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Mt Margaret
Western Australia
Legislative Assembly Electoral Roll

Surname Other Names Sex Residence Occupation
TABBERNOR Alfred F. M Deerah Woodcutter
TAIT Henry M Kookynie Miner
TALBOT James M Anaconda Woodcutter
TALBOT Jas.Edw. M Anaconda Labourer
TALBOT John M Lancefield Miner
TANDU John M King of the Hills Manager
TANDY Robert M Augusta G.M. Agent
TANGNEY Edward M Mt.Morgans Miner
TANSEY Thomas M Kookynie Miner
TASKER Henry M Mt.Morgans Prospector
TASKER Jean F Laverton Prospector
TATAM Thomas M King of the Hills Cook
TATHAM Joseph M Kookynie Miner
TAYLOR Ann F Ida H. G.M. Domestic
TAYLOR Arthur Ed. M Mt.Morgans Miner
TAYLOR Charles M Pendinnie Miner
TAYLOR Charlotte M Kookynie Domestic
TAYLOR E.P. M Kookynie Miner
TAYLOR Edward J. M Mt.Morgans Labourer
TAYLOR Edward James M Mt.Morgans Miner
TAYLOR Helena F Kookynie Dressmaker
TAYLOR James Allan M Morgans hospital, Mt.Morgans Miner
TAYLOR John M Mt.Morgans Miner
TAYLOR Mary F Phoenix Street, Mt.Morgans Married
TAYLOR Nora F Mt.Morgans Labourer
TAYLOR Robert M Ogilvie Miner
TAYLOR Thomas M Ida H. G.M. Miner
TEAGUE Richard M Kookynie Billiard Marker
TEAL Alfred M Kookynie Labourer
TELFER Francis M British Flag G.M. Labourer
TELFER John Francis M British Flag G.M. Miner
TELFER Robert M Ida H. G.M. Miner
TEMBY William M Kookynie Miner
TEMPLAR Thomas M In the bush Woodcutter
TEMPLE John M Mt.Morgans Miner
TEMPLETON M.A. F Kookynie Laundress
TERRY David M Mt.Morgans Miner
TERRY John M Mt.Morgans Miner
TESTARINI Hugh M Allumpa Lease Alluvial Digger
THEOBALD William M Craiggiemore Woodcutter
THICK Charles J. M Augusta G.M. Labourer
THIELE Edmund Maxmilian Valentine M North Erlistoun Miner
THOMAS Albert M Kookynie Miner
THOMAS David M Burtville Prospector
THOMAS Edward Henry M Mt.Morgans Waiter
THOMAS Elizabeth H. F Kookynie Home Duties
THOMAS Frederick John M Kookynie Miner
THOMAS Henry M Kookynie Miner
THOMAS Louisa F Mt.Morgans Married
THOMAS Owen M Kookynie Engine Driver
THOMAS Sarah F Burtville Home Duties
THOMAS Sarah F Burtville Home Duties
THOMAS Thomas M Kookynie Miner
THOMAS William M Euro Miner
THOMAS William Frederick M Phoenix Street, Mt.Morgans Tailor
THOMPSON Alfred J. M Laver Street, Laverton Cycle Agent
THOMPSON Archibald M Mt.Morgans Miner
THOMPSON Charles M British King G.M. Miner
THOMPSON Cormack M Burtville Miner
THOMPSON Henry M Anaconda Accountant
THOMPSON James M Burtville Miner
THOMPSON James Wilder M Kookynie Greengrocer
THOMPSON Jane F Amazon G.M. Married
THOMPSON John Douglas M Burtville Miner
THOMPSON Lucy F Queen Street, Mt.Morgans Married
THOMPSON Margaret F Murrin Street, Mt.Morgans Housemaid
THOMPSON Maria F Kookynie Home Duties
THOMPSON Thomas M Childe Harold Engine Driver
THOMPSON Thomas M Kookynie Miner
THOMPSON William John M Amazon G.M. Miner
THOMSON Alexander M Cumberland Street,Kookynie Butcher
THOMSON John M Mt.Morgans Miner
THORNTON Richard M Kookynie Miner
THORNTON Robert M Kookynie Miner
THORPE Thomas A. M Kathleen Miner
THORS Madge F Mt.Morgans Domestic
THURGOOD George M Mt.Morgans Labourer
THYLOR Mary M Mt.Morgans Domestic Server
TIDY Robert M Mt.Morgans Miner
TIERNEY Edward M Lancefield Plumber
TILL Albert John M Pikes Hollow Miner
TILL Albert John M Pyke's Hollow Miner
TILL Jane F Pike's Hollow Home Duties
TIMBY Edward Arundel M Kookynie Miner
TIMS Henry William M Hotel, Poison Creek Hotelkeeper
TIMS Nellie F Hotel, Poison Creek Married
TITLEY John Arthur M East Lynne, Cardinia Miner
TOBIN Thomas M Burtville Miner
TODD A.T. M Mt.Morgans Carrier
TODD David M Mt.Morgans Engine Driver
TODD Marion F Mt.Morgans Married
TOHILL John M Kookynie Miner
TOHILL Roger M Kookynie Miner
TOHILL William M Kookynie Miner
TOLHURST Ralph M Mt.Morgans Butcher
TOMASINE Mary Adeline F Kookynie Waitress
TOMASINI Joseph M Kookynie Miner
TOMS Mary Ann F Kookynie Home Duties
TOMS Samuel M Kookynie Miner
TOOHEY John M Kookynie Miner
TOUHY James M Kookynie Labourer
TOUHY Patrick M Kookynie Labourer
TOWERS Robert M Travelling Burrumimbar Cattle Station. Grazier  
TOWNSEND William M Kookynie Miner
TOY Herbert M Kookynie Carpenter
TRACEY David M Kookynie Miner
TRACEY David M Kookynie Miner
TRACY David M Four-mile Labourer
TRAGER William M Craiggiemore Miner
TRAGOR William Frederick M Yundamindera Miner
TRAIT Ellen F Kookynie Married
TRAIT Ellen F Mt.Morgans Home Duties
TRAIT Lucien C. M Mt.Morgans Assayer
TRAND Annie F Lavers Street Domestic
TRAND Patrick M Laver Street, Laverton Bakers Assistant
TRAVERS John M Mt.Morgans Miner
TREACY Robert M Euro Miner
TREGARTHA James M Lancefield G.M. Blacksmith
TRELEVEN Charles M Kookynie Miner
TRELOAR Ernest C. M Mt.Morgans Miner
TREMLETT Arthur M Kookynie Miner
TRENOWETH John M Burtville Miner
TREVENEN Frank M Kookynie Home Duties ?
TREVENEN Margaret F Kookynie Home Duties
TREVENEN William Andrew M Cumberland Street, Kookynie Butcher
TREWHELLA Isabella F Potosi G.M. Home Duties
TREWHELLA Wm. Thos. M Euro Miner
TREZISE Alfred M Kookynie Miner
TREZISE Henrietta F Kookynie Home Duties
TREZONA Sarah Jane F Kookynie Married
TRIADO James M Lavers Street Cook
TRIM Albert M Erlistoun Engineer
TRIM Alfred M Rose G.M. Miner
TRIM Herbert E. M Hotel Prospector
TRIM Lucy Myrtle F Leonora Married
TRIM Sydney M Mt.Morgans Mill Assistant
TRIMLETT Arthur William M Kookynie Miner
TRIMM Henry M Rose G.M. Miner
TRINIDAD F. M Euro Miner
TRINIDAD T.E. M Euro Miner
TRIPLETT Alice Maud F Kookynie Married
TRIPLETT Robert M Kookynie Miner
TRIPLETT Samuel M Kookynie Miner
TRIPLETT William George M Kookynie Miner
TRISCOTT Richard M Kookynie Clerk
TRISTE Kate F Lavers Street Domestic
TRONE Charles Fredk. M Burtville G.M. Miner
TRONE Johann J.H. M Burtville G.M.L. 1011T? Miner
TROTTER Martha F Kookynie Boardinghousekeeper
TROTTER William M Kookynie Boardinghousekeeper
TRUE Robert M Baneggo Well Miner
TRUMBLE Douglas M Laver Street, Laverton Clergyman
TUCKER John M Cork Tree Flat Miner
TUCKER Louisa F Cork Tree Flat Home Duties
TUCKWELL Charles P. M Kookynie Miner
TUDY John M. M Yundamindera G.M. 467R Miner
TULLOCH Alvens M Kathleen Storekeeper
TULLY James M Anaconda Miner
TUMMEL Frederick M Lavers Street Tailor
TURNER Florence F Kookynie Miner ?
TURNER George M Lancefield Miner
TURNER George Joseph M Lancefield Miner
TURNER James M Little Battery Miner
TURNER Margaret F Kookynie Saleswoman
TURNER Robert M Kookynie Miner
TURNER Thomas Henry M Duketon Miner
TURVEY Elizabeth F Kookynie Home Duties
TURVEY Geo. H. M Kookynie Miner
TURVEY George M Kookynie Contractor
TWEEDALE Thomas M Kookynie Engineer
TWOMEY Michael M Yundamindera Carrier
TYLER Francis J. M Mt.Morgans Miner
TYNDALE William B. M Mt.Morgans Compositor
ULLRICK Johann M Kookynie Schoolmaster
ULLROOK Christian M Mt. Morgans Miner
UNDERWOOD Trevor Alley M Mt. Morgans Miner
UNTBANK Harold M Australian United Labourer
UREN Peter M Kookynie Miner
URQUHART Otto M Mt. Morgans Miner


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