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Kalgoorlie > North Kalgoorlie PS Class Groups 1960s

North Kalgoorlie Primary School C 1961

Back Row:     ?   Harry Cleverley,    ?      ?       Kerry Smales,   ?    ?    ?   Shelley?,   ?    ?   ?

Middle Row:   ?   ?    ? Kim Loxton,  ?   Brian?, Jonathon ? Garry ?   ?    ?    ?

Front Row:    ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  Eva Jarvis, Suzanne Eade, Sally George,  Rosemary Jones,  ?  ?  Janis Hill,



North Kalgoorlie PS 1969 Grade 6 or 7

North Kalgoorlie PS C 1968-9 from Ron Littlewood

North Kalgoorlie PS Grade 1 1962

North Kalgoorlie Primary School - 1962 Grade 7

North Kalgoorlie PS - Yr 1 1964 Teacher Jan George

Grade 5 1969.  Teacher Mr Frank Hays

Back Row:     Alex May, Garry Bale, Brian Stones, Brett Foster, Peter Helen, John Langford, Victor Wells, Stephen Ruckmick, Peter Collier & Keith Shepherd,

3rd Row:      Graham Tarabini, Phil Davison, C Johns, Geoff Watson, Norm Sharp, Billy York, Mick Willoughby, L Quealy, Ken Littlewood, Peter Woodall, Paul Fitzgerald.

2nd Row:      Leanne Negus, Susan Hill, Heather Brown, Lyn Grainger, Sue McKenzie, Gillian Burkett.

Front:         Robyn Simmons, Helen Pettit, R Grist, Lyn Pope, Veronica O’Brien, M Martin, Lyn Carter, Gina Isbister, Susan Browning.

Grade 7 1962

Back Row: B. Turner, P. Donnelly, C. Rowe, J. De Camp, E. Purdue, V. Temple, M. Robartson, J. Archer, C. Keegan T. Sadler, C. Guise, B. Morgan, J. Williams Middle Row: J. Spencer, R. Davis, L. Boneham, V. Vulitich, L. Dimer, L. Fissioli, J. Rose, J. De Bello, G. Winner, J. Thorton, G. Winner, L. Nazzari. Front Row: D. Smith, P. Ennor, N. Piggott, W. Eade, N. Davis, R. Smales, R. Smith, L. Bassett, L. McGrath, A. McGrath, M. Vranjes, E. Polmear, S. Wheatly
Sitting:S. Compton, P. Jose, R. Holdaway

NKPS 1963 – from John Robertson

BACK ROW: Eric Emerson, Frank Schelle, Noal Flood, Max Smith, Jeff Donnelly, Jim O'Brien, Barry Heatley,Ernie Douglas, Richard Martin, Richard Cooper 3rd ROW: Kay Pascoe, Faye Anderson, Bev Thomas, Jill Marshall, Leonie Alman, Barbara Hall, Lorraine Spencer, Lyn Prideaux, Jenny Wright, Norma Friend? Pat Bailey, Ann Thornton , Delys Smith. 2nd ROW: Jan George, Yvonne Boyd, Elaine Cruichshank, Marone Hart, Irene Smith, Helen Colister, Kay Fowler, Lorraine Syeverson, Matilyn Crisp, Bev O"Brien, Bev Cragan, June Davey. FRONT ROW: Alan Hayles, Norm Lindfield, Ian Johnson, Phillip Anderson? Bruce Siviour, John Smithin, Anthony Clack

North Kalgoorlie School - 1969 Grade 7 

Back Row:     W. Pritchard, C. Borchet, J. Douglas, J. Budd, S. Eyers, C. Armstrong, D. Grant, A. Curran, L. Coombe,                       V. Auburn, D. Smith-Gander, S. Sinclair, K. Hellen, C. Ramsay.

Middle Row:   T. Mason, J. Loxton, B. Thompson, M. Fleming, S. Guy, P. Fury, J. Willoughby, S. Prew.

Kneeling:       G.Geilie, B. Foster, A. Davey, R. Barnes, J. Davidson, P. Andre, T. Pettit, J. Woodall. 


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