5/02/1895 ANG A 89  
ROBINSON Robert 5/06/1906 ANG B2  21 Occ mining speculator
ROBINSON John A 25/11/1900 R/C D2  
ROBSON Mary Theresa 28/12/2000 R/C H 19 Late of Kalgoorlie
ROBSON George Newton 24/05/1994 R/C H  18 Occ retired supervisor. Late of 78 Lindsay St Coolgardie.
RODDA Maisie 29//10/1910 ANG E 2 10  
RODDA Florence 26/10/1900 WES B54  
RODDAS Unnamed 14/10/1898 GEN A1 68  
RODGERS Frederick William 10/04/1901 WES B32 Married man from Burbanks, interred with father
ROGERS James Montague 06/09/1895 PRES A1  
ROGERS Frederick W 20/07/1899 WES B32 From Burbanks
ROGERS Edward James 27/05/1909 WES C77 Inquest held. He was struck on the head by the starting lever of the Air compressor . At the Burbanks Main Load.
ROGERS Mary 04/05/1909 WES C86 Married woman
ROGERS Thomas 28/07/1916 R/C F74 Occ prospector.Inquest held. . Burnt to death in his camp.
ROGERS Sarah Jane 18/03/1912 WES C95  
ROGERS Joseph 24/05/1907 WES C18  
ROGERS Alfred Herbert 7/06/1909 ANG D2.28  
ROGERS Alma Mary Jane 11/10/1903 ANG F59  
ROGERS Elena May 16/09/1905 WES C18  
ROGERS Winifred Mary 19/08/1906 ANG F59  
ROGERS Alice G 2/01/1900 R/C A104  
ROGERS Eric C 29/12/1900 WES B10  
ROHDE Unnamed 29/06/1899 GEN A1.61 Interred with brother
ROHDE Unnamed 15/12/1897 GEN A1.61  
ROLSTON William Francis 26/04/1896 R/C C28  
RONALD Robert James 03/12/1909 PRES B89 Inquest into Accident held.Finding killed in a cart accident.
ROONEY Catherine Sr Evangelista 9/10/1920 R/C Convent Sect  
ROSS Catherine 4/11/1946 ANG D4.84  
ROSS Alexander Lancelot 27/07/1953 ANG D4.84 Buried with wife
ROSS Charles 5/11/1907 ANG C2.27 Dry Blower at the 3 mile Coolgardie
ROSS Unnamed Female 2/03/1909 GEN no number Grave no not given
ROSS Unnamed male 24/05/1908 GEN A77  
ROSS Adam Begg 23/04/1901 PRES A106  
ROSSATTI Giocomo 29/11/1948 R/C H117  
ROSSER Henry 28/05/1909 WES C82  
ROTHON Talbot 15/01/1898 ANG D28 Accidently drowned.Inquest held.
ROTHON Albert Edward 11/12/1900 ANG D28 From Burbanks, age 5, also Talbot and William ROTHON
ROTHON William Thomas 1898 ANG D28 9mths
ROUNDHEAD Frank 31/08/1959 METH D22  
ROWE Edward John 15/07/1911 ANG E2.26 Occ tailer
ROWE Charles Thomas 23/12/1897 WES A121  
ROWE Phillip P J 11/05/1896 R/C C32  
ROWE W J 24/02/1902 WES B89  
RUMBOLD Brian Douglas 02/06/1982 METH G 34 Truck Driver. Died of a heart attack. Late of the Safari Village Coolgardie.
RUNDLE Unnamed 27/04/1955 C/C register notes no plan  
RUNGE Charles 04/11/1908 WES C66 Occ miner
RUPE Alexander Daly 17/07/2007 not noted Tree 135  
RUPE Alexander 15/11/1954 PRES C55 From Widgemooltha
RUSSELL Frederick 09/04/1898 GEN A1.63  
RUSSELL Alice 11/07/1896 R/C A37  
RUST Ulricht 8/10/1896 ANG B69  
RYAN Thomas 9/11/1907 R/C E120 Occ farmer. Exhumed 27.9.1920 By Bowra & Odea, taken to Karrakatta Cemetery.
RYAN Maurice 06/09/1898 R/C C44 Accidently Killed near Lady Lock Mine
RYAN Unnamed 10/12/1897 GEN A1.7 Father's Name John
RYAN un nmaned male 8/10/1917 R/C F36 John William Ryan u/t [his father]. Mother wittness for burial.
RYAN Annie 27/07/1903 R/C D44 Married woman
RYAN John Thomas 7/11/1912 R/C E11 Occ miner. Inquest held. Drowned whilst having a bath at the Burbanks Hotel.
RYAN James H 09/04/1901 R/C D11 Single man
RYAN Frank 21/04/1896 R/C A33  
RYAN Ruby V 23/07/1899 R/C B19  
RYAN Unnamed male 8/11/1909 R/C E100  
RYAN un named male 12/01/1916 R/C F76  
RYAN Unnamed Female 20/03/1914 R/C E8  
RYAN Cyril Patrick 29/11/1914 R/C F97  
RYAN Joseph 2/01/1911 R/C E42  
RYAN Luke S 11/08/1901 R/C D19  
RYAN John Patrick 26/03/1899 R/C A96  
RYDER Edward 20/09/1893     30yrs, Suicide


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