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Mount Ida Electoral Roll for 1958

People of Mount Ida Area Western Australia


AMENI Walter Olimpio – Mt Ida – proprietor

ARTHUR George Dundas – Mt Ida – mill operator

BASTER Cyril Septimus – Copperfield – miner

BELINGHERI Luigi – Mt Ida – miner

BENDOTTI Angelo – Mt Ida – miner

BENDOTTI Pasquale – Mt Ida –operator

BERNOI Andrea – Mt Ida – miner

BERNOI Melva Beatrice – Mt Ida – home duties

BOSUSTOW Charles Edward – Mt Ida – engine driver

BOSUSTOW Luigina – Mt Ida – home duties

CANTI Giovanni – Mt Ida – miner

COCK Deborah – Perrinvale Station Mt Ida

COCK Dorothy Deborah – Wilbah Station Mt Ida – home duties

COCK Frederick John – Wilbah Station Mt Ida –pastoralist

COLLIER John William – Copperfield –miner

COLLIER Mary – Copperfield – home duties

COLLINS Patrick Joseph – Ida Valley Station – pastoralist

DAWS Gladys M. – Mt Ida – home duties

DAWS Macolm Ernest – Mt Ida – accountant

GILMORE Ellen – Mt Ida – home duties

GILMORE Walter Frederick – Mt Ida – mill superintendent

GIOVANAZZI Agostino – Copperfield –miner

GOUGE Lavina – Copperfield – housekeeper

GREY Alfred – Mt Ida – metallurgist

GREY Grace Elizabeth – Mt Ida –home duties

HERBERT William Henry – Copperfield –sawyer

HILLIER Arthur James – Copperfield – blacksmith

HILLIER Pearl Olive – Copperfield – home duties

HINCHCLIFFE Joan – Mt Ida –home duties

HINCHCLIFFE Walter James – Mt Ida – mine supervisor

HYMAN John Alexander – Copperfield – timekeeper

JANNSON Dorothy Ruth – Copperfield – home duties

JANNSON William – Copperfield –engine driver

JOHNSON Edward Joseph – Mt Ida – labourer

LAURANCE Roy Kingston – Copperfield –miner

LEASK Janet Hall – Mt Ida –home duties

LEASK Ronald Ughtred – Mt Ida – clerk

McCOLL Donald Timoni – Mt Ida –labourer

MacKENZIE John - Moonlight GM Copperfield – mill hand

MAGILL Samuel Richard – Mt Ida – pipe fitter

MILLER Georgina May – Copperfield – home duties

MILLER Herbert Alfred Stawell – Copperfield – engine driver

PICEN Lorenzo – Mt Ida – miner

PICEN Mary – Mt Ida –home duties

POLETTI Severo – Mt Ida –miner

SHEPHERD Frederick – Mt Ida –miner

TAGLIAFERRI Bortulo – Mt Ida – miner

TAGLIAFERRI Peter – Mt Ida –miner

TYLER Raymond Arthur Keith – Mt Ida –timberman

VAN DEN BROEKE Johan – Moonlight GM – Mt Ida – electrician

VAN DEN BROEKE Lorna Ellen – Moonlight GM Mt Ida – home duties

WARD Hugh – Copperfield -miner

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