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Marvel Loch Postal Directory 1921
Western Australia

ALLEN John –prospector
ANDRE Christian H – hotelkeeper
BALLANTINE Alexander – miner at Burbidge
BERRIGAN John –cyanide works
BOOTH H – (Tucker & Booth)
BROWN James –sanitary contractor
BURBRIDGE Harry –mine manager
CAMPBELL A –leaseholder
COWARD J – miner
GARDINER William –miner
GREEN John –prospector
HAMMERSLEY Arthur –prospector
HATT  D –engine driver
HOWLETT George –battery owner
KEMPLE William H –blacksmith
KEMPLEY – accountant
KERNICK J – mine owner
KIM J – mine owner
KING William – miner
McDONALD Edward –miner
MACKAY Harold –prospector
McMAHON Frank – teacher
MARTIN C – mine manager at Burbidge
MOONEY James –prospector
MURCHISON James –miner
NICHOLAS Thomas –prospector
PITTAWAY William M –miner
SHAW C – caretaker
STARR Timothy –cyanide works
STEPHENS John R –prospector
THOMPSON John –prospector
THORNTON R – prospector
TUCKEY E J & Booth – hotelkeepers
WATT Bertha – newsagent
WATT W D – miner
WILSON Harry – prospector
WINNER E - miner

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