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Mount Margaret/ Craiggiemore > Mt Margaret Electoral Roll 1904 - PQ

Mt Margaret
Western Australia
Legislative Assembly Electoral Roll

PADY Henry M Kookynie Labourer
PAGE Henry John M Yundamindera Miner
PAIGE Cholwich M Laver street, Laverton Clerk
PAISLEY Alfred James M Laverton Miner
PALMER Joseph M Mt. Morgans Carpenter
PAMPHILON Edwin M Murrin street, Mt. Morgans Trucker
PARKER Cecil Aloysius M Kookynie Labourer
PARKER Thomas M Mt. Morgans Labourer
PARKER Vincent Alexander M Laverton Labourer
PARKER Walter Henry M Metropole CafÈ, Mt. Morgans Cook
PARKINSON Alfred John M Metropole CafÈ, Mt. Morgans Butcher
PARKS Alice F Phoenix street, Mt. Morgans Widow
PARRAMORE William M Kookynie Labourer
PARREY Noel Clinton M Mt. Margaret Reward Miner
PARRY Thomas M Childe Harold, Euro Miner
PARSLOW Jas. W. M Kookynie Wheelwright
PARTEOUS Gilbert M Morgans Miner
PATON Bridget Mary F Mt. Morgans Cook
PATON Charles Ford M Kookynie Miner
PATON David M Kookynie Miner
PATTERSON Arthur M Kookynie Engine Driver
PATTERSON James M Euro Miner
PATTERSON Sarah F Webster's Married
PATTERSON William M Kookynie Time Keeper
PAUL A.A. M Redcastle Miner
PAUL Charles M Kookynie Miner
PAUL Frank M Between Goose's Soak & Keep It Dark Miner
PAULEY George M Kookynie Miner
PAWELL Catharine F Kookynie Married
PEAKE Sarah F Kookynie Married
PEARCE Arthur Albert M Phoenix street, Mt. Morgans Bank Clerk
PEARCE John William M Kookynie Carpenter
PEARCE Samuel M Kookynie Miner
PEARCE William M Kookynie Horse Driver
PEARCE William M Mt. Morgans Miner
PEARSON - M Mt. Morgans Married
PEARSON Elizabeth F Burtville Domestic Duties
PECKE* John M Mt. Morgans Miner
PEERS Alfred W.H. M Kookynie Draughtsman
PEERS Annie F Kookynie Home Duties
PEERS Charles Arthur M Mt. Morgans Labourer
PEERS Harley Edwin Daniel M Kookynie Civil Servant
PEERS Harry Blott M Kookynie Miner
PEERS Henry M Kookynie Miner
PEERS John M Kookynie Miner
PEERS John Renwick M Kookynie Carpenter
PEIRCE Walter A. M Webo Station Butcher
PEMBERTON Theresa F Yundamindera Married
PEMBERTON William A. M Yundamindera Carpenter
PENDER Albert M Craiggiemore G.M. Labourer
PENNY Joseph M Mt. Morgans Miner
PEPPER E.E. M Kookynie Miner
PERNBAUM Herman M Morgans Publican
PERRY Charles Arthur M Kookynie Miner
PERRY Edwin M near Mt. George leases Miner
PERRY Emily F Mt. Morgans Laundress
PERRY George M Kookynie Miner
PERRY Robert M British King G.M. Engine Driver
PERRY William M Kookynie Miner
PETERS Arthur G. M Euro Miner
PETERS Thomas M Burt street, Laverton Grocer's Assistant
PETERSON Bridget F Cumberland street, Kookynie Married
PETERSON G. M Kookynie Greengrocer
PETERSON Neil M Webo Station Butcher's Labourer
PETERZEN Charles M Government Well Alluvial Miner
PETHERSON John Peter M Waihine G.M. Miner
PETTIGREW Elisa Girdon F Queen street, Mt. Morgans Married
PETTIGREW Robert Rothwell M Queen street, Mt. Morgans Speculator
PETTISON John M Lake Way road Contractor
PETTIT James M Kookynie Labourer
PHILLIPS Charles Thompson M Euro Engineer
PHILLIPS John M King of the Hills Labourer
PHILLIPS John M Burtville Miner
PHILLIPS William John M Burtville Miner
PHILLIPS William Michael M Kookynie Miner
PICKERING George William M Kookynie Engine Oiler
PICKERING John M Kookynie Miner
PIEPER Harry M Cumberland Mine, Kookynie Groom
PIEPER Marie F Cumberland Mine, Kookynie Married
PIERCE Frank M Kookynie Miner
PIERCE Herbert M Kookynie Miner
PILLET Charles M Hawk's nest Miner
PILLET William M Eucalyptus, Yerilla Miner
PINTO Bernard M Kookynie Miner
PIPER William M Ida H. G.M. Miner
PITT Edward M Laver street, Laverton Butcher
PITTMAN James M Augusta G.M. Miner
PLANK Edith Maud F Kookynie Married
PLANK James M Kookynie Amalgamator
PLEWES Elizabeth F Kookynie Laundress
PLEWES George M Kookynie Cook
PLIBBAN Michael M Craiggiemore Miner
PLUNKETT Christopher M Kookynie Miner
PODGER James M Four Mile Carrier
POLA John Peter M Whotton street, Wiluna Teamster
POLET Walter M Mt. Morgans Miner
POLKINGHORNE Alma Rose F Ida H. G.M. Domestic Service
POLKINGHORNE Sydney M Ida H. G.M. Miner
POLKINGHORNE William E. M Ida H. G.M. Miner
POLLARD Christopher M Kookynie Miner
POLLARD John Thomas M Mt. Morgans Carpenter
POND Alf James M Mt. Morgans Miner
POND Margaret F Mt. Morgans Domestic
POOL Amelia F Kookynie Married
POOL William James M Kookynie Miner
POPE Henry M Cumberland street, Kookynie Storekeeper
POPE Matthew M Euro Blacksmith
POPE Sarah Ann F Cumberland street, Kookynie Married
PORTER John M Yundamindera Miner
PORTER May F Kookynie Miner
PORTER Thomas M Augusta G.M. Engine Driver
PORTER Thos. Henry M Burtville Engine Driver
PORTER William James M Kookynie Miner
PORTER William Thomas M G.M. lease 467R, Yundamindera Miner
POTCHETT George M Camel leases Miner
POTTER J. Lethbridge M Mt. Morgans Miner
POULTER Albert M Kookynie Miner
POWELL Arthur Griffiths M Kookynie Miner
POWELL Cornelius M Kookynie Miner
POWELL Howell M Euro Miner
POWELL John George M Ivy well, Mt. Morgan's brick kilns Labourer
POWELL Michael M Kookynie Bricklayer
POWELL William M Mt. Stirling Miner
POWER Frederick George M Pike's Hollow Miner
POWER Margaret F Cumberland street, Kookynie Laundress
PRATER Ernest M Lancefield G.M. Labourer
PRATER Reginald C. M Mt. Morgans Contractor
PRATT D. Walter M Duketon Miner
PRESTON James M Augusta G.M. Miner
PRESTON W. M Euro Miner
PRETT Walter M Little Battery Miner
PRICE George M Mt. Morgans Miner
PRICE John M Kathleen Miner
PRICE Marshall James M Kookynie Miner
PRIESTLY Arthur M Pike's Hollow Miner
PRIME Henry Alfred M Craiggiemore Miner
PRISK Elizabeth F Kookynie Home Duties
PRISK Samuel M Kookynie Labourer
PRITCHARD John M Kookynie Labourer
PROCTOR Ernest M Kookynie Coachbuilder
PROCTOR John M Hayden's patch, Mt. Morgans Miner
PROSSER Edgar Phillip M Kookynie Metallurgist
PROSSER Thomas Edward M Kookynie Assayer
PROSSER Thomas Edward M Laverton Battery Manager
PRUVER John M Mt. Morgans Miner
PRYCE Marshall M Euro Miner
PRYOR Philip Chas. M Kookynie Clerk
PUGH Thomas M Childe Harold, Euro Miner
PUSKUCHEN Ernest P. M Mt. Morgans Miner
PYNE Stephen M Yundamindera Miner
QUANTOCK Henry Jas. M Kookynie Billiard Marker
QUARTI Guiseppi M King of the Hills G.M., Co Fireman
QUEEN Jno. Henry M Burtville Miner
QUICK William M Anaconda Engine Driver
QUIN Christopher M Specking Patch, Deerah Miner
QUINN John Joseph M Redcastle Prospector
QUINN Peter Leo M Laverton Miner
QUIRK Patrick M Kookynie Miner
QUIRK Sarah F Kookynie Boardinghouse Keeper
QUIRKE Edward M Kookynie Miner
QUIRKE Thomas M Kookynie Miner

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