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Electoral Roll > Comet Vale 1904 Electoral Roll

Comet Vale 1904 Electoral Roll
Western Australia

ARNOTT Alfred N.- Comet Vale-Married
BAKER Daniel- Comet Vale-Miner
BAKER Florence- Comet Vale-Married
BRADLEY John- Comet Vale-Fettler
BRYANT Charles- Comet Vale-Labourer
CARTLEDGE James John- Comet Vale-Per. way repairer
CHAMBERS Ernest C.-Comet Vale-Miner
DEASY John- Comet Vale-Labourer
GRAHAM James- Comet Vale-Miner
HAYES Daniel- Comet Vale-Fettler
HAYES Dennis- Comet Vale-Miner
HILL Alfred- Comet Vale-Miner
MIERS Frederick -Comet Vale-Miner
MORRIS Michael -Comet Vale-Miner
MORRISSY Michael- Comet Vale-Miner
MOSS Edward-Comet Vale-Miner
McCLYMONT John-Comet Vale-Miner
McNAMARA Bridget-Comet Vale-Married
McNAMARA Mary- Comet Vale-Home duties
McNAMARA Timothy-Comet Vale-Cyanider
NIOA Charles- Comet Vale-Miner
NIOA Frank- Comet Vale-Miner
REVILL John Charles- Comet Vale-Miner
ROBERTS Edward- Comet Vale-Miner
ROBINSON David- Comet Vale-Miner
WATSON Samuel Robert- Comet Vale-Line Repairer

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