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This website is dedicated to the memory of my two dear friends Sandy Duncan and Shyama Peebles who both passed away in 2012.


Lawlers > Lawlers Cemetery


164 + 8 lonely graves.
1st Burial =
MONGOLA alias NELSON d 14 Mar 1895
Last Burial = WARREN Alfred George, d 3 Mar 1944

Plaque on Artwork.

ABERG  Hilding 24 March 1904, Vivien GM, Lawlers,   Age 30 years, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Explosion of gelignite in the Vivien GM, Order of the Coroner,  Mine Accident  www.wavmm.com (AKA  Joseph BERRY) Born Sweden , Single.

ALLANAH Male unknown first name d 16 April 1914  Aged 41 years, Occ Woodcutter Father:- MARKEEN (Merchant) Mother:- Abuchi, Born Karachi India In SA 3yrs, In WA 17yrs, Married to Mirriam in Karachi at age 20yrs, No living children.

ANDREOLI  Pietro d 3 April 1907, Waroonga GM, Lawlers,  Aged 34 years, Cause:- fell down mine shaft from cage, Father:- Stefano ANDREOLI (Carpenter) Born Leglio Italy  Mine Accident www.wavmm.com

ANDREWS  Alfred, d 11 July 1916,at Waroonga near Lawlers, Aged 45 years,  Cause:- Suicide, by exploding some fracture on the top of his head, Verdict of Inquest.   

ARCHIE d 27 Feb 1915, Police Station, 27yrs,  Lawlers, Occ:- Police Native Tracker, Cause:- From wound inflicted in a drunken brawl in the Native Camp, Verdict of the Coroner,

BAKER  Joseph H d 8 September 1906, Lawlers Hospital, Occ:- Labourer, Cause:- Heart failure,  Aged 52 years Born South Australia, in SA 42yrs, In WA 10yrs, Married in SA has 4 or 5 children.

BARRATT Olive Vivien d 2 June 1907,  Aged 10 months, Father:- Albert William BARRATT (Gardener) Mother:- Norah Agnes Maude PROSSER, Cause:- Chronic Indigestion/Marasmus, born Vivien WA

BASIOLI  Stefano d 9 May 1907, near Vivien, Lawlers, Aged 59 years Occ:- Woodcutter Cause:- Heart Condition, Father:- Giovanni BASIOLI Mother:- Maria MOLES, Born Etolo Italy, in WA 2yrs, Married to Lucia MOLES in Etolo Italy at age 34yrs, Children:- Giovanni 23yrs, Vincenzo 17yrs, Margherita 14yrs, Giuseppe 10yrs, Luigi 7yrs,

BERRY Joseph – See ABERG Hilding

BOHL James d 7th Dec 1896 Park St Lawlers Occ:- Prospector 32yrs Cause:- Typhoid born VIC 3 yrs in WA Married – Wife’s name unknown Children:- Ethel Marie Michael Joseph Patrick buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg:- E Murch 9/1896

BORLEY  Sydney Herbert 11 January 1904  Aged 43 years Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Enteric Fever,  Father:- William BORLEY (Labourer) Mother:- Bridget ROONEY Born Kingston, Tasmania, in TAS 37yrs, In WA 6yrs, Single

BOUNSELL  Samuel  about the 20 May 1907  Aged 27 years Cause:- Exposure due to alcoholic excess.


BOYD David John d 19 Apr 1904, Lawlers, Infant 7mths, Cause:- Asthenia, Father:- David BOYD (Grocer) Mother:- Ellen Margaret FOLEY, Born Leonora WA.

BROMILEY Joseph d 18 May 1899 Public Hospital Lawlers Occ:- Miner 50yrs Cause:- Dysentery born England buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg:- E Murch 4/1899

BROWN  William d 6 September 1902  Lawlers Hospital, Aged 35 years Occ:- Miner,  Cause:- Mental Incompetence, born VIC, Single

BURNAND  Theophilus d 31 May 1901  Aged 45 years Lawlers Hospital, Cause:- Chronic Intestinal Nephritis, born London England, Single.

John Richard BURROWS - photo Kerri Blakeman

John Richard Burrows memorial plaquer - photo Kerri Blakeman


BURROWS John Richard  25 November 1903  Aged 43 years, Poison Creek, near Lawlers, Occ:- Coach Driver, Cause:- Heart Failure,  Father:- Frederick William BURROWS (Drover) Mother:- Sarah Jane BRITTON, born NSW

CADDY  Kenneth Harry  d 18 November 1910, Sutton Street, Lawlers,  Aged 2 months, Cause:- Pneumonia, Father:- John Freeman CADDY (Tailor) Ethel May BROWN, born Lawlers WA.

Magnus Maxton CALDER - photo Kerri Blakeman

CALDER Magnus M d 4 May 1896 Clifton St Lawler’s Occ: - Merchant, Cause: - Typhoid Father W H Calder (Merchant) Mother Unknown in WA for 27yrs Buried Lawler’s Cemetery Reg: - E March 4/1896

Theresa Bridget COLE


CALE Archibald Harold d 11 September 1922, Main road 1 ½ miles north of Kathleen, 
Occ:- Battery Manager, Aged 45 years Cause:- Suicide, he cut his own throat in Wiluna on the 10th Sep 1922 whilst temporarily insane,  Father:- James CALE (Property Owner) Mother:- Sarah JONES Born Rydal NSW, in NSW 18yrs, In WA 27yrs, Married to May Isabel HOLDSWORTH in Leonora WA at age 22yrs, Children:- Dorothy May Isabel 21yrs, Leonora M 19yrs, Natal Florence 14yrs, Edna Phyllis 8yrs, Audrey May 6yrs.

CATTANEO  Vizenso (Vincent)  d 3 April 1907, Waroonga GM, Lawlers,  Aged 24 years,
Occ Miner, killed by falling down shaft from cage, Father:- Belista CATTANEO, Mother:- Rosa BUSCA,  Born Mazzo di Valtellina ITALY Mine Accident:- www.wavmm.com

COMETTI  Baptiste Pietro d 2 February 1908  Aged 22 years, Vivien GM, Lawlers, Cause:- Suffocation by a fall of sand, Father:- Giacomo COMETTI (Farmer) Mother:- Maria Angela SALADANNA,  Born Grosotto, Lombardy, Italy, Single,   Mine accident- www.wavmm.com

CORBOY  John d 3 March 1909  Aged 43 years Cause:- Pneumonia Occ:- Labourer, Father:- Patrick CORBOY believed born New Zealand. Single.

DELLAQUA  Agostino d 5 February 1909, Lawlers hospital,   Aged 40 years Father:- Modesto DELLAQUA (Labourer) Mother:- Ossola TRINCHA, Born Gosotti, Lombardy, Italy, In WA 13yrs, Mine Accident – www.wavmm.com

DINEEN  John d 12 March 1918, May Bee GM near Lawlers, Age 50,Occ:- Miner, Cause:- As a result of the collapse of a stope in the May Bee GM near Lawlers on the 12.3.1914. Single. Mine Accident – www.wavmm.com

DONALDSON  Margaret Mary d 19 September 1908,  Aged 20 years, Cause:- Childbirth exhaustion, Father:- Daniel CAHILL (Carrier) Mother:- Mary LINEHAM,  Born Heidelberg, Victoria, In Vic 17yrs, in WA 3yrs, Married in Leonora WA to Kennedy Andrew DONALDSON, Children 1 female stillborn.
DONALDSON  Unnamed female,   d 17 September 1908, Police Quarters Lawlers,   
Cause:- Stillborn Father:- Kennedy Andrew DONALDSON (Police Constable) Mother:- Maragret Mary CAHILL.

DONOVAN Joseph d 14 Nov 1898 Public Hospital Lawlers 43 yrs Occ:- Miner Cause:- Abscess on liver peritonitis buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg:- E Murch 3/1898

Thomas DOOHAN - photo Kerri Blakeman


DOOHAN  Thomas d 17 November 1901  Great Eastern Hotel, Lawlers,  Aged 47 years Occ:- Storekeeper,  Cause-Acute Alcoholism, born Kilrush, Co Clare, Ireland In WA 10yrs, Single

DUNCAN  Simon David  21 May 1901  Aged 5 months, East Murchison Mine, Lawlers,  Cause Marasmus, Father:- Walter ?, Mother:- Margaret DUNCAN (Illegitimate) born in WA

DUNN  James d 11 April 1908  Aged 42 years Kathleen GM near Lawlers, Occ:- Millman, Cause:- Fracture of the skull in accident at the Kathleen GM, Inquest held 22 Apr 1908, Father:- James DUNN (Farmer) Mother:- Elizabeth LEMON Born Co Tyrone ,Ireland  Mine Accident- www.wavmm.com

ELLIOTT Harry d 6 Apr 1897 Government Hospital Park Street Lawlers Occ:- Miner 66yrs born Scotland 57yrs in WA buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg:- E Murch 3/1897

EVANS  William d 25 December 1911, half way between Vivien Townsite and Vivien Gem Gold Mine, Cause:- Run over by a spring dray accidentally,  Aged 40-45 years Born Wales, South Australia about 20yrs, WA 15-20yrs. Single

Hilda Florence FARRELL - photo Kerri Blakeman

FARRELL  Hilda Florence  d 30 November 1900  Aged 2 months Father:-  Hugh Kernohan McNice FARRELL Mother:- Isabella DONALDSON

Robert FARRELL - photo Kerri Blakeman

FARRELL  Robert d 8 September 1901  Aged 27 years East Murchison United Lease, Lawlers, Occ:- Mining Contractor, Cause:- Influenza, Father: - William John FARRELL (Farmer) Mother:- Martha McNEICE , Born Ballarat, Victoria, 21yrs in VIC, 6yrs in WA, Single

FERGUSON James d 3 Sep 1896 Park St Lawlers Occ:- Miner 49yrs Cause:- Miners Consumption born Scotland buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg:- E Murch 7/1896 See www.wavmm.com

FITZGERALD  Thomas d 31 Aug 1901  Aged 74 years Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Senile Decay

FITZGERALD  Eileen Mary  d 12 May 1908, Harris Street, Vivien,   Aged 6 months, Cause:- Chronic Colitis, Father:- Patrick Walter FITZPATRICK (Carpenter) Mother:- Kate NOONAN, born Vivien WA.

FITZPATRICK  Mary Dorothy Violet  25 February 1907  Aged 11 months

FITZPATRICK  Walter d 30 June 1909, Lawlers,  Aged 21 days, Cause:- Malnutrition due to premature birth, Father:- Patrick Walter FITZPATRICK (Miner) Mother:- Kate NOONAN, born Lawlers WA.

FLEMING Thomas Bartholomew d 15 Nov 1896 Occ:- Farmer 37yrs Cause:- Typhoid Father:- Patrick Michael FLEMING (Farmer) Mother Annie GUILFOYLE born Strathalbyn S Aust In SA 12yrs In VIC 23yrs In WA 2yrs buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg:- E Murch 8/1896

FLETCHER Howard d 5 April 1910 Aged 75 years, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Carcinoma of the bladder, (Father Barrister) Born Birmingham England, Single

FLETCHER Thomas d 29 Jun 1910, Lawlers Hospital, 30yrs, Occ:- Labourer, Cause:- Peritonitis from an accident while returning to his camp on the 12 Jun, Father:- Edward FLETCHER (Bootmaker) Mother:- Bridget KENNEDY, In SA 20yrs, in WA 8yrs, Born Ireland, Single.

James Watson FREESTONE - photo Kerrti Blakeman


FREESTONE James Watson d 11 Mar 1899 Great Eastern Mine Lawlers Occ:- Engine Driver 46yrs Cause:- Killed in an accident drawn into one of the pulleys in connection to the Battery Verdict of the Coroner Father:- John FREESTONE (Miner) Mother:- Ann WATSON born Saddleworth S Aust Married to Jane MECK in Horsham VIC at age 37yrs buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg E Murch 2/1899  Mine Accident – www.wavmm.com

FRY Nicodemus d On about thein the bush about 4 miles north of McCaffreys,  8 Dec 1900  Aged 50 years Cause:- The Coroner states ‘ we are satisfied that the remains are thos of Nicodemus Fry and that thirst was the cause of death Born Switzerland, In QLD 30yrs, In WA 8mths, Married to Eliza ABDY in Mt Coora, QLD at age 24yrs, Children:- William 25yrs, Henry 22yrs, George 19yrs, Jane 16yrs, Minnie 14yrs, Rose 11yrs

GAFFNEY Claude Walter, d 31 Oct 1900, LakeWay Wiluna, Infant 17mths, Cause:- Convulsions, Father:-Walter Prior GAFFNEY (Assayers Assistant) Mother:- Amy Beartice SMITH, born Elsternwick VIC, Reg: East Murchison 6/1900

GREYMAN Florence Mabel d At International Lease, Ogilvies, 20 January 1901 Aged 18 months Cause:- Accidentally, due to immersion in water and partly due to the cyanide in the water in which she was found, Verdict of Coroner, Father:- Henry Frederick GREYMAN (Enginedriver) Mother:- Mabel COTTON, born Bunbury WA, buried by father in Lawlers Cemetery

GREYMAN Keith Ralston, d 23 November 1910, Mrs William’s Clifton Street, Lawlers,
Aged 1 month Cause:- Exhaustion and Peritonitis, Father:- Henry Frederick GREYMAN (Miner) Mabel COTTON Born Lawlers WA.

GRIFFITHS Mary Ann d 30 December 1906 Aged 1 year 3mths Cause:- Acute gastroenteritis, Father:- Henry Reginald GRIFFITHS (Labourer) Mother:- Annie Maria MILLIGAN, born Lawlers WA.

GRIGG  Violet May d 4 February 1904 East Murchison GM, Lawlers,  Aged 1 year, Cause:- Convulsions,  Father:- James Henry GRIGG (Mine Foreman) Mother:- Harriet LARK, born Lawlers, born Lawlers WA

GRIGG  Vivien Herbert  d 19 March 1909  Aged 4 months at Mrs Kell’s residence Lawlers, Cause:- Heart failure/Marasmus, Father:- James Henry GRIGG (Mine Superintendent) Mother:- Harriet LARK, born at Harris WA.

GRIGG Unnamed female, d 20 June 1907, Lawlers Cause:- Stillborn, Father:- James Henry GRIGG (Mine Manager) Mother:- Harriet LARK.

GROGAN  Hester Kate  d 25 September 1900  Aged 17 months, Born Lawlers WA, Father:- John GROGAN (Battery hand) Mother:- Margaret FOLEY

GROGAN  Joseph Edward  d 10 March 1904  Aged 24 hours, Clifton St, Lawlers, Cause:- Premature Birth, Father:- John GROGAN, Mother:- Margaret FOLEY (Twin to William)

GROGAN  Margaret d 31 Mar 1905  Aged 27 years, Housewife, Cause:- Tubercolosis, Father:- Patrick FOLEY (Cattle Dealer) Mother:- Esther GROGAN Born Cashel, Tipparary Ireland, in WA 6yrs, Married to John GROGAN in Cashel Tipparary Ireland at age 21yrs. Children:- Patrick John 3 yrs.
GROGAN  William  d 10 March 1904  Aged 24 hours,  Clifton St, Lawlers, Cause:- Premature birth, Father:- John GROGAN (Miner), Mother:- Margaret FOLEY (Twin to Joseph Edward)

GROSSINI  Antonio 22 January 1906  Aged 45 years, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Heart failure from shock after being kicked by a horse, Verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Giovanni GROSSINI Mother:- Catarina MAZETTA Born Lombardy Italy, married to Marie CEDRACINI in Lombardy Italy at age 25yrs, 1 daughter and 1 son names unknown.

GROORY Tommy  1 February 1910  Aged 26 years Cause:- Pneumonia, Born in the Kimberly Occ:- Native Tracker.

HARRISON  Margaret Hamilton, d 25 March 1902  Aged 11 mths, Father:- Charles HARRISON, Mother:- Maggie Hamilton SMITH, Cause:- Water on the brain, born Lawlers WA

HAYWOOD  Benjamin d 10 Jun 1902 , The Vivien Mine, near Lawlers, Aged 45 years Cause:- Heart Failure,

HEENAN  Mary Eileen  d 10 July 1905  Aged 4 weeks, Cause:- Croupous pneumonia, Father:- Michael HEENAN, Mother:- Alice DORIZZY, Born Leonora WA

HICKEY David d 15 Aug 1896 in Park Street Lawler’s Occ:- Horse Driver 56 yrs Cause:- General debility born Ireland in QLD 39yrs in WA 2 yrs

HICKSON  Henry d 5 September 1901  Aged 27 years  Occ:- Miner, Accidentally fell down shaft at East Murchison United GM Born Victoria - Mining Accident – www.wavmm.com

HINCE  Emily Bertha d 29 November 1905  Aged 10 months, Cause:- Bronchitis, Father:- John Stockwell HINCE (Baker)  Mother:-Elizabeth Bertha HAINES, born Lawlers WA.

JONES John, d 24 Dec 1903 at Six Mile Well near Black Range, 45yrs, Occ:- Prospector, Cause:- Concussion of Brain from a buggy accident Verdict of Coroner, born Wales England, In QLD 2yrs, In WA 20yrs, Single

JUISE Charles d 20 Dec 1896 Clifton Street Lawlers Occ:- Fitter-Miner 49yrs Cause:- Double pneumonia, born Switzerland buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg:- E Murch 11/1896

KEANE  Thomas d 1 February 1904  Aged 28 years, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Injuries received through accidentally falling from a bakers cart, Verdict of the Coroner,  Father:- John KEANE (Farmer), Mother:- Norah FOLEY Born Co Kerry, Ireland, 8yrs in WA

KEMDALL Godby Henry d 3 Jan 1906, Aged 57, Occ:- Prospector, Cause:- Heart failure,  years Born England, Single.

KELLY James Joseph d2 1 Jun 1902, Lawlers Hospital, Occ:- Miner, 28yrs, Cause:- by falling down a winze at the Bellvue Mine, through being overcome by dynamite fumes, by Verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Thomas KELLY (Farmer) Mother:- Ann COTTER, born Haddon VIC, In VIC 22yrs, in WA 6 yrs, Single Mining Accident:- www.wavmm.com

KILNER  male child, d 11 December 1911  Cause:- Stillborn, Father:- Robert Victor KILNER (Accountant) Mother:- Mary BINNIE. 

KITCHEN  Charles  d 16 October 1908, Lawlers Hospital, Occ:- Miner,   Aged 39 years, Cause:- Pneumonia. No further details know.

Michael Francis LYNCH - photo Kerri Blakeman

LEWIS William Samuel d 26 Jun 1902, Woronga South Mine, near Lawlers, Occ:- Miner, 31yrs, Cause:- Injuries caused by a fall of earth in the Woronga South Gold Mine, by verdict of the Coroner, Father:- William LEWIS (Miner), Mother:- Mary HAYES, born Woods Point VIC, in Vic 28 ½ yrs in WA 2 ½ yrs, Single Mining Accident:- www.wavmm.com

LYNCH  Michael Francis  d 4 August 1935 at Clifton Street, Lawlers, 70yrs, Cause:- Heart failure, Father:- Patrick LYNCH (Farmer), Mother:- Mary PILKINTON, born Potts Point, Sydney NSW, in NSW 30yrs, In WA 40yrs, Married to Margaret Alice BURKE in Perth WA at age 46yrs, No Children, Reg:- E Murchison 25/35

LYON  Ian Frank  d 12 July 1910, Northern Mines, Lawlers  Aged 5 months Cause:- Exhaustion/Marasmus, Father:- Gerald Robert LYON (Amalgamator) Mother:-Lillie May GRIBBLE, born Lawlers WA.

MAHOMET Abdul Nazur, d 29 Apr 1919, Lawlers, Occ:- Afghan Camel Owner, 65yrs, Cause:- Wilfully murdered on the night of the 29th April 1919 by a bullet wound inflicted by person or persons unknown, Verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Nuzar MAHOMET, Born Karachi India, in SA sometime in WA 27yrs, Married in Karachi at age 35, name unknown, 1 son and 1 daughter names unknown. 

MAHONY James d 3 Aug 1899 Great Eastern Hotel Lawlers Occ:- Miner 38yrs Cause:- Pulmonary Phthisis Father:- John MAHONY (Farmer) born Stawell VIC, buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg:- E Murch 5/1899 See: www.wavmm.com


MARSHALL Charles Throsby Smith d 11 Dec 1896 Clifton Street Lawlers Occ:- Hotel Keeper 39yrs Cause:- Suicide Rifle wound self inflicted Father:- Benjamin MARSHALL (Station Manager) Mother:- Emma SMITH born Glencoe NSW in NSW 20yrs In WA 8yrs, Married to Johanna Mary BOURKE at age 27yrs in Cowra NSW, Children:- Nathaniel 21yrs Emeline (dec) Death registered by wife known as Annie MARSHALL buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg:- E Murch 10/1896

MARTIN John d 10 Mar 1898 Police Camp Lawlers Occ:- Brewer 34yrs Cause:- Chronic alcoholism buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg:- E Murch 1/1897

MASKELL  Frederick Eaton d 27 January 1900  Aged 25 years, Public Hospital Lawlers, Occ:- Mechanical Engineer, Cause:- Enteric Fever Reg E Murchison 2/1900

MASSEY  Charles Richard d 16 November 1903  Aged 29 years Cause:- Injuries received by being caught in machinery at the Vivien GM, Lawlers,  Born Chester England, in WA 4mths, Mine Accident – www.wavmm.com

MAZEY  Alfred  d 4 November 1906, Lawlers Hospital,  Aged 66 years, Cause:- Tuberculosis, Single.

Katie McALEER - photo kerri Blakeman


McALEER  Katie d 7 March 1911, Clifton Street, Lawlers, Married woman, Cause:- Gastric carcinoma, Aged 50 years Father:- Patrick RODDY (Farmer) Mother:- Catherine PRIOR Born Co Leitrim Ireland, In NSW 2yrs in WA 19yrs, Married to Patrick McALEER in NSW at 28yrs
Children:- Kathleen 20yrs, Charles 17yrs, J????? 15yrs, Rose 13yrs.

Felix McCARTHY - photo Kerri Blakeman


McCARTHY  Felix d 21 January 1912, Surface, Northern Mines Limited Lawlers, Occ:- Contractor, Cause:- Crushed by 150 tons of slime at the Northern GM,   Aged 32 years Born Ireland  Father:- James McCARTHY (Farmer) Mother:- Julia O’NEIL, born Co Cork, Ireland, 10yrs in WA, Single.

McCAUSLAND Claudius d 17 Aug 1899 Great Eastern Mine Lawlers Occ:- Refreshment Room Keeper Cause:- Chronic Dysentry Father:- James McCAUSLAND (Farmer) Mother Betty  at age 42 years in  born:- Moyle Hill Newtown Stewart Co Tyrone Ireland In SA 30yrs Port Augusta SA In WA 4 yrs Married to Jane ANDERSON

McDONALD  Arthur, d 20 May 1905, Lawlers Hospital,   Aged 28 years, Cause:- Typhoid Fever, Father:- John McDONALD Born Castle comer Kilkenny, Ireland, Single. 

McINTOSH  Thomas d1 March 1901 Aged 36 years Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Gunshot though the lings caused by an accident, Verdict of Coroner, Father:- Robert McINTOSH (Farmer)  Mother:- Katherine BRUCE, born Doyy Creek, Ballarat VIC, in VIC 30yrs, IN WA 5yrs, Married to Martha MARSDEN in Richmond VIC at age 24yrs, Children:- George 8 ½ yrs, Mary Marsden 6yrs, 1 male deceased

James Henry McKEEFRY - photos kerri Blakeman

McKEEFRY  James Henry,  d 4 February 1903  Aged 33 years Occ:- Hotelkeeper, Cause:- Alcoholism,  Father:- Peter McKEEFRY (Farmer)  Mother:- Mary HENRY, born Londonderry, Ireland, 2yrs in VIC, 11yrs in WA, Married to Sarah Teresa O’TOOLE, no children

McLEAN  James  d 26 March 1904, Lawlers Hospital,  Aged 47 years, Occ:- Miner,  Cause:- Heart failure, Single.

McMAHON  Frank d 14 July 1907  Aged 35 years Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Asphyxiated caused by a fall of sluices in the mine. Parents unknown, Born Stawell Victoria, In VIC 22yrs in WA 12yrs. Mine Accident:- www.wavmm.com 

McMEEKIN Male child, d  2 December 1911, Mrs Hills Eastern Street, Lawlers, 1 day, Cause:- Premature birth, Father:- John McMEEKEN (Farrier) Mother:- Minnie Elsie SCOTT, born Lawlers WA.

Francis McNALLY - photyo Kerri Blakeman

McANALLY  Francis d 31 Jan 1904  Aged 28 years Lawlers Hospital, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Pneumonia, Born Victoria, Single

McNEIL  Patrick d 13 September 1901, The Rose Hotel, Lawlers, Aged 45 years Cause:- Injuries self inflicted in the region of the heart during temporary insanity, Verdict of Coroner, Born Co Antrim Ireland, in NSW some years

MEEK James d 19 Apr 1899 Lawlers Occ:- Gardener 55yrs Suicide, Gun shot wound self inflicted Verdict of the Coroner Father:- Robert MEEK (Farmer) Mother Jane TUCK born England In WA for 2 yrs Married to Jane PAGE in South Aust at age 21yrs Children:- Louisa 34yrs Mary Ann 32yrs Jane 30yrs Emily 28yrs Eva 26yrs George 24yrs Robert James 20yrs Hurtle Oliver 16yrs Albert John 13 yrs buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg:- E Murch 3/1899

MELLENDORF  Harry, d 2 October 1916, Lawlers Hospital,   Cause:- Stillborn, Father:- Heinrich Christian Johann Griederick MELLENDORF (Miner) Mother:- Adelaide Constance STURKE.

MILLER  William  d 7 February 1910, Lawlers Hospital, Occ:- Miner:- Cause:- Heart failure,   Aged 40 years, in WA 4yrs, Single.

MILLIGAN  Mary Ann d 3 February 1911, Lawlers Hospital,  Aged 70 years Cause:- Senile decay, Father:- Charles HAMILTON (Bootmaker) Mother:- Susan JOHNSTONE, Born Ireland, in WA 34yrs, Married twice: First in Scotland to Richard STANCLIFFE? In Scotland John MILLIGAN Children:- (which marriage not stipulated) Susan 48yrs, Sarah 38yrs, Rachel 34yrs, Annie 32yrs, Maggie 27yrs, James 25yrs.

MOLONEY  Bryan, d 12 July 1918, Lawlers Hotel, Clifton Street, Lawlers, 79yrs, Occ:- Retired Civil Servant. Cause:- Senile Decay, Father:- David MOLONEY (Farmer) Mother:- Helen MCMAHON Born Co Clare Ireland, in VIC 48yrs, in WA 10yrs, Married to Bridget RUANE in Melbourne VIC at age 26yrs, Children:- Mary 53,Patrick 40, Joseph ?, 

MONGOLA alias NELSON d 14 Mar 1895 prisoner under sentence male age unknown Aboriginal Native of Port Darwin S Australia, buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg:- E Murch 2/1896

MORRIS  Thomas  d 12 March 1906, Lawlers, Occ:- Shepherd,  Aged 62 years, Cause:- Dysentery, Single.

MURRAY  Hugh  d 14 November 1929, Lawlers, 93yrs, Occ:- Prospector, Cause:- Senile Decay, Born North Scotland, in WA 40yrs.

OCONNOR  Edmond d 19 Nov 1925,  Water Reserve Corboy’s Find Wiluna, Occ:- Prospector, Aged 57 years, Cause:- by falling down a well, no evidence of how the accident occurred, ( Verdict of the Coroner, Father:- Peter OCONNOR (Farmer) Mother:- Johanna HOGAN. Born Knockanore Co Waterford, Ireland

OCONNOR  Peter C  d 8 Dec 1926, Lawlers,  Aged 56 years, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Phthisis, Father:- Peter OCONNOR (Farmer) Mother:- Johanna HOGAN, BornCo Waterford, Ireland, In WA 30yrs, Single.

OELMANN  Carl William d 25 February 1922, Great Eastern Hotel, Lawlers, Aged 38 years, Occ:- Blacksmith, Cause:- Found Drowned in a well at the rear of the Great Western Hotel,, Verdict of the Coroner, Born Bendigo VIC, In VIC 17yrs in WA 21yrs,

OWENS  Owen  d 3 April 1907  Aged 47 years, Waroonga GM, Lawlers, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Fall down mine shaft from cage. Single.

PEGG  William Henry  d 21 January 1908 in bush 1 mile west of Nine Mile Well on Lawlers Road 9 miles from Sir Samuel,  Aged 45 years Cause:- Heart failure and acute pneumonia and inflammation of kidneys.

POWELL  Thomas  d 12 September 1899  Aged 64 years, Public Hospital Lawlers, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Cirrhosis of liver, Reg: E Murchison 10/1899

PRATT  George  d 9 June 1908, Lawlers Hospital,  Aged 36 years, Cause:- Regurgitation, Father:- George PRATT (Weaver) Mother:- Ann McMANN Born Co Clare, Ireland, In SA 15yrs, in WA 12yrs, Married to Anne SAUNDERS in Coolgardie WA at age 29yrs. No Children. 

PSICHITSAS  Emanuel  20 December 1902  Aged 9 months, Clifton St, Lawlers, Cause:- Murdered, Father:- John PSICHITAS (Fruiterer) Mother Sophia LEADAKIS, born in Mt Magnet WA
PSICHITSAS  Sophia 20 December 1902, Clifton Street, Lawlers  Aged 22 years Cause:- Murdered by brother in law, Father:- Emanuel LEADAKIS Born Athens, Greece, married to John  PSICHITSAS in Athens Greece at age 20yrs, Child:- Emanuel (Deceased)

PUNTON Frank d 30 Dec 1895 at Lawlers 36yrs Cause:- Suicide whilst lost in bush, revolver bullet self inflicted Born:- NSW in NSW 36yrs in WA 9mths buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg:- 3/1896

QUAYLE  Thomas d 27 May 1907, Lawlers Hospital, Age 57yrs, Cause:- Bright’s disease, Born Adelaide SA, In SA 45yrs, in WA 12yrs. Thought to be Single.

RAFTREE  James Born England  d 9 September 1899  Aged 61 years Public Hospital Lawlers Occ:- Shepherd and Ex Soldier Cause:- Pneumonia, born England in WA 26yrs Reg E Murchison 9/1899

RANKIN  James d 27 July 1907, Commercial Hotel,  Aged 49 years, Occ:- Carpenter, Cause:- Heart failure, Born Scotland, in WA 12yrs.

RAVOTTI  William Care d 7 May 1904  Aged 4 days at Lawlers, Father:- Guiseppe RAVOTTI (Miner) Mother:- Annie SARTORI.

REID  Frederick Charles Jackson d 24 Feb 1908, Lawlers Hospital,  Aged 39 years, Occ:- Plasterer and Miner,  Cause:- Fracture of the base of skull by being pulled into machinery at the Bellvue GM near Lawlers, Father:- Frederick REID (Plasterer and Contractor) Mother maiden name FULLER, Born Westminster, London England, left England at 3yrs, 12yrs in NZ, 15yrs in VIC, 9yrs in WA, Married to Annie MARSDON in Richmond VIC at age 22yrs, Children:- Charles Augustus 17yrs, Walter 15yrs. Mine Accident:- www.wavmm.com


RICHARDS  Jonathan Charles d 25 February 1920, Sutton Street, Lawlers,  Aged 85 years, Occ:- Retired mine owner, Father:- Jerome Charles RICHARDS (Farmer) Mother:- Polly SEYMOUR,  Born Messina, St Lawrence New York State, America  In VIC 45yrs, in WA 25yrs, Married to Louisa BRIGGS in Ballarat VIC at age 26yrs, Children:- Louisa 55yrs, Charles 53yrs, Henry 52yrs, David 50yrs, Deceased 2 males and 2 females. His wife Louisa died at age 71 in 1902.

Jessie RISDON - photo Kerri Blakeman


RIGBY Alexander Henry Thomas d 7 Mar 1896 at Lawlers GM Occ:- Mine Manager 35yrs Cause:- Fever (4 weeks) Father:- Edward RIGBY (Hotel Keeper) Mother:- Margaret GLASS born Melbourne VIC Married to Emma KUT???? In Melbourne at age 27yrs Children:- Margie 10yrs Buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg:- E Murch 1/1896

RISDON  Jessie d 21 October 1910, Mrs Hills, Northern Mines, Lawlers, Aged 35 years Married woman, Cause:- Poisoning due to rupture of abscess of the uterus following abortion, Father:- Andrew FLEMING (Ironmonger) Mother:- Mary Ann DAVIDSON,
Born Geelong Victoria, In VIC 20yrs in WA 15yrs, Married to Marwood RISDON I n Coolgardie WA at age 21yrs, Children:- Myrtle Mary Ann 13yrs, Clara Margaret 10yrs, Grace Edith May 8yrs, William Andrew 6yrs, Frank Leopold 4yrs.

ROBERTSON  John  d 13or14 June 1902  Aged 37 years, Occ:- Brick layer, Cause:- Suicide by cutting his throat with a razor, no family details known Reg E Murch 8/1902

ROUSE  William  d 2 August 1903  Aged 29 years, Lawlers Hospital, Occ:- Blacksmith Cause:- Inflammation of brain, Father:- Richard ROUSE, Reg East Murchison 20/1903

ROWLES  Sydney d 18 October 1903  Aged 38 years, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Suicide whilst in a fit of temporary insanity  Father:- Joseph ROWLES, Mother:- Mary Wall,  Born Maryborough, Victoria In VIC 35yrs, In WA 3yrs, Married to Elizabeth ? in Maryborough VIC at age 29yrs, Children:- James 7yrs, Alice 5yrs, Florence 3yrs

RUANE  John  d 25 February 1907 at Lawlers, Occ:- Labourer – Cause:- Drowning

RUSSELL  Matthew d 27 February 1904, Lawlers Hospital, Occ:- Miner, Cause:- Heart Failure,  Aged 67 years Born Cardiff, Co Antrim, Ireland  Single.

RYAN  Martin d 10 April 1909, Vivien GM, Lawlers,  Aged 38 years, Occ:- Miner, Father:- Thomas RYAN (Bootmaker) Mother:- Bridget KEAYLON,  Born Colac Victoria, In VIC 26yrs, In WA 12yrs, Single.  Mine Accident:- www.wavmm.com

SALVETTI  Frank  28 Jan 1935 at Old Hall, Lawlers, 62yrs, Occ:- Labourer,  Cause:- Heart attack brought on by heat Born Italy, In WA 30yrs

SANDERS  Edward Greenow d about 28 Jun 1926, at camp Claudius Creek near Lawlers, 68yrs, Occ:- Prospector, Cause:- Senile Decay, Father:- George SANDERS Mother:- Sarah Elizabeth CRAMFIELD, Born Richmond Victoria, in VIC 28yrs, In WA 40yrs, Single.

SCOTT  Margaret Lucy d 5 December 1902  East Murchison GM, Lawlers Aged 5 months, Father:- John SCOTT Mother:- Ann KERSHAW, (Twin to Walter Charles)
SCOTT  Walter Charles  d 1 December 1902 East Murchison GM, Lawlers, Aged 5 months, Father:- John SCOTT (Miner)  Mother:- Ann KERSHAW, (Twin to Margaret Lucy)

SHERRIN  Haji d 10 February 1927  Aged 58 years, Occ:- Camel Driver, Cause:- Injuries received when being thrown from a cart, Verdict of Coroner,  Accident Born Afghanistan, In WA 28yrs. 

SHIEL  Charles Victor d 2 September 1907, Lawlers,  Aged 3 weeks, Cause:- Intercranial haemorrhage, Father:- Sydney SHIEL (Miner) Mother:- Isabella Mary BARNARD, born Lawlers WA.

SHIEL  Mary Gladstone  d 17 March 1927,Northern Mines, Lawlers, Cause:- Stillborn/Premature birth, Father:- Sydney Bernard SHIEL (Secretary) Mother:- Mary Isabella BARNARD.

SHIELS  Christina  d 8 September 1911, Wallace Street, Lawlers,  Aged 50, Widow, Father:- James McDONNELL (Fishmonger) Born Stornoway Scotland, In WA 17yrs, Married to Charles CHAMBERS in New Zealand at age 18yrs and then to David SHIELS in New Zealand at 24yrs, two children.

SHOVE  George Henry Born Dorking,  England  16 August 1896  Aged 26 years Father:- Luke SHOVE

SIMES  Clara d 23 April 1906  Aged 3 days, Lawlers, Cause:- Premature birth, Father:- Thomas SIMES (Amalgamator) Mother:- Grace LOGAN, born Lawlers WA.

SMITH  Leo Henry d 26 November 1905  Aged 21 months, Cause:- Cholera, Father:- Henry Mayhew SMITH (Draper) Mother:- Veronica Hannah SULLIVAN Born -  North Melbourne VIC 

STELLING Harry d 11 Oct 1910 Occ:- Labourer, 45yrs About 4 Miles E S E of Doyle’s Well Cause:- Suicide by hanging himself by a strap to a mulga tree whilst of unsound mind Verdict of the Coroner born Sunderberg Germany had been in WA for 14yrs Buried Lawlers Cemetery Reg Mt Marg 57/10


STEWART (HOLOEAN ALCM)  Mary Constance, Clifton Street, Lawlers, d 24 Oct 1912  Aged 18 yrs 7mths, Father:- John STEWART (Hotel Keeper) Step Father:- John HOLOHAN Mother:- Mary Elizabeth MOLONEY, Cause:- unsuccessful operation for appendicitis Born Melbourne VIC in VIC 7yrs, In WA 11yrs.

STOLBERG  William d 13 May 1901  Aged 34 years Cause:- Erysipelas, Married but details not known Born Gympie, Queensland

STONE  Unnamed male Child, d 11 March 1908, Northern GM, near Lawlers, Cause:- Stillborn/Premature birth, Father:- Thomas STONE (Engine Driver) Mother:- Mary PASCO

Henry Edward James (Teddy) TAYLOR - photo Kerri Blakeman

SYME Duncan McInnes d 3 November 1908, Lawlers Hospital,  Aged 38 years Occ:- Engine Driver, Cause: Laceration and haemorrhage to brain, Father:- James SYME Mother:- Isabella McINNES Born Newcastle NSW, 30yrs in NSW, 9 yrs in WA, Married to Margaret POSTLETHWAITE in Maroomba NSW at age 20yrs, Children:- James 18yrs, John William 15yrs, Peter McInnes 14yrs, Duncan Leslie 12yrs. 

TAYLOR  Henry Edward James (Teddy)  d 19 October 1907,  Aged 5 years, Cause:- Acute laryngitis and respiratory failure, Father:- Henry Albert Taylor (Coachbuilder) Mother:- Edith Mary JONES, born Fremantle WA.

TOGNOLINI  Samuel d 2 December 1901  Aged 23 years Occ:- Miner, Lawlers Hospital, Cause:- Explosion of dynamite,  Father:- Lorenzo TOGNOLINI (Carrier)  Mother:- Catterina TENNI, Born Firans, Italy, 3 yrs in WA, Single

GROORY Tommy d 12 February 1910  Aged 26 years

URQUHART  John  d 1 October 1910, about 12 miles from Lawlers, Occ:- Woodcutter, Cause:- Heart failure,  Aged 40-45 years, believed born Guilford WA, Single.

UZUNOE Yon (Female) d 1 December 1909  Aged 31 years, Cause:- Measles, Married woman, Father:- Wasakichi ORITRANI (Farmer) Born Japan, Married to Haruzau UZUNOE in Sasehoshi Japan at age 22yrs, No Children

VALENTINE  Alexander d 28 July 1909, 18mile peg on the Lawlers-Darlot Road, Aged 59 years, Occ:- Prospector formerly Cook, Cause:- Shock and Exhaustion from a strangulated hernia, Born Ceylon, over 10yrs in WA.

WALDRON  James Henry d 9 July 1906  Aged 23 years, Occ:- Labourer, Cause:- Heart failure, Father:-Ewan WALDRON (Labourer) Mother:- Catherine LUFF, Born Moonta SA, In SA 17yrs in WA 6yrs, Single.

WALKER  Adam  d 13 October 1902  Wooronga South GM, Lawlers, Occ:- Miner Aged 35 years Cause:- Accidental ruptured heart from a fall of earth, Verdict of the Coroner Reg:- East Murchison 14/1902, Mine Accident- www.wavmm.com

WALLIS  John d 2 November 1909, Lawlers Hospital,  Aged 53, Occ:- Labourer, Cause:- Gastric carcinoma, Born Victoria, in WA at least 10yrs. 


WARREN Alfred George, d 3 Mar 1944 At Agnew Hospital, Occ:- Prospector, 67yrs, Cause:- Silicosis and TB, Father:- Alfred WARREN (Miner) Mother:- Elizabeth GODDARD, born St Arnauds VIC, In VIC 22yrs, in WA 45yrs, Single Reg: E Murchison 11/44  see – www.wavmm.com

WEBB  James Born South Australia  31 January 1909, Pinacles East of Vivien, Aged 44 years Occ Miner, Cause:- Accidental discharge of gun, Verdict of the Coroner, Father:- George WEBB (Miner) Mother:- Mary JAMES, born Walaroo SA, in NSW 30yrs, in WA 5yrs, Married to Eliza UREN in Mt MacDonald NSW, Children:- George Charles 18yrs, Eliza Mary 17yrs, Alice May 15yrs, Ida Minnie 13yrs, Eva Annie 11yrs, Edna Ruth 9yrs, Stella Olive 7yrs, Sydney Edward 5yrs.


WERTHEIMER Arthur Harcourt, died Perth 2 Aug 1947 (see above)
WERTHEIMER Florence J, died 16 Aug 1944 age 76yrs

WESTROPP  Robert J d 31 Mar 1903  Aged 30 years Cause:- Suicide by cyanide

WHEELER  Robert d 25 August 1903  Aged 50 years, Lawlers Hospital, Cause:- Shock from burns, born England

WHITE  Francis George d 15 December 1903  Aged 3½ hours, Clifton Street, Lawlers,  Father:- George William Ernest WHITE (Contractor) Mother:- Jane CLOUGH

WHITTAKER  Henry d 28 April 1904  Aged 26 years Lawlers Hospital, Occ:- Engine Driver, Father Henry WHITTAKER (Wheelwright), Mother:- Elizabeth Ann BELLEFIELD Born Newcastle WA, Single.

WILDING  William Frederick  d 27 November 1904  Aged 24 days, Cause:- Infantile Debility, Father:- William WILDING (Miner)  Mother:- Agnes REDMAN

WILLIAMS  Frank d 22 August 1899  Public Hospital Lawlers,  Aged 24 years Occ:- Bootmaker, Cause:- Traumatic Tetanus and Asphyxia, Father:- Thomas WILLIAMS (Engine Driver) Mother:- Maria ROLLINS born Ballarat, Victoria, in VIC 22yrs, in WA 1yrs, Single Reg:- E Murchison 8/1899

WILLIAMS  Unnamed Female d 20 March 1909, Kathleen GM, Lawlers  Cause:- Stillborn Father:- William Henry WILLIAMS (Gem Turner) Mother:- Lily MORETON.

Mary Helen WILLIS - photo Kerri Blakeman


WILLIS  Frank  13 August 1906  Aged 6 months

WILLIS  Mary Helen d 14 December 1903  Aged 29 years, Sutton Street, Lawlers, Cause:- Child Birth, Father:- Thomas WEATHERALL (Brick Works Manager), Mother:- Elizabeth WILLIS, Born Northcote, Victoria, In Vic 26yrs, in WA 3yrs, Married to James Bert WILLIS in St Kilda VIC at age 26yrs, 1 male child deceased

WILLIS  Unnamed male, d 14 December 1903  Stillborn, Sutton Street, Lawlers, Father:- James Bert WILLIS, Mother:- Mary Helen WEATHERALL

WILSON  James  d 3 November 1910, Rose Hotel, Clifton Street, Lawlers, Aged 67 years, Occ:- Teamster,  Cause:- Suicide Hanging while suffering the effects of drink, Born England, in WA 15yrs, Single 

WINTERS  John d 22 September 1903  Aged 38 years Lawlers Hospital, Occ:-  Miner  Father:- William WINTERS (Farmer) Mother:- Helen DALEY ,Born Cork Ireland In WA 6yrs, Single

WRIGHT  Joseph d 23 November 1910, Clifton Street, Lawlers,  Aged 52 years, Occ:- General dealer, Cause Suicide, Gunshot wound self inflicted while in a  depresses state. Born England possibly Birmingham. Single.

ZAMPATTI  Antonio d 21 Feb 1902  Lawlers Hospital, Aged 23 years Occ:- Miner,  Cause:- Appendicitis Father:- Stefano ZAMPATTI, born Lovero, Lombardy Italy, In WA 7mths, Single,

Burials near Lawlers but not in Cemetery: -

MEBARRA Annie 3 Feb 1910 Age 30 yrs
ROBINSON James K  8 Mar 1914 age 58 yrs
BIGORRIO Nelly 22 Dec 1914 Age 50
EMWIN Rosey 16 Oct 1915 Age 36yrs
WEEDARRA Rangie 5 Nov 1915 Age 48
WANYA Polly 12 Nov 1915  age 49yrs
YULGARRLIN Bob 23 Aug 1924  Age 85yrs

GROGAN  Hester Kate  25 September 1900 Buried 8 Aug 1900 50miles from Lawlers on the Mt Magnet road  Aged 17 months, Born Lawlers WA, Father:- John GROGAN (Battery hand) Mother:- Margaret FOLEY Cause:- phosphorus poisoning by eating watermelon accidentally obtained

Unidentified grave next to Felix McCarthy

Research has shown there are a number of errors on this sign so I have not included close ups of the text.

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