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Menzies Electoral Roll for 1958

Menzies District Western Australia

ARGUS Richard Patrick –Mt Carnage Station –station hand

ASHTON Madeline Blanche –Menzies –trained nurse

BERTOLA Myra –Menzies –home duties

BLAKE William Thomas –Menzies –station master

BONZI Domenic –Menzies –labourer

BORLINI Ignezio – Menzies –labourer

BURNS Gordon Leslie –Shenton Street Menzies –miner

BURNS Louisa –Shenton Street Menzies –home duties

BUTCHER Katherine Alice Ducrowe –Menzies –home duties

CATELINI Domenico –Menzies

CLARK Herbert Ernest –Menzies

CLARKE Cyril Charles –Menzies –prospectors

COCK Dorothy Deborah –Wilbah Station Menzies –home duties

COLLIER Arthur Leslie –Menzies –miner

COYLE Charles Bernard –Menzies –prospector

CRAWFORD Robert James –Carbine –assistant

DELICH Ante –Riverina –prospector

DICHIERA Angelo –Menzies –miner

DILLON Mary –Friday Flat, Menzies –home duties

EPIS Antonio –Jowlett Street Menzies –contractor

EPIS Kathleen –Menzies –home duties

EVANS Arthur Charles –Morley’s Find –mine owner

EVANS Doreen May –Morley’s Find –home duties

EVANS Edward Andrew –Menzies –sandalwooder

EVANS Thomas –Riverina –miner

GALE Charles John –Menzies –labourer

GILLESPIE Donald –Morley’s Find –miner

GILLESPIE Mabel Jane –Morley’s Find –home duties

GOSSI Vincenzo –Menzies

HALFORD Iris Elvie –Credo Station –home duties

HALFORD Maurice Holman –Credo Station –pastoralist

HAMILTON Rovbert George –Menzies –miner

HASSAN Joseph –Railway Cottage Menzies –railway ganger

HAY James Veitch –Menzies –prospector

HEGARTY Marie Alder –Shenton Street Menzies –home duties

HEGARTY gerald –Menzies –store manager

HUGHES Albert James –Riverina –miner

IVEY Gordon Arnold –Menzies –pastoralist

KELLY Eliza Margaret –Shenton Street Menzies –cook

KEPPEL John Tennant –Menzies –prospector

KRUGER Bernard Leo –Carbine –station hand

LANE Charles William –Menzies –butcher

MATHESON Archibald John –Menzies –prospector

MILLAR Kenneth Douglas –Menzies –railway employee

MIRNIK Andrew Anton –Menzies –lift driver

MIRNIK Maria –Menzies –trained nurse

MOSLEY Leonard –Morley’s Find –prospector

NEWMAN Harold Stephen –Menzies –prospector

PEACOCK Allan –Morley’s Find –miner

PIANTO Henry Thomas –Menzies –prospector

PIANTO Isobella Mary –Menzies –home duties

PIANTO Johann –Menzies –carter

PIANTO Louis Oswald –Menzies –labourer

PIANTO Mary Margaret –Menzies –housemaid

PIANTO Oswald John –Menzies –prospector

ROBINSON Er Coates –Morley’s Find –miner

ROSS Colin Campbell –Menzies –battery manager

ROSS Marjorie Anne –Menzies –home duties

SAINTY Aurora Mary –Menzies –home duties

SANDER Berthold Wilhelm –Menzies –miner

SANDER Florence Jean –Menzies –home duties

SANDER Loyalty Emma –Menzies –home duties

SANDER Rudolph Albert –Menzies –miner

SAWYER Alvina Pauline –Menzies –home duties

SAWYER Ephraim Thomas –Menzies –battery manager

SAWYER Herbert John –Menzies –miner

SAWYER John Percival – Menzies –station hand

SAWYER Ronald Keith –Menzies –battery hand

SAWYER Thomas Keith –Menzies –labourer

SMITH Albert James –Menzies –stockman

SMITH Alice –Menzies –home duties

TEMPLEMAN George –Menzies –secretary

TEMPLEMAN Hazel Annis –Menzies –home duties

TRUDLE Bernice Ruth –Rivrina Station –home duties

TRUNDLE Henry William –Riverina Station –foreman

TURCOVIC Michele –Menzies –railway employee

WALLINGTON Kathleen Frances –Cashmere Downs –home duties

WALLINGTON Richard Chappell –Cashmere Downs –station manager

WELLS Jack Medworth –Morley’s Find –miner

WILKINSON Ellen Maud –Railway Hotel Menzies –cook

WOINER Francis Joseph –Menzies –miner

YOUNG James Percival –Carbine –station hand

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