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Kookynie Electoral Roll for 1958 (Commonwealth)

Kookynie District Western Australia

BRIGHT Jasper –Kookynie –pastoralist

BRIGHT William Edward –Kookynie –miner

CARTER Elsie Margaret –Kookynie –home duties

CARTER George Frederick –Kookynie –driver

HARVEY Isabella Susan –Kookynie –home duties

HARVEY Walter John –Kookynie –stockman

JOLLY Edward Samuel –Kookynie –railway repairer

OMODEI Raymond Douglas –Kookynie – teacher

PIERCE James – Kookynie –repairer

SMITH Frank –Kookynie –prospector

SOLBERG Bridget Muir – Kookynie – home duties

THOMPSON George Archibald – Kookynie - fetler

WILKINSON Charles Norman -Kookynie – miner

WILKINSON David Adamson – Kookynie – mine owner

WILSON David – Yerilla Station – station hand

YOUNG Hazel Florence – Kookynie –home duties

YOUNG Ronald Henry – Kookynie -miner

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