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Kookynie 1904 Electoral Roll
Western Australia

AIRD Thomas- Kookynie West-Engine driver
ALLAN Helena-  Kookynie West-Nurse
ANDERSON Alfred-  Kookynie West-Miner
ASHTON Ida- Kookynie West-Married
BACCHUS Marion-  Kookynie-Laundress
BARRETT James-  Kookynie West-Carpenter
BARRETT Mary-  Kookynie West-Married
BERRICK Homer-  Kookynie West-Gentleman
BIDGLY George-  Kookynie West-Labourer
BOM Ernest-  Kookynie West-Labourer
BOM Petreni-  Kookynie West-Married
BYFIELD John-  Kookynie-Miner
CARTER Frederick-  Kookynie West-Labourer
CAUDWELL Frank-  Kookynie West-Engine driver
CAUDWELL Rose-  Kookynie West-Married
CULLINAN James-  Kookynie West-Blacksmith
DONOVAN Elizabeth-  Kookynie West-Married
DONOVAN Timothy-  Kookynie West-Miner
DORE Michael-  Kookynie West-Miner
DOWNS Patrick-  Kookynie West-Miner
ELLIOTT Agnes-  Kookynie West-Married
ELLIOTT Thomas-  Kookynie West-Brewer
GARDNER George Frederick-  Kookynie West-Miner
GARDNER Marion-  Kookynie West-Married
HANDFIELD Frederick-  Kookynie West-Carpenter
HILL Isabella- Kookynie West-Married
HILL Rowland-  Kookynie West-Accountant
HUMPHRIES Frederick-  Kookynie West-Miner
JACKSON Sarah Jane-  Kookynie-Married
KELLEHER William -Kookynie West-Blacksmith
KELLIHER Bessie-  Kookynie West-Nurse
KERR James-  Kookynie West-Carpenter
MARSHALL Esther-  Kookynie W.-Married
MARSHALL Hugh-  Kookynie W.-Engine Driver
MINEHAN James-  Kookynie West-Labourer
MURPHY Stephen-  Kookynie West-Miner
MURRAY Larry-  Kookynie West-Railway Employee
NELSON Edward-  Kookynie West-Miner
NORRIS Alice-  Kookynie West-Married
NORRIS Gilbert-  Kookynie West-Labourer
NORRIS Herbert-  Kookynie West-Labourer
NYE Frank -  Kookynie West-Miner
OATS Delia-  Kookynie West-Married
OATS Richard Knight-  Kookynie West-Forwarding agent
O'GRADY William -Kookynie West-Miner
O'NEILL Bernard-  Kookynie West-Well Owner
O'SHEA Patrick-  Kookynie West-Labourer
O'SULLIVAN Rose-  Kookynie West-Married
PEARCE John-  Kookynie W.-Carpenter
QUARTI Benjamin-  Kookynie W.-Bootmaker
QUIRK Joseph-  Kookynie W.-Labourer
QUIRK Mary Ann-  Kookynie W.-Married
RICHARDSON George-  Kookynie W.-Miner
ROBERTSON James-  Kookynie West-Draper
RYDER Christina-  Kookynie W.-Married
RYDER John-  Kookynie W.-Miner
SAUNDERS James-  Kookynie W.-Saddler
SAUNDERS Margaret-  Kookynie W.-Married
SAVAGE Henry-  Kookynie W.-Labourer
SMITH Horace-  Kookynie W.-Miner
STEWART James-  Kookynie W.-Carpenter
STEWART Margaret-  Kookynie W.-Home Duties
TOMS Mary Ann-  Kookynie West-Married
TOMS Samuel-  Kookynie West-Miner
TOWER Edward John-  Kookynie West-Railway Employee
TREZONA Thomas-  Kookynie West-Miner

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