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LEGEND: b = Buried, d = Died, Occ = Occupation, Mt Margaret = Mount Margaret, Reg = Registration.
RC = Roman Catholic, ANG = Anglican or Church of England, METH = Methodist/Wesleyan,
PRES = Presbyterian,
WA = Western Australia, NSW = New South Wales, VIC = Victoria, QLD = Queensland, SA = South Australia. TAS = Tasmania, NT = Northern Territory.

Note: The person registering the death is only listed if it was someone other than the police or an undertaker.

DAVEY Ernest William 35yrs, d 19 Nov 1915, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Engine Driver, Cause: Carcinoma of stomach, Father: Josiah DAVEY (Miner), Mother: Elizabeth HUGO, Born Victoria, In VIC 19yrs, In WA 16yrs, Married to Maude ROWE in Kalgoorlie WA at 28yrs, Children: Kathleen Ellen 6yrs, Elizabeth Mary 4yrs, Lillian Rowe 2yrs, 1 male deceased. Death registered by P ROWE (Brother-in-Law), Reg 38/1915 Mt Margaret, METH, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

Robert DAVEY

DAVEY Robert William — 31yrs, d 8 Nov 1946, at the Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, Cause: Death due to multiple injuries resulting from a fall of earth on 1450 stope at level 30, Sons of Gwalia GM, Verdict of the Coroner, Father: Samuel Stevens DAVEY (Butcher), Mother: Ethel Christina BECKE, Born: Carnarvon WA, Married to Elsie May FLETCHER in Boulder WA at age 29yrs, 1 child, Roberta, Reg 20/1946 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery. Mine Death –

DAVIDSON Claude — 70yrs, b 13 Apr 1973, Born: Warburton WA, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DAVIDSON Edward Henry 40yrs, d 19 Feb 1913, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Fitter, Cause: Arteriosclerosis, Father: Edward DAVIDSON (Contractor), Mother: Elizabeth MCQUEEN, Born VIC, In VIC 24yrs, In WA 16yrs, Married to Carrie WHITTLE in Kalgoorlie WA at age 30yrs, Children: Bertram Ashcroft 6yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 9/1913, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery

DAVIDSON Elsie — 59yrs, b 5 Nov 1979, Born: Warburton Ranges WA, Buried Leonora Cemetery

DAVIES Bernie 9mths, b 18 Nov 1962, Born: Warburton WA, Reg 35/1962 Mt Margaret, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DAVIES Caroline 42yrs, d 7 Jul 1914, at Leonora Hospital, Married woman, Cause: Intestinal obstruction, shock, Father: Carl August LIST (Bootmaker), Mother: Mary Jane START, Born Chewton VIC, In VIC 28yrs, In WA 14yrs, Married to Ernest William DAVIES in VIC at age 25yrs, Children: Olive Ethel 16, Harry Gordon, 13, Ernest Harwood 12, Alfred Charles 10, Elsie Hamlyn 9, Alice Stella 7, Edna Caroline 6, Frank William 4, deceased 1 male and 1 female, Reg Mt Margaret 28/1914, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


DAVIES Helen Eva — 83yrs, d 11 Dec 1935, at Leonora Hospital, Old Age Pensioner, Cause: Senile heart and blood pressure, Cerebral Hemorrhage, Father: John Parker BUTTFIELD (Magistrate), Mother: Anna Louisa CAREY, Born: Gumeracha SA, In SA 45yrs, In WA 38yrs, Married to Thomas Richard Walter DAVIES in Blinman SA at age 16yrs, Children: Anna Louisa 65yrs, Eva Alice 60yrs, Walter Buttfield 58yrs, Lillie Agnes Susie 55yrs, 2 males deceased, Reg 27/1935 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DAVIES Merelyn Francis — 19yrs, b 15 Oct 1970, born NSW, from Tarmoola Station, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DAVIES Thomas Harold 4 ½mths d 29 May 1912, at Gwalia, Cause: Acute Nephritis, Uraemia, Father: Ernest William DAVIES (Miner), Mother: Caroline LIST, Born Gwalia WA, Reg Mt Margaret 18/1912, METH, Buried Leonora Cemetery

DAVIES unnamed female — d 21 Jan 1901, Stillborn, at Sons of Gwalia GM, Father: David DAVIES (Miner), Mother: Sarah Ann EDWARDS, Registered by Father, Reg 6/1901 Mt Margaret, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DAVIS Elizabeth Rachel — 24yrs, d 12 Jan 1915, at Leonora Hospital, Married woman, Cause: Pyosalpinx, Intestinal obstruction, Father: Michael MCGRATH (Miner), Mother Elizabeth Rachel TREW, Born NSW, In NSW 13yrs, In WA 11yrs, Married to Thomas James DAVIS in Gawlia WA at age 18yrs, Children: William Henry 5, Ruby May 2, Reg Mt Margaret 3/1915, PRES, Buried Leonora Cemetery

DAVIS Margaret — 62yrs, d 20 May 1940, at residence Gwalia St, Gwalia, Pensioner, Cause: Chronic degeneration, general oedema, Born: Maffra VIC, In VIC 19yrs, In WA 43yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 13/1940, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DAVIS Randolph Valentine — 22yrs, d 24 Oct 1903, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Labourer, Cause: Gastric ulcer, Peritonitis, Father David DAVIES (Upholsterer), Mother: Alice Maderia PIKE, Born Fitzroy VIC, 9yrs in VIC, 10yrs in WA, Single, Reg 43/1903 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DE MARIA Bortolo — 56yrs, b 4 Jan 1962, Father: Antonio DE MARIA, Mother: Giacomina, Born: Italy, Reg 1/1962, Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DE RUBEIS Ernesto 55yrs, d 6 Mar 1956, RC, Cause: Accidentally killed by a fall of earth in the Sons of Gwalia GM, Verdict of the Coroner, Born: Tussio Italy, Father: Luigi De RUBEIS (Farmer), Mother: Luisa CISSERONE, Married to Lussio L'Aquila in Italy in May 1933, Children: Luigi 17yrs, Francesco 3yrs, Reg 3/1956 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery. Mine Death —

Valma N DEAR

DEAR Valma Norma — 64yrs, d 5 Apr 1995, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DEAR Robert Norman — 61yrs, b 26 Aug 1996, born Perth WA, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DEARLOVE Alfred William 2 ½mths, d 23 Sep 1911, at Gwalia GM Lease, Gwalia, Cause: Marasmus and asthenia, Father: Richard Charles DEARLOVE (Miner), Mother: Augusta Pauline KEILOW, Buried Leonora Cemetery.              


DEARLOVE Arthur Frederick (Artie) — 66yrs, b 20 Aug 1947, at Leonora Hospital, Cause: Silicosis & Broncho Pneumonia, Born 4 January 1881, Kooringa, South Australia, In SA 21yrs, In WA 45yrs, Father: Richard DEARLOVE, Mother: Jane Ann SANDERS, Married to Alexandra HUME in Gwalia WA at age 31yrs, Children: Ella Maude 35yrs, John Boyd 33yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 16/1947, METH, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


DEARLOVE Blanche 26yrs, d 21 Jul 1902, Cause: Phthisis, Father: Richard DEARLOVE (Schoolmaster), Mother: Jane Ann SANDERS, Born South Australia. (Blanche was a twin to Beatrice DEARLOVE), Single, In SA 23 years, In WA 3 years, Reg 47/1902 Mt Margaret, WES, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


DEL ANGELO May 29yrs, d 9 Jun 1922, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Housekeeper, Cause: Tuberculosis, Born: Birmingham England, Married to Angelo DEL ANGELO (dec) in Kalgoorlie WA at age 20yrs, Children: Victor Emanuel 5yrs, Reg 10/1922 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


DELL ACQUA Gioseppe — 58yrs, d 29 May 1931, at Gwalia, Occ: Miner, Cause: Miners Phthisis, Exhaustion, Father: Antonio DELL’ ACQUA (Blacksmith), Mother: Rachele DELFATTI, Born: Grosotto, Italy, Married to Catarina SALIGARI, Children: Isla 19yrs, Rachele 18yrs, Antonio 14yrs, Giuseppe 12yrs, deceased 2 males and 2 females, Reg 8/1931 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery. Mine Death:

DELLA MADDALINA Peter — 26yrs, d 11 Jul 1911, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Miner, Cause: Accidental, Fall of earth at the 1500ft level on the Sons of Gwalia GM on 11 Jul 1911, Verdict of the Coroner. Reg 27/1911 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.  Mine Death —   

DELLABONA Catherine Maria 9mths, d 21 Feb 1907, at Gwalia, Cause: Meningitis, Father: Liacomo DELLABONA (Miner), Mother: Giacomina RINALDI, Born Gwalia, WA, Reg 22/1907 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DELLABONA Giaconeo 32yrs, d 2 Jun 1919, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Miner, Cause: Influenza, Broncho Pneumonia, Father: Giovanni DELLABONA (Labourer), Mother: Giovannia DELLABONA, Born: Cologna, Italy, In WA 4yrs, Reg 18/1919 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DELLACQUA Catherina 60yrs, d 8 Jul 1943, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Home Duties, Cause: Hypertension & Cerebral Haemorrhage, Born: Grosotto, Married: Guiseppe DELLACQUA in Grosotto, Italy aged 19yrs, Children: Isola 31yrs, Rothelo 30yrs, Antonio 28yrs, Jiovanni 26yrs, Deceased 1 male and 3 females, Reg Mt Margaret, 10/1943, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


DELLA FRANCA Arturo 2yrs, d 25 Apr 1917, at Leonora Hospital, Cause: Gastro Enteritis, Broncho Pneumonia, Father: Giuseppe DELLAFRANCA (Miner), Mother: Caterina MAZZA, Born Gwalia WA, Reg 9/1917 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DELLAOQUOI Antonia 1mth, d 17 Dec 1914, at Gwalia, Cause: Acute Nephritis, Father: Joe DELLAOQUOI (Miner), Mother: Kate GALIGANI, Born Gwalia WA, Reg 46/1914 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DENCH Ernest John Fyvie — 66yrs, d 9 Apr 1937, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Clerk, Cause: Chronic Prostatitis and Cystitis, heart failure, Father: Thomas DENCH (Clerk), Mother: Elizabeth Ann JAQUES, Born: Hindmarch SA, In SA 41yrs, In WA 25yrd, Married to Etta HOOD in Port Adelaide SA at age 23yrs, Children: Joyce 32yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 12/1937, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DERICH Stanley John 1 day, d 17 Jan 1926, at Leonora Hospital, Cause: Premature birth, Convulsions, Father: Michael DERICH (Miner), Mother Lillian WHITE, Reg 1/1926 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DETEZ Alfred 62yrs, d 17 Nov 1940, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Storekeeper, Cause: Anaemia of the brain following a fat embolism resulting from a fractured femur, Verdict of the Coroner, Father: Frank DETZ (Chef), Mother: Helen FROST, Born: Williamstown VIC, In VIC 27yrs, In WA 35yrs, Married to Mabel RUSSELL in Williamstown VIC at age 21yrs, Children: Mabel Rita 40yrs, Norman Russell 39yrs, Nellie Victoria 35yrs, William Croxton 33yrs, Leila Maud 21yrs, Reg 31/1940 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DICKASON Frederick Morton 85yrs, d 9 Aug 1941, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Old Age Pensioner, Cause: Broncho Pneumonia, Father: John Greenwood DICKASON, Mother: Henrietta MORTON, Born: Richmond VIC, Reg Mt Margaret 25/1941, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DICKIE   Gary 51yrs, b 26 Feb 2021, Born: Leonora WA, ANG,  Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DICKIE Robert R 51yrs, b 26 Aug 2017, Born: Leonora WA, PRES, Buried Leonora cemetery.

DICKIE Stanley — 73yrs, b 17 Jun 2006, born Narrogin WA, Meth, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DICKIE Valerie — 64yrs, b 7 Nov 2008, born Leonora WA, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DICKIE Lorna — 43yrs, b  24 Mar 2007, born Leonora WA , Meth, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DICKSON Thomas — 45yrs, d 6 Sep 1906, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Prospector, Cause: Heart disease, Born Lancashire, England, Reg 53/1906 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DILLON William Valentine 23yrs, d 17 May 1903, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Wine and Spirit Merchant, Cause: Perforated appendix, Father: Michael DILLON (Farmer), Mother: Ellen FRAHER, Born Victoria, 15yrs in Victoria, 8yrs in WA, Reg 22/1903 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DIVITINI Felise Lorenzo — 49yrs, d 23 Oct 1947, at Desdemona Station near Malcolm, Occ: Woodcutter, Cause: Suicide, Asphyxia by hanging himself from an electric light cord in camp, Father: Petro DIVITINI (Farmer), Mother: Tiasa DE-CAMPO, Born: Tirano, Italy, In WA 21yrs, Single, Reg Mt Margaret 22/1947,
RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DJIMBRA — 60yrs, d 8 Apr 1956, at Leonora Hospital, from Cosmo Newbery, Cause: Broncho Pneumonia, Senility, Born: In bush north of Laverton, Reg 4/1956 Mt Margaret, Aboriginal Section, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DOBANOVICH Cris — 37yrs, d 16 Dec 1934, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Miner, Cause: Carbuncle on neck, Cellulitis, Septic Absorption, Father Ivan DOBANOVICH (Farmer), Mother: Gordana, Born: Seoce Montenegro, In WA 7yrs, Reg 33/1934 Mt Margaret, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

William Richard DOBLE

DOBLE William Richard — 75yrs, d 21 Jan 1951, at Leonora Hospital, Cause: Uraemia, Born: Devonshire, England, In SA 29yrs, In WA 41yrs, Married to Laura Edith HOAD in Perth WA on 23 Dec 1915, Children: Edith Elizabeth 33yrs, Lora Ellen 32yrs, William Jack 29yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 5/1951, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

Kalgoorlie Miner 24 November 1942, page 2

DODD Norman Walter Gilmore — 44yrs, d 23 Nov 1942, at Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, Mess Room, Occ: Timekeeper, Cause: Suicide, gunshot wound by a 22-calibre rifle to the head, self-inflicted, Verdict of the Coroner, Father: Jabez Edward DODD, Mother: Florence Wilson JOHNSTON, Born: Coolgardie WA, Married to Dorothy I FERRES in Perth WA at age 23yrs, Children: Norma 20yrs, Robert J 18yrs, Reg Mt Margaret 24/1942, METH, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DOHERTY Patrick — 35yrs, d 20 Oct 1937, at Bannockburn GM, Mt Clifford, 36 miles NW of Leonora, Occ: Miner, Cause, being struck by a piece of stone which fell from the wall of the north drive, Verdict of the Coroner, Born: Belfast, Ireland, Reg Mt Margaret 24/1937 RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.
Mine Death –

DONALDSON Clem Richard — 63yrs, b 16 Jul 2016, Born: Coolgardie WA, METH, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DONALDSON Anne Jeanette — 22yrs, b 1 Aug 1992, Born Leonora WA, Meth, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DONINI Augustino 21yrs, d 11 Nov 1915, at Sons of Gwalia GM, Leonora, Occ: Shoveler, Cause: Fall of earth, Born Italy, In WA 9mths, Reg 37/1915 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery. Mine Death –

DONOVAN Denis — 79yrs, d 27 Jan 1935, at Malcolm, Cause: Suicide by taking Prussic acid whilst under a severe depression whilst suffering from cancer of the stomach, Verdict of the Coroner, Born: Ireland, In WA 50yrs, Single, Reg 1/1935 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

Bertrand J DORIZZI

DORIZZI Bertrand James 56yrs, d 2 Nov 1946, at Wilsons Patch, Occ: Station Hand, Cause: Heart failure from enlarged heart, Coronary Thrombosis, Verdict of the Coroner after Post-mortem, Father: Thomas Joseph DORIZZI, Mother: Alice Maud FINN, Born: Trentham VIC, In VIC 11yrs, In WA 45yrs, Single, Reg Mt Margaret 19/1946, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


DORIZZI William Thomas 14yrs, d 26 Dec 1923, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Station hand, Cause: Gunshot wound to upper arm, gangrene, Father: William Ambrose DORIZZI (Engine Driver), Born: Lawlers WA, In WA 14yrs, Single, Reg 1/1924 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

DORNAN James Frederick — 67yrs, d 23 Apr 1960, at Leonora Hospital, Occ: Miner, Cause: Coronary Occlusion, Father: James DORNAN, Mother: Emily LINTOT, Born: Geraldton WA, Married to Dorothy Stella May KISSACK in Geraldton WA on 26 Jul 1916 (Divorced), Children: Frederick Charles 42yrs, Gladys Mary 39yrs, Christopher James 36yrs, Reg 4/1960 Mt Margaret, RC, Buried Leonora Cemetery.


DORPH-PETERSEN Alfred H — 82yrs, d 4 Nov 1994, Born: Perth WA, ANG, Buried Leonora Cemetery.

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