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Goldfields District Marriage Index

from Uniting Church Records

Containing Marriage records from the Presbyterian, Congregational and Methodist Churches.

Transcribed by Amanda LOVITT and members of the
Goldfields Family History Centre.

Bride/Groom DOM POM Bride/Groom Occupation POB Residence Father & Fathers Occ. Mother Witness Residence Minister Notes
IBBOTSON Allan William 1945 Nov 28 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church NUNN Valerie June Ba/Mine Sampler Victoria Park, WA 9 Rathay St Victoria Park, WA IBBOTSON George Richard/Deceased Civil Servant SIMPSON Victoria Louisa GORDON J 7 Balbour St Kalgoorlie, WA FENNELL H H  
ILES Henry 1915 Dec 28 Boulder. Queens Methodist Church KEEGAN Hilda Maud Ba/Loco Fireman   Parkeston ILES Joseph/Engine Driver MARSHALL Emma MAWSON Harry Clancy St Boulder WELLINGTON A W  
ILLMAN Harry Ernest 1905 Apr 26 Katanning. Old School Room SUTHERLAND Clara Marrion Ba/School Teacher   Moojebing, WA ILLMAN Harry/Gentleman RISEBOROUGH Mary CARTLEDGE Hetty Adelaide, SA LANG W R  
ING Gertrude Frances Eileen 1919 Feb 19 Subiaco. Methodist Church WRIGHTON Percy Arthur Sp/Ladies' Hairdresser   93 Townshend Rd Subiaco, WA ING Walter Henry/Signal Man PATIENCE Hannah AULD Lillia 93 Townshend Rd Subiaco, WA GREEN J  
INGRAM Dorothy Jean 1961 Oct 28 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church PERKS Alfred Fordham Wid/Home Duties Boulder, WA 6 Wordsworth St Kalgoorlie, WA SHEED James Roy/Grocer HARDY Phyllis SHEED M 6 Wordsworth St Kalgoorlie, WA WILBREY A R  
INGRAM Vernon William 1951 Apr 07 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church SHEED Dorothy Jean Ba/Audit Clerk Boulder, WA 107 Brookman St Kalgoorlie, WA INGRAM Vernon Percival/Miner SOFTLEY Dorothy May SHEED G 6 Wordsworth St Kalgoorlie, WA SLATER S  
INGRIM Cecil 1900 Apr 19 Kalg. Wesley. Manse DIX Thomas Sp/   Boulder, WA INGRAM George Edward/Farmer MASON Elizabeth GRAHAM Lillian Landsborough, UK JAMES T A  
INKSTER William Gilbert 1904 Aug 02 Kalgoorlie. Congregational Church BRENNAN Mary Ellen Ba/Miner   Bardoc, WA INKSTER John/Farmer CHEYNE Barbara PONT Alice Deniliquin, NSW CALDWELL A  
INLGIS Louis David 1957 Jan 11 Mt Hawthorn. Presbyterian Church BARRALET Jean Margaret Ba/Bus Driver Perth, WA 228 Surry Rd Kewdale, WA INGLIS Norman/Saw Filer SMITH Evelyn Beatrice JOHNSON Richard Naysmith 15 Princess Rd Doubleview, WA MALEY H G  
INNES Cheryl Dianne 1978 Mar 25 Kalg. Wesley St Pauls Church.Uniting CRAWFORD Robert Charles Sp/Barmaid Kalgoorlie, WA 30 Boundary St Kalgoorlie, WA GEORGE Leslie Frederick INNES Winifred Gertrude/Deceased INNES Stephanie Michelle   TERO T J  
INNES Leonard Clyde 1953 May 09 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church SMITH Maisie Joyce Ba/Able Seaman RAN Kalgoorlie, WA 16 Turner St Kalgoorlie, WA INNES Leslie Frederick George/Truck Driver PAISLEY Ann INNES Ian Maxwell 16 Turner St Kalgoorlie, WA SLATER S  
IPSEN Dorothea Hope 1937 Aug 09 Manjimup. Methodist Church HARGRAVE Edward George Owen Sp/Domestic Duties Manjimup, WA Manjimup, WA IPSEN John Samuel/Farmer ELDRIDGE Isabella DECKE I M Manjimup, WA SLATER S  
IRONS Lily 1916 Sep 27 Res. D V Irons 13 Dart St Boulder CUGLEY Leslie Royal Rupert Sp/Home Duties   13 Dart St Boulder, WA IRONS David Valentine/Commercial Traveller BLACK Elizabeth DON Ruby 13 Dart St Boulder, WA PETHERICK S G  
IRVINE Charles David 1910 Nov 30 Res. John Briggs Forrest St Coolgardie NEWSTEAD Albina Ba/Labourer   Coolgardie, WA IRVINE John/Deceased Confectioner SMYTH Helen Ann BRIGGS J W Coolgardie, WA STONE J E  
IRVINE Sarah Frances 1904 Nov 17 Kalg. Wesley. Manse ALLEN William George Sp/   Kalgoorlie, WA IRVINE William/Mine Manager FRANCIS Helen Maria TILLER J Melbourne, VIC DUNSTAN R  
IRVING George Henry 1964 Nov 11 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church FENNELL Lorraine Wynne Ba/Fitter Perth, WA Boulder Block Hotel Fimiston, WA IRVING George Farley JAY Elsie May CURTIS Brian Dale   WILSON J A  
IRVING George Watson 1914 Aug 19 Boulder. Meth. Manse 16 King St GLASSON Bertha Louisa Ba/Moulder   Boulder IRVING John/Fitter JAMES Catherine PRIDEAUX W Bendigo, VIC WELLINGTON A W Res. Vivian St Boulder
IRVING Isabella Ethel Massarol 1899 Mar 29 Kalg. Wesley. Manse SMITH Thomas Henry Sp/   Kamballie, WA IRVING Thomas Hind/Gentleman MADDEN Mary Elizabeth MARTIN Laura M Kamballie, WA JAMES T A  
IRWIN Jan 1963 Mar 02 Kalg. St Pauls Presbyterian Church BOWLEY Ronald Francis Sp/Telephonist Kalgoorlie, WA 222 Boulder Rd Kalgoorlie, WA IRWIN Samuel/Labourer NICOL Elsie May Agnes PEART James Maddison 222 Boulder Rd Kalgoorlie, WA MALEY L G  
ISAAC Robert Rowley 1948 Oct 19 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church SCOTT Betty Lorna Ba/Truck Driver Fremantle, WA 16 Teenan St Kalgoorlie, WA ISAAC Robert Joseph/Labourer MCKELL Florence May SCOTT N M 76 Jones St Kalgoorlie, WA SLATER S  
ISBISTER Thomas Frederick 1948 Apr 03 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church JAMES Dorothy Merle Div/ Perth, WA Kalgoorlie, WA ISBISTER Thomas/Deceased Caretaker PERRY Elizabeth Jane CLARKSON E M Northam, WA FREEMAN W H  
IVANOV Aksel 1957 Dec 07 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church KEMPE Judyth Anne Div/Medical Practitioner Tallin Estonia 66 Lyall St Kalgoorlie, WA IVANOV Alexander/Store Keeper UNKNOWN Hermine TARABINI R A 39 Iris St Moree, NSW BOULTER R  
IVERSEN John 1903 Oct 07 Kalg. Wesley. Manse MONKHOUSE Sarah Louisa Ba/Carpenter   Lawlers, WA IVERSEN Peter/Sea Captain LORENZ Maria DUNSTAN M E Adelaide, SA DUNSTAN R  
IVES Emily Mary 1904 Apr 06 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church PHILLIPS Arthur Edward Sp/   Kalgoorlie, WA IVES John Francis/Carpenter WILLIAMS Mary IVES Mary Kallaroo, WA MCLAREN G  
IVES Harold Stewart 1936 Dec 21 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church SARGENT Nellie Doris May Ba/Foundry Employee Fremantle, WA 114 Boulder Rd Kalgoorlie, WA IVES William Henry/Deceased Soldier TOOHEY Mary Teresa SARGENT Thomas A 8 McDonald St Kalgoorlie, WA HAY W A  
IVES Obadiah John 1905 Sep 20 Res. Mr Morris. Roberts St. Kalgoorlie MORRIS Catherine Ba/Boiler Makers Assistant   Kalgoorlie, WA IVES John Francis/Carpenter WILLIAMS Mary KITE George Kalgoorlie, WA DUNSTAN R  
IVEY Kyra Mae 1956 Jul 17 Kalg. Wesley Methodist Church MAIKLEM Roy Leslie Sp/Home Duties Perth, WA Turkey Hill Southern Cross, WA IVEY George Edwin/Farmer & Grazier ALFORD Vera IVEY Ross A Turkey Hill Southern Cross, WA BOULTER R  
IZETT Eric Charles 1938 Jan 04 Mt Lawley. Methodist Church MCGUIRE Sarah Jean Ba/Radio Technician Whamgamo, NZ Wireless Station Applecross, WA IZETT Ernest Massie/Accountant HEDGEMAN Annie Louisa MCGUIRE W J 19 Elsworth St Mt Lawley, WA MASON A  
IZETT William James 1962 Dec 22 Como. Methodist Church JONES Mavis Kathleen Ba/School Teacher Perth, WA 34 Farrall St Bruce Rock, WA IZETT Eric Charles/Deceased Radio Technician MCGUIRE Sarah Jean IZETT Robert J 64 Thelma St Como, WA WILSON J  

For privacy reasons, some information has been omitted.
For further information please contact Amanda LOVITT

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