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This website is dedicated to the memory of my two dear friends Sandy Duncan and Shyama Peebles who both passed away in 2012.


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Menzies Books

Menzies Businesses

Menzies Cemetery ABD - BEW

Menzies Cemetery BIN - CUM

Menzies Cemetery CUN - FRY

Menzies Cemetery GAF - HUS

Menzies Cemetery HUX - MAC

Menzies Cemetery MAG - ODO

Menzies Cemetery ODO - SAW

Menzies Cemetery SAW - SMI

Menzies Cemetery SMI - WAT

Menzies Cemetery WEB - YUI

Menzies Electoral Roll 1904 A - C

Menzies Electoral Roll 1904 D

Menzies Electoral Roll 1904 E - H

Menzies Electoral Roll 1904 I - L

Menzies Electoral Roll for 1958

Menzies Hotels

Menzies Mines

Menzies People

Menzies Pictures page 1

Menzies War Memorial

WW1 Soldiers - Menzies

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