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Kathleen Valley
Western Australia

Located in the Leonora District

GPS Lat/Lon 27o 31. 18 120o 33.58

Latitude : 27 31 S Longitude : 120 34 E

Kathleen is an abandoned townsite in the East Murchison Goldfield, located about 50 km north of Leinster. Gold was discovered in the area in 1897, and a Townsite gazetted in 1900. Locals originally referred to the place as Kathleen Valley, as the original gold find was in a valley. When the townsite was gazetted, the Inspector of Plans in the Department of Lands and Surveys thought the name incongruous, and dropped the "Valley" from the name. It is not known who "Kathleen" was.

For additional details see book More Lonely Graves by Yvonne & Kevin Coate


BURNETT George Alexander d. 4 May 1925 age 65 –East Murchison death cert 2/1925

COFFEY Edward d. 3 Jan 1906 age 44 – the only headstone in the Cemetery East Murchison death cert 2/1906

COX Frederick Lewis d. 11 May 1905 age 28 – East Murchison death cert 1600/1905

CURRAN Philip d. 24 Sep 1903 age 27 -East Murchison death cert 1631/1903

LEECH John d. 16 May 1905 age 26 -East Murchison death cert 9/1905 East Murchison

NELSON William d. 6 May 1903 age 40 born Norway - -East Murchison death cert 1618/1903

STURROCK Robert d. 24 Feb 1905 age76 –East Murchison death cert 1596/1905


UNKNOWN male d. abt 28 Feb 1901 age 30-40

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