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Pictures of Kanowna Pg 4

White Feather 1895

Inside Kanowna Hospital, 1895

Dr J. J. Holland and son, John Jospeh known as Bill, 1908

Alicia Holland with baby John Joseph known as Bill, Dr J.J. Holland, Nurse Austin, Nurse Prothero, Matron May Griggs seated outside Kanowna Hospital, 13 December 1907

Nurse Prothero and Matron May Griggs at Kanowna Hospital 1908

Prospectors Camp Kanowna

Kanowna Dramatic Club Western Argus 14 March 1905, page 22
Kanowna Railway Station-36.jpg (24667 bytes) Kanowna Vol Fire Brig-24.jpg (35536 bytes)

Kanowna Railway Station Kanowna Volunteer Fire Brigade

Hospital 1896-1.jpg (35021 bytes)

Kanowna Hospital taken September 1896 showing how primitive services really were in those days with a hessian tent and bower shed

BALLARAT GM-1.JPG (58370 bytes) WHITE FEATHER MAIN REEF GM-17.JPG (46822 bytes)

Ballarat Gold Mine Kanowna White Feather Main Reef Kanowna

Kanowna Volunteers 1901

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