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Anaconda - Eulaminna
Western Australia

The townsite of Anaconda gazetted on 25 March 1904 but the name was changed to Eulaminna townsite on 24 July 1907


Latitude 28° 58' S Longitude 121° 46' E

Eulaminna is an abandoned eastern goldfields townsite about 45 km east south east of Leonora. In 1900 lots were surveyed here for a residence and business area to serve the Anaconda Copper Mine. The Anaconda is a large South American python and this name was taken from a world-famed copper mine in the U.S.A. The Western Australian mine did not progress immediately due to an initial lack of capital for large scale operations and "Anaconda" townsite was not gazetted until 1904. In May 1907 a request was received from the W.A. Copper Co. to change the name of the town because of confusion on the London market involving copper shipments from Anaconda, U.S.A. and Anaconda, W.A. The company proposed utilising the Aboriginal name of the area "Eulaminna" and the name was amended to this in 1907.

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