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Bonnievale Postal Directory 1899

ALDERSON William, miner ALLEN Harry ALLEN James, miner
ANDREWS Bennett, miner ARNOLD William, miner AUSTIN H. plumber
AUSTIN William, Bonnie Vale Hotel BALL Henry, miner BAYNE Andrew B.P. mine manager
BEATIE A.H. miner BEGG Percy, miner BOURKE John, miner
BRADSHAW George, miner BREWER Charles, Royal Exchange Hotel BROWN Walter, miner
BUDGE D. manager Glasson & Co BURRIDGE Henry E. mine manager CHRISTENSEN M. miner
CLYDE John, miner COLLINGS Arthur, miner COOK John, miner
CRANE Frank J. miner CRANE Robert, miner DANIELS E.
DELLA August, miner DINGLE John, accountant DINGLE R. miner
DORIZZI F. EDGAR William, miner FAWCETT Jos. Miner
FIELD James, miner FORD William, miner FRICKER George, miner
FRICKER Herman, miner FURNISS Robert, miner GILLETT Albert, miner
GLASSON & Co general storekeepers GODENA William, miner GOODACRE Josiah, amalgamator
GOWLAND Isaac, miner GRAHAM Ellison, miner GRANGE Alfred, amalgamator
GRIFFITHS John, miner GUIDICI Emilo, miner GUINDNE Michael, miner
GURNER Arthur, accountant HANDLEY H. HANSEN John, miner
HANSEN William HARGREAVES Richard, miner HEELIS William, engine driver
HEIGHWAY George, miner HERBERT Arthur E. draper HERBERT Claude
HERLIHY David, miner HEWITT Edward mangr Knight Atkins & Co HILL John A. miner
HODGES L. miner HOLLOWELL Benjamin, miner HOLT William, miner
HOPWOOD H. miner HOWELLS Albert, miner HOWELLS Jos. miner
HOYLE J. miner HUDSON W. HUNT H. miner
HUNTER Charles A. miner HUNTER James, storekeeper HUNTER John, miner
HUNTER P.J. labourer HUNTER Robert, baker JENKINS C.W.B. manager Cyanide Works
JENKINS Thomas, miner JONES John, miner JONES Samuel, miner
JURY William, miner KELLY James, miner KNIGHT, Atkins & Co (E.C,) storekeepers
LAURENCE Henry, miner LEECH Fred, miner LEWIS Walter, miner
LINDSAY A. blacksmith LORD John, blacksmith LYONS Charles, miner
McBETH David, miner McCARTHY John, miner McDONALD Thomas
MACKAY George, miner McKENZIE W.D. miner McKINNON D. miner
McMAHON C. miner McQUEON Neil, miner MALMGREN Edward, miner
MANSFIELD Alfred, miner MARTIN James, butcher MARTIN William, storekeeper
MASON George MASON John W. MATTHEWS Abraham, miner
MERCER James, miner MEREDITH John, miner METZNER Charles, miner
MILLS W. miner MINCHAW Charles, miner MINCHAM Edward, miner
MINEHEN Samuel, Mt Burgess Hotel MOLE Edward, miner MOLE Frank, miner
MOLE George, carpenter MOORE Charles, engine driver MOORE Jesse, miner
MORRIS Charles E. battery manager MORRIS Henry, miner MORRIS James, miner
MORRIS John, miner MOXHAM Henry A. engine driver MUIR Alfred, clerk
NEILSON John, miner NICHOLAN W.H. miner O’BRIEN John, miner
O’BRIEN Patrick, miner O’CALLAGHAN Owen, miner O’CONNOR Thomas, miner
O’HALLORAN John, engine driver O’NEILL H. PARKINSON John, miner
PAYNE Thomas, draper PEARCE James, miner PENN T.R. miner
PENN W.H. miner PHILLIPS John miner PIAZZOLA Martin, miner
PITT W.L. miner PRESCOTT George, miner PRESCOTT Thomas, miner
PURCELL Edward, miner PURCELL Patrick, miner QUAN John, contractor
QUINE John, miner RANKIN James, carpenter RESSINGER M. miner


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