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Mt Margaret
Western Australia
Legislative Assembly Electoral Roll

NAGEL Emily F Bates street Restaurant
NAIRN John M Kookynie Engine Driver
NALDER Frederick M Kookynie Labourer
NALDER John M Dingo Creek Labourer
NALDER Robert M Dingo Creek Labourer
NANCARROW J. M Mt. Morgans Engine Driver
NARVAL Andrew M Burtville Brewer
NASH Frederick M Kookynie Clerk
NASH Frederick M Kookynie Clerk
NATT George M Cumberland Street, Kookynie Carpenter
NAUGHTON John M Kookynie Miner
NAUGHTON John M Laver street, Laverton Painter
NEAL George Henry M King street,Mt. Morgans Miner
NEALE George M Anaconda Furnace Tapper
NEALL W. M Kookynie Miner
NEARY William M Mt. Morgans Miner
NEILL Mary May F Hospital, Laverton Nurse
NEILL Matthew G. M Kookynie Carpenter
NEILSON Charles M Mt. Morgans Miner
NEILSON Franz F. M Mt. Morgans Miner
NEILSON Peter M Anaconda Miner
NELSON Alfred M Augusta Miner
NELSON Andrew M Mt. Morgans Miner
NELSON Catherine F Morgans Hospital,Mt. Morgans Cook
NELSON Edw. Glass M Kookynie Miner
NELSON Edward M Kookynie Labourer
NELSON Edward G. M Laverton Miner
NELSON John A. M British King G.M. Miner
NELSON Peter M Tired Feeling G.M. Miner
NELSON Philip M Kookynie Miner
NESTAR John M Mt. Morgans Miner
NETHERWAY Florence M Kookynie Home Duties
NEVE John M Kookynie Carrier
NEVILLE Mary F Leonora Dressmaker
NEVIN Thomas M Kathleen Miner
NEWBOULD Walter John M Kookynie Labourer
NEWLAND Denis Joseph M Sheehan's patch Woodcutter
NEWMAN Charles M Morgans Miner
NEWMAN George M Lancefield Miner
NEWMAN Jessie F Mt. Morgans Home Duties
NEWSOM Jno. Henry M Burtville Bank Manager
NEWSON John Henry M Kookynie Clerk
NICCAL William M Mt. Morgans Miner
NICCOL William M Vice Regent G.M. Alluvial Digger
NICHOLAS Edward M Cumberland Street, Kookynie Cycle Mechanic
NICHOLAS   M Mt. Morgans Miner
NICHOLLS William M Mt. Harris road Woodcutter
NICHOLS Henry M   Woodcutter
NICHOLSON Albert M Kookynie Miner
NICHOLSON Andrew H. M Leonora Miner
NICHOLSON Frederick M Mt. Morgans Miner
NICHOLSON Henry M Kookynie Engineer
NICHOLSON John T. M Leonora Blacksmith
NIELSON Caroline E. F Kookynie Home Duties
NIELSON Edward M Kookynie Publican
NOBLE Norman M Laverton Chainman
NOBLE Robert M Duketon Miner
NOLAN Cornelia Antionette F Aust. United, Mt. Morgans Married
NOLAN James M Kookynie Clerk
NOLAN James C. M Kookynie Clerk
NOLAN James C. M Kookynie Storekeeper
NOLAN James F. M Kookynie Barman
NOLAN John M Aust. United, Mt. Morgans Miner
NOLAN Joseph K. M Yundamindera Miner
NOLAN Luke M Mt. Morgans Miner
NOLAN Norah F Kookynie Home Duties
NOLAN Thomas M Kookynie  
NORAN William M Diorite King Miner
NORBOURR Thomas M Yundamindera Miner
NORBURN Thomas M Yundamindera Miner
NORFOLK Arthur M Potosi G.M. Farmer
NORLING Charles M Metropole CafÈ, Mt. Morgans Fitter
NORMAN G.E. M Kookynie Miner
NORMAN George M Kookynie Labourer
NORRIS Robert M Cumberland Street, Kookynie Hotel Keeper
NORRIS Zachariah M Mt. Morgans Carpenter
NORTON Frederic Algernon M Yundamindera Bank Accountant
NOTKE Charles M Old Town Miner
NOTTLE William M Mt. Morgans Carpenter
NOWTON James M Little Doris G.M. Miner
NOWTON John M Little Doris G.M. Mine Manager
NUDSEN Peter M Mt. Morgans Miner
NUGENT Thomas White M Mt. Morgans Miner
NURSE May F Mt. Morgans Home Duties
NURSE Thomas O. M Mt. Morgans Electrician
OATES John Henry M Kookynie Engine Driver
OATES Phillip William M Duketon Miner
O'BRIEN Charles M Golden Crown Lease Miner
O'BRIEN Dennis M Mt. Morgans Miner
O'BRIEN Isabella F Kookynie Home Duties
O'BRIEN James M Kookynie Miner
O'BRIEN James M Duketon Miner
O'BRIEN James Henry M Golden Crown Lease Miner
O'BRIEN Jeremiah Edward M Kookynie Tailor
O'BRIEN Mary Ann F Murrin street, Mt. Morgans Cook
O'BRIEN Mary Florence F Golden Crown Lease Married
O'BRIEN Michael M Cumberland street, Kookynie Miner
O'BRIEN Mick M Aust. United, Mt. Morgans Cyanider
O'BRIEN Patrick M British King G.M. Miner
O'BRIEN Patrick James M Kookynie Miner
O'BRIEN Patrick James M Phoenix street, Mt. Morgans Prospector
O'BRIEN Polly F Kookynie Domestic Service
O'BRIEN Stanley Edgar M Duketon Miner
O'BRIEN Thomas M Sailor Prince, Mt. Weld Miner
O'BRIEN Thomas M Kookynie Miner
O'BRIEN Timothy M Kathleen Miner
O'BRIEN William M Morgans Miner
O'CALLAGHAN Charles M Kookynie Barman
O'CONNOR Alice F Mt. Morgans Barmaid
O'CONNOR James M Kookynie Miner
O'CONNOR James Joseph M Kookynie Miner
O'CONNOR Richard M Cosmopolitan G.M., Kookynie Miner
O'CONNOR William M Kookynie Miner
O'CONNORS William M Mt. Morgans Teamster
O'DEE John M Kookynie Miner
O'DEE Joseph M Kookynie Teamster
O'DOHERTY Sarah Jane F Hotel, Laver street, Laverton Married
O'DONNELL Annie F Kookynie Widow
O'DONNELL John M Wiluna, near Peak Hill road Forewood Contractor
O'DONNELL Michael W. M Laverton Storekeeper
O'DONOHUE Bernard M Kathleen Fitter
O'DONOHUE William John M Mt. Morgans Miner
O'DONOVAN Daniel M Kookynie Engine Driver
O'DRISCOLL John M Yundamindera Miner
O'FLAHERTY R. M Phoenix street, Mt. Morgans Miner
O'GAVETT Olly M Mt. Morgans Miner
OGILVIE Eleanor F Mt. Morgans Married
OGILVIE James M Kookynie Miner
OGILVIE Walter H. M Euro Engineer
OGILVIE William M Mt. Morgans Miner
O'GORMAN Stephen M Kookynie Miner
O'HALLERAN Michael M Maynalty Alluvial Digger
O'HALLERAN Patrick M Kookynie Blacksmith
O'HALLORAN James Andrew M Kookynie Miner
O'HALLORAN Mary F Kookynie Home Duties
O'HALLORAN Matthew M Euro Miner
O'HALLORAN Patrick M Kookynie Miner
O'HALLORAN Patrick Francis M Kookynie Fireman
O'HALLORAN Patrick James M Kookynie Miner
O'HALLORAN William M Yundamindera Miner
O'HALLORAN Woodland M Sons of Westralia Miner
O'HARE John M Kookynie Miner
O'HERN George William M Yundamindera Constable
OHLSSAN Peter M Kookynie Miner
OHLSSON Peter M Kookynie Miner
O'KEEFE Daniel M Laver street Miner
O'KEEFE George M Yundamindera Miner
O'KEEFE Harry M Euro Miner
O'KEEFE Mary F Euro Married
O'KEEFE Michael J. M Kookynie Publican
O'KEEFE Michael J. M Kookynie Publican
O'KEEFE Minnie F Kookynie Home Duties
O'KEEFE Patrick M Kookynie Miner
OLDFIELD Mary F Burtville Home Duties
OLDS Thomas M Laverton Miner
O'LEARY Hannah F Mt. Morgans Barmaid
O'LEARY Timothy M Mt. Morgans Miner
O'LENAN Thomas M Cock of the Walk G.M. Miner
OLIVER Beatrice F Kookynie Home Duties
OLIVER Charles L. M Burtville Miner
OLIVER John Percy M Anaconda Miner
OLIVER William M Kookynie Miner
OLIVER William M Kookynie Miner
OLIVER Wm. Jno. M Morgans Miner
OLSEN Eron M Kookynie Miner
OLSEN Jens M Burtville Miner
OLSON George M Lancefield Cook
OLSON Jamie A. M Kookynie Engine Driver
O'MALLEY Edward M Hotel, Laver street, Laverton R.C.Priest
O'MALLEY John M Ida H. G.M. Miner
O'MALLEY Michael M Laverton Prospector
O'MEAGHER E.M. F Kookynie Spinster
O'MEAGHER J.H. M Kookynie Contractor
O'MEAGHER M.F. M Kookynie Spinster
O'MEAGHER Maria F Kookynie Married
O'MEAGHER Thomas Francis M Yundamindera Teamster
O'NEIL Bernard M Kookynie Labourer
O'NEIL Bernard M Kookynie Dealer
O'NEIL Patrick M Ausgusta G.M. Miner
O'NEILL Frank M Mt. Morgans Brickmaker
O'NEILL John M Kookynie Miner
O'NEILL Stephen M Waite Kauri Miner
O'NEILL Thomas M Kookynie Miner
O'NEILL Thos. M Mt. Morgans Brickmaker
O'REGAN Thomas M Cumberland street, Kookynie Hotel Servant
O'REILLY Bernard M Kathleen Miner
O'REILLY John M Burtville Miner
O'REILLY John M Sons of Westralia Miner
O'REILLY Michael Jas. M Morgans Billiard Marker
O'REILY Phillip M Laver street Labourer
ORGAN Daniel M Mt. Morgans Contractor
ORR James Allen M Kookynie Tin Smith
OSBORNE Albert E M Cumberland street, Kookynie Billiard Marker
OSBORNE John M Kookynie Labourer
OSBORNE William M Kookynie Brickmaker
OSBORNE William Henry M Kookynie Brickmaker
OSBORNE William John M Kookynie Labourer
O'SHEA Catherine F Augusta Cook
O'SHEA Mary F Kookynie Laundress
O'SHEA Maurice M Kookynie Miner
O'SHEA Michael M Kookynie Miner
OSLINGTON George Henry M Mt. Harris road Carrier
O'SULLIVAN Amy F Kookynie Home Duties
O'SULLIVAN Annie F Kookynie Domestic
O'SULLIVAN Cornelius M Kookynie Miner
O'SULLIVAN Florance F Kookynie Miner
O'SULLIVAN Joan Marie F Kookynie Barmaid
O'SULLIVAN Rose F Kookynie Home Duties
O'SULLIVAN Rose M Kookynie Married
O'SULLIVAN Timothy M Kookynie Miner
O'TOOL James M Childe Harold Miner
OTTAR John M Kookynie Miner
OTTAWAY Harry M G.M. lease 517, Yundamindera Miner
OTTEN Alfred M Kookynie Miner
OTTERY Samuel Joseph M Yundamindera Storekeeper
OUTRED John M Mt. Pascoe Miner
OUTRIDGE Genge M Kookynie Miner
OVENS James Henry M Water right 14G, Kookynie Contractor
OVENS William M Yerilla Carpenter
OWENS R. M Euro Amalgamator
OXLEY James W. M Mt. Stirling lease Miner

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