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The Goongarrie area was first prospected, before Hannans was discovered, by Pickersgill, Frost and Cahill in 1893.  It was first known as The Roaring Gimlet and afterwards when it was at its most prosperous, The Ninety-Mile.

Latitude : 30 03 S Longitude : 121 09 E

Goongarrie is an abandoned eastern goldfields townsite, located about 85 km north north west of Kalgoorlie. When it was proposed to establish a townsite here in 1894 the area was known as the 90 Mile Camp on account of its estimated distance from Coolgardie. Being located near Lake Goongarrie, the name Goongarrie was chosen for the townsite when it was gazetted in 1895. The meaning of this Aboriginal word is not known.

Goongarrie Hotel 1896-38.jpg (332993 bytes) Goongarrie Hotel Williams-39.jpg (54314 bytes)
Goongarrie Hotel 1896

Goongarrie Tinnion 1896-40.jpg (288726 bytes)

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