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Edjudina 1904 Electoral Roll
Western Australia

ADKINS John William- Edjudina-Miner
AITCHISON John- Edjudina-Farrier
ALDERSON Robert- Edjudina-Miner
ALSOP John- Edjudina-Miner
ASH Nicholas- Glengarry-Miner
ATWOOD Edward- Glengarry-Miner
AULD John- Edjudina-Miner
BANONS George- Edjudina-Miner
BARNES Arthur Joseph- Edjudina-Miner
BARNICOAT Francis- Edjudina-Miner
BARRETT James- Edjudina-Miner
BEGG Harry- Edjudina-Miner
BEGG W.H.- Edjudina-Miner
BENSON John Thomas- Edjudina-Miner
BLAIR John- Edjudina-Miner
BLOXHAM Arthur- Edjudina-Miner
BREWER David- Edjudina-Miner
BREWER Mary- Edjudina-House duties
BROWN Andrew George- Edjudina-Metallurgist
BROWN Charles Henry- Edjudina-Miner
BROWN Edward- Edjudina-Miner
BROWN John Alexander- Glengarry-Miner
BURMNESTER Hans Henry- Glengarry-Carpenter
BURMNESTER Mary- Glengarry-Home duties
BURMOND John Wilson- Edjudina-Miner
BUZZA Ernest- Edjudina-Miner
BUZZA Joseph Memsom- Edjudina-Battery owner
BUZZA Rose- Edjudina-Home duties
CALAFATES George- Edjudina-Miner
CARSON Edith- Glengarry-Home duties
CARSON George Anderson- Glengarry-Miner
CHACKEFIELD Charles- Edjudina-Labourer
CHAMBERS Charles- Edjudina-Miner
CHAMBERS William Lambert- Edjudina-Miner
CHRISTENSON William John- Edjudina-Miner
CLIFFORD Daniel- Edjudina-Storekeeper
CLIFFORD John- Edjudina-Storekeeper
COAK Michael- Glengarry-Miner
COAK Patrick- Glengarry-Miner
COFFEY Francis- Edjudina-Miner
COGLAN R. Lindsay- Edjudina-Engine driver
COLDFOOTS George- Edjudina-Miner
CORBETT John- Edjudina-Miner
CORBETT Kate- Edjudina-Married
COULSON George- Edjudina-Miner
CRAVEN John- Edjudina-Bricklayer
CRAVEN Paul- Edjudina-Miner
CRAWLEY Daniel- Edjudina-Miner
CROWLEY Daniel- Edjudina-Miner
CUMMINGS John Hastings- Edjudina-Engine fitter
CUNNEEN John D.- Edjudina-Miner
CURTAIN Andrew-Glengarry-Miner
DAVIDSON James Graham- Edjudina-Amalgamator
DAVIDSON John- Edjudina-Miner
DILLON John Henry- Edjudina-Miner
DUNSTAN William- Edjudina-Labourer
EVANS Francis- Edjudina-Miner
EVANS William-  Edjudina-Miner
EVERS Frank Rudolph- Edjudina-Miner
FINATEUR John- Edjudina-Miner
FINN Violet- Edjudina-Home duties
FINN William James- Edjudina-Contractor
FOSTER William Lindsay- Edjudina-Miner
FULLERTON Robert- Edjudina-Miner
GAMBLE William- Edjudina-Miner
GARDINER Owen John- Edjudina-Miner
GEORGE Archibald- Glengarry-Miner
GIBSON John- Edjudina-Miner
GIBSON Peter- Edjudina-Miner
GIBSON Robert - Edjudina-Miner
GINBERT Joseph- Edjudina-Miner
GLOVER Harry- Glengarry-Miner
GLOVER Henry Robert- Edjudina-Miner
GLOVER William Hyde- Edjudina-Engine driver
GORDON William- Edjudina-Miner
GRANT Alexander- Edjudina-Miner
GREENWELL John- Edjudina-Engine driver
GREENWELL Sophia- Edjudina-Home duties
GREIG Andrew- Edjudina-Miner
HAACH Frederick- Glengarry-Engine driver
HAGEN Charles Richard- Glengarry-Miner
HAY Joseph- Glengarry-Miner
HAACH Elizabeth- Ejudina-Married
HAMILTON Peter- Edjudina-Miner
HARGRAVES George Edward- Edjudina-Miner
HARRIS Henry- Edjudina-Miner
HAY William-Edjudina-Miner
HENDERSON Henderson- Edjudina-Miner
HENRY Arthur- Glengarry-Miner
HURLEY Frank- Edjudina-Miner
JOHNSTON Lizzie- Edjudina-Domestic
JOHNSTON Tom- Edjudina-Engineer
KELLY Isabelle- Edjudina-Storekeeper
KENNEDY Gerald Arthur- Glengarry-Clerk
KENNEDY James Henry- Edjudina-Miner
KREGOR Bridget- Edjudina-Home duties
KREGOR John- Edjudina-Miner
LARDAN Arthur- Edjudina-Miner
LEBLANE Napoleon- Edjudina-Miner
LEMON John- Edjudina-Miner
LIDDEOTI Joseph- Glengarry-Baker
MAHONY John James- Edjudina-Miner
MANGELS John- Glengarry-Mine Manager
MANNING Alexexander Smith-Edjudina-Miner
MANNING Stephen- Edjudina-Miner
MANNING Thomas- Glengarry-Amalgamator
MARSHALL George- Edjudina-Miner
MARVEL Herbert -Edjudina-Miner
MEYER Hamilton- Edjudina-Engine Driver
MIDDLETON Walter- Edjudina-Miner
MINERS William -Edjudina-Miner
MONAGHAN Edward- Edjudina-Miner
MONAGHAN Francis Joseph- Edjudina-Contractor
MONAGHAN James John- Edjudina-Publican
MONAGHAN Letitia Jane- Edjudina-Married
MONAGHAN Michael- Edjudina-Miner
MOORE James- Edjudina-Miner
MORRELL Herbert -Edjudina-Miner
MORRISON James- Edjudina-Miner
MORRISON Robert-Edjudina-Miner
MORRISON Thomas-Edjudina-Miner
MURPHY James-Edjudina-Miner
MURPHY Patrick- Edjudina-Miner
MURRAY Charles F.-Edjudina-Miner
MURRAY Edith Henrietta- Edjudina-Home duties
MURRAY James- Edjudina-Miner
McCOY George- Edjudina-Battery Manager
McFEE Archibald- Glengarry-Bricklayer
McFEE Henrietta Frederica- Glengarry-Home duties
MacINTOSH Donald- Edjudina-Miner
McKENZIE Kenneth- Edjudina-Miner
McLAUGHNAN Ewen -Edjudina-Woodcutter
McLEAN Henry -Glengarry-Miner
McLEAN James Augustus- Glengarry-Miner
NAUGHTON Patrick- Glengarry-Carpenter
NEWLAND Walter-Edjudina-Engine Driver
NORTHCOTE Cecil- Glengarry-Amalgamator
NICHOLSON James Elderman- Edjudina-Miner
NICOLL James- Edjudina-Miner
NORTHEY Frederick- Edjudina-Miner
O'CONNOR Patrick -Edjudina-Miner
OTTEY John- Edjudina-Miner
OVINGTON Thomas- Edjudina-Miner
PARKER James Albert- Edjudina-Miner
PASCOE Richard- Edjudina-Miner
PASCOE William- Edjudina-Miner
PEACOCK Oliver- Edjudina-Miner
PEARSON Hubert- Edjudina-Miner
PETRAS J.F. -Edjudina-Miner
PETRAS William- Edjudina-Miner
PLUMERAGE Horatio Cauph- Edjudina-Miner
POTTS Thomas H.- Edjudina-Miner
PUGH Thomas- Glengarry-Farmer
REED George- Edjudina-Miner
REES John- Edjudina-Miner
RITCHIE Thomas Francis- Edjudina-Miner
ROBERTS Herbert- Edjudina-Engine Driver
ROBERTS John- Edjudina-Engine Driver
ROBERTSON William John- Edjudina-Miner
RODGER Henry Charles- Edjudina-Miner
ROLLISON John- Edjudina-Miner
RYAN Ellen -Glengarrie-Domestic
RYAN William Joseph- Edjudina-Miner
SCHIER Edward- Edjudina-Miner
SCHULTZ George-Edjudina-Miner
SEARLES Thomas Robert- Edjudina-Miner
SELBOURNE William I- Edjudina-Miner
SHEEHAN Patrick David- Edjudina-Woodcutter
SILK James- Edjudina-Miner
SMITH James- Edjudina-Miner
SMITH John Robert- Edjudina-Miner
SPAAKS Oliver S.- Edjudina-Miner
STEAD Martin-Edjudina-Miner
STEWART Henry- Glengarry-Miner
STOKES John- Glengarry-Publican
STONE Harry- Edjudina-Miner
STREMPELL Arthur- Glengarry-Stoker
SUTTON Daniel- Glengarry-Carpenter
TATE James Campbell- Glengarry-Labourer
TEMBY Edward Arundel- Edjudina-Miner
THOMAS Edwin Walter- Edjudina-Miner
THOMAS James- Edjudina-Miner
THURSTON Frederick -Edjudina-Miner
TIBBETS Mark- Edjudina-Miner
TOWNSEND George- Edjudina-Miner
TREVENAN William A.- Edjudina-Miner
TURNER John- Edjudina-Miner
VERNON William- Glengarry-Plumber
VOLTHER Alice- Edjudina-Domestic
WALKER George- Edjudina-Miner
WELLS Edmond Boldron- Edjudina-Miner
WHARTON Thomas- Edjudina-Miner
WHITTING William- Edjudina-Miner
WILLIAMS Elizabeth- Edjudina-Home Duties
WILLIAMS John Thomas- Edjudina-Miner
WILLIAMS Norman Hugh- Edjudina-Labourer
WILLIAMSON Benjamin-Edjudina-Miner
WILLIAMSON William-Edjudina-Miner
WILSON David Alexander- Edjudina-Assayer
WINDSOR Frederick -Edjudina-Miner
WOODGATE William -Edjudina-Miner

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