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Gwalia 1958 Commonwealth Electoral Roll
Western Australia

ABRAM Ermanno –carpenter

ALLEN Arthur Francis –labourer

ALLEN Pearl –home duties

ALVIANI Luizi – labourer

AUSTIN Walter Sutton – labourer

BAILEY Kathleen Emma – home duties

BAILEY Stanley Roy – guard

BALETICH Ante – miner

BARDEN Eileen Katherine – home duties

BARDEN Reginald Arthur – mining

BATES Florence Amelia – home duties

BATES Richard Henry – fireman

BAXTER Leonard Dean – miner

BAXTER Stella Josephine –home duties


BECCARIA Pasquale Agostino – home duties

BEDETTI Romano – carpenter

BELLINI Venanzio – miner

BENDOTTI Agnes Mary – shop assistant

BENDOTTI Carolina –home duties

BENNETT Arthur James – bricklayer

BERNARDI Albert – miner

BETTI Erminio – miner


BETTS George Keaning – miner

BIANCO Guiseppe – labourer

BIRCH Patricia Brenda Constance – home duties

BIRCH Thomas Arthur- miner

BOND Anthony Paul – miner

BOND Beryl Patricia – home duties

BOND Margaret – Manning Street – home duties

BONI Giovanno – miner

BONI Lino Domenico – miner

BONI Pietro – miner

BONOMELLI Angelo – Patroni’s Guest House –miner

BONOMINI Battista – loco driver

BORTOLOTTI Tranguillo – miner

BOWDEN George Charles – Tower St – sawyer

BOWDEN Isabel King –Tower St – home duties

BOWDEN Sarah Govan – home duties

BOWDEN Sydney Teasdale – barman

BRIFFA Anthony – clerk

BURROWS Rita Jessie –Tower St – home duties

BUTLER George William – Tower St – pipe fitter

BUTLER Veronica Mary – Tower St – home duties

CAMPBELL George Deans – labourer

CAPITANI Ernesto – miner

CARRUTHERS Anne Patricia – home duties

CARRUTHERS James Martin – store manager

CHALMERS Harry – Manning St – fitter




CHALMERS Jean Helena – Woodline – home duties

CHAMBERLAIN Harold – fitter

CHAMBERLAIN Laurette Margaret – home duties

CHISHOLM Donald Victor – labourer

CHISHOLM Winnifred Kathlean – Manning St – home duties

CHRISTOFF Dimitri Yonkoff – Gwalia Road – miner

CLARKE Fred Cecil Vernon – Manning St – fitter

CLEWS Marlene Joy – Police Station – home duties

CLEWS Thomas Vincent – Police Station – police constable

COLOMBO Alexandra Amelia


COLOMBO Nancy Effie –Tower St –home duties

CONLON Joyce Calre – home duties

CONLON Leslie Norman – solutionist

CUDINI Marino – miner

CUGINI Angelo Natala – miner

CUGINI Rachael –Tower St – home duties

DAVIES Alfred Charles – engine driver

DAVIES Phyllis Emmeline – home duties

DEFILIPPO Rora Augusto – miner

DE HANN Mattys – mill hand

DEL FANTE Pietro Paulo – Tower St – truck driver

DELLA MADDALENA Lazaro Ettore – Woodline – woodcutter

DE MEIS Ernesto – miner

DE RUBEIS Anna Mary Concitta – home duties

DE RUBEIS Giovanni – miner

DI CRESCENZO Giovanni – Tower St – miner

EPIS Attilio Giovanni Alberto – miner

FRANCHINA Marie – home duties

FROMHOLDS Nicholas – photographer

GEE Margaret Isabel – 69 Station St – home duties

GEE Mervyn Keith –69 Station St – stationmaster

GIOVANAZZI Argia – home duties

GIOVANAZZI Giovanni – miner

GLOSSOP Maureen June – home duties

GLOSSOP Neil Bray – postmaster

GOSPODNICH Sime – miner

GRAHAM Ellen Caroline – home duties

GRAHAM Richard George – mine supervisor

GRANDJA Andrya – miner

GRANDJA Katharina – home duties

GRAY Frances Ivy – home duties

GRAY Harry Alfred – Tower St – butcher

GRAY Joan Alice – Tower St – home duties

GRAY Thomas Henry – Manning St – miner

GREGONI Rosario – miner

GRIFFIN Thomas – Woodline – ganger

GUIZZARDI Giovanni – mine labourer

HARRIS Audrey – home duties

HARRIS Jack Ronald Bruce – loco fireman

HILL Alfred Clement – mine storekeeper

HILL Charlotte Ida Flora – home duties

IVANKOVICH Vido – swimming pool attendant

JANKOWSKI Josef – boilermaker

JOHNS Frederick – Tower St – braceman

JOHNS Lillian Maude Mary – Gwalia St – home duties

JOHNSON Doreen Joan – home duties

JOHNSON William Henry – engine driver

JONES Kathleen Joyce – home duties

JONES William Allan – mine clerk

JORDAN Angelina – Mine Staff House – home duties

JORDAN Michael John – apprentice fitter

JORDAN William John – Mine Staff House – engineer

KEANE Francis Patrick – diamond driller

KENNEDY John Syme – miner

KENNEDY Lillian Gertrude – home duties

KNEZOVICH George – miner

KRICICH Pave – Woodline – woodcutter

KROMEK Margarethe – home duties

KULLACK Marjorie Gertrude – home duties

KULLACK William Arthur –Tower St – miner

LITTLE Beryl Lillian – home duties

LITTLE Edward Leonard – miner

McDERMID Donald Gordon – tractor driver

McLEAN John – fireman

McLEAN Margaret Anderson – home duties

MAJOR Eileen Mary –home duties

MAJOR Fergus George – Otterburn St – winch driver

MARENDOLI Cleto – Tower St – miner

MARENDOLI Dante –miner

MARENDOLI Liani – home duties

MARENDOLI Patricia Mary –Tower St – home duties

MARTINAZZOLI Marietta – home duties

MATTHEWS Dorothy Enid – home duties

MATTHEWS Richard William – barman

MAZZA Alma Violet –Tower St – home duties

MAZZA Dino Natale – grocer

MAZZA Elena – housewife

MAZZA Lorenzo Angelo – miner

MAZZA Rene Olive – home duties

MAZZA Robert Antonio – butcher

MESSALI Carlo – miner

MILLBANK Stanley Kenneth Charles – Mine Mess – fitter

MILLAR Joyce – home duties

MILLAR Reginald Herbert Roy – engine driver


NEMES Stephen – miner

NEWMAN Eric James – carpenter

NYE Arthur Henry – carrier

NYE Mary Elizabeth – home duties


OMODEI Agnes – home duties

OMODEI Carola – home duties

OMODEI Domenico – plant labourer

OMODEI Eraldo –labourer

OMODEI Mick – miner

PARAVICINI Luigi –Tower St – miner

PARAVICINI Maria –Tower St –home duties

PARKINSON Anne Conway – home duties

PARKINSON John Robert – blacksmith striker

PARORA Vittorio – prospector

PASSERI Eugene – miner

PASSERI Mary Francesca – home duties

PATRONI Dina – home duties

PENNEFATHER Frederick – mill hand

PENNEFATHER Isabella – home duties

PERANI Severo – miner

PERICH Stepan – Woodline – woodcutter

PERRELLA Vincenzo – labourer

PESKETT Charles John – fitter

PESKETT Hilda Edith Mary – home duties

PINI Helen –Tower St – home duties

PINA Robert John Peter – Patroni’s Guest House – miner

POLINELLI Pietro – miner

POOLE Benjamin Goodwin – turner

PRINCE Elena – home duties

PRINCE Ernest Donald – Tower St – miner

PRINCE Ernest Edward – guard

PRINCE Irene May – home duties

PRINCE Pamela Annette – Manning St – home duties

PRINCE Robert John – skipman

PRODONOVICH Sino –Tower St – miner

QUARTI Bernice Evelyn – home duties

QUARTI Douglas Edward Cameron – clerk

QUARTI Elizabeth Olive – housewife

QUARTI Guiseppe – engine driver

QUISLINI Emilio – miner

RADALJ Joze – miner

REILLY Florence Evelyn – home duties

REILLY Maurice Edward – teacher

RICCI Bortolo – carpenter

ROBERTSON Kenneth Neil – Manning St – plumber

ROBERTSON Maxwell John – pumpman

ROBERTSON Thelma Emily – home duties

ROBINSON Elsie Loise – Station St – home duties

ROBINSON John William – miner

ROBINSON Margaret Catherine – home duties

ROBINSON Thomas – Station St – fireman

ROFFINOLI Francesco – miner

ROMELLI Antonio – Woodline – miner

ROMELLI Giuseppe – woodcutter

RUGGERI Leone – miner

SALINOVICH Beryl May – home duties

SALINOVICH Stepan – miner

SAUNDERS Elsie Mabel –home duties

SAUNDERS John Raymond – miner

SBIZZIRRI Guiseppe – labourer

SCERESINI Luigi – miner

SCOLARI Caterina –Tower St –home duties

SCOLARI Guiseppe –miner

SERINI Michael –Woodline – wood cutter

SMITH Colin Michael – miner

SULLIVAN Clarice Mabel –Gwalia St – home duties

SUNJICH Yure – Woodline – labourer

SWEET Alice Maud – home duties

SWEET Frank Bernard – underground manager

TAGLIAFERRI John David –1 Tower St – labourer

TAGLIAFERRI Noreen Francis – Tower St – home duties

TAGLIAFERRI Robert John – Tower St – labourer

TAYLOR Harry –Tower St – labourer

TEGOU Lazaros Stephanou –Gwalia St – miner

TESTINI Italo – miner

TOGNALI Elizabeth –home duties

TOGNI Mary Ann

VALETTA Guiseppe – miner

VARESCHETTI Louie –Tower St – miner

VARISCHETTI Modesto – home duties

VAUSE Arthur James – miner

VAUSE Mary Norah – home duties

WALTON Alma Alethea – home duties

WALTON Leopold Henry – assayer

WATSON Norman Leslie – fitter

WHITE Catherine – home duties

WILLIAMS John Thomas –Tower St – labourer

WILLIAMS Olive Mary –Tower St –home duties

WINTER Emily Victoria – home duties

WINTER Joseph Edward – fitter



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