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Along the Road to Cue - By Andree Hayward

The race for gold that charms the bold
Finds toil for men and beast
And they, who le3ft the East of old
Are daily streaming East
The whips that crack along the track
Are strong, the horses too
And strong the words the teamsters use
Along the road to Cue
The words they use
To mark their views
Along the road to Cue

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Cue was gazetted a townsite in August 1893. It is named after Tom Cue, one of those who discovered gold there in 1892. The following account from an article in the "Sunday Times" dated Nov. 24th, 1974, page 7 describes the beginnings of Cue "Back in the young Western Australia of 1890, the gold rush to the Murchison was in full swing. Crowds of gold seekers actually walked over large quantities of surface gold that was eventually found by Tom Cue after one of those all too common droughts removed the surface grass. Cue, the capital of Murchison, mushroomed near the spot where Tom Cue and his mates made fortunes by turning over stones with forked sticks as their only equipment. Gold virtually covered the ground. This surface gold did not build the town though. The deep gold did this."



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