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1958   LEONORA
ADAMSON James Rowland –Yakabindie Station –student
ADAMSON Robert Henry – Yakabindie Station – station overseer
ALESSI Guiseppe –Tower Street  – labourer
ANSLEY Elizabeth –Tower Street  –home duties
ASHLEY Ernest Frederick – linesman
AVAGE Laura Blanche – home duties
BALAAM Ernest Edward – baker
BALAAM Nancy Kathleen – home duties
BALAAM Norma Winifred –Sturt Meadows Station –home duties
BALAAM Walter Benjamin –Sturt Meadows Station –station hand
BALDWIN Jean Mary –Box 44 Leonora –home duties
BALDWIN Walter John –Box 44 Leonora –mine employee
BECCARIA Rose –Tower Street - home duties
BELL John – accountant
BELL John James –Clover Downs Station –station hand
BENNETT Blanche Grace – home duties
BENNETT Charles Walter –Leonora –shop assistant
BIGGS Robert Charles – welder
BILLINGS Thomas –Tower Street – labourer
BLYTH James Noel – missionary
BLYTH Mabel Olive – missionary
BOASE John Edward – Albion Downs Station – station hand
BOASE Leah –Windidda Station –home duties
BOASE Patricia Mary –Albion Downs Station – home duties
BOLADERAS Jeremiah Leo –Wonganoo Station –pastoralist
BOLADERAS Joan Thurston – Wongano Station –home duties
BOLADERAS Leo Ignatius –Wonganoo Station –pastoralist
BOLADERAS Lorna Osborne –Wonganoo Station –home duties
BOMBARDIERI Giovanni –Tower Street
BRADSHAW Annie –Rochdale Street  – home duties
BRANCHI Angelo – labourer
BRANNIGAN Henry – Nambi Station –station hand
BURROWS Bessie –  home duties
BURROWS Leo Thomas –Tower Street – engine driver
CAMERON Clarice –Nambi Station -cook
CHOMLEY Constance Margaret – Central Hotel Leonora –proprietress
CHOMLEY George Edmund Ffloyd –Sturt Meadows Station – station manager
CHOMLEY James Fitzgerald –Central Hotel Leonora –publican
CHOMLEY Olga –Sturt Meadows Station –home duties
CLOUGH Doreen May –home duties
CLOUGH Ralph James – postmaster
COCKING Frederick William –Tower Street  –foreman
COCKING Helen –Tower Street  –home duties
CORNER Sadie Miriam – Leonora District Hospital –nursing sister
COSTELLO Edward – Hoover Street – pumper
COSTELLO Winifred Josephine –Hoover Street –home duties
COURCIER Kenneth – prospector
COX Albert – Sturt Meadows Station –station hand
COX Brigid –home duties
COX Hamlet – truck driver
CUNNINGHAM Francis Anthony –2 Railway Street Leonora- Road Board employee
DANN Lily – home duties
DANN Ned – labourer
DAVINI Pietro –Weebo Station –labourer
DETEZ William Dean – mail driver
DEVINE Herbert Malcolm – Melrose Station – manager
DEVINE Lucy Beatrice –Melrose Station – home duties
DEVINE Malcolm Herbert – Melrose Station – station overseer
DEVINE Margaret – Melrose Station –home duties
DORPH-PETERSEN Alfred Hemming –Gwalia Street –OIC water supply
ELLISON John Frederick Graham –Hoover Street – bank officer
ELLISON Margaret – Hoover Street  – home duties
FANETTI Marianna –home duties
FANETTI Stefani – prospector
FIEGERT Joyce – home duties
FIEGERT Murray George –contractor
FITZGERALD David Robert –Nambi Station –overseer
FITZGERALD Jeremiah St John – labourer
FOULKES-TAYLOR Harold Michael John –Sturt Meadows Station –station hand
GARDINER Alan Robert –Stuart Street  –barber
GARDINER Eileen Florence –Stuart Street  –home duties
GARDINER Leonard – stockman
GARRETT Frederick James –Tower Street
GARRETT Jack –Tower Street – storekeeper
GARRETT Thelma Evelyn –Tower Street  –home duties
GEORGE-KENNEDY Joy Elizabeth – home duties
GEORGE-KENNEDY Patrick Clive – prospector
GERMER Muriel May –Nambi Station –cook
GIBBS Arthur Edward –Tower Street  –baker
GIBBS Leila Doreen –Tower Street  –home duties
GLEESON Leo Harry – prospector
GORDON David – labourer
GOULD Eliza –home duties
HADFIELD Annie Louisa – home duties
HADFIELD Annie Theresa – home duties
HADFIELD Herbert Joseph – Leonora
HADFIELD Neil Winton – dairyman
HAHN Agnes Wilson – home duties
HAHN George – miner
HAY Phyllis Irene – home duties
HAY William Thomas – labourer
HENDERSON Alexander – prospector
HENDERSON Cyril Alfred –Station Creek Leonora –pumper
HENDERSON Margaret Ann –Station Creek  – home duties
HEWITT Joseph Herbert – miner
HEWITT Margaret Jean – home duties
HILL Alfred Clement – Sons of Gwalia G.M. Gwalia –mine storekeeper
HOWARD Constance Jean –Albion Downs Station – pastoralist
HOWARD Iris –Tower Street –home duties
HOWARD Jack – Albion Downs Station –pastoralist
HOWARD Mary Ethel – Albion Downs Station –pastoralist
HOWARD Robert James –Tower Street  –café proprietor
HOWARD Ronald Seddon –Albion Downs Station –pastoralist
HUGHES Ellen Rose – Leonora Convent–housekeeper
HUTCHESON Alan Henryon –Tower Street  –pharmacist
HUTCHESON Patricia Mary –Tower Street  –home duties
JOHNSTON Norman George – teacher
JOHNSTON Shirley Laureen – home duties
LEANEY Charles Gordon Lincoln – grocer
LEANEY Jennie Edith –Tower Street –home duties
LEANEY Richard Thomas –Rochester Street  –painter
LEARY Hugh Clarence Plimsol – Windidda Station –driller
LE FEUVRE George Edward –Tower Street  – storekeeper
LE FEUVRE Mary –Tower Street  –café proprietress
LEHMAN John –Glover Downs Station
LEHMANN John- Weebo Stations –station hand
LORCH Eric Richard –Station Creek –engine driver
McDERMID Donald Gordon –Gwalia –tractor driver
MACKAY Malcolm Louden – shearer
MACKAY Nita Avis Hope – home duties
McMEEKEN Arthur John – miner
McMEEKEN Eliza Joan Thelma – home duties
McMEEKEN Florence Jane – home duties
McMEEKEN Hazel Irene – home duties
McMEEKEN John William – miner
McMEEKEN Leslie  – Road Board foreman
MARRIOTT Frances Henry – grader driver
MARSDEN Irene Rose –  home duties
MARSDEN Sydney Joseph – railway employee
MARSH George –Sturt Meadows Station –station hand
MAZZA Melda May – home duties
MAZZA Victor Barnard – draper
MILLAR William James – stockman
MILLER Frederick – carrier
MOLLOY Margaret Ann –Tower Street  –home duties
MOORE Adelaide –Tower St - shopkeeper
MOORE Eileen Annie- home duties
MOORE Ernest John –carrier
MOTT Anthony Thomas Charles –police office
MOTT Gwenyth Joy – home duties
MUSICK Savo –Gwalia
NEILL Edward Kenneth – Yandal Station –pastoralist
NEILL Gordon John –Yandal Station –station hand
NEILL Laurel Doreen Sophia –Yandal Station – home duties
NEMES Stephen –Gwalia –miner
NERI Nicola – labourer
NEWBON Bessie Annie –Tower Street  –home duties
NEWBON Ernest Arthur – Tower St -butcher
NEWBON Maurice Arthur – butcher
NEWMAN Eric James – Gwalia –carpenter
O’CONNELL Ethell Mary – home duties
O’CONNELL William – truck driver
O’CONNOR Roderick Edward Yelverton – Sturt Meadows Station – jackeroo
O’REGAN Patrick Joseph
O’SHAUGHNESSY Lillian Rose –Commercial Hotel  –housekeeper
O’SHAUGHNESSY Thomas –Commercial Hotel –hotel proprietor
PALLOTTA Nicolangelo –Tower Street  –labourer
PERCY Jocelyn Beverley –Sturt Meadows Station –jackeroo
PILE Emily Marie –cook
PILE Walter William – yardman
PLANTINGA Gerard – carpenter
POLETTI Albert Clarence –Tower Street  –shop assistant
POLETTI Guiseppina – home duties
POLETTI Lillian May –  home duties
POLETTI Marino – prospector
POLETTI Pasqualino – green grocer
POLETTI Patricia May –Tower Street  –home duties
POLETTI Syvlia Theresa – Tower Street  –shop assistant
POLLITT Harry -Queen Victoria Street  –engine driver
PURDY Maria Terese – home duties
READ Eileen May – home duties
RICHARDS Mary Josephine –Weebo Station – home duties
RICHARDS Robert William –Weebo Station -overseer
ROCCHECCIOLI Guiseppe –miner
RYAN Annie Margaret – Leonora Convent –teaching
RYAN Laurence – labourer
RYAN Patricia Maude – Leonora Convent –teacher
SHARPE Alan –Station House  –railway employee
SHARPE Lillian Agnes –Station House  –home duties
SIMONS Alfred –Albion Downs Station –station hand
SIMONS Dorothy –Albion Downs Station –home duties
SMITH Adelaide Doris – home duties
SMITH Alma Helen –home duties
SMITH Bernard Desmond – Road Board employee
SMITH Owen McDonald – mining registrar
SOLLY Clifford Ross – –miner
SOLLY Patricia Joy – home duties
SOLLY Sheila Zilla – home duties
STEEL Brenda Florence –Tower Street  -home duties
STEEL May Josephine –Tower Street  –home duties
STEEL Robert Allan –Tower St - butcher
STEEL Robert Leslie –Tower Street – sawyer
STOKES Emily Elizabeth –home duties
STOKES Eva May –Tarmoola Station –home duties
STOKES George Allan – stockman
STOKES Kenneth Paul –Tarmoola Station –station hand
SULLIVAN Clarice Mabel –Gwalia Street – home duties
SULLIVAN Dulcie Rae – telephonist
SULLIVAN Mary –Tower Street –home duties
SULLIVAN Mervyn Ross –Rochester Street  –motor mechanic
THACKRAH Edgar Arnold –National Bank  –bank manager
THACKRAH Eveyn Louisa –National Bank  –home duties
TILBROOK Jessie Violet –Police Barracks  –home duties
TILBROOK William Horace –Police Barracks  –truck driver
TOBIN Noel James –Tower Street  –priest
WALKER Annie Elizabeth – home duties
WALKER William John –kangaroo shooter
WARREN John – Banjawarn Station – station hand
WARREN Sylvie –Banjawarn Station –home duties
WATTS Gwen Betty –Tarmoola Station – home duties
WATTS Roy –Tarmoola Station –station hand
WEBB Herbert George – hotelkeeper
WESTON Edith May –home duties
WILLIAMS Dorothy Lucy – home duties
WILLIAMS Geoffrey Thomas –carpenter
WILLIAMS Maureen Dorothy – telephonist
WILLIAMS Norman Leon –Tower Street Leonora –shop assistant
WINTER Kenneth Joseph – labourer
ZORZUT Guiseppe –White House Hotel  - hotelkeeper
ZORZUT Louisa –White House Hotel  –housekeeper
ZORZUT Rodolfo –Tower Street  –miner

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