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Western Australia

Latitude : 30 42 S Longitude 121 13 E.

Kundana is an abandoned mining town in the eastern goldfields near Coolgardie. In 1896 58 miners living here petitioned the government to declare a townsite, recording the name of the place as "21 Mile" at that time. The name "Barkers Find" was also used for the place, honouring the prospector who found gold here, but when the townsite was surveyed late in 1896 the surveyor advised the name "White Flag" also applies to the area. The Deputy Surveyor General suggested the townsite be named "Barkerton", but "White Flag" was the name most commonly used. Surveyor H.S. King suggested the Aboriginal name "Kundana", and it was this name that was used when the townsite was gazetted in 1897. King did not give a meaning for the name.

Books of interest................

"Kundana" by Ann T Freeman & Julie H Thom
history of an early gold mining area of the town &
of the mine -
lots of pictures but no index
Published by White Flag Joint Venture
ISBN 0 7316 4950 8

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