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Mount Ida 1904 Electoral Roll
Western Australia

ALEXANDER George- Mt. Ida-Labourer
ALLEN Robert- Mt. Ida-Miner
ALLEN William A.- Mt. Ida-Miner
ALEY George- Copperfield-Miner
ANDERSON George N.- Mount Ida-Miner
ANDREW Thomas Clifton- Mt. Ida-Miner
BAILLIE John Whittingham- Mt. Ida-Miner
BIRSS Frank- Copperfield, Mt. Ida-Miner
BOGNUDA Thomas  -Mt. Ida road-Carter
BRAWN William James- Mount Ida-Leaseholder
BREMNER James- Mt. Ida-Miner
BREMNER John Thomas- Mt. Ida-Miner
BREMNER William Henry- Copperfield, Mt. Ida-Miner
BROWDER Catherine- Mt. Ida-Home duties
BROWDER Daniel- Mt. Ida-Teamster
BROWN William. I.- Mt. Ida-Miner
BUCHANAN Allan- Copperfield, Mt. Ida-Miner
BUCHANAN Caroline Evelyn- Copperfield, Mt. Ida-Home duties
BUCHANAN Douglas- Copperfield, Mt. Ida-Miner
BUCHANAN Douglas- Mt. Ida-Miner
BRUMPTON William-Copperfield, Mt. Ida-Labourer
CASLEY William Henry- Mt. Ida-Miner
COEN James- William street, Mt. Ida-Grocer
COEN Mary Ann- William street, Mt. Ida-Married
CONNOLLY Michael- Mt. Ida-Miner
COOPER John Henry- Mt. Ida-Miner
DAY Robert- Mt. Ida-Miner
DAYKIN Thomas- Mt. Ida-Miner
DOLAN Daniel- Mt. Ida-Miner
DRUMMOND A.- Mt. Ida hotel, William St, Mt. Ida-Miner
EDWARDS Alfred- Mt. Ida-Miner
ERRINGTON John- Mt. Ida-Miner
FERGUSON James -Mt. Ida road-Caretaker
HAWKINS Denis- Mt. Ida-Miner
HEIMBECK George -Mt. Ida-Fitter
HENDERSON Malcolm- Mt. Ida-Miner
HERRIOT George- Mt. Ida-Amalgamator
HODGINS Henry- Mt. Ida-Miner
HOLMES George- Mt. Ida-Miner
HUXHAM Edward George-Mt. Ida-Miner
JAMES John-Mt Ida-Miner
JEFFREY Annie-Mt. Ida-Governess
JULIAN William Edwin- Mt. Ida-Miner
LANGDON Joseph -Mt. Ida road-Miner
LANGDON Thomas-Mt. Ida-Miner
LANGDON William- Mt. Ida road-Miner
LIEBIG Frederick Augustus- Mt. Ida-Engine driver
LOCKHART William- Mt. Ida-Miner
KIDDLE William -Copperfield-Mine Manager
MASON William -Copperfield, Mt. Ida-Miner
MASTERS Henry- Mt.Ida-Teamster
MATHIESON Aenger Vincent- Mount Ida-Miner
MATHESON John Alexander- Copperfield, Mt. Ida-Miner
MELVILLE H.B. -Mt. Ida-Trader
MILLING George- Mt. Ida-Miner
MILLMAN William -Mt. Ida-Labourer
MONIGAN W.J.- Mt. Ida Hotel, William st., Mt.Ida-Miner
MOORE James Ogle- Mt. Ida-Publican
MORLEY Thomas- Copperfield, Mt. Ida-Miner
MORRISON Frederick W.-Mt. Ida-Engine Driver
McMASTER Annie Eliza- Mt. Ida-Married
McMASTER Charles- Mt Ida-Battery Manager
NIXON Joseph- Mt Ida-Miner
PENNEY Thomas-Mt. Ida-Baker
PYM Robert Daniel- Mt. Ida-Miner
RIDD Frank- Mt. Ida-Miner
RIDD Lilian- Copperfield, Mount Ida-Home Duties
ROBINSON John Joseph-Mt. Ida-Miner
ROBINSON William Chambers-Copperfield, Mount Ida-Miner
ROBOTTAM Henry- Mt. Ida-Miner
SCHADER Otto- Mt. Ida-Miner
SCHMIDT Gus- Mt. Ida road-Contractor
SHARMAN Harriett- Copperfield, Mt. Ida-Home Duties
SHARMAN James Warren- Copperfield, Mt. Ida-Miner
SHARP Michael- Mt. Ida-Teamster
SMALL Patrick- Mt. Ida-Miner
SMITH James- Mt. Ida-Miner
SNELL James- Mt. Ida road-Labourer
STARR Arthur Joseph- Copperfield, Mt. Ida-Miner
STEPHENSON Francis Leslie-Mt. Ida-Miner
STEWART Charles Hugh- Mt. Ida-Miner
SULLIVAN John- Mt. Ida-Miner
THOMPSON Sam Moses- Mt. Ida-Miner
TONKIN John Tresize- Mt. Ida-Engine Driver
TREGURTHA Edward Primrose- Mt. Ida-Miner
TREZISE James- Copperfield, Mt. Ida-Miner
TURNBULL James- Mt. Ida road-Woodcutter
WALTON Annie- Copperfield, Mt. Ida-Home Duties
WALTON William Matthew- Mt. Ida-Miner
WOHLHER-J. - Mt. Ida Hotel, Mt. Ida-Estate Owner

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