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Photo Danelle Warnock



Maud 01/01/1911 26 yrs ANG E2.12 Married Woman    
WILLIAMS Elizabeth M 9/04/1899 42 yrs ANG E13 Married Woman    
WILLIAMS John 13/081916 35 yrs ANG F3.5 Not in death register    
WILLIAMS Henry Russel 13/08/1913 45 yrs ANG E3.52 Occ photographer    
WILLIAMS John 10/10/1930 62 yrs ANG F4 29 Occ prospector    
WILLIAMS Edward 19/05/1911 40 yrs ANG E34 Occ miner    
WILLIAMS Edna 6/11/1908 14 days ANG E10      
WILLIAMS Marjorie D 16/03/1902 2 mths ANG F10      
WILLIAMS Thomas 20/03/1909 48 yrs GEN A 15 Occ miner    
WILLIAMS Luke 16/12/1912 47 yrs GEN A27      
WILLIAMS Elizabeth E 24/03/1899 14days GEN A1.63      
WILLIAMS Phyliss 7/04/1981 64 yrs METH D6 Aboriginal Woman,Late of Forrest Sst Coolgardie    
WILLIAMS Unnamed Female 09/06/1908 S/born PRES B80 R.Walter u/t William Father u/t    
WILLIAMS Unknown Female 03/02/1909 1 day PRES B46 R.Walter u/t William Father u/t    
WILLIAMS May 14/06/1908 7days PRES B80      
WILLIAMS Stanley Walters 23/12/1905 3 mths PRES B46      
WILLIAMS Richard 10/06/1896 34 yrs PRES A14      
WILLIAMS Richard 20/04/1897 uknown WES A86 Died of acute phneumonia    
WILLIAMS Olive Mary 26/01/1904 10 mths WES C10 From Kunnunalling    
WILLIAMS G H 15/03/1897 3days WES A91 Inquest held died of natural causes, congestion of the brain    
WILLIAMS William 12/03/1896 8 mths WES A31      
WILLIAMSON John C 17/03/1897 38 yrs ANG C5      
WILLIAMSON Guilbert Robert 19/07/1914 79 yrs Pres C35 Occ prospector    
WILLIAMSON Gilbert 19/07/1914 79 yrs PRES C35      
WILLIAMSON Clara Louisa 5/04/1910 2 mths R/C E38 Father was u/t battery MANager    
WILLIS John 13/02/1896 35 yrs ANG B1      
WILLOCK William 6/01/1896 29 yrs ANG A94      
WILLSON Thomas 28/02/1895 38 yrs GEN A1.17      
WILSON Laura 21/02/1962 37 yrs ANG B3.52      
WILSON Benjamin 14/01/1935 78 yrs ANG F3.48 Buried with his wife. Died of pneumonia    
WILSON Andrew 28/01/1905 40 yrs ANG A2.14 Accidently killed by a fall in the shaft of the King Solomon's Mine.    
WILSON Grace 12/10/1917 52 yrs ANG F3.48 home duties.    
WILSON David 16/02/1914 22 yrs ANG E3.43 Occ brass finnisher    
WILSON Clyde Venon 2/03/1915 22 yrs ANG E3.48 Occ draper    
WILSON Joseph 13/12/1915 59 yrs ANG F3.9 Occ railway fettler. Inquest held. Died of heart falure on the train between Coolgardie and Borabbin.    
WILSON Sarah Jane 29/03/1908 59 yrs ANG D2.18 Occ nurse. Inquest held. Destroyed by fire Unknown cause.    
WILSON unknow 28/04/1901 S/born ANG D66      
WILSON George 15/03/1899 46 yrs ANG E35      
WILSON Annie 10/06/1896 11 mths GEN A2.29 Female child    
WILSON Mavis Ellen 23/09/1900 8 mths PRES A77      
WILSON Charles 12/09/1914 59 yrs R/C F90 Occ miner    
WILSON John William 26/11/1914 59 yrs R/C F91 Occ plate Layer    
WILSON Elizabeth 08/03/1899 25 yrs WES B12 Married Woman. Died of typhoid fever. Resident of Burbanks    
WINNERSBACH Jacob 23/06/1911 38 yrs ANG E2.29 Details same as 2146.    
WINSHIP James Gunn 2/01/1897 42 yrs ANG B77 Died of pneumonia, fever, peritonitus. Miner    
WINTER Edmond 8/08/1917 74 yrs R/C F75 Occ prospecter    
WINTON Herbert James 15/04/1986 77 yrs R/C I.103 Late of thye Coolgardie Nursing home. Service Pensioner.    
WITTO William 11/11/1894 uknown WES A 55      
WOOD Margaret 11/06/1901 27 yrs ANG E74      
WOOD William 10/11/1902 48 yrs R/C D47      
WOOD James 03/01/1898 12 yrs WES A125      
WOODS Joyce Francis Jean 02/06/1906 1 yrs `ANG B2.33      
WOODS unnames Female child 23/07/1908 S/born ANG B2.33      
WOODS Myra 3/04/1900 36 yrs ANG E18      
WOODS Chas 28/12/1933 88 yrs METH D34 Married MAN. Died of heart failure.    
WOODS Marie Genivere 16/07/1935 73 yrs R/C F64 Widow. Died of heart failure    
WOOLLANDS James 26/11/1896 24 yrs WES A76      
WORDSWORTH Will 23/10/1902 36 rs ANG F26      
WORDSWORTH Dorothy M 27/08/1900 2 yrs R/C A103      
WORTH Herbert Victor 3/02/1936 49 yrs ANG F4.24 Married MAN. Died of heart failure    
WORTHINGTON Alfred 8/01/1896 32 yrs ANG A109      
WRAY George 4/08/1930 53 yrs ANG F4.83      
WRAY Emma Mary 23/06/1965 78 yrs ANG F4.83 Buried with husband see Reg No 2564 80yr Also husband George. By family  
WRAY Jane 13/06/1901 44 yrs ANG F1 Mother of Margaret Wood. Died of heart failure    
WRIGHT Coralie 1/11/1895 2 yrs ANG A93 Female child    
WYMOND Lorenzo Clarence 07/04/1898 34 yrs WES A136 Died of pneumonia    
YALDWYN Edwin A 3/01/1900 23 yrs ANG E40      
YARN Gordon 15/08/1949 82 yrs ANG C3.31 Aboriginal male    
YEO Robert A 9/05/1899 30 yrs ANG E4 Killed by kick from horse in Castrous Stables    
YOSHIDA Joshida ? 30/06/1897 31 yrs Gen A 2 Died of entric Fever    
YOUNG Edward Patterson 29/08/1933 70 yrs ANG F4.32 Died of heart failure    
YOUNG Arthur William 28/04/1898 22 yrs ANG D70 Died of fever and pneumonia    
YOUNG Charles 21/11/1914 50 yrs ANG E3.106 Occ miner    
YOUNG William 26/09/1915 75 yrs ANG F3.18 Occ miner    
YOUNG Wilfred 29/08/1921 65 yrs ANG F3.65 Occ propector    
YOUNG Ernest Edmond 19/03/1897 22 yrs ANG C1      
YOUNG Daniel Edward 10/07/1947 75 yrs R/C H122 Occ prospector    
ZADOW Frederick Gordon Henry 10/08/1966 59 yrs ANG A3.97      
ZADOW Rhoda Ada Mary 3/08/1984 ? ANG A3.97 Ashes interred with husband see Reg No 3071.    
ZADOW Melba 4/04/2003 93 yrs ANG A3.76 Ashes placed in the Grave No 3180. Coolgardie WA    
ZADOW William 16/02/1990 81 yrs ANG A3 76 Late of 102 Woodward St Coolgardie. 81yr Husband of Melvie. Father & F-I-L of Ken & Glenda, Judy & Allan  
ZADOW Kenneth 08/11/2003 71 yrs ANG A3 114 Late of 100 Woodward St    
ZADOW William 16/02/1990 81 yrs ANG A3 76 Late of 102 Woodward Sat Coolgardie. 81yr Husband of Melvie. Father & F-I-L of Ken & Glenda, Judy & Allan  
ZAHNLEITER Anthony  16/05/1909 46 R/C E127 Occ miner    
ZORALTI H 13/02/1897 21 yrs R/C A46 Died of enteric fever    


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