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Kookynie 1921 Postal Directory
Western Australia

Population 150

ADAMS George H –miner
AUGER Albert
BARRETT T – manager Lunra Queen Public Crusher
BENSON Sydney –lineman
BERG Victor
BONSON John J –miner
BRIGHT Miss Rose
CAIRNS John –engine driver
COTTINGHAM Ernest –miner
COWENS Robert –stockman
CROWLEY Patrick –teamster
CULLEN Owen –miner
CURTIS Richard –miner
DAVEY Alfred –teamster
DUNCAN William –miner
EAST – constable
ELLIOTT Thomas C –grazier
ERRINGTON Frank – station & postmaster
EY Captain William
FERRIS John –miner
GILES Richard –produce merchant & Cosmopolitan Hotel
GOSNEY L – teacher
GUTHRIE Miss A M –boarding house
HAINES Alfred W –ganger
HARRIS Henry –teacher
HARTLEY John M –miner
HARVEY Frederick – miner
HARVEY Hy. C –National Hotel
HARVEY Henry C – manager Altona Gold Mine
JOHNSON Charles –miner
JONES John F –miner
KENNY Miss R – hospital matron
KIDD Thomas – Stoltze & Kidd
LAFFER Claud A –grazier
LEIPOLD John J –manager State Battery
LEIPOLD George W –grazier
LEIPOLD Miss L –teacher
LEIPOLD William A –miner
LYSAGHT Joseph – miner
LYSAGHT Mrs R –laundress
McGREGOR William D –manager Champion Gold Mine
McINTYRE & Co –grocer
McMILLAN John R –miner
MALONE Michael –fettler
MILNE Les H –officer in charge WA Bank
MONAGHAN Alex E – miner
MULCAHY Thomas F –cyanider
NATT George –carpenter
NEYLAN Patrick – line repairer
OATES R K & Co –forwarding agents & Grand Hotel
O’BRIEN Mary –laundress
O’CONNOR Michael J –mine manager
O’DEE Daniel –miner
ODONOHUE Patrick –fettler
O’SHEA Patrick
PALMER Charles D –contractor
PRESTON Thomas –engine driver
REA Robert J – Mayor & newsagent
RENWICK George –miner
SCALES James –contractor
SMITH James C –fettler
SMITH John J – carrier & blacksmith
SMITH Mrs E –nurse
SMITH William –engine driver
SMITH William –miner
SPICER John –miner
STOLTZE Louis – Stoltze & Kidd greengrocer & confectioner
THOMSON Alfred E –miner
TULLOCH Robert –miner
WILKINSON Charles –miner
WOOSNAN James F -miner

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